Wicked Monsters Boxset (Six Fantasy Stories by Six Bestselling Authors)

March 21, 2015

  SIX previously published erotic fantasy stories about monsters, demons, and things that go bump in the night by SIX best selling fantasy/paranormal erotica authors, for an insanely cheap price! This deal won’t last, so nab it now. Filled with vampires, demons, and even a centaur, the women in these stories are in for a very rough and sexy ride. This collection is guaranteed to make [...]

Monsters and Maidens: Mega Box Set

March 21, 2015

  Featuring SIX previously-published stories by bestselling paranormal erotica authors, for one LOW price! Get your fill of monsters, tentacles, shifters, and unnameable creatures of all shapes and sizes. You’re in for a rough ride, but they’re one hundred percent guaranteed to satisfy you like no ordinary man could. Come on…you know you’re curious. Featuring CARL [...]

Monster, Sci-Fi Erotica

March 21, 2015

The Cursed Geraldine is a good witch. At least, she’d like to think she’s a good witch. She just has a naughty side to her. She’s also not like other witches, as she uses the magic of the mind instead of dark magic. She’s recently found a way to get rich quick, by getting paid to remove curses and is having the time of her life. Undercover Stripper 1 This undercover cop is [...]

Get Ogre It: Erotic Fantasy to Set Your Imagination Free

March 21, 2015

Do you love fairy tales? Have a hunger for shape-shifting lovers? This collection of six erotic fantasies will whet your whistle and melt your Kindle. Dive into works by six of today’s hottest erotica authors for a taste of the fantasy genre gone sexy. Get Ogre It: By fan request, a dirty fairy tale involving an ogre. If you enjoyed End’s dirty fairy tale series, you will take [...]

Erotic Fantasy: Let your Imagination Soar

March 21, 2015

Dark Desires When two young men find themselves deep within the hidden forests nothing could prepare them for the sinfully delicious harem of sweet, tender virgins that stood before their eyes. But these honey fleshed beauties aren’t at all ordinary. They come from a world beyond our own and are willing to do anything to please their human masters. Known as “wisps” to some, [...]

Demons, Witches, Dragons and More Paranormal Romance Boxed Set (6 book boxed set)

March 21, 2015

  This boxed set features NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Elixa Everett along with five fantastic fantasy and paranormal authors. You’ll be taken on an erotic journey featuring, demons, dragons, warlocks and even clones! These stories dig deep in the dark erotic fantasies of the characters – not for the faint of heart. Stories in this collection include: The [...]

Corrupted Hearts

October 15, 2014

After all, even demons deserve a chance at love. With her angelic wings and his demonic horns they were never meant to come together. But his red eyes trap her and her seductive wings lure him. Their hot demon blood crashes. What starts as one night of carnal pleasure turns into an adventure of epic portions. Shades of Dungeons and Dragons twisted in wicked ways. Within days of meeting Lilah and [...]

Her Descent

August 10, 2014

Theodora’s Descent In the dead of night, the monsters call for her. A noble woman with a thirst for more feels the primal pull of beings that shouldn’t exist when she falls beneath the surface of the earth. Saved by a monstrous man from the clutches of two vampires, she quickly realizes that her nightmares couldn’t even come close to the things that haunt the underworld. As she [...]

Magic Academy

December 7, 2013

Magic Academy Out of a young woman’s ambition comes a love triangle that could destroy more than her heart. Firia is smart, ambitious, and a natural in magic. She’s also a human, and thought to be a weaker spellcaster than the elves. She needs an edge to be accepted into the prestigious Magic Academy. She summons a demon, Varuj; he’s a terrifyingly gorgeous spirit who helps her win [...]

When Dreamers Wake

September 30, 2013

When Dreamers Wake The Old Gods have risen and moved on, leaving Earth in ruins. Leon liked that just fine. He got along better after the collapse of society, and has his own vision for how things should be run: with him in charge of his own fate, with many lovers beneath him. Yet when he has a run-in with a beautiful and mysterious woman, his life will never be the same.  Amazon Chapter 1 The [...]

In Her Dreams

September 28, 2013

In Her Dreams I could barely believe how hot the sight of a naked man was making me, even if he wasn’t like any man I’d ever known. I felt invisible. I’m a plus–size secretary in a job surrounded by white walls and monotony. Every day is the same until I dreamt of the perfect…demon? The exciting and unreal incubus offers me sweet surrender and affection like I’ve never known. He makes [...]

Brutal Passions

August 2, 2013

Brutal Passions Ruki’s on her first adventure of her very own, seeking out greatness and tales worthy of song. She thirsts for glory, and when she stumbles upon a pretty young man in the wreckage of a caravan, it’s the beginning of the biggest challenge in her life. Can she save him? Or will she instead be tempted by the muscle-bound dragon-warrior that’s in pursuit of him? [...]

Her Master’s Madness

June 23, 2013

Her Master’s Madness Lhea is an innocent fae, dancing to twisted music in the deep of the forest. When the trap is sprung and she wakes up, prisoner to a dark elf, she realizes true fear. But he opens something up in her, something new, and with just a bit more patience… Mature Content Warning. 18+. This dark fairy tale novella contains a twisted romance, domination, submission, and [...]

The Warlord’s Concubine

May 25, 2013

“You’ll serve me no matter what happens. If I come back defeated, and the witches sorcery has driven you mad, I’ll grab you by the hair and drag you into the north to rut still.” A dark warlord. A middle aged handmaiden. A stubborn princess. The warlord has plans for the dainty young future–queen. As an indentured servant to the princess for much of her life, Mirella sees the conquest [...]


March 29, 2013

Vile Wasteland The world is a wasteland. Viles — humans warped into mindless monsters driven by rage — roam the tortured and nuked land. Alex is a sheltered ‘bunker babe’, born and raised safely beneath the surface of the earth. Her people are dying, and despite the horrors of the world above, she has no options but to trade, barter, and kick ass to save her friends and [...]
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