The cries of battle resounded through the valley, the mountains on either side locking in the war cries and the screams of pain. Jumwa stood guard at the window of the bunker he and Renkka had taken, on the lookout for alliance, his power noticeable to any. He scowled as another human spotted him and turned tail, heading away from the powerful duo.

Renkka bounced up beside him, wrapping her arms around his muscular body, kissing his arm softly and smiling up at him. “It’s okay, Master Jumwa. They’ll come, eventually, and we’ll slaughter them.” She squeezed him as he looked down at her, smiling back at the vibrant orc. Leaning down, he kissed her head, his eyes still scanning the ground below for movement.

The Valley was white with snow, the sun glistening off of it and creating and ethereal glow to the world. The roads were well kept by the feet of the Frostwolf forces, supply lines remaining open as best they can between battles. In the distance, they could hear a loud bellow from one of the dwarves, demanding more forces. It echoed through the valley, loud and strong.

Renkka smiled as she heard it, squeezing Jumwa tighter in her bare green arms, her cloak wrapped around her body for warmth. Looking out at the window she saw a small glimmer of something in the distance, quickly moving in their direction. She nudged Jumwa, whom was already summoning the power of the elements at his hands, totems popping through the concrete, their gentle hums barely noticeable.

She moved down the steps, scanning for further movement, her trusty felhunter at her side, making tiny yipping noises as he chased the shadows on the snow, sniffing after any possible scent. Jumwa followed after her, his steely eyes narrowed in concentration. Phuughon yelped loudly and started to give chase after an invisible assailant, nipping at their feet. She stumbled from her hiding spot, her skin a deep purple, her hair dark blue and in braids, markings on her face like a butterfly.

Jumwa groaned happily as he saw the fear in her eyes, taking long strides towards her. Slowly the look of fear and shock faded from the elf’s face, replaced with a look of determination as she sized up the tall troll and the skipping orc behind him, the felguard still nipping at her feet.

Renkka smiled, her eyes the only indication that the smile was intended as anything but sincere, while Jumwa stood straight, glaring down at the elf as he called his totems closer, surrounded the elf’s body.

She glared right back, to Renkka’s dismay, the sweet looking orc screwing her face up in anger before smiling lovingly up at Jumwa. He smiled back at her, and the elf leapt to her feet with fluid grace, shifting to the form of a panther and beginning to move. They both shot a dangerous look to her as Renkka screamed a curse, the shapeshifter’s body slowing to a near walking pace. Springing to action, Jumwa called the power of lightening, shocking the animal, its hair standing on end, the lean body convulsing in pain as Renkka screamed more incantations. Her voice, usually soft and smooth was hoarse with rage and passion as the animal writhed on the ground, her shifting growing rapid and uncontrolled.

Renkka’s curses burning her insides, Jumwa’s lightening burning her outside, it wasn’t a painless death, and the duo so enjoyed making it last. The felhunter returned to Renkka’s side as the elf’s body lay still, her face consorted in agony.

Renkka grabbed Jumwa’s hand and he walked, with her skipping along side him, back to the bunker, the totems behind them disappearing with nothing more than a thought from the strong shaman’s mind.

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