Kali grinned as she fell to her knees on the hard dirt floor of the Orgrimmar auction house. In front of her stood her lover, speaking with one of the auctioneers about listing some of his enchantment materials. She lifted the heavy bottom to his robe, and quickly snuck her body underneath. Her lover shifted above her, uncomfortable, as she began nuzzling his right thigh.

The auction house was crammed with people, but all were too distracted to have noticed the orc warrior slip beneath the warlock’s robe. She could hear someone, obviously a troll, begin yelling at the auctioneer, before stomping away, and numerous taurens running in and out.

And so she stayed crouched between her lover’s thighs, enjoying making him excited and not being able to do anything without drawing attention to himself. Kali and Grot always managed to find some out of the way arena for their sessions, or at least some place partially secluded.

But Grot had teased her about wanting to be caught, wanting to be exposed, and since he seemed to relish the idea, she wanted to indulge. And so, she licked, and lapped, and nipped at his inner thighs. She could only hear the mumbling of the crowd above her, but she could feel Grot go hot.

The robes Grot wore were a product of his own hands, and so it was thick and well made, meaning no light shone through and it was beginning to get very warm. Kali stifled a giggle as she began nuzzling into his crotch, taking delight in the fact that he was already quite hard through his silken underwear. Above her, he shifted his weight from one leg to another, clearly uncomfortable at the idea of not being able to react, or even move from his place.

Kali lifted her hands from her lap, brought them up to the waistband, and removed Grot from the additional constraint, quickly bringing her mouth to engulf his member. She felt him shift uncomfortably, and could have sworn she heard a sharp intake of breath, but she couldn’t be sure.

Fangs are tricky things when the situation requires gentle licks instead of piercing bites. But Kali prided herself on being ever mindful of Grot’s pleasure. The fact that he was her first mate meant that he had to teach her quite a lot about pleasing him. Even with their somewhat violent affection he had shown her how to please him in gentle strokes and laps, as well as letting her know which aggressive pleasures he preferred best.

But to attain the proper boil for her, today, she was going to be gentle. She lightly played her tongue against his shaft as she brought her fingers to his sac, caressing him softly. She heard him growl something in demonic, causing her to quicken the lapping of her tongue. She took him in her mouth, swirling her tongue around his head before moving her face closer to his body, taking his cock further down her throat, as her hands continued to caress him.

She nibbled ever so gently, careful to not cause any pain, and felt Grot take a deep breath. She slowly withdrew her mouth from him, only to ram it back down to the hilt as fast as she could muster. She moved her head back and forth, licking and sucking and slurping (albeit it quietly) at his cock as he panted above her.

Knowing of his obvious discomfort and the scene she was sure he was making only caused her to suck him with more ferocity, moving her mouth as quickly as she could up and down his phallus, her hands still stroking him, her lips grasping his shaft in her mouth, her tongue making tiny, darting circles over his head. She removed her head from his shaft for a quick second, feeling the fabric of his robe against the back of her bare neck.

She grinned, deciding he had had enough torture and returned to pleasing him with a steely determination. Ensuring his cock was wet with her saliva, she returned to moving her lips up and down his cock, taking him as deep into her as she could. He grunted, coming warm and sweet in her mouth. She continued licking at his head, taking delight in his after-shock shivers.

Removing herself from him, she snuck out from under his robes, licked her lips, and realized she had quite the audience. She blushed and bowed before turning to leave the auction house, her entire body flushed hot, as Grot grinned after her.

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