Celesten hated the Alliance. She didn’t know much, but she did know that. She would stroll through Teldrassil and observe the disgusting elves that were interested in no more than playing their sexual games, always dancing and fondling one another. And it was even worse in Goldshire, which seemed to be the cesspool of the alliance and where the air smelt of sex and testosterone. Celesten hated these silly sexual games that all these alliance play.

And now, all of a sudden, there were shivers coursing through her body and all she could think about was the troll who had taken her heart along with her body.

Celesten frowned slightly, scrubbing her black dress that had gotten soiled last night. She sat on the shore outside Auberdine with some soap in hand, her navy hair in disarray. It was late in the evening and not many elves were about. She had spent the daylight hours in Zijil’s and her’s meeting spot. He had had to leave early that morning for some order of business. His boss didn’t seem as though he would understand why Zijil would want to spend more time in Ashenvale, so Celesten persuaded him to leave.

But she had sat, fantasizing for hours, leafing through his books, occasionally catching his scent. She wasn’t very old, but she hadn’t felt as a child for a long time, however he brought about a childlike obsession, a delicious fluttering in her stomach and parts left secret until now.

She smiled at the memories of Zijil’s touch, sitting in her ragged leatherwear that she tried so hard to avoid wearing. In fact, there were many times she ran into battle wearing nothing but her dress and boots, hating the feel of the leather so. She took off her boots to let her feet play in the water while she scrubbed. Noticing there were a few new tears in her dress at the seams she sighed, thinking of the cost to repair before quickly bursting into a large smile at the thought of how it was torn.

Indeed, he had been playing quite rough with her lately, though she didn’t mind. To see him in ecstasy was more than enough to cause her to bite on her lower lip and bear any accidental pain, and afterwards he would always kiss her wounds goodbye.

Celesten stood, holding her wet dress in front of her as the waves lapped at her toes. She nodded, satisfied, before walking back into the upstairs of the Auberdine Inn and into the temporary room she was renting. She drew the purple drapes around her bed and hung up the dress to dry. She took off her ragged leather clothing, folded it neatly and tucking it under her bed before crawling under the silken sheets. Zijil had told her earlier that he wouldn’t be able to get away tonight, so she was alone with an over active imagination and a now familiar warmth between her legs.

She sighed lightly as she allowed her fingertips to trail her body, starting at her collarbone. She thought of the times past when her lover had caressed her with his rough hands, as her much smaller and much softer hands roamed over her body. Her cunt had already been throbbing for hours at the hope of having Zijil inside her again and she planned on trying to do something about it so that she could get some sleep tonight.

Her hands remained foreign to her body. She hadn’t actually had such sexual feelings until Zijil awakened the fire inside her. And so she allowed her hands to find her intimate areas and touch and rub and pinch in exploration. She breathed heavily in pleasure, assured that no one else was renting a room for the evening. Her fingers lingered on her already erect nipples, and she slowly grinned before bringing a finger to her mouth and lightly licking it before she brought it back to her chest.

There was a cool breeze off the ocean that rustled the dividing cloth and lapped at the wetness on her breasts. She was being very gentle with herself after the last few sessions with Zijil. Her hands found the fading bruises on her body where he had nipped and kissed just hard enough to create marks. She licked the tip of her finger again as she allowed her hands to wander lower still, over her stomach, wandering down her hips and to her upper thighs before finally giving in and touching her throbbing mound. She shivered in pleasure as she ran her middle finger lightly up and down on her clit, that had been begging for her attention.

She moaned slightly louder now, as she rubbed lower still. Her slit was sopping wet by this point, which caused her instant delight. She fantasized about Zijil and tomorrow night when he could have his way with her again, taking pleasure and pain as one. She was still inexperienced, though he seemed to enjoy her attempts at bringing him satisfaction. She rolled onto her side, squeezing her hand between her thighs as she finally let one finger penetrate herself. And then another. She sighed as she realized that her two fingers were not big enough to substitute for one of Zijil’s as she slipped another inside her slippery slit. She lightly rubbed her thumb on her clit as she slowly pushed her fingers in and slipped them back out.

She panted in delight as she rolled on her back, pounding herself faster, rubbing herself harder now. Another hand wandered to her breasts and stomach before joining with her other hand under her navy hair. She bit on her lower lip as she rubbed furiously at herself, trying to make the throbbing subside. She frowned slightly at her little fingers, realizing that they would not be able to do the job she required of them. She grabbed the metal offhand item, which she purchased earlier in Teldrassil after noticing that it was of a similar size to Zijil’s erect cock.

It was cool from the breeze and she thrust it into herself with little delay, crying out from the chill, before welcoming the thickness of the object. She thrust her hips upward, arching her back as it rammed it in and out of herself, using her other hand to stimulate her clit. Biting harder on her lower lip to stifle a scream of pleasure, she imagined Zijil atop of her, grabbing at her hungrily as he thrust in and out, kissing and nuzzling her face and neck.

The wind blew stronger now, opening her divider slightly and letting in the somewhat distant sound of laughing and drinking. She thrust up and down, letting out several moans of pleasure as she grabbed at herself, her own head drunk on the sensations before letting out a squeal that she could not hold in as her body convulsed with the ultimate pleasure.

She softly rubbed herself, gently playing with her breasts as the shivers continued to course through her body. She smiled, finally satisfied, and rolled to her side to fall asleep before hearing the sound of an obviously intoxicated man stumbling up the stairs, a females giggling following. She heard them fall to the bed before the smell of sex arose. She grunted in displeasure. “Stupid night elves and their sex obsession” she thought, before falling into dreams.


Celesten met Zijil in one of the dilapidated towers in Hillsbrad. Panting, she ran to his arms. He hugged her close before holding her at arms length and looking at her torn and dirty dress. She blushed, dusting herself off. “Did you have much trouble getting here?” He looked down at his little elf with concern in his eyes. She smiled quickly, “I’m fine now.” Embracing her once more, they sat with their backs to the cement wall, in the shadows where it was cool, escaping the hot sun.

He put his large arm around her neck, resting his massive hand on her much smaller shoulder, pulling her to him and kissing her passionately. “I have a favour to ask of you, my dear Celesten.” She cocked her head slightly to the side “Oh?” He opened his mouth to speak but stopped himself, pulling himself away from her and standing just in time for a female night elf to appear with a large, brown worg trailing behind.

The elf’s eyes grew wide with fear at the sight of the towering troll before her eyes trailed down the wall to where Celesten still sat. “A troll and a night elf together? What are you doing here?” She looked out of breath and ragged. Celesten blushed. “Uhm, I was just… fighting and I came here to take a break, and then this troll came along.” Zijil nodded and the elf looked Celesten up and down, noticing the long black dress she was wearing before looking at Zijil. “How did he understand you?”

Celesten glared at Zijil “He’s just pretending, I think.” Zijil smirked.

“I don’t think he is.” Celesten grew red with embarrassment. She wasn’t used to being caught in a lie. “Uhm, so what brings you here?” she asked, trying to change the topic. Confusion was replaced by fear in the hunter’s eyes “I’ve been running for three days! I’m so exhausted!” Celesten looked in her backpack and grabbed a container of juice. “Here,” she said, offering it to the elf, which she drank down quickly. “I’m Celesten, you are?” “Moonhuntress, but you can just call me Moon.”

Celesten nodded. “So why have you been running for so long?” she inquired, as Moon grabbed some watermelon from her bag and offered her some. “Sorry, I only have the two…” Moon trailed off and Celesten nodded “That’s fine. Thank you” Zijil spoke in orcish at Celesten, laughing every few minutes at her discomfort. Moon was staring suspiciously at the troll. “Someone is trying to kill me… an undead… I was out fighting and his brother came and attacked me, so I retaliated and killed him. Now his brother won’t rest until I’m dead as well!” Moon’s eyes grew wide with front before she jumped up. “Your robes!” she yelled at the troll. “Your robes look just like his!” She squealed. Zijil laughed and walked out of view.

“Well… I don’t think the troll is undead. But I guess because he’s wearing a robe, he’s some kind of magic user?” Zijil came back around the corner, wearing a different robe. Moon’s mouth gaped. “He changed… how did he know what I said?” Celesten grumbled under her breath. Moon stood, and dismissed her wolf. “Well, that’s a sure way for him to find me… maybe I should change as well.” Moon walked out of view, eyeing the troll suspiciously. He leaned over into Celesten, his warm breath on her ear, “You’re loving this, aren’t you?” She smirked up at him, with a slight flush of excitement in her cheeks. She lovingly touched his arm right before she heard Moon’s light footsteps coming around the tower again.

She had changed into a red suit and taken her hat off, shaking her blue hair from side to side. “Ahh, that’s better!” And the words were no sooner from her mouth than she collapsed to the hard rock floor. Celesten kneeled down to her, trying to fan her forehead with her hands “Oh dear!” she cried “Wake up Moon!” Zijil laughed, “Maybe she’s dead… We can get back to business!” Celesten looked at him with a smirk on her lips. “Later! Watch her; I’m going to see if anyone in town can help!” Celesten stood on tip toe, grabbing his left tusk and pulling him down into a kiss. “I’ll be right back!” And with that, she ran off towards South Shore.

In the first building she found a female human. “Excuse me!” She tapped her shoulder “I met this girl, and she was running for he life, and then we talked and she was fine, but then all of a sudden she fainted and I don’t know what to do!” Celesten gasped for breath. “You can try giving her some water… maybe that will help,” spoke the human, “good luck!” she yelled as Celesten ran to the inn and purchased the water before running back to where Moon still laid on the ground. Another human, this one male, had come up and knelt beside Moon as Zijil stared at the situation with a twinkle in his eyes.

“I know her” exclaimed the human. Celesten quickly glanced at him before pulling a bandana out of her pack and soaking it with water. “Come on Moon!” she cried as she put the cool water on her forehead, running it across her cheeks before applying more water. “Moon, wake up” the man spoke softly. An unhh escaped her lips “Who… who’s here?” Celesten smiled as the human spoke “It’s East and…” he trailed off “Celesten, I brought you some water from the inn. It’s cold, someone told me it might help” she said as she handed her the water.

She sat up and drank the water quickly. East offered her his arm, and Moon helped herself up. “Are you going to be okay with him escorting you back to town?” Celesten asked. “Hmm, oh, right… I guess you two have business to attend to.” Moon looked at Zijil, then at Celesten with confusion and a slight hint of being upset in her eyes before allowing East to help her walk back to town.

Alone again, the couple embraced. “I guess this wasn’t the most private spot after all,” he whispered, pressing his forehead against hers. She smiled, kissing his lips softly. “So you mentioned something about a favour?” He took her hand, leading her inside the tower walls. “I’ll explain about that later tonight, if you’ll meet me? I’ve been without you far to long to be able to explain now” he smiled, glancing at her over his shoulder.


They decided to meet in Ratchet at the inn later that night. Celesten was running late, and just missed the boat. She fidgeted, waiting and thinking of seeing her beloved again. He was a busy troll, always on some mission or another for his employer, and she hated to keep him waiting. Right as she was contemplating swimming across the sea to Ratchet the boat arrived and she ran on board, tapping her foot.

She ran into the inn, spotting him instantly. “You’re late…” he frowned. Celesten blushed and looked at the ground. “I’m so sorry Zijil, I just…” he cut her off, smiling. “Come, I know of a more secluded place.” She grinned happily as she bounced along behind him pleased he wasn’t all that upset.

She followed him up the hill to an emptied house. Smiling, she sat on the bed across from him. She had taken the afternoon to mend and wash her dress, though she had forgot to put it on in her haste. She was wearing something she had purchased earlier in the week – a green top, laced up the middle, black pants with red stitching that ended a few inches before her long, reddish thigh high boots. She stammered something about being sorry for not being better dressed, but Zijil just dismissed it with a wave of his hand.

Celesten usually hated the feel of leather, but these clothes were more comfortable than even her dress, hugging her body just right. She was pleased that Zijil approved; she wanted so desperately to make him happy. She folded her legs underneath herself, as she reached over to touch Zijil’s arm. She smiled softly, trying to catch his eyes as he stared off in thought. He looked back at her and grinned. “I should ask that favour of you now.”

And Zijil had had the most disturbing favour to ask of Celesten. She understood the mission, though she didn’t understand the motivation or cause, and she thought it better not to pester her lover with asking details. She trusted him, after all, to do the best for her.

And she couldn’t say it didn’t excite her, at the same time that it frightened her. He seemed rather insistent that she use her body to extract secrets from the alliance. She walked from the Ratchet hideaway the next morning with a slight limp to her step, cheery, though somewhat apprehensive. She caught the next ship back to Booty Bay, then flying back to the Lakeshire Inn that she was staying at for the next few days. She fell into an exhausted sleep after the evening romp with Zijil, waking just before sunset.

She stretched, changing from her sleep clothes into her battle gear, preparing to clear her mind and wait for dusk before carrying on with her mission. However, the first battle she ran into ended in her being knocked unconscious. When she came to, there was a human standing over her. “You shouldn’t have moved. I could have saved you… I think” he exclaimed. Celesten smiled softly, tired. “Maybe would could team up, I think we’d work great together.” “Sure. I just have to kill some disgusting gnolls.” “You took the words from my mouth… disgusting.”

And so they ran into battle, taking on all the gnolls they could, helping one another and succeeding in finally collecting the bounty that was placed for the creatures. Celesten smiled happily before she noticed that her dark haired human had disappeared from her view. Stepping on the nearby picnic table, she spotted him sitting on the dock, staring into the water. Celesten sighed, thinking of how much easier it is for other elves to seduce men while hers was sulking at the water.

She ran over to him, taking a seat beside him. “What are we doing over here?” she asked, hoping that she was properly displaying the look of teasing that she’s seen on the faces of other elves when they were playing their games. He sighed, staring at the lake, and began talking of his past, and all the pain and hardship. Celesten resisted the urge to roll her eyes as he droned on about his pain as she lightly rested her fingers on his upper arm. Before long, he burst into tears and clutched himself to her chest. She smiled, hoping it was all an attempt to seduce her, as she played with his hair.

But he seemed distracted. “Want to go kill things then? Take your mind off of this?” He looked up at her with wet eyes. “You don’t take offense to where my head is?” Celesten looked down at him, again resisting the urge to roll her eyes, as she stammered a response. “Well, you’re sad.. so, it’s alright” and with that, he decided he needed to confess his deep love for the woman he had just met, before taking her hand and leading her to battle. She sighed, allowing herself to be dragged along. “Would you like a drink?” she asked, as she downed one of the many alcoholic beverages she kept handy. He told her no, but that maybe later he’ll take her some place quiet.

Celesten’s heart leaped! Her first day on the mission, and she was going to succeed! She happily leapt into the battles, fighting off legions of orcs and murlocs and still more gnolls, all the while trying to get him to finish up and ravish her. When they defeated the last gnoll, they ran back to town. “I can’t wait to reach the 21st season!” he exclaimed happily. “Oh?” Celesten responded, trying very hard to care. “Yes, I have this!” he said as he pulled a long, silver-threaded robe from his backpack. She smiled softly “That’s great! Now… about that quiet spot.” He looked back at her. “Oh yea, right, sure. Let’s go” Celesten nodded “I just have to change” she explained, turning her back on the human, and returning again a moment later in her much slinkier black dress. She smiled at him as he told her the “you can change in front of me if you wanted. I don’t want to force you or anything.”

Celesten grinned happily. Usually, she’s heard, if a guy says he wouldn’t want to force a girl, it means he has a somewhat violent side to conceal that he’s trying to fight. Considering Zijil is quite… gruff in bed, she had come to crave it. Finally, as night fell, he led her into Elwynn Forest, up a cliff, and to a small ledge. She itched, uncomfortable after the climb, in her dress which was now soiled. She again excused herself and went being the tree, changing into her supple leather outfit that properly exposed the middle of her torso. She smiled at him as she frowned up with her, again mentioning that she should have changed in front of him, and again mentioning that he wouldn’t force her.

She was happy with the hopes of it being an exciting evening. That is, until he pulled out his flute, in a very un-metaphorical sense. He began to play her a song, which nearly lulled her to sleep, as she tried to look interested in what was going on as her cunt throbbed with intent. “Oh! You’re good at that. I wander what else you’re good at,” She smiled coyly at him, running her fingertips across her collarbone. “I can juggle!” She laughed… until she realized he was serious when he tossed three balls up in the air.

Celesten nearly lost it. All these other fucking insipid night elves with not a thing going on in their head can seduce these humans, but I can’t get mine to stop juggling! She seethed, and pouted, and knew something drastic was needed. She smiled softly, allowing her cheeks to flush. “You know, I’m embarrassed at how wet my panties are.” The human flinched at looked up, somewhat interested, finally. “Really?” She smiled, wider now, nodding. He let the juggling balls disappear. He kissed her, finally. She sighed a sigh of relief, which she was sure he took to believe was pleasure, as he fumbled with her shirt. He removed it, then looked up at her “You’re going to have to take off the pants.” She smiled, lifting her ass from the hard ground that he must have thought romantic, and pulled them off, folding them beside her. He smiled at her, finally unclasping her bra.

Suddenly, he looked up at the night sky. “Oh! I have to go!” He stood, grabbing her clothes and handing them to her. “Sorry, I just really want to hit the 21st season.” He left. Quickly. Leaving Celesten in the cold night, wearing only her panties, holding her clothes and feeling very, very angry.

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