Outcast: Book 1 & 2

April 9, 2015

The outcasts of society. A brigade of bandits, just eking out survival. Elin is on the run from something worse, though. Life with the bandits is almost tolerable, despite how they treat her. But when snowy isolation grips her small group of travelling companions and emotions start to get more heated, she finds an ally in their leader, Ara’bor. Will he be able – or willing – to protect her [...]

Her Master’s Corruption

April 9, 2015

In His torture, she found peace. Lhea was once an innocent, curious faerie. But she’d wandered too far into the forbidden forests, stumbling upon a wicked elf who tainted her with His corruption. But even in darkness, there can be love, and so when the two are wrenched away by the forces of good, Lhea has to return to her Master. Her soul cries for Him, and His for her, and nothing will [...]

Her Descent

August 10, 2014

Theodora’s Descent In the dead of night, the monsters call for her. A noble woman with a thirst for more feels the primal pull of beings that shouldn’t exist when she falls beneath the surface of the earth. Saved by a monstrous man from the clutches of two vampires, she quickly realizes that her nightmares couldn’t even come close to the things that haunt the underworld. As she [...]

In Her Dreams

September 28, 2013

In Her Dreams I could barely believe how hot the sight of a naked man was making me, even if he wasn’t like any man I’d ever known. I felt invisible. I’m a plus–size secretary in a job surrounded by white walls and monotony. Every day is the same until I dreamt of the perfect…demon? The exciting and unreal incubus offers me sweet surrender and affection like I’ve never known. He makes [...]

Her Master’s Madness

June 23, 2013

Her Master’s Madness Lhea is an innocent fae, dancing to twisted music in the deep of the forest. When the trap is sprung and she wakes up, prisoner to a dark elf, she realizes true fear. But he opens something up in her, something new, and with just a bit more patience… Mature Content Warning. 18+. This dark fairy tale novella contains a twisted romance, domination, submission, and [...]