Andulin struggled to shut the tent door, but the fierce wind and blowing rain pelting her, hampered her efforts. Finally, with some force of strength, she brought the two flaps together and drew them tight, tying them back together more securely this time. The large and tall square tent somehow felt secure again and she turned back towards her wife.

Celebrin had been staring intently at her the whole time, and when she turned back around, she saw the water stains on her red two piece swimsuit. Droplets beaded down her white skin and beneath the fabric of her top, Celebrin’s eyes rested on the protruding nipples.

Andy saw her wife and stood there a moment, staring back at her sitting at the edge of the bed, legs spread, her own eyes running down the others body. Shivering in front of the doorway, she raised her arms, folding them and grasping each arm with the opposing hand, thrusting up her petite chest.

The movement brought realization to Celebrin’s face and she blushed, looking away just briefly before she held out her arms, “You’re chilly, c’mere.” She scooted back on the bed a foot, lifting one leg up onto the bed.

The magister smiled and padded over, sitting between the other woman’s legs and resting her head upon her chest. Celebrin cradled her to her and pulled the top blanket up from the bed and around them both as well as she could manage. Without over thinking, for once, Celebrin wrapped her arms back around Andulin, resting one of her hands upon the other woman’s breast, her thumb lightly stroking it through the red fabric of her top piece.

Andulin’s eyes widened slightly and her breathing grew heavier, but with little hesitation she kissed Celebrin’s chest beneath her neck, then again, trailing down, kissing her breast.

Biting her lower lip, Celebrin continued her soft stroking, her thumb starting to peel back the red top and began to kiss her wife’s hair. In response she felt long, slender fingers touch her lower stomach and sheepishly slide down into the front of her swimsuit bottom.

She was anxious; Andulin had married her shining knight some days ago, but they had yet to go beyond loving cuddles and soft petting. Finally Celebrin had made the first move and she did not hesitate to respond; her fingers sliding between the soft feel of the red fabric and the smooth skin of her partner, she found damp petals with her finger tips. Careful of her nails, she cautiously penetrated the soft folds and rubbed at the stronger woman’s clit.

Celebrin blushed, unsurprisingly, though her hand slid Andy’s top down over her shoulder, exposing her pale breast and light pink nipple and areola. She let out a faint gasp and almost inaudibly moaned as her own rubbing of Andy’s breast grew harder, more wanton. She pinched the hard nipple without even realizing it, eliciting a tiny squeak from her wife.

Andulin’s two fingers dived into the ever wetter tunnel of her lover, then slid back out the slick entrance. She sighed and moaned softly as Celebrin laid her back against the bed and leaned over her. The blond haired elf licked her lips and looked up, as Celebrin bent over her and kissed her neck. She watched as Cele’s orange-gold hair fell down around her face in thick locks, and as she saw her tongue trail down to her chest she encircled her clit with her fingers.

She shuddered; Celebrin’s body shivered at the two fingers circling around her sensitive nub. Lifting her head up, she straddled Andulin and hooked her thumbs in her two shoulder straps, lifting them up and then down her arms.

Enraptured, Andulin watched and continued to please her wife as she unveiled her breasts over her, the red swim suit slipping down from them, exposing her aroused and pointed nipples.

Celebrin seemed to be rotating and grinding her hips down against Andy’s hand, her petite breasts heaving ever so slightly before she bent down and kissed her lover’s lips.

They kissed one another sweetly, but the passion growing in them both pushed their lips to smack softly and repeatedly. Celebrin’s naked breasts pressed down upon Andulin’s, rubbing together as she rocked atop her. Andy’s long fingers in and on her were stimulating, so careful and caressing, yet so pleasurable.

Andulin whimpered an “I love you” and Celebrin responded from atop her, kissing down her neck and grinding her cunt against her hand harder. She felt some inkling of the strength and assurance she sometimes possessed in battle, straddling her wife. She moved her lips down the pale neck, but became suddenly aware of the sensitive feeling of her hard nipple rubbing against Andy’s, then a tingling wave that coursed through her whole body. She was making love to Andy and that filled her with a sense of comfort and confidence, and, at that moment, the freedom to let herself go as she climaxed, letting out a long, extended moan, temporarily going limp.

She could hear Andy’s heart beating beneath her ear, as she panted, resting against her chest. Andulin’s fingers slowed and delicately teased and pleased her in the aftermath of her first genuinely satisfying orgasm.

Celebrin lifted her back up, arched, as if the top of her body were too heavy to pick up. Andulin’s fingers withdrew gracefully from her red bikini bottom and when Celebrin looked up again, she was almost breathless again from the sight of her pale, blond lover, laying beautifully beneath her, her tongue lightly trailing along the length of a glistening moist digit.

She smiled happily, whether she blushed or not was hidden by the redness in her cheeks from the experience of her satisfaction. She slid down towards the end of the bed, but as she did she curled her own fingers into the red string of Andulin’s bikini bottom and pulled it down, revealing her smooth and bare slit. Her thighs seemed to almost quiver with anticipation, or maybe nervousness, as Celebrin pulled the small garment down past her feet and dropped it to the ground.

Andulin watched with rapt attention as Celebrin parted her pale thighs, and bent between them. Andy bit on her wet finger from her lover’s cunt as Celebrin’s tongue touched upon her own excessively wet opening. Her long waiting finally over, she moaned as Celebrin lapped at her hot, wet folds. She reached an arm up above her head and pulled her pillow down, clutching it beneath her head tightly as she pressed back against her moaning.

Celebrin’s head was filled with the scent of her wife, she lapped at her pussy but was hardly even aware of it as her head spun. She had had to push doubt and inhibition from her mind to do this and was operating on little more than instinct and force of will, certainly not skill or experience.

Long slender thighs closed about Celebrin’s head as Andulin’s let out a shrill moan. She released their hold on her lover’s head but quickly brought both of her hands down into her orange-golden locks as if wanting to push her away, but instead encouragingly ushering her on.

Andulin jerked forward, her back lifting off the bed as she moaned loudly, Celebrin’s head bobbed atop her cunt. Her fingers ran through the thick golden hair, her eyes shut tight as her moaning and panting grew to its peak. She fell back down against the bed and pillow, her neck twisting as she let out a long, almost strained groan. Her orgasm was long in the waiting and it felt to her like too much for her to handle, her body quaking and tensing.

Celebrin heard little as Andy’s thighs clasped against her ears, and felt just the gush of wetness from her wife’s pussy. She continued her loving licks until she felt the hands return to her hair and softly push her away. When she lifted her head, reluctantly removing her tongue from her lover’s sex, she heard the soft giggles of Andulin, “sensitive!” she gasped.

Before she could blush and apologize, Andy pulled her up beside her then tugged the blanket around them as they embraced and intertwined lovingly.

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