The small tattoo and piercing parlor in the depths of the drag was shut tight. Front door closed and by all appearances vacant and closed. In the back room, however, moved the proprietor. A medium height Darkspear, aqua-green in skin tone, with long, soft flowing golden-yellow hair that draped down to the midpoint of his back, the owner, Vel’ji, cleaned some just-used tools of his trade. He wore a light purple kilt that thinly flowed about as he moved, sandals on his feet and a swath of braided chains and necklaces over the top of his chest.

When he turned his face about slightly towards his customer, a pleasant smile adorning his lips, the white face paint about his eyes and nose flashed into view. His tusks were small, white and pointed down.

Carefully handling the needles, the slender, but toned, troll had obvious grace and skill. Jumwa could tell as he watched him, then looked down at the work he had already done on his chest and arms.

Jumwa’jin now sported fresh piercings of his own, all down the outside of his forearms; bones that came to sharp points, giving them a menacing appearance. Crowning his broad, muscular chest were two more similar, but smaller in size, through his nipples. Reaching his left hand up his chest, he flicked one slightly, as if testing it out. When he raised his eyes again he saw Vel’ji watching him with a wide smile, reclining back against the counter in a manner that showed off his own body; a hooped ring through his belly button and the edge of a tattoo peeking just above his lowly riding kilt.

Reclined back on his palms he spoke up in an untroll-like soft voice, only a hint of deepness, “‘ow is it, darlin’?”

Casting his narrow eyes at Vel’ji, Jumwa nodded his slow approval. “Excellent work. Good enough to trust ju wit’ de most important task. Jes.” Reaching into a pocket he pulled his hand out and dropped six metal studs of his own craft onto a side table.

Vel’ji looked on with extreme curiousity, “Brought your own, darlin’? Mus’ be special.” He smiled and flicked his head a bit to knock one of his golden braids back over his shoulder.

Sitting upon the chair as if it were a throne for him, Jumwa was dressed similarly to his much slimmer counterpart, though much more menacingly. About his wrists were sharp metal bracers, and his kilt was made of finely scaled mail. Nodding to Vel’ji’s words he reached down to his side, “A very special gift, hm. One I would be loath to entrust de creation of to anyone wit’out remarkable skill…” With that he undid a metal clasp along his waist and pulled open his kilt, unveiling his flaccid member, resting between his legs.

An involuntary gasp escaped Vel’ji’s lips as he raised a hand up to his mouth, staring between the large trolls legs. The member was large, even in its present state, just like the troll it belonged to. The light blue shaft rested beneath a white patch of hair and Vel’ji stepped forward towards his prestigious client, crouching down slightly. “Studs… along da base…?” he asked, eyes glued.

Jumwa nodded, “Jes… Vel’ji.”

Vel’ji reached a hand out towards the cock, “Please, darlin’… Vel…” He smiled and tried to look up at Jumwa, but could only manage a quick dart of his eyes, “I’ve had so few requests for dese… nevah from a troll so…” He seemed to blush darkly through his aqua toned skin, “I will need to… touch it to begin.”

The smaller troll had flirted with him since he entered his parlour, Jumwa couldn’t help but have noticed that. It worked to his advantage. In a deeper than usual, almost croaking voice, Jumwa spoke “Go on, Vel. Do jour duty… do it for me well.”

Smiling gleefully, Vel reached out, his three fingers grasping the yet soft shaft in hand between the powerful thighs of Jumwa. He stroked it slowly in his soft hand, eying it as he pulled back the foreskin from its head, fascinated by the bigger trolls pale blue member. He murmured, as if only a small portion of him were aware he was doing a job, “Six… studs… t’ree bars on each side… darlin’?”

Jumwa nodded slowly, his arms planted on the chair, his whole body but his head unmoving “Jes.”

Kneeling before the other troll, Vel leaned in closer, Jumwa feeling his hot breath against the tip of his soft member. “I’ll need to get it… hard, darlin’… to see what I have to work wit’.” Barely waiting for the nod above, Vel slid his free palm along Jumwa’s inner-thigh as he leaned in, his tongue meeting the underside of his clients member. Vel shut his eyes and moaned softly as he dragged his tongue up along the cock to the tip, tasting the other trolls masculine flavour as he finally stirred to life.

Jumwa looked down and watched as the other troll contented himself with pleasuring his client. Vel almost purred as the pulsing shaft rose up, thickening and growing in length from his tongue’s capable action.

Each vein to Vel was a new delight that his tongue lavished with curious praise and affection. Traveling up the growing shaft to the tip, where he coiled his long tongue as best it could around the contours of the other man’s bulging head.

When finally Vel felt the other man’s cock pulse in his grasp but grow no more, he opened his eyes and looked at the hulking sex before him. “Magnificent…” he murmured, exhaling the word in an outward gasp. Then, without further pretense of providing his clients intended service, he shut his eyes and opened his mouth widely, engulfing the tip of Jumwa’s cock inside his moist mouth.

Jumwa’s eyes fluttered closed, partially, and Vel shuddered as he took the Chieftain deeper to the back of his throat. Attempting to take as much as he could, he choked off his air supply and held his breath for some time, pushing the tip of the other mans cock deeper in his throat until he had to pull away slightly, inhaling desperately through his nose as he suckled wantonly on the pale shaft.

Reaching down, Jumwa put a hand in Vel’s golden hair, pushing him off his cock. Vel panted and looked up to him with pleading eyes before he spoke. “It’s full now. Enough.”

Vel exclaimed breathily in a soft voice, “I’ll waive da charge if ya let me–”

Jumwa cut him off, “Gold has no meaning to me.”

“Den what?” Vel looked up, eager.

Jumwa opened his mouth but paused, looking aside in thought for a moment. He smirked slowly, not turning his head back to look down at the other troll, “Do de job… do it bettah den ju could imagine, den…” he paused, slowly looking back down at Vel with a devious grin, “ju can have it when ju come to my bedroom… and… dance wit’ me.”

The golden haired Vel smiled widely and kissed Jumwa’s member, “T’ank da Loa!”


Jumwa’s room seemed dark even though he had lit it brightly with many candles all about. Vel thought it romantic in an odd way.

He clasped his hands up high over his head, swivelling his hips in sharp jerks, his thin kilt swaying as he did. His bare back faced the hulking Jumwa, but he turned his head to look over his shoulder, smirking seductively to the other man as he lowered his clasped hands down atop his hair. He thrust his hips forward in his own rhythmic dance before spinning about on one heel to face the masculine troll.

The broad and attractive Jumwa’jin stood, feet planted firmly apart, with his back arched behind him and a large hand running down over his bare stomach, so that his fingers crept inside the edge of his kilt.

Matching the other troll’s stance as he stared across at him, Vel wet his index finger and brought it to one of his nipples, twisting it by the metal ring piercing that ran through it. As he did, he licked his lips enticingly at Jumwa and ran a free hand down over his own bare stomach, creeping over the black spade-shaped tattoo where his pubic hair would have been had he not shaved it.

The two men stood opposite each other, hands perched above their members, hidden beneath their kilts. Jumwa looked across at Vel; the other troll’s leather top, already leaving little to the imagination, was hanging from one shoulder, exposing it. Jumwa rolled his hips lower stomach and hips towards the other troll slowly, smirking and turning his face towards the overly large bed as he did so.

Vel’s eyes trailed down the much more masculine troll’s body and shivered at the sight of his rolling hips. Twirling about slowly, he moved closer to Jumwa. Reaching his aqua coloured hands out, he trailed his fingers down the chiselled stony abs of the pale blue troll, then up again to his broad pecs. Jumwa smirked down at the shorter troll, his forward leg twitching as he tapped his sandaled foot.

Those aqua-green hands trailed back down the blue chest, fingers hooking inside Jumwa’s kilt, pulling it down an inch so that the white pubic hair peeked above.

Jumwa’s nearest hand slid down, stopping the other troll momentarily as he reached his free hand up to Vel’s face. Vel shut his eyes and nuzzled his cheek against the large, coarse palm as it passed across his face, then up through his soft golden hair.

The Chieftain continued the rolling gesture of his hips as he held the other troll’s head in his hand, his fingers slipping through the unusually soft and golden hair. He then moved it over Vel’s ear, caressing it before coming down to his shoulder and pulling the top away from his other shoulder, leaving both of Vel’s shoulders bare, Jumwa’s massive hand gripping one roughly.

Vel’s eyes fluttered open and he looked up at Jumwa, guided either by the hand of the domineering male or his own desire, he couldn’t tell. He kissed at the solid pecs and up around Jumwa’s collar bone. When he tried to kiss the massive troll on the lips, he felt the hand on his shoulder push him down, and he went down gladly. Vel reveled in kissing along the contours of his abs while his hands, still grasping the top of Jumwa’s kilt, pulled it down another couple inches, so that when he kissed the white pubic hair, the base of the other mans sizable cock was visible.

Jumwa gazed back over the bed, as if coy, while the other man kissed the very base of his shaft. Before the other troll could pull the kilt down any further, however, Jumwa twisted him about by his steely grip on the smooth shoulder. Crouching slightly, Jumwa laid both of his hands on Vel’s hips, gripping them, rhythmically thrusting his hips forward, pressing the bulge in his kilt into the leather clad ass of the other man.

Vel shut his eyes and reached one hand behind him, clasping onto Jumwa’s hip as he rolled with the rhythmic humping. His free hand went to his lower stomach and promptly inside his kilt; though out of view, obviously jerking at his own erection.

Vel moaned softly as his hand tightly wrapped about his shaft, beating it beneath the leather kilt as the other troll was, in his own mind at least, pounding his back end. He wantonly ground back against the other mans shaft, not losing their joint rhythm as he stood bent forward.

One of Jumwa’s hands slid up from Vel’s hip, over the front of his stomach and up to the other troll’s toned chest, pulling him up right, so that Vel’s back met Jumwa’s chest. Jumwa’s other hand, facing the bed, slid inside Vel’s kilt and went around to his front. The two troll’s hands met there, and Vel quivered when the coarse fingertips grazed his manhood.

In an act of confused bashfulness, Vel seemed to blush, then blush again harder as Jumwa’s hand loosened the clasp, so that the kilt fell down in front, exposing his aqua-green, circumcised cock, clasped in his hand. The shaft was but a pale shadow of the other troll’s, but a smooth cylinder with a full head, beautiful without being overly large; a gold ringed band through the tip. Standing, leaning back against the delicious pale-blue troll, he was reminded of the other mans female lover on the bed.


Anjasa sat on the couch, curled in next to Jumwa, a thick glass of fine liquor in her hands. She wore a tight black skirt with a loose, low cut black top, her hair brushed slightly around her shoulders. Her face was screwed up in a look of disgust, continuing her conversation with the large Troll at her side. He wore a loose fitting robe, black and coming down low on his stomach.

“She ain’t movin’ in again, hm?” Anjasa groaned, taking another sip of her drink, staring at him and waiting for a response. Jumwa rolled his eyes, shaking his head, “only room enough in my home for one odah permanent resident, hm.”

Anjasa nodded in vehement agreement, “damn fuckin’ right, d’at’s my house.”

“Hmm, I did hang ovah control to ju, didn’t I?” he smirked, moving to grab a cigar from the table in front of him, waiting for her to light it. She nodded in response, moving to grab the lighter from her pocket, still a bit of annoyance lacing her voice, “jes. She ain’t welcome. Tell ‘er ta go back ta where she came from.”

“Does dat make me jour guest now, hm?” Jumwa smirked, puffing on the cigar.

“A very welcome guest,” she smirked back, the anger in her voice melted away, staring up at him adoringly.

“Will I have to pay rent now, hmm?”

“How much rent could ju afford?” she grins, speaking in a teasing tone.

“Hmm, might have to pay it out in kind. Pay for it wit’ services rendahed,” he returned seriously, clasping the glass out of her hand and taking a long, slow drink, his adam’s apple bobbing up and down his thick throat.

She watched him quietly, amused, smiling, “Oh? Hmmm. Sounds enchantin’.”

“Poor young troll like me can’t afford hefty rental fees, hm.”

“Jes, poor, young, weak ju.”

“A young troll has to make his way by somehow, hm?” he grinned, giving her back her empty glass, which she took and put back on the table in front of them, stretching a little, “prostitution is very lucrative, an’ I hear some elves have a thing fer big, bad trolls.”

“Hm, ju t’ink dere’s a future in it for me den?”

“If I ever let ju, maybe,” she grins, sitting back upright and looking at him, “maybe fer a treat…”

He smirked in return, snaking an arm over her toned shoulder, “dat so, hm?”

“I can get jealous an’ possessive too, hm. De only difference between ju an’ I is I end up payin’ in de end, nod de other way around.”

Immediately he grinned and grabbed her with his large arms, hauling her on top of his lap, “I was only planning to sell to ju anyhow. How much to move into de upstairs bedroom wit’ ju?”

She licked her lips, leaning in and whispering into his ear” I think it’d be fair for ju to move up d’ere if ju strip fer me once a month, real sexy like. Maybe bring a friend over a few times a year, hm.”

He licked her lips in return, listening to her as he ground slowly against her bottom, “dat so, hm? Ju want me to strip wit’ a friend of mine for ju?” He mumbled softly in his gruff voice as he stroke her thigh tenderly.

“Couldn’t do anythin’ but help, ju ask me,” she whispered, still next to his ear.

He turned his eyes towards her, his hand flittering up under her skirt, rubbing her roughly, “What kind of friend, hm? How should he look?” he groaned, his eyes fluttering shut as he licked her jawline. “Anodah large, muscular troll, hm? Or somet’ing more elegant for jour amusement? What first for my landlady?”

She hugged him tightly, bringing her warm, moist lips to his neck, suckling his flesh softly as she mulls it over, having obviously not thought this far ahead.

“I’ll have ta think about it.”

He kissed down to her shoulder, one hand holding her, the other stroking her thigh before moving to bite her shoulder, “don’t t’ink too hard now, hm? I will have to do it more den once to pay de rent, aftahall.”

“Jes… d’at is true” she mumbled softly into his skin, “how about ju choose.”

“Mm, de sultry Anjasa… unable to choose her first kink… shocking…” he smirked, eying the bit of bare skin on her shoulder before biting it again, leaving some more slight marks.

“I hadn’t thought of it in a long time, lover.”

“Hmm, so contented wit’ one, is dat it? Only now t’inking of adding anodah for jour amusement.”

“For de rent, nothin’ more! Just tryin’ to make things fair.”

“Mmm, ju could’ve demanded some long, oral attention for dat. Mmm, ju wanted… more,” he smirked devilishly, licking the indents his teeth left.

“Mmm, ju would deny me d’at pleasure if I asked?” she grinned wider, licking his neck, “I just got a hankerin’ is all… didn’t figure ju’d approve.”

“Mmm, but I don’t want to deny ju dis time. Would enjoy quelling jour hankering more.”

“I’d like d’at, Jumwa’jin.”

“Do ju love me, hm?”

“My Jumwa’jin..” she pulled back and smiled at him, staring him in the eyes, her voice almost purring, “if d’ere was ever a man crafted specially fer me, ju are it. I do love ju.”

He watched her as she spoke before leaning in, kissing her lips, “den for ju, my love… t’ink on how ju would like it, hm? And jour Jumwa’jin will do all much to fulfill jour hankering to its greatest detail.”


Anjasa was sprawled on the bed, her eyes wide and hungrily devouring everything she could. Her left arm was chained high above her and her leg was chained below, stretching her just before the point of being uncomfortable on the massive bed. The sheets were rich and soft to the touch, though they were wrinkled and bunched up with Anjasa’s futile attempts at escape. Her free leg was sprawled open and she frantically pet at wet glistening folds, whining and whimpering in her arousal.

Her body was covered by little more than a black piece of fabric, mostly see through, exposing her large chest, tied tightly around her waist with a silken belt. She had been moaning and crying out for the past several minutes, begging to be fucked to no avail. She doubted they were even hearing her as they moved together, moving together as if in a rehearsed play.

Begging Jumwa with her eyes, she whined louder and louder as her rubbing grew more ferocious, the clattering of the chain holding her arm providing her rhythm as she struggled to free herself and join in. Her thighs and fingers were slick and shimmered in the dim light, banging her hand into her with reckless abandon, squirming her back and body on the bed, arching her back and moaning loudly every few moments, in between her begging. Her thumb pressed roughly down on her clit as her fingers moved quickly in and out of her folds, a look or pure desire on her face, her lips contorted into a permanent moan.


Jumwa grinned at Anjasa, then twisted the ring in one of Vel’s nipples, eliciting a pleasured moan from the man. Vel relaxed back, eyes shut, his hand slipping away from his cock as it stood out, throbbing. He lost himself in the other man’s thick arms, finding it intoxicating to be held by him.

Slowly, Jumwa trailed his other hand back down Vel’s smooth body, over his stomach, until both his hands slowly pushed down his kilt so it softly fell away from his body altogether, into a heap on the floor. For all but the tiny top that only served to cover a band around the top of his chest, Vel stood naked. His full aqua-green body pressed back against Jumwa’s pale blue.

Jumwa began to roll his hips and lower stomach, so Vel joined with him; the two male bodies moving in unison like one wave rippling against another. Vel leaned his head back, eyes shut, sighing happily as his golden hair washed over Jumwa’s chest. His body ached for the other troll to grant him release or manhandle him, but mentally he felt relaxed and contented, held by his thick arms.

Jumwa’s cheek brushed against the troll’s abnormally soft hair as he bent his neck down, his lips and tusks sliding down the back of Vel’s neck and down along his shoulder. Vel sighed again as the other troll’s lips glided along his skin, moaning out “Juumwaa…”, his hands, clutching onto him, pulling him closer as they move and desperately feeling his flesh.

The larger troll found his mark though and nipped the leather string that held Vel’s top on. He pulled at it and the top fell off to meet his kilt in a pile. He brought his arms up to his chest, folding them as if chilly and rubbing his sides, now rotating his ass around in a circular fashion against Jumwa’s crotch, as he continued to move with him.

Jumwa pulled away from the troll and after casting his eyes down over his backside, slapped Vel’s ass cheek with a loud clap. Vel spouted an “oooh!” and spun about, his arms up over his chest still, smiling impishly at him.

He folded his large pale blue arms about his chest and stood tall, with his feet planted apart widely, grinning at Vel then over at his elven lover. Vel immediately fel to his knees, sliding in front of Jumwa and extending his arms up to the waist of the larger troll’s kilt.

Working at the band of his kilt, Vel paused and looked up, waiting for the nod from Jumwa, before he pulled the kilt away from the troll rather ceremoniously. As the smaller troll laid the mail kilt reverently to the side, Jumwa’s magnificently large cock sprung into view out from his thick trunk like legs. The thick member stood out just as Anjasa so fondly remembered it, though adorned now with six blackish studs along the underside.

The moment Jumwa’s new piercings made an appearance was the moment Anjasa lost all control, calling out incoherent demands in her arousal, struggling to move and get a closer look. She had been all the while making loud noises, moaning and growling in her discontent, the wet slapping noise mixing with the jangling of the chains constantly filling the room. At that sight, however, her cries got louder and more desperate.

Jumwa held out a palm towards Anjasa, gesturing for her to calm down while below, Vel slide back into kneeling position in front of him and raised his two hands towards the large, studded cock. Not touching it at first, Vel eyed it closely, his mouth open as his hands hover near it, as if addressing a much revered artifact.


Vel leaned forward, rubbing his cheek against the studded underside of Jumwa’s cock. He could feel the cold studs grazing over his skin–each one lightly engraved–but his attention focussed instead on the feel of the warm cock flesh; erect and full of life.

One of his aqua-green hands moved along the shaft, slowly wrapping about its substantial girth, then stroking it back. The first slow stroke pulled back Jumwa’s foreskin, and the naked blossomed tip touched against Vel’s forehead, leaving a slight trail of precum behind. His other hand cradled the larger troll’s sac, each gesture one of affection and desire. Vel’s own cock twitched and throbbed, standing up between his legs with a rigid intensity that bordered on painful.

Jumwa looked down on the other troll with a smug smile of satisfaction, his arms crossed as he tilted his head to the side, observing the other man revel in the feel of his member. As he slide his cheek against it, he kissed the side once, then again. He lowered his face and angled it up, so that the weight of Jumwa’s cock rested against his face as he kissed along its length between each stud.

When Vel made his way to the tip, he kissed it with full open lips, then slowly dragged his tongue down the length, a trail of warm saliva down between the two columns of metal studs. He gripped the shaft and stroked it more firmly, his tongue working down to the base. The tip seeped more precum against Vel’s forehead as he tongued the large balls, moaning to himself as the shaft throbbing against his face with each stroke.

Gently he placed a testicle inside his mouth and suckled, opening his lids and gazing up to Jumwa with round affectionate eyes. He met the smirking stare of his broad lover and he couldn’t help but smile wider, despite the large ball filling his mouth.

The Chieftain lowered one of his mighty hands down to the golden hair below him. He ran his coarse digits through the soft mane as one of his balls slid wetly from the other man’s mouth, before the other fell prey to the warm, wet, hungry embrace.

Vel’s hand, slowly but firmly pumping the thick shaft, released the cock and slid up to the chiselled abs, caressing them as he released the other tenderly loved testicle. His hot, wet tongue slid back up the length between the columns of cold studs and as the large hand of Jumwa’jin clasped his hair he instinctively plunged his wanting mouth down around the thick, meaty shaft.

Warm and pleasantly soft and moist against his cock, Jumwa groaned as his hand helped push the eager man down his solid length until a good half was submerged in his mouth. Vel didn’t miss a beat. The eager man sucked at the shaft as each row of studs passed his bottom lip, his tongue frantically at work, massaging each inch of the broad troll’s cock as it slid in.

Vel felt the throbbing need of Jumwa’s cock and pulled back. His mouth trailed up along the shaft, his mouth sucking on it as he went, lips full and dragging, as if resisting. When he reached the bulging head, he wrapped his lips about it tightly. The dark purple-blue tip awash in his mouth with his tongue and saliva, suckling at it, drawing out all the taste of salty precum.

Without realizing it, the aqua-green troll moaned loudly through his shut mouth about the top of Jumwa, his head tilting around from side to side as he lavished the engorged cock, the sounds of his moans vibrating through.

The normally stoic Jumwa watched the other troll with a more relaxed facial expression. He sighed in pleasure and even gasped slightly when Vel thrust his mouth down over his shaft again in a quick plunge, fucking his cock with his mouth vigorously.

Jumwa twitched unnoticeably. He was sure of it now. His vision was obscured and he hadn’t noticed, but he looked down at the happily sucking Vel, suddenly aware that it was a tongue stud that was teasing and stoking the fire in his loins to higher excitement.

He clenched his blue hand around the golden hair tightly as his hips bucked into the quickly bobbing mouth. Vel pressed down in one long motion, pushing Jumwa’s large cock to the back of his throat and holding it there. Jumwa’s hips bucked again involuntarily, pushing himself further into Vel’s throat.

With little notice Jumwa tried to pull his cock from the other man’s mouth, but Vel’s lips sucked on it tightly and he lunged after it. With that, Vel caught the first two jets of thick, salty cum on his tongue. Jumwa groaned, his eyes shut tight and his chin pressed to his chest as his body jerked and his hips thrust forward with each spurt.

Not to have his will undone, however, Jumwa pulled his cock from Vel’s mouth and, though he lunged for it with open mouth and eager studded tongue, Jumwa clenched some of his soft golden hair and held him in place, as he sprayed the thick seed across the aqua-green forehead and nose, then cheek, and finally across his tongue, lips and chin before being spent.

Jumwa sighed and looked down at the delighted face of Vel. The other troll’s hands were on his thighs, quivering, it seemed. He dared not even lick the cum from his lips, just opening his own eyes and smiling up at the large troll towering above him. Jumwa smiled back, then gripped the base of his cock and wiped it free of some cum on Vel’s one clean cheek.

Jumwa pointed over at the bed to Anjasa, “Share de gift wit’ her, hm.”


Anjasa watched the entire exchange with wide eyes, her one hand stopping periodically as she tried to calm her breathing and moaning to better hear the two men, usually following up the silence with an even louder and more desperate display.

By the time Jumwa came, so too had Anjasa, whimpering and moaning wildly, her body filled with an all over tingle of burning heat that needed satiated. Her minor climax wasn’t enough to calm her for more than a moment as she stared hungrily at Vel’s face, struggling futilely to move closer to the two.

Her legs were spread wide in her wanting, the tiny negligee twisted awkwardly about her body, her chest and stomach exposed, now, the silk bow tie having come unknotted while she grabbed violently at her own body.

Taking one last lick up the underside of Jumwa’s cock, Vel rose up from his knees. His bare, toned body stood straight, opposite Jumwa’s. Vel’s pierced cock brushed against Jumwa’s as he turned towards the bed.

The aqua-green troll walked around the corner and climbed onto the side of the bed, crouching forward towards Anjasa. The elf lunged to the end of her chains, pulling on them to reach the troll. Vel smiled and leaned in, opening his mouth and displaying his tongue; a ball of white cum perched atop it near his stud.

Anjasa moaned and opened her mouth eagerly, her tongue extended to receive. Vel shut his eyes and tilted his head, the two tongues meeting as the elf scooped Jumwa’s seed from the other troll’s mouth. She moaned lewdly as she rolled the cum about in her own mouth before Vel’s lips met hers, and the two tongues intertwined, making out with the salty taste of the alpha troll’s seed shared between them.

Their lips smacked as their kisses began to become a competition over the salty cum. Vel pulled away with the larger helping and swallowed it with a satisfied “ahhh…” Anjasa furrowed her brow and glared for a moment before shutting her eyes again and licking a trail of cum from Vel’s chin and lips.

Vel tried to kiss her again to share in the taste, but she instead darted her tongue to lick his cheek of another strand, greedily. She moved her free hand to the back of Vel’s head, her tiny fingers moving through his hair as she pulled him closer, licking the last substantial strand of cum from his forehead and nose.

As Anjasa turned from him, releasing his hair, to revel in the last salty tastes, Jumwa smirked and Vel forced his lips down on top of her tightly shut pair. Before it could progress further, Jumwa spoke in his deep voice, “Vel.”

The aqua-green troll snapped out of his competition with the tiny elf and jerked his head towards him. Vel slid off the edge of the bed and immediately walked up to Jumwa. When he looked down the large troll’s sculpted body, he saw his thick cock, flagging somewhat after his orgasm. Vel curled into his chest, kissing his bulging muscles as his right hand slipped down and gripped the thick, still-wet shaft.

Angling it up, he stroked it as he rubbed the tip against his own achingly stiff cock. Pulling back from Jumwa’s chest, he looked down. Even now, only partially erect, Jumwa’s cock dwarfed his own, though it didn’t bother him. He shivered with delight at the sight, in fact. He stroked the blue shaft steadily up and down, so that each time he did, it rubbed against the underside of his own cock.

The two men watched downwards as the purple-blue tip ran up along the underside of the green shaft, until it came to the dark green tip, crowned with a golden ring. The two tips met there, the large amount of precum already at the tip of the green cock, making them slide together effortlessly.

Jumwa lowered a hand across to Vel’s hip, grasping it firmly and pulling him an inch or so closer as some more of his own precum spills onto his male lover’s cock. The larger of the two stiffened more, nearing back to its full height as they pressed their members together.

Vel released his grip from Jumwa’s shaft and placed his hand on the other troll’s hip. The two of them pulled at each other, their backs arched away, but hips thrust forward. The two shafts rubbed against one another, up and down, as they lay mashed between the toned and muscular bodies.

From the two pairs of balls up to the golden-crowned tip of Vel’s cock, they pressed together, rubbing eagerly. The gold ring, pierced through the green tip, rubbed up along the centre of Jumwa’s shaft, and the two men half-moaned, half-grunted with each passing.

Vel grunted and moaned a little more rapidly, his cock lying pressed between the girth of Jumwa’s cock and his own shaven lower stomach, crested with the black spade tattoo. The green cock felt harder, more solid than Vel could ever recall it before. It pained him with its tight desire, and twitched several times with each upward rubbing motion.

His green jaw fell open and he let out a high pitched moan, exhaling loudly as a long spurt of his own cum sprayed upwards, splashing against his own stomach mostly, but also atop the larger cock pressed to him. He let out a squeal with another shorter burst of cum. Jumwa’s two hands gripped his green ass cheeks as Vel’s head lolled back with the last few spurts at the waning of his orgasm.

Vel seemed to lose track of time there, but snapped out of it when, leaning against Jumwa’s chest, the larger troll pushed him off and pointed back to the elf atop the bed. “Let’s spend some time wit’ her… and… undo her chains. Jes.” Vel nodded his wobbly head and turned towards the bed, his toned stomach and chest a mess from his climax.


Vel pulled away from Jumwa and walked around him, his hand sliding along the other troll’s cock, a goodbye caress before treading to the opposite side of the bed, where Anjasa’s chains kept her in place. The elf lay there, frantically pulling at her chains and shouting “Hurry! Get them off!”

Jumwa grinned and strode up to the foot of the bed, planting his knees on it before her and working his way in slowly. Vel watched him move across the bed on his knees, his cock standing out in front of him, coated with his own fresh ejaculate. With the brutish man distracting him and the elf kicking her leg, it took Vel longer than it should’ve to undo the chain about her ankle. As soon as he did, however, she extended both legs out, rubbing the edge of her feet along Jumwa’s stocky outer thighs.

When he came to between her legs he fell forward onto his two palms, his stiff member pointed down at her rigidly as the two lover’s lips met. Anjasa was maddened with desire and lashed her tongue out to his. Her hand was freed by Vel, and immediately both of her arms were flung about Jumwa, their moans muffled between their pressed mouths as she humped her crotch up at him, eager for more than just her fingers.

Vel crawled onto the side of the bed, placing one hand on Jumwa’s back, rubbing it as he watched the two make out. His eyes trailed down the two intertwined bodies, and smirked, marvelling at the horny elf’s desperate thrusting hips. He slid his hand down Jumwa’s back and along his ass before bringing his aqua-green digits between the two. He grasped Jumwa’s shaft and lined it up with the glistening wet cunt that so eagerly humped and jerked upwards in need, so that the tip of the bulging cock parted her lips with each upwards motion.

Jumwa brought one of his arms up under Anjasa’s shoulder, his hand at the back of her head, fingers moving through her sleek black hair as they kissed one another madly. His free hand slid down along her curvaceous form, along her hip and ass cheek, finally gripping beneath her thigh and lifted her leg.

In response, the hungry, wild elf clasped the two hulking biceps in hand and wrapped her legs about his hips and ass. She moaned lewdly and gasped through her nose and between kisses in their lust, but each time she thrust her hips upward and met nothing but momentary penetration or a fleeting rub of his bulging tip against her clit, she whimpered sadly in disappointment.

It wasn’t long before the broad Jumwa pushed her down into the mattress with his powerful grip on her thigh. With Vel’s hand still at his cock he pushed down into her absurdly drenched cunt. Inch after inch of his girth tore her wet pink lips asunder, widening them to an extent that seemed impossible but a moment ago. Each row of studs that passed into her sent her already wild psyche over another edge.

The first ones sent her jerking back, digging her fingers into Jumwa’s flesh with careless force, cutting into him in places. The second row sent her violently shaking, twisting her back into an arch as she cried out loudly. The third and final row caused her eyes to open and bulge, her toes to curl and she bit down on her lower lip, face turning red as her breath caught in her throat, looking as though she may not make it.

Jumwa moaned softly and opened his eyes to watch her in her overworked state. Smirking at the display, he angled his hips down more and bottomed out in her as Vel pulled his hand away after a firm stroke. Immediately, he started pulling back and beginning to rut into her with the growing lewd wet sounds of her cunt as his pace steadily increased.

Vel moved behind them and watched as the thick blue shaft tore in and out of the tight pink cunt, its studs spreading its already taut diameter further. He bit his bottom lip as he felt his own green shaft stiffen again, that growing familiarity with the rigid hardness returning as he watched the beast of a man hammer into the elf.

Wrapping a fist around his shaft, he began to stroke as he leaned in, eyes shut, taking a lap at Jumwa’s balls before they went crashing downwards on a thrust. He could hear the larger male’s grunt of satisfaction and he did it again each time he withdrew; a quick lick across his heavy sac, a glistening sheen on it from the elf’s juices. As Jumwa’s pace grew faster and he couldn’t keep up, Vel lowered his head and lapped at the other man’s cock where it met the elf.

Jumwa groaned as he plunged into Anjasa’s tight folds, though Anjasa seemed in another world. She jerked and struggled beneath him, at times pounding her fists against his chest and pleading in near gibberish for him to stop, others moaning and screaming in her sheer bliss, flailing from side to side. “Joooomwaaaahh!” was one of the few discernible words from her mouth, over and over again, elicited in dozens of various tones, pitches and volumes.

How many times she climaxed only the two troll’s might have been able to count. By the number of crescendos in her screaming ecstasy, or the gushes of warm fluids across Jumwa’s cock and Vel’s tongue, they might’ve guessed. She had no clue.

At some point she blacked out.


When she came back to consciousness, Anjasa found herself already mid-moan, as if she had never stopped. Likely hadn’t. Though now her whole world felt upside down.

As her eyes opened she saw the smiling face of her troll lover, Jumwa. His smile turned to a grin as he gripped her shoulder and thigh tighter, thrusting into her at a steady, but slower pace than she remembered before passing out.

It took some time, but finally she realized he was lying against the bed and it was her held up atop of him now. Her mouth hung open into an ‘o’ shape as she continued to moan, and though she tried to form a smile, she couldn’t seem to master her own reflexes enough to pull one off.

She could hear Jumwa saying something, but the words were muffled nonsense to her, but when she noticed the green troll beside her on his knees, her immediate instincts too over and she wrapped her lips around his much smaller cock. Even through the fog of her mind, she knew she loved this, the feel of multiple throbbing members inside her, wherever they pleased. Her dark red lips locked around his shaft much easier than they could’ve Jumwa’s, and she ran her tongue along it, toyed with the gold ring at the tip and pleasured it as a pro.

Staring ahead at his smooth crotch, she marvelled at his spade-shaped tattoo for a moment before her eyes were drawn around to Jumwa; more muffled, though almost comprehensible words from him. From the corner of her eyes she watched the large pale-blue troll and sucked more furiously, so that when Vel tried to pull away, he merely buckled over in pleasure. He did finally manage to tear himself from her mouth however, and she whined like a puppy, staring after it as he moved away before looking down to Jumwa.

The large troll smirked up at her devilishly and slid his thick cock from her cunt. She felt an extreme emptiness then and her whole face contorted into sadness. She even felt a long trail of cum slide out and hang from her battered petals… he must’ve cum in her at some point. Immediately after she felt two sets of hands on her pink ass cheeks, and another shaft begin to fill her already tightening gap.

It was Vel inside her now, and though he slid into her easily after the ruin Jumwa’s massive cock made of her cunt, she felt happy for the comforting dick inside her again. She smiled stupidly and let out a louder moan of satisfaction than the smaller shaft warranted.

Vel, his hands together with Jumwa’s on the elf’s ass, fucked into her somewhat slowly, but before Anjasa could begin to rock herself back against him she felt Jumwa’s cock at her cunt again. The seemingly titanic shaft was nuzzling at her clit and slit again. The tip, guided by Jumwa’s hand, pushed into her opening and against the already resident green cock.

She clawed at Jumwa’s chest as the brutish troll forced himself up inside her along with his accomplice, the two members trying to force her vaginal walls to new extents they’d never reached before. Her eyes were wide and though she didn’t realize it, she was crying before Jumwa even got his cock in, mashed against the other mans member, their balls resting atop one another’s as she neared another blackout.

Anjasa was only out of consciousness for but a split second, or so it seemed, when Vel pulled his cock from her, covered in her juices and Jumwa’s thick seed, and the larger troll slapped her cheek. “Stay awake!”

She nodded, her eyelids half closed as she tried to prop herself up on his chest, her breasts rubbing against his muscles, nipples erect. Her hearing was clearer now, and Jumwa said “In here” as he spread her ass cheeks wide.

The colder metal of Vel’s piercing nearly made her shiver, but her body had lost almost all strength for even that. It pressed against her tight, puckered asshole, and were he not so well lubricated from her mouth, cunt and Jumwa’s cum, he might have struggled there for some time to enter her tight ass. Instead, with a satisfied moan, Vel pushed back his head and shut his eyes, her tight sphincter wrapping around his slender green shaft.

Anjasa might’ve lost focus and blacked out again, but Jumwa pressed his lips to hers, his tongue inside her mouth, grounding her. They made out as the two trolls timed their thrusts inside her. As Jumwa pushed into her cunt, Vel pulled out of her ass. As Vel pushed into her pleasurable backdoor, Jumwa slid out of her dripping cunt. She never for one moment felt empty, even through the constant thrusting in and out.

The two men kept her propped up with their four hands along her ass and sides, but also serving to grope at her flesh. Vel sped up to keep pace with Jumwa’s thrusting, his cock aching from her tight puckered hole, almost pinching at him. With each push in or pull out, he felt Jumwa’s balls rub against his own, the studs along his shaft touch his adding new sensations that brought a smile to his moaning face.

Panting as he rolled his hips, Vel leaned, his back arching forward more. He felt his balls tighten as that trail of fiery pleasure shot up through his shaft. His hips bucked and jerked as he shot strings of cum inside Anjasa’s ass. He let out a long, soft series of moans, gasps and pants as each jerk signalled another spray into her.

As Vel buckled over on top of her back, his cock still implanted firmly into her ass as his chest lay atop her, she sighed contently into Jumwa’s mouth. As he slid from her tight hole and lay on the bed beside her, she smiled at the thought of another satisfied cock that had had its way with her, and the trail of cum that now leaked from her ass down to her cunt, as it was still being pounded.


The three of them lay there atop the bed. Anjasa was still curled atop Jumwa and, though he took to healing her, she was still hazy minded and slow to move.

Jumwa pulled her off of him, his cock, still hard, sliding from her coated in a thick sheen of her juices and strands of his seed. As soon as he laid her aside, the aqua-green troll cuddled up into him, kissing his chest. Satiated, the smaller troll pressed up against him, his member soft, hand snaking over him to spoon into Jumwa’s side.

His narrow eyes turned towards the affectionate troll, and after a brief pause he sprang up, his hands to Velji’s throat as he flipped over, straddling the smaller mans legs. Fire was in his eyes as he glared down at the smaller troll, his thick fingers clenching about his throat.

As Jumwa went about caving in Vel’s throat, he noticed the smaller troll wasn’t struggling. Instead his green hands were rubbing over Jumwa’s stomach, his eyes pointed up at him, wide but adoring. Beneath his own large, hard cock, he felt the now stiff shaft of the other man, aroused by this brutish attempt to cut the air from him.

Smirking, Anjasa pulled herself over to the two, her body below her waist seeming to be dragged along. She coiled an arm about Jumwa’s solid waist and reached her other arm around him to the base of his glistening, hard cock. From beneath his arm, her head pressed to his side, and she angled the tip of his cock down between Vel’s legs, beneath his balls towards his green asshole, “I think this’ll be better… give him a good feel,” she mumbled, her voice slurred

Vel’s eyelids half-closed, and despite the lack of air he shuddered, his cock twitching. Jumwa released his throat and he gasped for air. It filled his lungs again as the large troll lowered his hands down to his soft green thighs, gripping them with his steely hold and pushing them apart.

Anjasa grinned and ‘hmmm’ed with satisfaction as she watched, her own eyelids half closed in her still muddled state. She held Jumwa’s cock aligned with the green pucker, and occasionally, as Jumwa manipulated the green troll about, she pushed the large wet tip into the green balls and cock.

“Go on…” she encouraged, as Jumwa held his thighs up and out, pushing against Vel’s asshole following her urging. Vel groaned at the attempted intrusion, bracing his two hands against his knees as his facial expression looked a bit strained but eager.

Anjasa grinned as she watched the long glistening spear pierce the man before her. She coaxingly stroked Jumwa’s shaft as she continued to help guide it into the man before them, uttering in her deep, sultry, exhausted voice, “Go on. This… will blow his mind, Chieftain.” Her grin widened as Jumwa grunted with the further effort, forcing his thick tip into the smaller troll’s tight ass.

Vel gasped and jerked his head back into the bed, his arms darting up to his temples, pressing against his sides and going through his soft golden hair as he writhed beneath Jumwa in pain and pleasure. Another rough push and Vel cried out “It hurts!” then his eyes shot open and he looked up at the man violating him widely, his breath panicked and short, “Please don’t stop! Have me!”

Jumwa smirked cockily down at the other man, pushing in further so that the first studs forced their way past the painfully tight sphincter. Vel’s cock jerked in response, standing thicker, straighter and more rigidly than it ever had.

Anj giggled at the display, lowering her hand down to Jumwa’s balls as he pushed in further, another row of studs forcing their way into the troll as she eagerly massaged the two orbs. Vel let out a long, deep, nasally cry, arching his stomach and back upwards towards the ceiling, “Jooooomwahh! Take me! Fuck me! Fuck me please! Kill me aftah, just fuck me!” he spat out the words so quickly each one was barely discernible from the last.

Anjasa grinned wider, her teeth showing, “Chieftain! I think you found a good one!” Jumwa merely grunted in response as the last row of beads, and most of his length, was lodged firmly up inside the other man’s tight ass.

Vel’s hands pressed into his face and eyes as he squirmed and wriggled, as if waves were traveling up his body, crying out as Jumwa began immediately to pull his shaft back out. He turned his head up and looked at Jumwa, the intensity coursing through him, making him twist his head from side to side though as the bigger troll began to push back inside him.

Vel’ji felt his stiff, rigid cock eager to cum. Each time Jumwa thrust up into him the pressure to orgasm felt overwhelming, and each thrust was coming on the heels of the last quicker.

As Jumwa continued his brutal fucking, Vel seemed to cum, his cock and hips jerking upwards, his shaft spasming, though nothing but a light trickle came out. He had cum so much this evening and it felt he couldn’t anymore, though the sensation wouldn’t pass. The burning need in his loins persisted and he reached down his hand, wrapping his fingers about his cock and jerked it lewdly in front of the couple, burying his face in the crook of his arm as he moaned wildly.

Anjasa grinned widely at the display of her favourite man so roughly violating this other toned, masculine beauty. When the green cock exploded with more white cum from its gold crowned tip, she opened her mouth by reflex, as if hoping to catch some of the white seed, but it merely sprayed up high in the air and landed back down on the chest and stomach of its owner, cascading across his flesh.

When his hand ceased to move across his shaft, he lay lifeless a while, the only movements from the hard cock thrusting into him, shifting his whole body up and down. After a moment’s pause though, the green troll bent up, lunging toward Jumwa’s face to kiss him, but the burly blue true shoved him away, back into the bed with one hand.

Anjasa licked her lips from her position beneath Jumwa’s armpit and spoke up, “Kiss him!”

Jumwa looked down at her, his thrusting not ceasing or slowing, a glare upon his face. The luscious elf merely pouted up at him, wide sad puppy-dog eyes, pleading with him non-verbally.

Turning from her, he leaned forward and the eager green troll lunged ahead again, so their two mouths met. Anjasa twisted out from under his arm and leered over Jumwa’s shoulder as the first smacking of their lips sounded. Both their eyes shut, the two men entangled their tongues and made out lewd and loudly.

Jumwa could taste the hints of his own cum from Vel’s tongue, as the aqua-green troll flung his arms about his neck, to cling tighter to the large troll as he continued to rock him with his thrusting cock.

Anjasa stared at the two as they made out, dumbfounded and awestruck as she rubbed at her sore clit. Finally, Jumwa let out a deep throaty grunt against Vel’s lips. The grunt was followed by a groan as his thrusts became sharper, more erratic.

Vel flung his head back for a moment as another very tiny spurt of near clear liquid came from his cock onto his chest. The two men locked lips again and Jumwa let out a loud roaring moan against Vel’s lips and tongue as his balls tightened and he unloaded his seed into the other mans bowels.

Jumwa gave long, hard thrusts as his searing orgasm seemed to drag on. Before he could finish himself completely, he found Anj’s lips pressed against his cheek, and the three of them exchanged passionate kisses between them all as Jumwa released Vel’s thighs.

Some time later the three of them lay there atop the dishevelled bed, sprawled about, though altogether. Anjasa and Vel both were silently still, curled into Jumwa’s sides, their arms reaching across his broad chest in the trio’s silence.

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