Sitting at his desk, only a dim hint of the sun coming through into the Keep, Zij looked up from the scroll he had been working on to his Chief Abettor Draeka. She stood by an opening, gazing outside, having long ago finished the task he had asked for her help on.

She wore her thick plated armour even in that office, but as he watched her from behind his vision trailed between the crevices of the chains around her chest and back, the brownish green skin there, so firm. His sight lowered down; her thighs were mostly uncovered, her legguards tantalizingly showing off their firm flesh, even extending up to her luscious ass cheeks.

Her ass… His eyes and his mind stopped there. He felt that familiar stir in his crotch and forced himself to cast his gaze back down to his scroll, “T’anks for de ‘elp, Drae.”

She smiled and turned her head around, “Anythin’ for my Chieftain.” She looked back to the crack, gazing outside.

He peered up again, grinning, “Anything?”

She nodded, “Anythin’, Chieftain. There somethin’ else?” Her boredom and eagerness to get back to something exciting betrayed her senses and she was not aware of the slightly devious tone in his voice. She kept her gaze outside as he slowly rose from his position and walked towards her.

Placing his large hands on her hips, he moved behind her, pressing himself against her backside, leaning over her shoulder as he speaks softly, “Why Sergeant… dere is a duty ju can perform for jour Chieftain.”

Draeka closed her eyes and smiled softly as his lips touched her neck, “Dabu Chieftain.”

He murmured out the words as he kissed her neck repeatedly, “Strictly an official duty, Sergeant.. ju undahstand? It’s an ordah.” His fingers groped her flesh above her hips through the gaps in the chain.

“Da-… dabu Chieftain.” She said, arching her neck back as he seemed to wrap himself all around her. “I obey.”

Grinning, he bit her neck and she gasped between her two fangs, placing her hands atop his, rubbing them as they rubbed her flesh. He spoke deeply, “Present jourself. Jour Chieftain needs release.”

“Dabu… as you wish.” She nodded and obeyed, leaning forward over the sill she parted her thighs and reached underneath herself, undoing the metal armour that protected her lower regions, parting in the centre between her cunt and ass. It opened, revealing her panty covered regions to him.

He shook his head, “Dat wont do, Sergeant.” He reached a hand down and rubbed it over her slit atop the fabric, feeling a bit of moisture beneath it already, “Neidah will dat…”

“Sorry Sir.” She said immediately and reached to her side, pulling out a small blade, cutting each side of her panties once at each hip, then pulling them away from herself, revealing her slightly puffy lips and the pert asshole.

Zij groaned softly in delight, eying the display of his Chief Abettor bent over completely, her sex eagerly awaiting then… her two fingers went to her slit, rubbing at them at an already quick pace, he grinned again, “Readyin’…” she moaned softly, “myself for duty, Sir.”

He raised a palm and brought it down against her smooth ass cheek, a loud crack resounding with the slap, “Fastah Sergeant, jour Chieftain doesn’t like ta wait.”

Two of Draeka’s fingers worked into her slit furiously, dripping with her juices as another slap struck her ass cheek, making her gasp, “Dabu Chieftain!” She yelled out as the hand struck her ass, the stinging sensation eased slightly by the touch of something large, hard and warm, dribbling a small amount of wetness onto the sore spot.

Zij rubbed his blue cock along her sumptuous green cheeks, dribbling his precum along her as he came to rest between her ass cheeks, feeling them press against each side of his shaft. He sighed, “When ju are done, rub de excess onto jour back entrance, Sergeant.”

“Dabu Sir!” She shouted in response obediently. Her cunt now soaking, she immediately brought her two fingers to her ass, rubbing the wet tips around the puckered hole, moistening it and dabbing her fingertips inside the tight sphincter with a groan.

He smirked with satisfaction, “Dat should be enough Sergeant.”

She began to reply in the affirmative again and slide her hand away, but before a sound could escape her lips another loud slap struck her ass again.

“Keep a watch outside, Sergeant.” He pressed a hand against an ass cheek, pushing her head out the second story window she was leaning against, the few inches of movement causing his cock to slide down between her two cheeks, the dark blue head rubbing against her slightly moistened asshole. “If a Tribesmate finds ju in such a compromising duty for jour Chieftain, it could be bad…” he said in a deep, mischievous voice, his hand wrapping around his shaft and guiding the head to her wet cunt’s entrance.

Her arms straight as they supported herself on the window sill, she tried to gaze out onto the ground below, fighting the urge to close her eyes as the thick Troll cock slid into her wet depths, spreading her widely, making her moan. “Zug-… zug, Chieftain. Anything you say.”

He leaned over her, his hands pressing against her hips as for a moment his face appeared out of the darkness, momentarily visible through the window beside hers, “Mmm… o’ course, my Chief Abettor. Ahh… ju earned jour title in such a way, aftahall.”

He smirked and pull back, the length of his cock sliding out of her almost completely, rubbing against her lips as her cheeks blushed red, embarrassed for but a moment as he thrust back into her and her thoughts were back on her duty.

She moaned loudly as the thrusting began, groaning out the words “For my Chieftain…”

Parting her cheeks slightly to brush a finger at her backdoor to tease a little, his hips grind back against her firmly before pulling back for another thrust. “Ja…” he panted, “Willin’ ta give jour all for jour Chieftain… uhhnn… not’ing too much or too lil’.”

She nodded eagerly, trying to watch the entrance below as she stirred back and forth with each thrust, “Dabu Chieftain. I… give my all to you, Sir.” Her whole body shivered briefly as he toyed with her ass, quivering as if a wave were extending through her body starting at her anal bud.

He nudges a bit at her dark entrance as she grinds back, the finger pushing a bit and teasing with the threat of it pushing in, his heavy balls slapping against her clit with each rough thrust.

“Y-you… you want in there, Sir?” She presses back with a smirk, her tight little hole pushing down on the tip of that finger.

“Like dat t’ought…? A ‘ard cock right up your ass?” He asked so innocently, as the finger eased the bare tip in, just wiggling it a little. “Dat’s naughty…. Likin’ a cock in ja ass… almost slutty, ja might think…” The finger wriggles, pushing a little more inside her ass.

She looked at him lustfully over her shoulder for a mere moment, then rolled her eyes back and closed them, moaning in satisfaction as the finger roamed inside her, “if… if that’s what it takes to serve my Chieftain… make a slut of me.” She shut her eyes again and moaned, Zij fucking her harder, another slap landing across her ass.

He groaned loudly, starting to finger a little more energetically, working it back and forth in her tight hole, curling and flicking around her warm insides, “Make..? I t’ink ju might be one already.” The sound of his balls slapping her clit louder and more frequently now, “So naughty, wantin’ me ta fuck jour ass… Not ta say I don’t want dat tasty ass o’ jours…”

Her eyes stayed shut, no longer able to pay attention to the possible goings on below as the fucking grew harder and faster, the cock inside her cunt filling her with hot sensations of pleasure. “Zug zug! Fer you! All fer you Sir!”

The finger bucking in a little harder as he listened to her words, a second nudging and trying to slide up into her backside with the first, twisting and shifting, until it’s wedged beside it, slowly working her a little wider. She gasps at the second finger, her sphincter tightening for a moment before relaxing.

He kept fingering her backside slowly, letting it get used to the second digit. Her eyes flutter slightly as she breathed heavily, curling her back like a cat stretching as she enjoyed the cock in her slit and the fingers inside her ass, her head falling down, she looked underneath her, catching a glimpse of the thick cock fucking her and the heavy balls striking against her skin.

As she watches, her body begins to shake, her orgasm approaching in a wave of heat, “S-sir! Going… to cum!”

He leaned over her as his thrusts continued, speaking headily, “Permission granted, my loyal Abettor.” With that he thrust into her harder, ramming his cock into her tight cunt with a furious drive.

With a loud roar of pleasure, Draeka exploded. A wave of wetness washing over Zij’s cock inside her as she found her satisfaction with the stiff fucking, bucking against him, hardly aware of the hand slapping against her ass, except that it caused more pleasurable waves up her body; all the while she called out to him, “Chieftain! Yes Chieftain!”

Losing a bit of her composure, she panted for breath, still wracked by the aftermath of her orgasm as Zij’s cock regrettably slipped from her folds. The fingers come free of her ass as well as he listened to the sound of her satisfaction, groaning loudly at the bucking and cries, before pushing his cock against her anus, wiggling it a little against it before pushing in, the thickness a bit more then the fingers, as it worked inside her. The other hand shifting to reach around her hips, sliding the middle finger up and down her exceedingly damp slit, with the occasional brush around her clit. “My obedient slut. Dose juices will ‘elp jour Chieftain greatly.” He smirked and kissed her back, continuing to edge himself in.

He moaned loudly as he penetrates her, arching her back as her throat seems to rumble, her breasts standing out beneath her, topped with hard little diamonds of nipples as she welcomes his organ back into her body. “Zug zug…” She says breathily, the finger on her slit easing the penetration which pains her more than she lets on.

He goes a bit slower, precum built up in the wait, working in a little at a time, occasionally popping it free before slowly working it back in again. His hand still played with her sex, helping by running circles around her clit one moment, before sliding up to tease her entrance, sliding in about an inch before switching again. He murmurs with his eyes shut tight, “So warm an’ tight… no wondah ju offah it up so willin’ly…”

Her free hand clasps the window sill beneath her, eyes shut tight as she claws and gropes at the wood. She does her best to not focus on the painful stretching of her ass by the needful cock, while at the same time wanting nothing more than to focus on it and the sensations it brings. Each failed attempt to enter her, a curse leaves her mouth. She says through clenched teeth, “An’ it’s yers Chieftain. All… uhhhnn… yours.”

Grinning, he opened his eyes and peered down at the lovely sight of Draeka’s greenish brown ass being stuffed by his cock. The dark blue of his cock disappearing into the green ever so slowly, he groaned with satisfaction, “Ahhh…” from the feeling as he slowly sink a bit more inside her, working a little at a time, until it was about half inside, a firm thrust impaling her completely as his hips press to her ass, holding it inside.

A small twitch of the muscles causes his cock to flex inside her and she goes wild with sensation, the feeling of being full overwhelming her as she groans loudly. She had had Gromth in her there before, but not like this, and it been so long. Zij was larger. Altogether it was a fully new experience for her.

“Now Sergeant… so close… ah… ju serve so well.” He began to pull from her ass, the tight ring seeming to cling to his cock so tightly as he slides out, but with little delay he pushes back in faster, a single loud groan emanating from his throat as he feels the tight anal walls regrasp his wet cock.

Her eyes seemed to roll into the back of her head, but focusing she reached beneath her and her fingers came to his balls, caressing them softly as her palm ground against her clit, making her moan.

Zij’s two hands pressed firmly into her hips as he gained momentum. Her tight ass made it hard to thrust harder, but he would do it anyways if he were not afraid of hurting her. His balls begin to tighten and his shaft pulse, fire seeming to travel its length as his thrusts into her bowels became unsteady and frantic.

Draeka’s fingers left his tightened sac and three of them pushed into her slit. She thrust in, but they would seem to be pushed out as Zij’s cock thrust into her ass, putting pressure on her tight pussy as well.

The double penetration of her two holes drove her mad as she came a second time, screaming out the window in delight as he spoke, his robe having fallen off almost completely, draped behind his ass as his red pubic hair mashed into her cheeks, “Ju serve me! Ahhh! My loyal… Sergeant!” He groaned out as she immediately responded, “Dabu! I serve the Chieftain!” Thick Troll seed flooding her ass for the first time at that very moment, the flow never seeming to stop as Zij pumped her full of more seed than he had in a long, long time.

Staying in that position, his muscular chest heaved, leaning over her he hugged her to him, not noticing the Orc guard below turn the corner and give the seemingly solitary Draeka a look of confusion. He wrapped his arms around her stomach, hugging her tightly as he kept his still partially stiff cock nestled inside her depths, smiling, “I love ju Drae…”

She breathed heavily and sighed, smiling, “You and yer silly fetish to be called Chieftain during sex.”

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