“Ya know, world’s got a funny way of workin’ out. Been on my own fer a long, long time before that Raej kid came an’ one upped me. Then after that, I figured, ‘hey, this is it fer me. Ya live fer this guy an’ the fun we can have, an’ then you’ll die, an’ whatever. Ya done everythin’ ya needed ta do anyways.’

“An’ that was all well an’ good ’til he up and disappeared. So I wandered, lookin’ fer a while. I figured I’d kill him, he’d kill me. Ya know, real romantic like, goin’ out with a nice ol’ bang. I’ve been around longer than I figured I’d ever wanna be alive anyways, ain’t like I’m worried ’bout it.

“’cause before he Kid, I spent a long time fightin’, all righteous an’ full of myself. Then came the jailor an’ his two sexy troll fellahs, an’ it’s like a haze lifted and I realized what my life could be, what I could do. Lotsa folks taught me, ya know, over the decades. I think folks like teachin’ me, ’cause I lift hazes too, but in the end, they all die. Sometimes ’cause of me, sometimes not, but it’s how I work.

“Then, the Kid came in, all rugged an’ violent, an’ that was it. My dream guy’d kill me, an’ I’d finally be done with all the crap. Ain’t like I’m runnin’ towards death, but I ain’t turnin’ away from it neither. An’ then he disappeared, an’ girly came, tryin’ to act all man like, which was cute fer a while, but I was still thinkin’ on the Kid.

“Until Kid’s friend came back, lookin’ large, livin’ large, with great ambitions. So what’s a girl ta do? Figured I’d let this guy be the one to do me right an’ proper. Seems he’s got greater ambitions then ta just kill me, though. Watchin’ him kill is just somethin’ otherworldly. Most beautiful thing I ever saw. Said that we could make a deal, ya know, scratch my back, I scratch his. So I say ‘sure,’ ’cause what do it matter ta me, right? So I give him his li’l test subjects, an’ clean up after some mysterious happenin’s, and in return I get this fancy li’l house an’ a big troll ’round ta keep me satiated.

“A girl like me can’t be complainin’ ’bout nothin’ like that. Stable livin’, an’ all the killin’ an’ spyin’ I could hope for. He said he tested me the other day. Brought ol’ Raej back fer me fer one last go. Was a wild trip. He came back an’ told me ta dump the Troll an’ come back ta him so we could live happily ever after or whatever, but he didn”t seem ta understand what I got an’ ain’t givin’ up. So I said, “Look, you can go fuck yerself, Raej,” an’ strutted back ta Sir’s place, an’ he got right down an’ dirty. Guess it was his way of sayin’ thanks.

“’cause yea, now I ain’t so sure I wanna be dyin’, alright? Fer the first time in decades, I finally feel like I’m useful in more than one ways, an’ that I’m actually needed. Since I got fired in the second war, well, what can a girl do, right? She just sits around spyin’ on folks doin’ their dirty business, gettin’ ‘caught an’ punished, an’ enjoyin’ every second. Sure, I guess ya can call me a sadist, but whatever. Ain’t like it phases me none.

“But now, Sir over there, he’s got plans. Big plans. Invited me ta even house sit while he gets his palace all set up an’ gets snuggled in real tight in his new position. He figures it’ll take a while, an’ he’ll need a sexy, fiesty li’l elf like me ta take out a few folks, persuade a few folks, ya know. An’ I ain’t intended on fuckin’ this up, ya know. I figure, I do this right, this could be my life. Watchin’ a Chieftain do his dirty business an’ gettin’ rewarded for it? Hell, I didn’t even know a girl could get far fetched dreams granted.

“So yea, I’ll take out the girly girl he wants ta be kept in the shadow, an’ I’ll rule whatever group he wants, keep’em in line. What else would a girl wanna do?”

She smirked down at the body of the young elf kicking her side, causing her to sputter, spitting out more blood and moaning in pain, trying to roll into fetal position. Kaesa laughed coldly, bending down and tightening the leather bands around the elf’s wrists, the blood congealed into the leather.

The elf, Rosa, cried out in pain as Kaesa did so, before sitting on her bloodied chest, straddling her slightly. Clad in skimpy black leather, a thick black collar around her neck, she grinned sadistically down at her victim, squirming against her chest. Leaning down, she whispered softly in Rosa’s ear, “Ya know why I’m tellin’ ya all this?”

Rosa cried in response, her sobs shallow from Kaesa’s weight on her chest, shaking her head, the blood from her face smearing onto Kaesa’s cheek.

Kaesa moved away slightly, staring down at her, a wide smile developing on her lips, “’cause before, I didn’t need ta kill ya. But now, you just laid there, listenin’ to all my secrets,” Rosa sobbed louder at Kaesa’s words, shaking her head, unable to speak through her swollen tounge and throat.

“Ya know, ya really shouldn’t have done that, listenin’ to a bad girl’s stories. Ya shoulda told me ta stop. ’cause now, I got a damn fine reason ta kill ya, don’t I,” she smiled, reaching down and grabbing Rosa’s exposed inner thigh tightly, tightening her hand around the large troll-hand-shaped bruise, causing Rosa to make a low sound of displeasure, the blood gurgling in her lungs as she does so.

Flicking the bruise slightly, Kaesa brought her hands to Rosa’s neck, “Ya know, folks always told me not ta play with my food. Good thing I’m playin’ with his instead, ain’t it,” she giggled softly, her eyes narrowed as she tightened her grip around her throat, squeezing until the wheezing and gurgling stopped.

She looked over at Jumwa, whom was sitting luxuriously in a plush chair, blowing him a kiss with her bloodied hand as she rose from sitting atop Rosa, strutting over to him, “Dinner’s ready, lover.”

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