Idryl sat in the small study, flicking through a heavy tome quickly, her careful green eyes scanning the messy notes and doodles, transferring some of the information to a lighter book. The room was lit by the high noon sun, the glare getting in her eyes slightly. She scowled at the slight inconvenience, summoning her voidwalker from her sitting position and letting him puff out of view the moment the two, heavy curtains were pulled shut, surrounding her in a thick darkness. She lit a small gas lamp at her side before she went back to her frantic scribbles.

Lichbloom only naturally grows in areas with a medium to strong scourge presence, however does not grow in grassy regions such as Borean Tundra. It requires darkness as well as a cool to freezing temperature, found often among Ice Thorn. Sometimes a frozen lotus is found at the base of the lichbloom, assuming a parasitic relationship between the two based on the parasitic nature of fel lotus, however may also by a symbiotic relationship. This also leads one to the idea that the Frost Lotus can attach itself to both naturally occurring herbs as well as fel tainted ones. Should the Frost Lotus be developed in other more unstable conditions, will the test results come out positive?

She scribbles, trailing off with a couple of quick doodles of a frost lotus attached to the lichbloom, followed by another quick doodle of it attached to goldclover. She flips passed a few pages consisting of nothing but doodles and harried instructions, random hypotheses’ and test results before she finally lands on another page. She reads over it slowly, focusing on each word.

Day 1 – Lichbloom in Netherstorm 

Seedling was planted in Netherstorm soil on floating isle at coordinates 98.03N, 33.14W. No hostile enemies sighted, though constant surveillance should be done to ensure there is no tampering. 

Day 15 – Lichbloom in Netherstorm 

Lichbloom has pressed through the soil slightly. Hard to see what is happening with it, though it is an inky black and covered with a sticky substance. Was not enough substance to take for samples without compromising further growth and research. There was a small flying animal nearby, similar to a moth, though it seemed disinterested in the plant. Held an odd odour to it. 

Day 27 – Lichbloom in Netherstorm 

Plant has sprouted, though does not look like Lichbloom. Holds many qualities of Netherbloom, however. There is still the slightly thorned appearance and it looks as though a fel lotus has latched on to it, which may be attributed to the sticky texture. There is a flower bulb on top that has not yet noticed.

The page was blank after that and Idryl carefully transcribed the pertinent information with a small frown. Following that page was another that looked much the same, however it was topped by a small doodle of a castle.

Day 1 – Lichbloom in Karazhan – Peak 

Fought to the top of the tower. Will be difficult to keep clear and will thus be the most difficult study in this strand, but perhaps the best way of measuring the effects of nether magics upon the lichbloom. May also add other flowers to experimentation, however there is not the space. Always a risk that one of the ghosts or demons may stumble upon our small flower bed. 

Flower is located at the top of the tower, hidden in a tiny crack in the wall. Should be cold and dark enough for it to sprout. Soil was taken from the base of Karazhan, though if test fails we will replace soil with dirt from Icecrown. 

Seedling planted. 

Day 5 – Lichbloom in Karazhan – Peak 

No sprout yet, though there’s an obvious odour of fel in the air. It might just be the eredar, though it does seem more pungent. 

Day 20 – Lichbloom in Karazhan – Peak 

There is still no flower and though the soil is slightly disturbed, there is no sign of growth beyond that. The soil has turned colour from a rich brown to a sickly green. Would abandon further testing if not for the unnatural change taking place. Will keep a close eye on further change. 

Day 21 – Lichbloom in Karazhan – Peak 

The soil was fully disturbed, but there was no plant to be found. It looked as though it had been dug out. The soil was filled with maggots. Will resume further testing at a later date.

Idryl neglected to copy the passage down instead flicking faster and faster through the pages, her own writing and drawings flying passed her face quickly in the flickering light until she stopped on one of the nearly final pages.

Fel Ingestion 

The fel lotus is a parasitic plant found mostly in the regions of the destroyed Draenor. Clinging to any plant it could find, it was the manifestation of the rich fel energies found throughout the land. Though the fel lotus is mostly parasitic and a mildly concentrated form of fel, all races ingest it once it has been expertly tampered with by an alchemist. 

Taken in low doses, the fel lotus will not alter state of mind for a long period of time, though depending on its preparation it will cause the user’s attacks and magical abilities to become more powerful, however in some recipes the effect is stronger and allows for users to become more physically able to sustain many blows without harm. Though they last for a short time, many users ‘chain’ these flasks of fel, one after another with no further side effects such as the green skin of orcs or the green eyes of the Sin’dorei. It is possible that effects may show themselves after many years, but more research must be done. 

As well, lichbloom is used in several potions and flasks and are willingly ingested, again in a chained manner. There are no side effects, and even when one is mortally wounded, when they are revived by a healer, they still maintain the abilities that the flask has granted them. It is possible that dying under the effects of lichbloom and fel lotus are dangerous, potentially causing risk to the individual to return as a scourge or to develop a more serious case of fel lust, however there is very little research into the subject as most scholars prefer to focus their attentions on the reason behind bloodthistle being poison to all those that aren’t Sin’dorei. 

There is a small risk that those who have ingested these materials are being slightly nudged in the direction away from research in this field by more insidious powers, though I can’t prove it to be any more than a hunch. This theory has no testing basis and I would be curious to find whether any one else has looked into the link between mind control via herbal remedies. It may be endangering ourselves to ingest these items, putting ourselves at risk to become sleeper agents for the Legion. If there is no risk within the legion, the herbs may be used to prolong life, increase power, and to better ourselves without great risk or side effect.

She flicks the top of the quill over her lips softly, the long, colourful feathers brushing against her skin. That would be something she’d like to ask at the symposium.

Scribbling it down, she turned the page. On it was a large, intricate sketch of a troll. Following it on the next page was another picture, this one a small, hunched over mass of a troll as though he had suddenly hit old age, his hair had fallen off and there was an obvious hunch to his back. Beside were tiny notes.

Hair thinning – day 9

Teeth yellowing – day 11

Wrinkles on face deepening – day 11

Dull and listless facial colouring – day 15

Lack of desire for conversation – day 16 

Hair completely gone – day 27 

Small knob appearing in top of back – day 27

There were other measurements, his height and weight for each day, both diminishing at a steady pace. Idryl glowered a bit at the memory of the failed experiment, hesitating with the idea of crossing the image from her book before reminding herself of the duty that scholars had in preserving the truth, even if the truth was of failures.

“You must remember where you’ve failed so you don’t repeat the same mistake,” her old teacher had told her. She wasn’t proud to grin at the idea of his death to the scourge. He always was holding her back.

Idryl stood and pressed both books onto the centre table, moving the short distance to the window with short, languished strides, hoisting the window open to look at the fel summoning circle outside the library. Inside, her head reeled with ideas for that magical symposium…


Contained within Idryl’s large volumes of research tomes. Each tome is bound with ancient, glowing ruins, a faint green brightening the dark, brown leather. All are enchanted to only be read by those with the proper security clearance – that is to say J.J. and her. Should anyone else open it, the pages will read to nothing more than a dark fairy tale.

Today, April 9, J.J. and I collected what samples and information we could in preparation of abandoning Zul’waja. The place has gone rancid with power and most of our experiments have become compromised, including the experiment of icethorn and lichbloom combined to make a gel that will adapt to the body and become impenetrable as well as the multiple experiments in longevity.

The research was coming along nicely in both cases, however we have had many issues with instability of the test subjects who have become subject to fits of aggression as well as insane ramblings. Many had to be destroyed, however we are leaving several in order to better get a handle of what kind of power we are dealing with here. I will return daily as time allows to further understand the effects. Currently we do not have all holding cells filled and lack several varieties and ages of specimens.

Details on the current testing to follow. We have had to terminate test subject 10283, 09374, 10743 and, unfortunately, 07384 whom was our oldest and most promising test subject. 07384 was a Sin’dorei child, aged 13, whom was paired with 08743, a troll child, aged 12, in a promising demonstration of the role that love or affection may play in the interracial longevity project. Both had been held together in near isolation, given objects such as books and toys, as well as romantic items such as flowers in order to demonstrate courting rituals. Test subjects both seemed well adjusted and receptive to courting rituals. As neither had entered their adult state, however, more testing would have been required before conclusions could be drawn.

If a troll and a sin’dorei could mate and successfully produce offspring, it would lead one to the idea of a common ancestry of perhaps the night elves. More research would be required and new test subjects will need to be retained once our new laboratory is set up.

On the following pages are illustrated descriptions.

Test subject 10364: Human: Female: Aged: 29. Undergoing testing for gel armour. Suffered rashes and burns as well as skin discolouration to a grey hue. No other signs of scourge presence. Since the attacks on Zul’waja has become catatonic and hides in the corner of her cell. Refuses to eat or to move to empty herself. Will be destroyed before we leave.

Test subject 09372: Male: Troll: Aged: Early 30s. Undergoing testing for longevity via soulstone preservation and transportation. He is currently fourth in his line. The soul has currently been rejected by 2 hosts, however has taken quite well to this one. Similarities include body shape and stature, as well as social caste and Tribe. Will lead to more research upon the similarity of brain patterns and how they align with the rejections of soul. Since the attacks on Zul’waja has become more aggressive. Was found hovered over test subject 10943, the 2 year old Quel’dorei child. Upon further inspection it was found that he had carved out her heart and devoured it, though the rest remained untouched. He screams in his sleep and pounds on the door. In isolation. Will remain for further testing. When testing is no longer required, soul will be retained and transmitted to next in line.

Test subject 08342: Female: Sin’dorei: Aged: 20. Undergoing testing on longevity via interracial breeding. Currently no success in ability to accept troll donors (multiple). Experimentation continues. Has become catatonic since attack and will continue to be nursed for experimentation process as long as her body continues functioning.

Test subject 10834: Female: Kaldorei: Aged: Unknown. Undergoing testing on longevity via interracial breeding. Currently successful with sin’dorei. Seven weeks along. Seems almost feral since attack, hunching over and protecting her womb. Eating an appropriate amount. Will no longer accept cooked meat and prefers raw.

Test subject: 09954 and 09955 : Male twins: Trolls: Aged: Adolescent. Currently undergoing testing on endurance and stamina. Not held in cell. They will be transported with us to new location in order to make the move go smoothly.

Test subject: 09345: Male: Sin’dorei: Aged: Unknown. Currently undergoing gel testing. Skin has taken a slightly redish hue and eyes flicker with a slight azure colour rather than the bright fel green. Slight growth to teeth. Used as successful donor for 10834 prior to gel testing. Currently working as a donor for 09837, however further testing is required. Has not currently been successful. 09837 has already produced a child naturally and body seems able and willing to produce again. Since the attack, has been aggressive and dominant with mate as opposed to his previous calm and slightly sadistic mannerisms.

Test subject: 09837: Female: Troll: Aged: Late 20s. Currently undergoing longevity via interracial breeding. Accepting of experiments. Lethargic. She bit off her own tongue the evenings that the terrors began and has difficulty eating. Will decide within the day if experiment should be terminated, though it would be a shame considering her cooperation.

Test subject: 10087 and 10088: Male: Troll: Twins: Early 20s. Currently preparing for soulstone transportation and development. Have been very aggressive since attacks. Held together for purposes of personality shadowing and had to pull them apart from wild rutting in the night. Good test subjects otherwise.

Test subject: 10344: Male: Draenei: Unknown. Currently undergoing study on longevity. Has been kept in isolated safe room, decorated for comfort. Interrogated once per week on subjects of the eredar, the naaru, and their elder life spans. Was set to begin testing on biological functions within the month. Slated for dissection and study.

More draenei subjects will be required for testing on longevity and interracial breeding. Rumours about draenei and orc children as well as orc and ogre children. More research will be required. Once new facilities are up, it may be wise to focus more appropriately on the effects of interracial breeding as well as the gel armour transplants and their effect on longevity in the future. Current conditions do not allow for test subjects to leave the temple and all experiments are now considered void, moving on to their new phase of testing for the power in Zul’waja. Will be fed and cleaned as required, but otherwise undisturbed before interviews in the following month about their experiences.

No experiment will be released in the interest of public safety.


Test Results – Orb of the Sin’dorei

The orb of the Sin’dorei is a temporary effect that changes one’s physiology to mimic that of a sin’dorei. The body physically changes shape and, given the length of duration, very little adverse effects occur. Occasional discomfort and aches, though generally eased by a mild healing spell.

Prolonged usage of the Orb of the Sin’dorei has more adverse effects, however they have not been properly researched.

Using Test Subject 10203: Troll: Male: Aged: 36. No other experiments performed on him. He was changed to a Sin’dorei using the orb within a proper summoning circle. Elements were set up in order to prolong the transformation. Subject was removed from summoning circle and bound with several runes providing protection and binding. Subject was then aged using the patented orc aging process.

Subject aged seven years as Sin’dorei with no adverse reactions. Was able to transform back safely. Aged as a troll through old age and he died a natural death after approximately twenty years aging him to fifty six in natural troll years. No adverse reaction to transformation. Will require further testing, however with limited facilities, time has not allowed such.

J.J. is eager to begin self testing and, given the previous test result, I will go ahead while advising caution and diligent transformation. There is no long term effects for transforming for minutes of the day and thus I draw the conclusion that long term transformations will likely be more dangerous than short term transformations.

All transformations must be within the proper summoning circle with medical equipment on site.


Test Results – Orb of the Sin’dorei

J.J. Has successfully transformed using the orb of the Sin’dorei with minimal problems. Body is in working and functional order, including vital organs. Further testing will be required on a prolonged basis as aging will not be provided for subject. Obviously.


Test Results – Orb of the Sin’dorei

Further testing will be required and safer method of transformation will need to be looked into. After spending approximately 36 hours within the Sin’dorei form, reverse transformation was impossible after multiple tries.

Consulted with Magister Andulin Sunscorn and she informed me that it is possible using an inert alchemical compound combined with healing and dispelling magic that would activate it, powerfully targeted at the transmogrified individual.

Side effects include vomiting, rapid bone growth, and possibly death.

Upon focusing the healing and dispelling magic upon a mirror, J.J. was able to dispel himself of the enchantment. Reminded subject to transform within 24 hours in order to avoid further problems.

Testing will resume immediately on other trolls in order to better find the cause of the glitch and to provide subject with a more accurate view of the limitations of the disguise.

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