Sin’Thol smiled happily, stretching and lifting her robe over her head, grabbing a tiny, green top from her bag and tossing it on over her head. “Glad to be back here?” she smiled at Gorth, as he smiled down on her, stretching his shoulders and chest, “Oh yes… Mistress,” he smiled, tugging at the waist of his pants. She smiled, sitting on her hands, the cold stone of Zul’Aman below her. “What do you think,” she grinned, as he licked his lips, “A beautiful sight,” he nodded, sitting next to her, a thick, green arm holding her to him as she cuddled into his chest.

“I think it was a decent day,” she smiled. “Gorth enjoyed it greatly. He did… his best to serve, even if it wasn’t good enough for the Great Mistress,” he grinned, squeezing her gently. She nodded, sighing happily, “you did quite well today. Quite well.” Gorth beamed at her, moving his head closer to her and quietly inhaling her scent. “Gorth… did?”

Sin nodded, cocking her head to the side, exposing her neck to him, carefully brushing her red hair to the side. He leaned down, licking at her soft neck, causing her to groan happily.

“I do not honestly know how you made it through the day without trying to get me to mount you,” she giggled softly, moaning as he continued to lick and kiss at her neck, his other hand wrapping around her stomach. “Gorth… didn’t? He must not have been… forward enough,” he teased, in between gentle licks. Sin giggled again, grinning, “I suppose you were not, then. Were you thinking of it?”

Gorth licked up from her shoulder to her ear, groaning out, “all day Mistress. Gorth’s member hardly stopped swelling a… moment with the thoughts,” as his hand at her stomach creeps up, squeezing her breast firmly. She let out a tiny yelp, arching her back, pressing herself further into him. “I am glad. Are you, then, swollen now?” she grinned, moaning softly. He removed her hand from her breast, picking up her arm and laying it atop his bulging leather pants.

“Feel Gorth’s desire Mistress… if you wish. He has not stopped,” he spoke, his voice deep and gruff, tinted with lust. Slowly and carefully her bites softly on her ear, as she pressed her hand firmly into him, grasping the outline through the leather, letting out a happy moan. Taking his hand with her other, she led it to her own pants.

“You are not the only one who has not stopped,” she said, breathily. Gorth’s eyes widened, kissing her cheek as he pressed his fingers against her pants, rubbing lightly at the thin material, a faint hint of moisture touching his finger. “So… Mistress does find Gorth arousing?” he mused, as his cock throbbed intensely, seeming to grow an inch or more in that moment beneath her hand.

“If I did not find what we do pleasurable, I would not be risking everything I have in my life to partake,” she stated firmly, nodding, a smile breaking out on her lips. Gorth rubbed up and down along her slit over the cloth pants, while he licked beneath her jaw line. “Gorth has wanted Mistress… so badly. He was prepared not to get his… reward, but he so greatly wanted to please Mistress tonight.”

“You did very well, Beast. Very well. Let us see if you can keep up the pleasing mentality for a little longer,” she smiled and sighed, throwing her head back slightly as Gorth quickly pulled open the top of her pants, reaching inside to touch his rough fingers to her wet sex, his lips and tongue trailing down her neck. “Gorth lives to please… his goddess, the Mistress.”

Sin’Thol moaned softly, lifting her ass and wiggling out of her pants. Sitting back on the cold floor, she shivers and jumps, quickly putting her hands back beneath her. Gorth saw her shiver, and with a soft growl, he lifted her up, unbuttoning his pants before laying her naked bottom onto his lap, his stiff cock pressing warm against her, his thick, green arms wrapping around her. Sighing contentedly, Sin curled herself into him as his fingers slid across the front of her chest, poking inside her top and lightly playing with her flesh.

Tenderly, he bit her neck, the skin not puncturing, “Mistress deserves… the best. Gorth is not, but he’ll try,” he spoke softly, his voice still gruff, as his hands continued rubbing at her chest and slit, his hands parting her thighs. Teasing fingertips penetrated her teasingly, “Mistress resisted… Gorth’s desire for his reward all day. Poor Mistress. Should have had… Gorth please her to make it easy,” he smiled, happy at eliciting a small moan and sigh from her, her chest and cunt pressing into his hand.

“It is much more fun to tease the both of us. Much more rewarding in the end,” she grinned, growling in excitement as Gorth lifted her off him by her ass, carrying her towards the wall, resting her back against it, “Mistress will use Gorth to please herself… tonight then,” he smiled, resting her legs on his hips, his erect cock throbbing and resting against her exposed slit as showered his neck and breasts in kisses and licks.

She sighed happily, pressing her cunt into him, her wetness rubbing off on his shaft as she slowly grinds against him, her hands holding onto his shoulders, her head resting against the hard wall, “you make such a good pet. Such a good pet.”

Gorth growled and pulled her shirt away from her breasts, one of his hands still holding her from below as he licks and sucks at her nipple, “Mistress inspires Gorth to… be a good pet,” He smiled, lifting her up a slight bit more, his cock sliding down her slit, so the head of his cock rested at her opening.

“Gorth wants to feel… his Mistress’ pleasure around him,” he growled as she squirmed excitedly above him, moaning happily, and wrapping her legs around him. “We should enjoy the moment of anticipation. Of pure want and desire and need rolled together. It is such a rare thing to feel,” she teased, wiggling slightly in his hand, wrapping her tiny arms around his thick, green neck, his face still on her chest, licking and kissing her tiny chest. “Did Mistress… enjoy Gorth’s desire today? He was almost…weak with desire for you,” he groaned, rubbing his throbbing, over-tortured cock against her warm slit, his arousal almost too much.

Sinthol nodded, perhaps too eagerly, a seductive smile on her red lips, “I like knowing you desire my body. That it makes you weak. That it makes you want,” she smiled devilishly, eliciting tiny moans of excitement as his large, rough tongue slides along her soft, pink flesh, his thick cock still throbbing desperately against her slip. “Gorth wants nothing more. His eyes… never left your body for more than a moment. And… his… thoughts not even that. Every time he slayed, he hoped Mistress would… decide to reward him then. Every time… she gave him some touch, he grew solid as stone. Every time she showed her… self to him, he had to resist being inside her.”

“You are resisting now, even as my cunt presses against you. You have amazing self control… especially compared to how little you had before me,” she smiles, a little bit of cockiness and pride to her voice, softly kissing her lips to his shoulder, venturing a tiny lick to the dark green skin, the slight taste of salt greeting her taste buds.

“Mistress… gives Gorth strength. He… praises his Mistress,” he nodded, the head of his cock being pressed against her opening, before sliding up along it her slit again, her wetness coating him. “Gorth wants you Mistress. So bad… the urge is hard to resist. Takes… all of Gorth’s strength,” he groaned, thrusting slowly and roughly against her, as she moaned, digging her tiny teeth into her lower lip, closing her eyes and resting her head against his massive chest, nodding against it and taking a deep breath.

“Mmm, and you have such great strength,” she inhaled deeply again, “If you want me…” she paused, “I want you to have me.”

Without wasting a moment, he pushed into her, the swollen head of his cock popping into her tight entrance in a sudden push, followed by a pause as she squealed in shock.

“Then Gorth will have,” he spoke, determined, as he grasped her thigh tightly, pressing her against the wall as his member slide up into her tight cunt, working slowly, though still faster than the tiny elf was used to. “Gorth will… have what he’s desired so badly. His Mistress.”

Sin’Thol groaned happily, though pained, letting out tiny yelps and pants the deeper he went, her eyes already moist from the pain and pleasure colliding. “I want you to continue to desire me. I want you to always desire me. Always be ready for me. Always be mine,” she gasped, in between her tiny elven whimpers, as he continued pushing his bulging cock into her, his eyes shut as he growls in delight. “Always Mistress. Gorth’s… desire will never stop. Or lessen. Or cease… growing,” his voice rich and deep with lust as he kissed her neck, his cock reaching her innermost depths, pushing up against her still, his desire driving him briefly to push against the final barrier stopping him. “Gorth is your… willing servant.”

Sin’s eyes brim over with water from the pain, though her panting and moaning in desire don’t lessen or pause, groans of pain intermixed with those of pleasure. Holding onto him tightly, she dug her nails into his back, her thighs clutched tightly around him. “Always willing. Always my servant. Always my doting Beast. I will treat you well, if you treat me as you have,” she moaned, panting and muttering words, half of them orcish, half Thalassian, tears freely streaming from her eyes as he moves from pressing against her to fucking her steadily, his thick, veined shaft moving with the urgency of three nights desire, her swollen lips taut around him as he slides in and out.

“Gorth will always… treat Mistress as he has. As Goddess, come… to Azeroth, gracing his life.” He bit at her breasts repeatedly, alternating back and forth, kissing her chest to her neck, seeming to grow frantic as time passes. Gripping Sin’s ass tightly, moving from her thigh, his thrusting growing faster, the tip of his shaft striking into her hard for the tiny elf, causing her to squeal in pain. “Gorth will never… stop wanting to… fuck his Mistress like he does now.”

Sin’Thol groaned, slowly losing the ability to speak, just muttered half words of lust, being bounced atop him with each thrust, her body beginning to tense around him, causing her to cry our various “fucks”, her head swimming in pleasure and pain, her vision failing as the days of endless teasing and need build from Gorth’s swollen balls. As they tightened up against him, the seed flowing to his shaft as it begins to light afire, his thrusting continued, growing more frantic. “Mistress! Gorth can not hold… any longer!” he growled and howled, pressing the elf’s bare back against the wall. “Gorth’s cock is… going to cum!”

Sin’Thol let out a heavy, lusty gasp, tightening her cunt around his cock and biting into his neck. Panting heavily, nearly unable to speak, she mumbled something of an affirmation, squeezing his cock tight inside her, and struggling to take another deep, bracing breath.

Gorth let out a loud yell, some indistinguishable noise as he pummels her tight cunt with before unknown force, his balls bouncing as they squeeze the tortuously large amount of seed from them, forcing it through his thick shaft. He pressed her against the stone hard, as his thrusting member jets stream after stream of thick cum deep inside her.

Sinthol squealed, squirming atop him, lost in her own blinding blend of pleasure and pain, grasping at his back, her mind was filled with nothing but fuzzy notions of pleasure, her body tensing and releasing, tingling her entire being as she grinded his cock deep inside her, her body screaming with a draining orgasm. Exhausted and out of breath, she rested her head against his chest, gasping for air, her chest heaving and her face streaming with tears. Even after the most intense part of his release subsides, Gorth continues his thrusting into her, jetting more of his orcish semen a few more times. He opened his eyes, panting as he kissed her face, neck and breasts, in that order.


“Yes?” Sin spoke softly, in a raspy voice.

Gorth almost whimpered as he coddled her in his arms, thrusting his cock into her gently now. “Gorth… is yours, forever.”

Sinthol sighed softly, still trying to catch her breath. “I hope so.”

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