Anjasa sat down at the kitchen table, the room deathly quiet in the dim twilight. She had sat a small candle in front of her, scented of mageroyal and flame, lighting it carefully. It had been many centuries ago that she had studied in the way of a mage, but she never did stop practicing how to flick her fingers and create a small burst of flame, just enough to light a candle or a cigarette or as a method of girlish flirtation.

She stared down at the blank parchment, then up at the document she was using as a template – the Tribe’s last date auction announcement. It had been quite some time since she hosted the last one, and as usual the small case of the nerves had returned to her. It was always a bit more of a public, careful affair that relied upon her shoulders completely.

And so she delicately brought her quill to the jar of ink, dipping the nub in and shaking off the excess. There were certainly more practical ways of creating notices, but none held the elegance and care as her careful calligraphy.

All are invited to the Annual Burning Tusk Tribe Date Sale.

It will be held on August 2nd, at Seven in the evening. We will be located in the Silvermoon-Eversong area.

Please come prepared with lots of coin as we expect bidding to be swift and high.

Date details will be worked out in private. Please note you are purchasing the date’s time and that is all.

Gold will be shared at 50-50 between the Tribal coffers and the date.

Please contact Anjasa Vilelight, Chieftess of the Burning Tusk Tribe if you require more information.

She sighed a bit as she looked down at her handiwork, her hand already cramping slightly from the delicate flicks of her wrist. She frowned at the rather plain document and doodled a small heart in two corners before pressing it away, the flame wafting slightly at her movements as the ink pressed into the parchment, dulling slightly as it dried.

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