A faint odour of a sweet smoke lingered in the air of the lavish hotel room. A large, plush bed, crimson trimmed with gold, stood in the middle, covered in rich purple pillows. The room was comfortably furnished with bed stands and a couch against a wall. The windows were covered in drapes that blew in the spring wind. Attached to the bedroom was a large bathroom, nearly half the size of the guest room, with a huge bathtub to the side. A petite, blond elf dressed in official Silvermoon Inn clothing stood over it, carefully chanting as she conjured the hot water to fill it.

Sitting at the edge of the tub was a short elf, smoking. A wry smirk stayed on her face as she watched the mage try to concentrate as she blew the smoke towards her face, causing her to flinch slightly. Kaesa grinned wider as she stood, licking her pink lips slightly, running a hand through her thick, black hair, allowing it to frame her pretty face. She turned on her heel and left the room, shouting back after her, “Keep goin’. Needs ta be hot.”

In the bedroom, she walked over to one of the large suitcases sat in the corner of the room, bending down to unzip it, removing two tiny, pink garments and placing them on top of the bed. Her lips were painted a pale red, her eyelids shaded a smoky grey colour, and she remained in her black heels and matching dress from an earlier dinner date. Though usually a heavy drinker, she had abstained from it tonight, preferring to keep a clear head for the evening’s fun. She had another hour or so to prepare before Jumwa was to meet her, and she had big plans.

Quietly, so as not to alert the maid, she slowly pulled the zipper of her dress down, letting it drop to the ground as she stretches slightly, stepping out of it. She smiles slightly, catching a glimpse of her completely nude body, but for her shoes and stockings that rode up to her thighs. She was toned, her body young and taut, her stomach lean and firm. Her chest was large for her frame, a fact that she adored, as she slowly ran her hands down her body, inspecting herself more closely. Frowning slightly as she looked at her chest, she quickly turned and stomped into the bathroom, taking another long draw on her smoke, and looking at the mage.

“Ju think I should get a piercin’?” she demanded, one arm on her hip, the other lifting the cigarette to her lips again. The blond elf looked up, startled, the water she was conjuring quickly evaporating as she looked on with a dropped jaw, unable to find her voice. Smirking slightly at the reaction, she turned, slowly, carefully pacing herself out the door, swishing her shapely bottom from side to side as she did so, smiling over her shoulder, “make sure it’s hot,” she spoke in a low, raspy voice, winking slightly as she left the mage’s staring, green eyes.

Walking back in front of the mirror, she stared for another few moments as she smoked, poking roughly at her nipples, pinching them each in turn, before turning back to face the bed, strutting over and putting out the cigarette in the tray on the night stand, picking up the pink clothing. Sitting on the bed, she quickly unclasped her shoes, then rolled down her stockings, placing them to the side, lying back on the bed, enjoying the feel of the expensive sheets on her nude body. She stretched again, rubbing her bare feet up and down the material, sighing blissfully before rolling onto her stomach, calling out to the maid, “how’s it comin’ in d’ere, girly girl?”

She walked out of the bathroom, averting her eyes from the sprawling Kaesa, her legs spread wide, her bum raised slightly in the air, mumbling softly, “will be done soon, miss.”

Kaesa snapped her fingers, sitting up on her crudely spread knees, her thumbs slowly rubbing her inner thighs, “when I speak, ju look at me, hm? I’m payin’ ju well enough, ain’t I? So ju fuckin’ look,” she snapped, her smooth cunt beginning to gleam slightly with the excitement of her teasing. Slowly the mage raised her eyes, her hands shaking nervously at her sides as she took in the sight of Kaesa, whose wandering hands had moved closer and closer until they daintily rubbed up and down the length of her slit, then up her bare stomach, a slightly shimmering bit of wetness following up her torso until she got to her lips, suckling on them lovingly. The mage blushed furiously from the embarrassment, quickly moving her eyes away.

Kaesa threw her head back in a throaty laugh, falling back onto the bed, her legs still split, her hands eagerly returning to pleasuring herself, “get outta here ju fuckin’ prude. Go make that water as hot as ju can, then get the fuck out,” she mumbles in a throaty voice. The girl quickly left there after, Kae’s laugh following her out the hall, the sound combining with her happily pleasured moan before she lazily turned onto her side, grabbing for the top of the outfit. She stood, her head swimming with desire, as she pulled the tiny pink bra on. It was a baby pink, laced with white, the centres cut out perfectly to expose her tiny pink areola’s, the material itself silky against her skin.

Pulling up the bottoms, the tiny skirt barely covered her cunt, and her pert bottom was mostly exposed, the pink mesh and lacy white material rubbing delicately against her flesh. She stalked around the room, a freshly lit cigarette in her hand, inspecting everything, then moving into the bathroom, testing the water. Satisfied with the temperature, she walked back out into the bedroom and returned to her luggage, removing various lotions and scrubs, placing some in the nightstand and others in the bathroom.

There was a loud knock at the door and she closed her eyes, drawing in a long breath of her cigarette before extinguishing it and moving swiftly to the door. She stood to the side of it, opening it quickly, a seductive smile on her crimson lips before her smile faded, her eyes finding a scrawny elf boy rather than her hulking troll. “Ja?” she demanded, staring at him, completely uncaring of her exposure. He stared, blatantly, his eyes moving from her face to her chest and lower still, before quickly looking up at her, slightly frightful, stammering out, “I-i-is the r-r-r-r-oom okay?”

“No, actually. I need wine. The finest. No cost too high. An’ I need it yesterday!” she demanded, winking slightly as she teasingly rubbed a wet fingertip to her left nipple. “I promise I’ll tip,” she added, her voice soft and smooth. He stared for another second before scurrying down the hall way. She laughed as she stepped one foot out the door, watching him move, when she smiled a wide, genuine smile as she saw the boy fall back on his ass after a head on collision with a large, blue troll, that seemed ridiculously massive in the elvish hallway. The troll glared down angrily, offended that anyone would dare walk in his way, and looked like he was about to slug the kid when Kaesa let out a loud cat call.

Immediately, the troll looked up at the familiar sound, giving a final glare to the boy and shoving him up against the wall to make room for himself, before taking long, confident strides towards her. She stood at the end of the hallway, one foot propped up against the doorframe, “Trick or treat?”

He grinned wider at the familiar greeting, moving quickly to take her in his arms, ducking through the door, moving into the room and placing her feet back on the floor. She took a few steps back from him, licking her lips, placing her hands on her feminine hips, “girly enough fo’ ju, hm?” she inquired sweetly, eyeing him up and down.

He was a tall troll, broad in the chest and shoulders, his arms thick with muscles. His hair was white, though his face was much more youthful, the white and grey tattoos matching perfectly. He licked his lips as he watched her, his tongue tattooed a dark black, a testament to his strength of will. She twirled slightly, on her bare feet, before a swift knock came at the door. She twirled back to face the door, flicking her black hair behind her ear, “ju take a seat on the bed, lover. Get comfortable.”

She strode to the door, quickly opening it and smiling at the boy who had obediently come with the wine. Jumwa sat on the bed, looking over the décor for a quick moment before returning his eyes to Kaesa, whom was pretending to read the label on the wine, speaking to the boy, “will dis be good, hm? Best ju have?” He couldn’t hear the boy’s responses, though he doubt it mattered, “is it chilled enough? Should I open it ta let it breath, hm?” she inquired, looking straight at the boy’s eyes, which still wandered over her body.

Indeed, the wine was chilled enough, even the feel of it in her hand sending tiny goose bumps up her arms, her nipples standing firmer. She smiled slightly and pulled away from the door, stroking the tip of the wine bottle with her thumb, before moving her hand down over it slowly, winking slightly before turning and slamming the door in the boy’s face, shouting out, “that’ll be all for tonight!” smiling seductively at Jumwa.

“And now, finally, some alone time.”


She quickly moved into the bathroom, sashaying her hips, making sure to take long, graceful steps as Jumwa watched on eager for the night to begin. In the bathroom, Kaesa buried the bottle in ice, grabbing one or two of the frozen cubes and bringing them back in her palm, rolling them around in her hands.

“Ju like playin’ with ice? I got lots” she grinned, letting the word roll from her tongue slowly.

He grinned, shaking his head, “Maybe latah, hm?”

She immediately let the ice drop from her hands, quickly creating a small puddle on the red carpet. She moved in a fluid motion onto the bed and behind him, her hands immediately rubbing his chest, her lips pressed to his neck, “Radder be made hot?” she mumbled softly, pressing her chest against his back.

Jumwa laughed, a deep, throaty sound; his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down as she quickly moved her nimble fingers to the front of his robe, untying the top knot and pressing her chilled hands inside, moving them against his chest. “D’is is jour night, lover. Say the word, an’ jour wish will be granted.”

“Rub de kinks out of my muscles for startahs. Ju wish me relaxed aftahall, hmm?” he growled, closing his eyes as her fingers immediately pulled up to his shoulders, digging into his muscular body about as well as they could stone. Kaesa continued kissing at his neck, sucking and lapping at his flesh as she kneaded his body, her hands working up and down his back, her body moving against his.

He groaned and moved his head from side to side, savouring the feeling, before she suddenly stopped and moved to his front, kneeling down in front of him. Expertly she finished disrobing him, pulling the rich fabric from his body and eyeing him up and down hungrily. His large, blue cock bobbed slightly, slapping towards his stomach. Already an impressive sight… she knew there was still much more to come.

She smiled up at him as she moved her hands to his left inner thigh, kissing the flesh she massaged, leaving wet little marks on his body. Her pinky finger lightly brushed against his heavy sac, causing him a tiny shiver of excitement, before she turned and worked up the other thigh, still kissing and sucking on his cool flesh.

Kaesa grinned wider as she sat facing him, looking up from her kneeling position, as she licked her lips, “Ju have a choice. Here, or…” she was interrupted by the troll as he reached down and grabbed a fistful of hair, pulling her up, then pushing her lips down on his engorged member.

“I always have de choice, ” he smirked smugly, holding her head down upon him until she kicked her tiny feet in protest for breath, her lips and tongue never registering her discomfort as they worked their way along his member.

He let her up for air, relaxing back in the bed as Kaesa immediately lowered her lips back down, this time allowing for time to pay tribute to his head and every vein she passed on her way down. Licking and sucking on them gently, her fingers still massaging either thigh.

She remained at the underside of his cock, her smoky eyes focused on his near-purple head, enjoying the sight of precum beginning to dribble out the top before raising her head and engulfing him the best she could; her hands moving to the slippery base, moving in unison to her lips.

He moaned above her, a deep rumble in his chest, his hand returning to her hair and pressing her down further, urging her on. She wiggled in front of him, her own panties slick in her arousal, her hands grabbing him tighter as she sucked, moaning against him.

The knock on the door barely broke the mood as Jumwa grunted a loud ‘come in!’ not bothering to turn and look who was at the door. Kaesa, however, did, pulling away from him for a moment to check, and then looked back at Jumwa with a wide smile.

“Come in, ” she spoke in almost a moan, her breathing still hard. Jumwa slowly looked to the door, blinking once or twice to clear his vision before fully registering what he was seeing. He grinned down at Anjasa before standing, stepping over her body and staring at the three new ladies that had just closed the door behind him.

Anjasa crawled back on the bed and sprawled, her hand between her thighs and absentmindedly petting herself as she purred, “Jumwa, meet Nomi, Jenta and Sapphire, ” she pointed to each in turn as she spoke.

Nomi was an orc, tall, proud and strong; her skin yellow and taut. Her hair was curled up in a bun and her face was tinted with makeup enhancing the high cheekbones and slender neck. She was dressed in a tiny leather top and short skirt, her boots high enough to brush the bottom.

Jenta was the troll, a bright green with long, braided green hair and pleasant features. Her tusks were tiny and she wore no makeup, but the tribal outfit made up for these facts. Her large chest busting against the leather straps, the beads and feathers barely able to cover her dark nipples. Her pants covered little more than her ass cheeks, though feathers and beads hung from the fringes as well.

Lastly was Sapphire, the elf. She stood behind the taller two, seeming a little more reserved than the others as they watched Jumwa take them in. She hid her body, though Kaesa had inspected all three of them a few days earlier and knew it to be firm and impeccable. She was thin and wore a plain, red robe that revealed her shoulders, but little more, her long, blonde hair brushing down to her elbows.

Kaesa lay back in the bed before snapping her fingers and suddenly all three were surrounding Jumwa, their hands caressing his muscular chest and arms as they began to dance to a nonexistent beat. They moved slowly, at first, always keeping one hand on him as they moved around, shaking their hips, their other hand caressing their own bodies. Jenta seemed to be in charge, her little beads clacking together as she swiveled her hips and body, her fingers teasingly running up and down her straps. Her movements were silken, graceful, elegant, and at the same time, nearly primal as she grinned up at Jumwa, licking her lower lip seductively.

Nomi’s movements were larger and with more purpose. Lifting her feet and placing them back down on the carpet in the rhythm of the movements; she turned to face away from him and moved her ass against his cock slowly, invitingly, before pulling away and walking behind him. Both of her hands wandered to his chest.

Sapphire was blushing, her cheeks turning red as she looked up at him, then away, sashaying her body back and forth obediently, only her fingertips touching him. Kaesa watched all this as she stroked herself, before suddenly jumping to the floor and moving over to the other elf and staring at her with a menacing glare, “Do it right.”

Jumwa watched the exchange with an amused grin before closing his eyes and moving his head back with a low growl, “Let her be.”

Kaesa nodded, still staring at the elf. Her expression softened a bit before slowly walking back over to the bed, letting Jumwa enjoy the rest of his dance.

He groaned slightly as he felt hands pull away, the troll and the orc slowly moved in front of him again, the trio watching as Sapphire begun to move, her eyes closed, her body still hot with embarrassment as she brought her hands from his body to hers, rubbing up and down her sides, curving around to touch her bottom for a second as she moved closer to the ground, then back up.

Nomi and Jenta stayed still for a moment as they watched the young elf move provocatively, turning to face Jumwa once more as her hands reached up her body, over her chest and to the ribbon holding the robe together. Slowly she let the ribbon intertwine in her hands, pulling on it until it loosened, letting it fall further down her shoulders and back, covering only her front, until she let it slide away entirely, dropping to the floor, never ceasing in her movements.

As if that were a cue, Nomi and Jenta moved to one another, the orc leaned up to bring their lips together as her hands wandered to the leather straps, rubbing the flesh beneath it. Jenta moved back just as eagerly, her hands quickly lifting the bottom of Nomi’s leather top, breaking their kiss for long enough to pull it over her head as Nomi did the same to the leather bonds, breaking them with ease.

Sapphire moved closer to Jumwa, nude, her body frail and pink, she trembled when she touched his manhood, letting out a tiny whimper as she forced her eyes to remain shut. Slowly she began to stroke him, both of her hands wrapped around him as he groaned, watching the other pair passionately kiss and remove their remaining clothing; their hard, buxom bodies pressing onto one another roughly.

As the last of their clothing hit the floor, they separated, a tiny bit of saliva left on each others lips. Turning and moving towards the bed, both of them motioned for Jumwa to follow. Kaesa shifted over slightly on the oversized bed to make room for them, smiling widely as she watched Jumwa enjoy his hand job, stretching out as Jenti moved in beside her, followed by Nomi.

The troll woman was much larger than Kaesa, their skin starkly contrasted brilliant green next to Kaesa’s tanned pink goose pimpled when they touched. The elf grinned at this, rolling over onto her side, her voluptuous body pressing against the Troll, “Ju t’ink ju can handle him?” Jenti licked her lips and moved in towards the elf, pressing their lips together roughly.

Jumwa groaned loudly, having turned to watch the bed; he licked his lips in excitement and nearly pushed Sapphire away as he strode over. Quickly pulling one of Nomi’s legs up over his shoulder and penetrating her, his eyes closed in his delight as the orcish woman squirmed and groaned under him. He pressed in further and further until he bottomed out, reaching down with his left hand and squeezing her chest, his other groping Jenti’s.

The troll woman groaned into Kaesa’s mouth as he grabbed her, and in response moved for Kaesa’s ass, growling and ripping the panties covering her, quickly bringing around her large digit and rubbing at her cleft. The elf grinned and tossed her leg over Jenti’s hip, allowing her easier access as Jumwa groaned loudly beside them; the bed moving with each thrust as he pound into the orc whom was screeching in pain and pleasure.

Sapphire watched all this with a naïve curiosity, before cautiously moving towards the bed, spooning in behind Kaesa, whimpering nervously. Kaesa broke the kiss with Jenti and squirmed from her grip for a moment before turning around and curling back against her, the troll’s hands quickly grabbing between her legs, pressing her large digit into her folds, growling in her ears. Kaesa moved quickly and grabbed Sapphire, holding their faces together before Sapphire tentatively moved forward and licked the other elf’s lips.

The three women writhed against one another, knowing they best be ready when he decided it was their turn.

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