Andulin examined herself in the mirror: the tall Sin’dorei was thin and pale, soft and unblemished. Her wide almond shaped eyes scanned over her form, inspecting herself as she finished putting her long blond hair back up into a pony tail. Crouching down, she pulled the pair of lacy black panties up her legs, fitting them snugly about her hips. They were lined along the edges with pink, just like her black corset, which covered most of her breasts and stomach, stopping above her belly button.

Raising one foot up onto the stool by the mirror, she brought a black stocking up, unrolling it up her smooth leg to her thigh, where it ended in a matching pink trim like her panties and corset. Repeating the process on her other leg, she peered up into the mirror at the visage of Celebrin, spread out upon their bed, her chest rising and falling quite a bit. The girl was naked, but for a leather thong that seemed clamped onto her groin, holding the shafts inside her nethers in place.

Celebrin’s long, slender hand rested on her firm stomach, her strong ab muscles visible on her tiny frame. Her chest is petite, topped with tiny, pink areolas, her nipples erect in her arousal. Her dirty blond hair splayed across the pillow in a circular cascade, gleaming softly.

Andulin smirked as she eyed her wife in the mirror, then looked down, taking out her jewellery from a small box, “Get ready now.” Finishing attaching the necklace around her, she turned and watched Celebrin still laying there. Walking over to the bed, she crouched down, bending her knees and reaching forward between the girl’s legs, “I said get ready”, and she grasped the leather thong, twisting it, causing the smooth phallic objects in her to shift and rub against her.

Celebrin’s eyes shot open and she writhed atop the bed, twisting her legs and body, “An–” her voice cut short suddenly, and she rose up onto her elbows looking at Andulin’s disapproving expression, “Y-yes Mistress.” Andulin released her and she shakily slid herself to the edge of the bed, letting her legs slip over the edge before standing.

Pushing herself up onto her feet she wobbled, almost looking like she was going to fall over, the objects inside her shifting with her movement causing her senses to ignite and her balance to fail her. Standing herself up straight, she took a deep breath and looked over to Andulin, who was smirking slightly, watching her, then walked over to her dress, laid out for her on the back of a chair.

Andulin walked up behind her, placing her hands on Celebrin’s two ass cheeks and leaned in kissing her neck as she was pulling the dress up onto her arms, letting out a squeak as Andy squeezed her ass cheeks firmly. Turning her head over her shoulder to look back at the other tall elf, Andulin slapped her hand against Celebrin’s ass cheek and walked back to her spot, picking up her own clothing, pulling the billowy, light top on over her corset, then putting on a light blue skirt to match the shirt.


Celebrin finished putting on her own white and pink dress, still uncomfortably trying to remain still, each move causing the long, cylindrical shaft inside her cunt and the short plug in her rear to only add to the excessive heat and wetness in her loins, shut so tightly in by the thong.

Sliding on her shoes for the evening, Celebrin turned to Andulin, folding her hands together and bowing her head, hiding the deep red blush on her cheeks as she waited, rigidly still.

Walking over to her, Andy placed her hand on Celebrin’s cheek, stroking it with her long slender fingers and smiling, “One last thing before you’re ready to go.” She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small black leather collar, raising it up to Celebrin’s face, letting her see it as she tilted back the girl’s chin and head. She slide it around her neck and tied shut the clasp firmly closed.

Celebrin reached a hand up, touching the collar lightly then looking to Andulin briefly, smiling then quickly looking back down bashfully.

Andulin brought her fingers back to Celebrin’s face and stroked her reddened cheek, grinning happily as she took a leash from a post on the bed with her other hand, holding it up beneath the girls face. “One last thing and we’re good to go.”

The smell of sex was in the air, clinging to those areas which had previously only been for prayer. It had escaped her before, but as Celebrin looked at the leash, she seemed about ready to pass out from embarrassment as Andulin’s lips curved into a slight smirk.


It was evening, the sky a dark, cloudless black but for some faint stars. Andulin and Celebrin walked down the grassy lamp-lit path towards the play centre. In the dim light it looked like they held hands, however Andulin was holding the end of the leash in her hand as Celebrin shuffled along at her side, her face downcast with severe embarrassment, unable to see beyond the range of the ground in front of her as her vision shrank to a tiny tunnel.

Andulin guided them both along, presenting their tickets and leading them up through the red carpeted main lobby and stairs. While all Celebrin could do was hope that, through the loud sounds of other elves entering for the play, nobody noticed her.

She saw little of the building other than that red carpet, but when Andulin sat herself down in the seat, Celebrin gave a quick glance around and saw they were above most of the play goers, in a private balcony above the auditorium. Across from them, quite some distance, were other similar areas, but they too were shrouded in the dim light and little could be seen.

Andulin brushed off the seat next to her and tugged on the leash, Celebrin’s signal to pull her dress in under her legs and seat herself beside her.

Folding her hands in her lap, Celebrin waited quietly beside the other woman, not daring to look up or even across at Andulin. However, it wasn’t long before the lights dimmed even further, the beginning of the play nearing, and immediately she felt a tug at her collar. The leash pulling her over towards Andulin, her waiting lips meeting Celebrin’s and right away being parted by the other woman’s wet tongue.

Her eyes finally torn from the floor, she looked over at her blonde mistress, eyes shut as she kissed her, then joined her. Andulin’s hand came up to her cheek, caressing it, the leash still taut as they made out, soft wet tongues exploring each other in her mouth.

Celebrin kissed her back warmly, sighing ever so lightly as she lavished Andulin’s lips and tongue with affection, her nervousness fading a moment until she felt those long slender fingers move down from her cheek over he neck and into her dress. She jolted slightly at that, her eyes darting open then shut again immediately as Andulin slipped her hands inside the fairly loose dress, cupping the other girls breast and pinching the nipple between two of the knuckles.

Suppressing her gasp, she felt Andulin bite her lower lip and pull on her nipple, letting her flesh snap back as she let go. Andulin then pulled back, and Celebrin whimpered softly, biting her own lower lip, still leaned over towards her.

Shifting in her seat, Andy moved herself forward, more towards the edge, then coiled the leash about her hand, pulling Celebrin’s neck down more. When Celebrin opened her eyes to look down, she saw Andulin’s finger pointing down to the floor, between her now spread legs.

Feeling her face and subsequently whole body heat, Celebrin kept her eyes down and slid off her own seat sideways. Crouched down on the floor she felt the shafts lodged inside her shift and press into her hot, messily wet loins, eliciting a low groan.

Andulin reached down, lifting the bottom of her long, billowy skirt up to her knees, sliding her feet out of her high heeled shoes and trailing one bare foot along Celebrin’s thigh. Shifting over, Celebrin knelt between her legs, staring in under the skirt at what faint image of Andulin’s black panties that she could make out, between pale thighs. The heady scent of arousal filled her nostrils, and Celebrin seemed to woozily drift forward, eyes shut, between those two alabaster thighs.

A sudden tug came on the leash, however, and Celebrin lunged forward, brushing her cheek against one leg before she felt Andulin lift one leg, then the other, placing them over Celebrin’s shoulders and down her back.

The sounds of the play were muffled at best from beneath Andulin’s skirt, but she felt the other woman adjust her skirt, pulling it over her, recovering her legs and settling back into her seat. Without further prompting, Celebrin leaned in, completing her journey as her lips and nose pressed into the black material of Andulin’s panties, the fabric damp and scented heavily with the other woman’s arousal.

She could hear nothing from her mistress, no approval, no sighs or moans, but she puckered her lips to the panties, kissing them, then licking the lace. She felt the thighs pressed to her ears twitch and close about her a bit more as she began to kneed the flesh of Andulin’s cunt through the wet material.

It wasn’t long before Andulin’s slender fingers peeked down inside the waist band of her own skirt, sliding between Celebrin’s mouth and the panties, then shifted the material to the side, exposing the wet cunt flesh. The odour of sexual desire overwhelmed her senses, free from the confines of that small bit of fabric. The air beneath Andulin’s skirt seeming damp and hot as she pressed back in, lapping her tongue along the wet folds instantly.

She was lost in her own world beneath that skirt, the outside nonexistent to her as she pressed her tongue into Andulin’s pussy, then up over her clit. She eagerly pressed her face into her mistress’ cunt, grinding her own into the floor as she leaned on her two hands, feeling the shafts inside her gyrate and press into her own gushing sex.

Celebrin made no noise, but her hungry licking sped along, her cheeks and chin coated with wetness as Andulin’s pleasure and arousal grew. Her mistress’ legs bent slightly, heels digging into Celebrin’s back. Above her Andulin shifted, sliding down in the seat another inch or two, prompting Celebrin to increase her efforts, tongue lashing those folds.

Andulin’s heels slid up her back a little further, digging in harder as she felt her two hands rest atop her head, through the skirt, clutching her between her thighs and hands. A wave of hot wetness washed over Celebrin’s tongue, a strong taste to it as Andulin ground herself into her face, riding out her orgasm to the very end with that tongue lavishing her folds with affection.

For some time Celebrin continued her licking, cleaning the wet mess beneath the long skirt, eliciting the occasional twitch from Andulin. Lowering her legs off of Celebrin’s back, she stroked the girl’s head through her skirt, giving her approval. Suddenly she heard the faint sound of applause, then Andulin’s hands clapping just above her.

Celebrin felt her cheeks blush again as Andulin nudged her with her foot. Sliding out from in under the skirt, she tried to fix her dishevelled hair. Wiping some of the sticky wetness from her mouth she saw Andulin pointed to her seat, and, not a moment too soon, she sat herself back down uncomfortably, the invading objects shifting inside her, as some elven boy carrying a box of treats poked his head into the booth, “Candy?”

As Celebrin stared ahead, blushing furiously, she hoped she had managed to fix her hair enough as Andulin paid the boy some silver for a bag of sweets. It wasn’t until she saw her mistress’ fingers extended before her, displaying a round candy that she snapped back to reality and slowly leaned down, casting her eyes up at Andulin’s smirking, happy face as she wrapped her lips around the sweet treat, kissing those fingers in the process.

Andulin stroked her cheek with the backs of her fingers and smiled, “Good girl.” Celebrin’s lips curled into a wide smile, looking over at Andulin, sucking the sweet candy in her mouth without a sound.

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