Jez wasn’t as good of a girl as she made people believe she was. Sure, she wasn’t terrible, and certainly didn’t have any evil intents… quite the opposite… but she loved one thing that would classify her as bad. Jez loved sex, and not always the monogamous kind. In fact, for her birthday for the past couple of years, she served as a present for several well-to-do, well-kept trolls, chosen specifically by Zij for her.

This was all, obviously, done in secret. Jez and Zij’s love was a strange love anyways, so the two of the often allowed the other to take on another partner, knowing that in the end, they would always return to one another’s arms. After all, their love transcended so many levels. Of course, that isn’t to say that jealousy never came into play, which is why Jez had invited Jumwa and Renkka over for dinner while Zij was out with Draeka one night.

Zij had always been a ladies troll. Before Jez was born, he had lit dozens of Zandalarian women’s hearts afire, though he stopped for several years after her birth. Zij loved his sister and took care of her as no one else could have, dedicating his time to raising her. His lust for other women didn’t return until long after Jez’s first special birthday part, but in the new horde, he had taken several lovers with Jez’s unwavering consent, Renkka being one of them.

But Draeka was his newest, and by far his favourite. He’d never spent the night just holding someone before, Jez knew that. So a mixture of jealousy and loneliness blended with the excitement of knowing your husband is not just fucking, but possibly making love to, another woman, she had invited Jumwa and Renkka over.

Though Jez had been with both before, she had never been with them together, and she figured it would be the best way to deal with her feelings. She fell into a contended sleep, drunk on tea and lust, on one side of Jumwa, her hand tangled with Renkka’s across his stomach.

She woke up the next morning, before both of them, and quickly dressed, walking out to the ocean. She smiled at the distant sunrise, inhaling deeply and closing her eyes to the cool sea breeze. Taking a quick glance around, knowing no one could be around at this hour, she quickly stripped and walked to the water edge. Sitting in the cold, wet sad, splashing her feet into the water, she lay back, staring up at the breaking sky. She smiled at the soft footsteps behind her, her wedding band pulsing, telling her that Zij was near.

He knelt over her and kissed her lips upside down, followed by her forehead. His hair was disheveled and he looked tired.

“’ey lovah,” she smiled, turning onto her stomach and propping herself up on her forearms. He smiled back at her, his large hand wandering softly over he hair and face.

“Sorry I’m’ late,” he apologized, causing her to giggle. “Ja, ja. Ju jus’ owe me.” He nodded wearily at her, “Comin’ ta bed, Jez” she shook her head, tossing a glance over her shoulder at the sun. “Too nice out ta sleep inside,”

He smiled, nodding again and leaning down to kiss her shoulder. Another thing about Zij is that his exhaustion would never diminish his lusty love for his wife. She giggled again, rolling onto her back, the wet sand covering her front as she leapt from the ground and into his lap. His carefully cared for clothing quickly got covered in sand as she threw her arms around him and pelted him with kisses.

Even with their nights apart, spent with other lovers, they still loved each other. They were family, after all.

Jez knew Gromth was lonely. She also knew that Zij’s affair with Draeka wasn’t the cause of her leaving him, though that didn’t stop from making Jez feel guilty and partially responsible for the warlock’s misery. For weeks she had spend several nights a week with him, as friends, until the loneliness had become too much for both of them.

It wasn’t much longer before Jez’s over sexed life would catch up to her.

Witch Doctor’s have some amazing talents at sensing what’s going on in a troll’s body, sometimes better than the troll themselves. It was both fortunate and unfortunate that she had two Witch Doctor’s very close to her.

It was Jumwa that sensed the child growing inside Jez’s womb first, though he didn’t tell her. He was willing to do much to please his Chieftess; child rearing was not one of them.

He sat in front of a tiny alchemists lab that he and Renkka had made together, and together they combined the ingredients of the last alchemy recipe in Renkka’s diary… the one that stole her memory. They watered it down to tiny portions and Jumwa took out his necklace of tiny skulls with a stave in his other hand. He chanted, focusing the essences in the potion. It would not steal Jez’s memory, but the night the three of them spent together would now only be remembered by two.

Renkka and Jumwa carefully put the potion in a vial and wrapped the tiny gift. By the next day, when Zij sensed the child, there were only two people they knew of that could have fathered it, and Zij knew it certainly wasn’t his.

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