Scifi, Fantasy & Erotica Podcast #3

September 28, 2013

Join J.E. & M. Keep (http://jmkeep.com) for their third podcast on scifi, fantasy and erotica! You can get 3 free ebooks (including Part 1 of In Search of Innocence) by signing up here: http://jmkeep.com/newsletter Purchase Bound as the World Burns: http://jmkeep.com/bound-as-the-world-… Purchase The Mistress: http://jmkeep.com/the-mistress-a-racy… Purchase In Search of [...]

Erotica Podcast #2 – The Sex Lives of 1920s Women & Monsters!

September 23, 2013

Check out our second podcast, recorded, like… 6 weeks ago.   Join J.E. & M. Keep for their second (and slightly delayed) podcast where they talk about all sorts of erotica. Doing historical research into the sex lives of 1920s upperclass women? Check. Discussing the theories behind horror and monster erotica? Check. Being a huge, dorky couple that loves talking about writing? [...]

Erotic Podcast #1

June 6, 2013

We’re erotica authors, smut peddlers, purveyors of awesome scifi and fantasy filthy. We write twisted romances, and epic adventures. Join us for our very first podcast as we discuss erotica, Darknest, kinks, and address fan questions! Podcast: [...]
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