The Courtesan’s Lover: A short

July 22, 2017

Alicia has finally found her mysterious past, and settled down into a routine. She owns and runs a small brothel, but with her ongoing pregnancy, her and her new partner take to simply watching the working girls while they have their own fun. This is a short story, set after “A Courtesan’s Curse.” Buy Now on [...]

The Courtesan’s Curse

January 13, 2017

The last thing she remembers is a hot man’s flesh against hers. In fact, that’s the only thing that she remembers. In a quest to find out who she truly is she finds herself caught between thieves, murderers, the city guard and twisted cultists serving a dark god. Very quickly she finds herself seduced into the employ of a brothel, only for the web of lies and deceit around her to [...]

Werebear in the White House: Saved from the Lizard Lady

April 10, 2015

After spending years as a political organizer for Ron Paws campaign for libearty to rejuvenate America, here I am, watching my President Elect accept his victory in a kodiak moment. There is nothing more important to me than my President, Ron Paws. I will do anything for him. So when he asks me to hunt down a mysterious woman’s secrets, I’m eager to go on the prowl. When he has to [...]

The Fertile Elf: A Paranormal Smutty Short

March 21, 2015

The heady scent of the virile men intruded upon her nostrils, and she felt a thrill of desire and longing run through her. The innocent elven woman was devoted to her God, but when she prays for fertility, she didn’t mean for it to be granted so literally. Surrounded by her God’s demi-god, shifter servants, her faith and devotion is put to the test as they quickly rid her of all her coverings [...]

Packin’ It In: Not All At Once: A BBW & Shifter Smutty Short

March 21, 2015

She was trying to get away from virile shifters when she was ovulating, damn it! Heather had just given birth to a litter of werewolves, and for the next full moon, she figured she should get away from the four dominant, growling, snarling, hairy men that she’d imprinted on. When her car breaks down – again – she’s at the mercy of the three, sexy bikers who offer her a lift to the gas [...]

Packin’ It In: A BBW & Shifter Smutty Short

March 21, 2015

Sure, she was grateful he’d just protected her from those three, but it was a little soon to be brandishing around words like “mine”. Heather’s car just broke down on the middle of a rural road, and she’d seen enough horror movies to know that was a bad sign. Especially when she walks into a restaurant filled with four dominant, growling, snarling, hairy men. She decides, quickly, that [...]

Bad Wolf, On the Run: A Dark Fairy Tale

March 21, 2015

Sarah is fleeing from something that no one believes exists. The stuff of fairy tales and myths. The werewolf pack are right on her tail, and they won’t rest until she’s claimed by them. But one wants her more than the others, more than even she could have guessed. A dark fairy tale erotica. Can be read as a standalone or with Bad Wolf, Be Good. Buy it now on [...]

Shifters in Heat: Paranormal Smutty Short

March 21, 2015

She was on the hunt for a man to mate with, but instead, she found an alpha shifter who knew just what she needed. The call to mate wasn’t something she could argue. Linny is a shifter, and right now, she’s fertile and needs to mate more than she needed to breath. When she heads to a club outside of town, she finds far more than she bargained for. Someone who can keep up with her. A shifter, [...]

The Elven Babe: Dragon: Paranormal Smutty Short (The Elven Babe by J.M. Keep Book 3)

March 21, 2015

He was bigger than anything else she’d seen, but her mouth is watering and she wants nothing more than to worship his body. When a dragonkin captures Anjasa, she couldn’t be more thrilled. He was hung, and huge, and she didn’t think he’d fit at all. But the elven babe has other skills in her repertoire, and she loves it when the guys are too big. The hottest and most intense worship [...]

The Elven Babe: Demonic: Paranormal Smutty Short (The Elven Babe by J.M. Keep Book 2)

March 21, 2015

Trapped in a dungeon, a demon stands between the elf and her prize. To succeed, she must bring him to his knees with pleasure. Anjasa was an elven woman on a mission, but stealing from a demon had a high price to pay. She was overcome by his masculine perfection, and his hard punishments made her tremble. He uses her as he sees fit, and for a demon who has been deprived of contact for too long, [...]

The Elven Babe: Stuffed: Paranormal Smutty Short (The Elven Babe by J.M. Keep Book 1)

March 21, 2015

  “He can be rough sometimes,” the handsome young elven man said of his ogre friend. Anjasa’s gotten herself in trouble again. This time, two brutes are sent after her to bring her back to their boss. She has a better idea. Take them back to her place so that she can convince them that she’s far more valuable alive than dead. The seductive elven woman with her hourglass curves, and [...]

The Time Traveller’s Companion: Sci-fi Smutty Short

March 21, 2015

“We’ll set it all right, Rosa, as long as I have you by my side.” Returning through time to the London Blitz, the Doc’ and Rosa find themselves landing in a present that is not at all like they remembered! Something undoubtedly went wrong, resulting in the time-and-space travelling duo arriving in a bleak, metal London, bereft of its old charm, except behind protective domes. Making a [...]

The Virility Elixir: Paranormal Smutty Short

March 21, 2015

“I want you to knock me up, to lay me back, pregnant and swollen, and to still want me.” Kalen had heard rumours about the depraved things that happened at his university, but experiencing it was a whole new thing. Inducted into the dark goings on of the university by a cunning professor, he takes a drought of elixir and finds himself lost in a haze of alchemical euphoria. Harder, [...]

The Angel and the Demon: Paranormal Smutty Short

March 21, 2015

The brutish demon deserves to have that beautiful Goddess between his thighs. He didn’t doubt it, even after hours of her pleasuring him on her own throne. She controls the world, has churches dedicated to her worship, yet all she wants is to supplicate herself before the demon and his otherworldly member. But he has a present for her. He won’t be content with finishing in her mouth. He [...]

The Curious Nymph: Paranormal Smutty Short

March 21, 2015

“You took your fun,” he said as he groped her supple flesh. “Now I get to show you how it’s really done, trickster.” The curious nymph has never seen a human before, and when she stumbles upon the bulky form of a fallen warrior, she can’t help but be curious. It’s in her nature to heal, and yet after her magics staunch his bleeding and he lay so quiet on the forest floor, she wants [...]
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