Kali sighted him from across the river. Grot was mounted atop Draug, his worg, and was, oddly, without a shirt. She stared in surprise. She was used to his naked visage, but that was in private. But here he was on the edge of Westfall atop his worg, bare-chested.

Grinning to herself she watched as he dismounted and dove into the river. His rippling back would bob up above the surface of the water periodically as he swam towards her. Finally he rose up onto the shore and stepped to her, wrapping his arms about her, pouring water down around her plated armour.

The two orcish lovers kissed deeply, and Kali’s hands wandered across his wet muscles. Finally breaking apart, he grinned at her as she spoke, “My… your topless!”

Grot chuckled. “Well, are you coming?” She nodded and the two set off through the forests of Elwynn. The trip seemed to take forever, and Grot’s clothes had dried nicely on the run. But eventually they did reach the loud and obnoxious faire much to Kali’s delight.

Milling about, Grot watched the crowd as he waited for Kali to stock up on her alcohol. Finally she stepped up to him from behind, bags filled to the brim with ale. “Did you leave any behind?” Kali just smirked, as Grot lit up a poor pink skinned guard in flames.

The fight spread quickly through the crowds, and before she knew it, her rather underdressed Grot was grappling with a crowd of angry pink skins and their allies. Dropping her bags she charged in and the two fought a rather pointless but hectic battle.

As the sun set, and bodies lay strewn about everywhere, Kali and Grot made off through the trees atop their worgs. A lull in the fighting gave them their chance to leave, and they took it, bored with whole scene. But as they rode away, Kali couldn’t help but eye her lover, still dressed in his brown twill, green chest heaving as his worg raced through the forest, “Where are we going?”

Grot looked over to her from beneath the brim of his hat and spoke coolly, “let’s find a pink skins home and confiscate it for the night.” Kali grinned and licked her lips, eyes trailing over his body.

In no time they saw some lone house in the trees, and Grot pulled away up to it without delay. The tiny home was surrounded by cats, though Grot quickly leapt from Draug and marched through them. His bulky frame barely fit through the tiny door frame, and completely terrified the lady occupying the building. She brandished some bloody clever nervously, but Grot walked past, and Laznip, his imp, shooed her out.

The lady went screaming as Laznip toyed with her and Kali walked on by, casually smiling and following Grot through the doorway. Upon entering she eyed her lover kicking over a table to make room, “So now what?” She said, ever grinning and entranced by him.

Grot turned to her and stretched his shoulders to her delight. The warrior woman was weak in the knees watching him and unconsciously walked to up to him, removing her gauntlets and placing her hands to his chest. She closed her eyes briefly and sighed, fingers riding over his rigid features.

When she reopened her eyes, she saw a grinning Grot looking down at her. Kali eyed his sculpted body hungrily, and bent down, licking him. Her tongue traveled about his chest, exploring his muscles until she came up and indulged herself in his lickable nipples. Unlike usual, Grot simply stood there, eying her as she eagerly tasted his body.

He groaned at her attentions, his cock straining against his brown pants tightly. But Kali did not cease, she eyed his manhood attempting to burst through the buttons and fabric of his pants, and she rubbed him over it. It twitched against her ministrations as her tongue continued to arouse his chest and nipples.

Grot groaned with lust, and Kali stood up, she smiled at him and turned away, bending over at a ninety degree angle. She peered over her shoulder with a grin before rubbing her firm ass cheeks against his straining manhood. He inhaled deeply as his shaft wedged between her cheeks, her gyrations stroking it up and down.

He grasped her hips, and groaned in ecstasy before pulling down her pants exposing her smooth bottom. Kali grinned to herself and closed her eyes, hearing his buttons unsnap behind her.

Quickly she heard a sigh of relief come from Grot as his green, swollen cock released from the dark enclosure and the hard shaft firmly struck against her ass.

The heated rod pressed down against her and drove her mad with anticipation. “Do it” she pleaded, and with that Grot reached down and held his member in his thick fingers, guiding it towards her wet, eager entrance.

He rubbed the tip along her slit only a couple of times before he dove inside. His girth pushed her open wide, and her cunt covered him in her honey.

Reaching her innermost depths, Grot breathed heavily and stayed there a moment. Quickly he thrust into her a couple of times hammering her soaking pussy, causing her to moan and gasp and lean against the wall for support. But abruptly her green skinned lover pulled from inside her. Before she could regain the composure to wonder why she could feel an intense pressure.

Grot held his honeyed cock in hand, looking down his chest at Kali’s puckered asshole as he pushed into it. Crying out Kali involuntarily pushed back against him, sooner than he had intended Grot’s shaft sank inside her. Kali’s tight hole devoured him and he groaned loudly, letting out a roar of delight.

He did not move for what seemed like ages, his cock held firmly in place by Kali’s tight anal embrace. Slowly he ran his hand up from the base of his shaft, over his rippled green stomach and chest, then back down grasping Kali’s hips.

Achingly slow, he pulled from inside her. His glistening cock slid from within her until he pounded inside again, his heavy balls slapping against her wet cunt in force. He kept up this steady beat, thrusting in and out of her, albeit at a slow speed. Grunting loudly he fucked Kali’s delicious ass, every now and then bringing his hand down across one of her cheeks, slapping it roughly.

Kali groaned and bucked with Grot’s thrusting and strikes, her cunt ached and dripped as the thick green cock ravaged her rear hole. Finally, the burly green orc behind her breathed sharply, his thrusts growing wilder, his balls tightening as he unloaded streams of semen deep inside her. Grot roared with delight as the last of the strands of hot cum filled her, until he pulled out.

Kali slumped to the floor, panting and looked up at her lover. He stood over her, chest glistening with sweat, and still erect cock standing out of his open pants. “Now, that should get you started for later.” He smirked and grasped his tool, placing the massive organ back inside his achingly tight pants.

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