“You know, I’ve been looking at this map for days, and I just can’t seem to find Baywoe Island anywhere on it,” the blue-haired spy of a troll said to Jez, sitting on the boxes outside of the Orgrimmar Auction House. She snarled, low in her chest, “Ja ain’t lookin’ ‘ard enough.”

“Well, maybe you can show me? Just mark it on the map for me here,” he said, holding out the map towards her. She glared up at him. “I don’t need ta tell ju anyt’in’. Ja ain’t not’in’ but a spy anyways.” She glared ahead, watching the others go about their business. She removed the talisman from the inside of her belt, giving a brief “da spy is watchin’ me again, outside da auction ‘ouse,” before tucking it back in her belt.

Within seconds, Zij was there, his still-unnamed raptor snarling at the spy. “You mind backing up,” the spy asked, unphased, before Zij stared him down. Standing, the troll shrugged, “fine,” and walked on. Zij dismounted and sat behind Jez, and she nestled back into his chest, whispering in his ear, “’e said ‘e can’t find Baywoe Island on da map. An’ earlier”¦ as I was leavin’, ‘e said I mus’ miss my family.”

Zij let out a low growl before reaching for his own talisman, making sure only the officers could hear, and snarling into it. “I want d’is spy dealt wit’ an’ I want ‘im dealt wit’ now! I’m sick of d’is! ‘e needs ta be killed, an’ as soon as possible!”

The officers were confused. “You don’t want us to find out what he knows any more” Rast said, obviously confused. “No!” Zij screamed, “’e’ll jus’ lie ta ja anyways, an’ I don’t need anyone spreadin’ no lies about Jez an’ I! We sick o’ it, an’ we want ‘im dead, an’ gone befo’ ‘e ‘as a chance ta speak!”

The five, Jez, Zij, Kotal, Rast, and Zal’ara spoke, the three coming up with a plan to poison and torture the one who had so much gall to spy on their leaders. Zij yelled into the talisman, making sure everyone could hear, “An’ just for da record, I don’t want any o’ you listenin’ to any rubbish lies about Jez or I! It all be lies anyways. All o’ it. Not a word o’ trut’, so don’t be listening. At all. Evah.” which was met with smart assed responses, but an overall agreement to not listen to any lies.

With the officers moving into the city to apprehend the spy, Jez and Zij quickly realized they needed to be far from the crime and corruption of the great city they usually spend their time in. Quickly inviting Hathgrimm and mutt to the inn in Booty Bay, and enticing Ariak along with the promise of free alcohol in exchange for, well, an alibi that they were far from the city when the officers dealt with their problem.

And so, at “Eight t’irty fo’“ in the afternoon, Jez and Zij announced their plans to be elsewhere, and quickly began downing drinks in the tavern of Booty Bay, muttering about spies and the like until they heard Hathgrimm muttering about mutt below them, who was quickly followed by Ariak who required her free booze.”

The five talked for some time, before the officers spoke on the talisman. “It’s done.” Jez and Zij let out matching sighs of relief, happily cuddling into one another. Jez slouched in her chair, exhausted with stress, as Ariak, Hathgrimm, and mutt left. Hathgrimm might have said something about finding out what the fel was going on, but Jez was too relieved to hear.

Zij stood over her, easily lifting her in his arms, and moving her to the nearest bedroom.

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