Waking up, Lodran rolls over and looks to the petite orc girl at his side. She was still sound asleep, wearing the skimpy outfit from the night before, which covered even less in its current state of nearly being torn off. The loincloth was still pulled to the side of her slit, his seed still dried around her opening and pooled on the floor between her still somewhat spread thighs. Her breasts exposed as the harness is undone in most spots.

His large hand tenderly stroked one of her breasts, rubbing around its curvature as he felt his morning erection, stiffer than he’d had it in a very long time, throb against her leg. Reaching down, he grasped his heavy balls and massaged them gently, feeling the need to release high again.

Sitting up on his knees, he wrapped his fingers around his shaft and began to stroke it slowly up and down; his hand traveling its lengths repeatedly, casually pleasuring himself as he eyed his little lover.

Still caught in her exhausted sleep, she barely stirred as he rubbed the head of his cock against her thighs. Straddling her, he continue to beat himself, growing a little faster as he rubbed it up over more of her, across her stomach and to her breasts, smearing some of his precum against them. “Ahh…” His eyes shut partially as he moaned in pleasure, the orc stirring beneath him.

Opening her eyes wearily, she gasps and jerks back slightly at the sight of Lodran over her, stroking himself. His shaft rubbing up past her breasts, the head brushing against her neck leaving a trail of precum to her cheek.

She was caught by surprise, but before she could speak he was leaning down over her further, his large dick pressed to her mouth, silencing her before trailing to the other cheek.

His eyes closed as his head is bent back, he doesn’t notice she’s awake as he continues beating himself off over her, moaning loudly.

Larkta closes her eyes and swallows nervously, staying motionless, not knowing what to do. So when he gazes back down upon her, he sees merely his sleeping lover and continues to pleasure himself to her unconscious sexiness.

Continuing for some time, Lodran leaves countless trails of his pre seed over his little lover, feeling himself beginning to boil over. Suddenly, he grabs one of her hips and flips her over onto her stomach. The pretense of sleep was over; Larkta was obviously awake with that move.

She squealed in surprised at the sudden roughness, looking over her shoulder at her large lover, his cock standing out so very rigid as his two massive hands grabbed each of her thighs and spread her wide.

Knowing better than to question, she simply breathed heavy, wondering what he’d do to her next, doing her best to watch him from her face down position. Spreading her wide enough, he grasped her two ass cheeks and held his cock in hand again. With no warning he pressed his bulging tip against the tiny hole. So very large, and dry except for his precum, the head would not go in easily. Grunting and squealing, Larkta felt her Tauren lover pressing against her back entrance painfully.

Thrusting forward with a loud grunt, Lodran managed to force open her ass and the head peaked through, only slightly. Before he could even give a satisfied groan however, he slipped from her. Angered he slapped her ass roughly and she shut her eyes tight, letting out a loud painful scream for but a moment.

Trying again, he seemed to jab his thick member against her; the cock attempting to pierce her ass, but accomplishing no more than another close call that sent Larkta squealing in pain.

So close to his satisfaction and her tight little hole denying him that final release, he angrily slapped her ass again, leaving a wide red mark on her green cheek. He lifted a leg and jerked her to her side. Holding her like that, in such an awkward position, he positioned his cock at her cunt and with some quick, angry thrusts was buried deep inside her almost immediately.

The scowl on his face melts to a strained look of eagerness mixed with pleasure, he began to pump into his little lover with wild abandon. She bounced and jerked with each thrust, moving along the floor, deep throaty groans all that escapes her mouth as she’s fucked by her over sized abuser.

Grunting loudly, Lodran quickly feels his balls tightening. Inside her tight slit he quickly regains his pleasure, the fire of orgasm shooting up his shaft like wildfire as he hammers into her tiny body, the thick shaft jetting his thick, morning seed into her. Each new plunge brought another heavy stream, until he let go of her leg and she slipped to her stomach again, both of them panting.

Leaning over her on his hands and knees he soon kissed her back and neck, slipping from her abused cunt, white seed drooling out of it. He slapped her ass again, hitting the other cheek, marking it red as well, “We’ll have to do something about that. I don’t like finding gateways shut to me.”

With that simple comment he stood and began to dress, tossing a washcloth to Larkta, “Come along now, we need to get prepared and with that mess it will take you a while to look presentable.”

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