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The Ways In Which We Write and Reach Out | The Keep

Normally we talk a lot about the typical sort of thing, us authors do enjoy talking about our for-sale books, and why wouldn’t we? That’s what puts the food on the table for many, that’s the substance of our dream before us: our physical (or at least e-physical) proof of authorship.

So it hardly comes as any surprise to hear that we might skirt over our other little writing excursions. Especially when they so resemble the unpaid work of wannabe-writers. However, with the ever changing playing field of publishing, especially for us vulnerable indies, it’s important to embrace the many ways in which we communicate with our readers.

For instance, I occasionally write little erotic vignettes to go along with titillating pictures that tickle my fancy. You can find them over on my tumblr under the Erotica tag here. Mostly they’re just little snippets of inspirations I get from pictures that never quite flourish into something longer.

Similarly, you’ll find the occasional free story on the erotica community we own, Darknest.  There’s tons of budding writers there besides us, so there’s never any shortage of stories to read and comment on. It’s a forum dedicated to scifi and fantasy erotica, especially the dark kind. If you like taboo erotica, it’s a great place to go.

As well, you’ll find our old fanfiction still available freely on our author site, check that out if you’re into the familiar fantasy settings of Warcraft or Guild Wars. We might be doing more for our current obsession, WildStar, as well.

Then we have our podcast where we talk about our craft, and will occasionally have erotic readings done by the lovely Michelle Keep, my wife and partner.

Valentine background As the publishing options grow narrower as the Big Six publishing houses and online book vendors become more and more in line with their narrow restrictions on what’s okay to write, it’s important to get our info out there. To let you all know the ways in which you can stay abreast of our writing. Especially when so much of the more taboo content is marked as off limits.

Now that we’ve had to remove so many of our stories from Amazon lest our account be banned, we’ve realized it is absolutely imperative to make sure our fans know where they can get it. Amazon makes up over 80% of our sales, most of it by serendipity and their recommendations, and we need to make sure people who love our books aren’t punished by Amazon’s change of heart regarding our content.

You can check out our Patreon pitch if you’re up for that, because through there we’ll be hooking up with fans and readers to distribute the material that Amazon and other sellers just won’t touch. The outright incest, the dark and gritty erotic shorts that nobody else will handle. As well, sign up for our mailing list to get a couple of emails from us a month letting you know what we’re up to along with some free stories and giveaways.

The rise of ebook publishing was a game changer for authors, but we won’t be forsaking the other methods in which we reach out to readers. Never have. Michelle and I have been posting our writing for free on our site for over ten years now, and while the publishing business has taken over our time and energy, it’s important to us to keep true to our raunchy roots and reach out.

Also, feel free to tweet dirty things at me. I’ll smile and might even reply in kind.

P.S. If you missed it, we released a boxed set of 7 stories in support of the Darknest Fantasy Erotica webforum!


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