Walking in slowly, she folded her arms across her chest, looking more than slightly uncomfortable in the outfit. It made it hard to breath, even. The black bodice clung to her, its boning pressing into her firm, green flesh, her chest thrust closer to her collar bones, exposed but for the tiny amount of black, translucent mesh material, stretching tight over her. The corset was cut high at the hips, only the tiniest amount of material coming down over her mound.

On her hips were two frilly pieces, draping down over her outer thighs, leaving the front and inside of her thighs exposed. Long, black leather boots came to the middle of her thighs, the bottoms flat and clunky. She walked slowly in the dim candle light forward, to the lavish bed, rolling onto her back, resting her hands on her stomach as she waited for her troll lover to return from battle.

The room was filled with the aroma of flower oil, burning in a tiny oil canister, the air a warm and sweet scent, quickly filling with Draeka’s own scent of arousal and anticipation, her breathing shallow and raspy from the outfit. She had let her hair down for the evening and it was brushed carefully, washed and dried with great care. Her lips were a darker green than usual, tinted with the dye from plants, her eyes dusky and grey with powder. She fidgeted uncomfortably, raising her leg and lowering it, cautiously lowering a green finger to her inner thigh, rubbing it along the tight leather bonds.

Her pubic hair was growing thicker, at his request, and she rubbed the soft hair that poked from around the leather, sighing happily.


Entering the downstairs entrance, Zij walked over to a table, deftly undoing his robe and slipping it off over his shoulders. He wore a black shirt underneath that still showed his bare muscular arms, and he looked down at one of them for a moment as he flung his heavy robe onto the table.

It had been a long battle in the valley, and his arms were a bit weary. He flexed his arm, testing it as he looked down over his tight, black pants, noting that he had no new wounds. He ran a hand back through his rich, red hair and exhaled; he was in need of her.

Tall and muscular, Zij had the blue skinned body of a Troll athlete; he had the libido of several, however. His marvellously sculpted Orcish lover wasn’t used to it, but she tried to keep up, and he tried to tone it down for her sake.

However, looking down over his body, the large bulge snaking up towards his stomach beneath his pants was an indication that there was no time for restraint now. A long day’s battle got his juices flowing and his loans roaring with desire.

Sliding his palm down his stomach, inside the top of his pants, he ran his fingers around the thick blue shaft, through the short red pubic hair, squeezing himself, noting the rigidness. She’d better be here, he thought. He looked to the stairway, straining through the silence to hear any sound of her, but what he didn’t hear, he smelt. And he smelt signs of life upstairs.

He grinned to himself. Without intention, the image of his blue cock sliding into her naked green cunt flew through his head, and his member throbbed. Oh yes.

With no delay, he began to tread lightly on the floor, keeping his noise at a minimum so she wouldn’t hear him coming. As he climbed the stairs, the various scents filled his nostrils, making his eagerness all the worse.

Reaching the top of the stairs, he leaned forward, pressing his long ear against the door, listening for her. Slowly he pressed his palm against it, pushing it open so gradually and so silently she would be unable to notice.

As he peered through the open door his eyes widened at the sight of his glorious green lover atop the bed, dressed so erotically. He stared in silence, completely entranced by her figure in the black bodice, his cock throbbing rapidly through his tight black pants.

Her eyes were closed, her head back against the pillow, her throat exposed as she sighed, lazily rubbing herself over and around the leather, biting her lower lip as she thought back to the first time she had done it, at his request, thinking of him in her cold room. Her dark nipples pressed tightly against the top as she massaged her stomach and mons, eager for him to return.

Watching her from the doorway, his eyes took her in; from her large boots up to her… they stopped at her hands over her mons. He licked his lips hungrily and reached down, unbuttoning his pants. His lips parted, but he silenced the sigh of relief as his cock fell free of the tight confines, throbbing in the air as he watched her longingly.

She sighed, turning to her side slightly, and then rolling back on her back, her left leg falling to the side. She kicked her leg out slightly, a deep growl in her throat. Slowly she poked a finger in under the leather, rubbing her outer lips with three of her rough fingertips, a wide grin on her face, her tusks bared in almost a snarl. Her rubbing quickly grew from a lazy pace to something more frantic, pushing the leather to the side. Zij’s cock stood out eagerly; the candle light reflecting off its blue skin, showing its smooth shaft, with throbbing veins running its length. He reached down slowly and wrapped his hand around its girth, gripping himself firmly before slowly stroking himself.

He always longed to see her in such a position and he took advantage. Smirking at her snarls and growls, his hand began to beat along his shaft quicker without even realizing it.

Teasingly, she pressed a single digit into her folds, sighing again in pleasure, the hand that was on her stomach slowly creeping up her rib cage, moving slowly up with her fingers, coming to the end of the corset and tracing along the lining under her large, firm chest, licking her lips. She slowly turned her head to the side, breathing headily and as one of her hands crawled up her chest to her nipples, the three fingers below plunged in, eliciting a loud moan of pleasure from the warrior woman.

Zij stopped stroking himself for a moment as she turned her head, then smirked as she carried on he reached down and cupped his balls, stroking his shaft faster.

He rolled his balls between his fingers, caressing them gently as his shaft tingled, precum pooling at the tip of his cock. It took great force of will to resist moving over to her, but talking himself into watching her longer and exploiting the opportunity to see his Orcish beauty gratify herself in such an erotic position was something he didn’t want to miss.

She groaned again, louder, beginning to pant as she softly played with her lips, her thumb tenderly caressing her clit as she pressed her fingers in further and further, her forehead moist with perspiration as she cupped her breast, squeezing it tightly in her hand, her mind racing with thoughts of her troll lover and their last evening together. Her head swooned as she pictured him coming in and taking her in her outfit, pressing into her deeply as he bit at her throat, mumbling his appreciations for her efforts. Turning her onto all fours and ramming into her roughly, his strong, spry body caressing hers with his rough and eager hands. Zij’s eyes were transfixed on her, his jerking growing faster; he forced himself to slow and released his heavy balls. Ever so slowly and gingerly he padded over and around the bed, until he faced her open legs, stepping inwards ever so slightly.

He grinned widely, her pubic hair thicker and longer each time he saw her; just like he asked. His member tingled and seemed to burn with the urges he felt, the sight of her fingers pounding into her cunt overwhelming him.

She groaned again, her eyes shut tightly, her heavy breathing drowning out every sign of life to her ears, completely oblivious to the muscular troll standing in front of her, her mind completely lost to the ecstasy. She moaned his name, her hand clawing desperately at her chest, her fingers completely lost within her folds, her thumb rubbing roughly at her clit.

Suddenly he released his swollen, hot shaft and stepped forward, crouching and leaning against the bed between her legs, planting his hands down on the mattress to each side of her, his cock standing out of his open pants over her as he grinned down at her lustfully.

Draeka gasped loudly at the sudden pressure on the bed, starting upright, panting, and removing her fingers from herself instinctively. Her eyes, however, quickly registered Zij and she chuckled softly in embarrassment, groaning and letting her hand fall to her inner thigh, her other resting on her firm stomach, her breathing still rapid, “been there long?’

His eyes rolled over her body as he let out a growl, “Mmm, dat I ‘ave.” He smirked at her, his hips angling down so the tip of his shaft slid along her wet slit, “nice an’ ready… an’ so…” he paused as he curled his upper lip in a snarl, “so gorgeous.” He leaned in, biting her neck, murmuring, “Lemme taste. Quick.”

She chuckled again, nodding in the haze of pleasure, excitement and embarrassment, wearily bringing her hand from her stomach to his head, lovingly caressing his jaw line, before bringing up her other hand, rubbing it from his chin to his lips, turning her head and blushing brightly, her face and chest moist with perspiration.

Zij shut his eyes for a moment, wrapping his lips around her wet fingers, suckling them hungrily, his tongue swishing around them and milking her flavour off. After a moment, he opened his eyes and looked down at his Orcish lover, her fingers still in his mouth as he licked and tasted them. Wasting no more time, he thrusts his hips forward, his tingling shaft easily slipping inside her wet, ready cunt; the warm, tight, wetness embracing his aching member as he immediately began to thrust in and out of her, the strong aroma of her arousal coming from her fingers driving him wilder.

She lets out a loud, needy groan as he penetrated her, one hand clutching his shoulder, her fingers digging into his flesh as she wrapped her legs around his stomach, her head once more thrust back, exposing her neck. She squirmed excitedly against him, lifting her hips to allow him deeper access, moving her legs up and around his biceps to his shoulders.

Eying her movements, he let her fingers slip from his mouth, sticky with his saliva; he lunged down and bit her neck, nipping it hard before beginning to lap at it, his thrusting growing harder and faster, his balls slapping against her wetness loudly in his wild, uncontrolled rutting.

She yelps loudly as he bites her, her eyes opening wide as she stares up at him lustily, grabbing his head with her wet hand, pressing him harder into her neck, her other squeezing at his shoulder, a low growl emitting from her throat, breathing out the words, “I missed you.”

Groaning loudly, he licked and sucked her neck, biting it again after as he frantically mauls her flesh with his teeth and tongue. The blue flesh of his cock ramming into her wet green cunt, as he moans loudly, trying to grunt out the words in his uncontrolled lust, “Jour…” he grunted loudly, “mine…”

A wicked grin formed on her wet lips, kissing his cheek, then his lip, biting his lower lip roughly, nodding her face against him, “Yer mine,” she panted, her breathing becoming more rapid as she lowered her hand from his shoulder to between their bodies, below the stretchy mesh material, squeezing her own chest as he pounded her, a happy and lust filled grin on her face.

Growling loudly he bit her neck again, blood drawing from her skin at the beckoning of his sharp teeth as his balls tightened and his thrusts strike her pussy with crude roughness. Every muscle in his body tightened, from his arms down to his ass and below to his leg, the fire of his orgasm travelling up as cum begins to jet inside her wet cunt, the Troll atop her looking bestial in his lustful rage.

She growled once more, both her hands quickly moving down his body to his ass, pulling him deeper inside her as her legs tighten around his arms, her squirming quickly turning into shudders, her cunt clenching and unclenching his rigid member.

His arms straight and taught, he thrust into her slowly, but harshly, his eyes watching her as she squeezes his seed from his thick cock. Licking his bottom lip he watched her every movement with delight until his thrusting came to a slow, steady pace. Shuddering one last time, his eyes shut for a moment as a last spurt of cum flows into her, looking down to her with a sly, lusty stare, his voice deep and rough, “again.”

Panting, she tried to catch her breath, looking up at him with a wide grin, nodding slightly, “I’d hope,” she grinned, “got all dressed up nice,” she sighed between kissing him, “wanna get my gold worth.”

Grinning down at her, he leaned in and kissed her lips roughly, shoving his tongue into her mouth deeply. After a moment he leaned back up on his arms and pulls his cock from inside her, slipping out of her hot wetness, a trail of his thick white cum running out of the bottom of her cunt and down between her ass cheeks.

Smirking at her slyly he crouches down, his face above her mound as he nuzzles his nose against her hair, inhaling her scent through the dark bush. “Mmm… scent’s so strong…” He growled deeply and pulled the leather aside further, kissing her hair and then lapping at her clit, just above her hole, dripping his seed.

She gasped, shocked and pleased with his brazen raunchiness, her legs quickly wrapping themselves around his neck, her heels pressed to the low of his back.

Growling with excitement, the heady scent of her cunt mixed with his own ejaculate filling his nostrils as he lapped at her clit, his tongue moving over it up to thickly growing hair, nuzzling his nose and face in it from time to time. His shaft twitched, not having lost any of its stiffness as he indulged in her taste and smell.

She wriggled beneath him, moaning loudly, the sound deep within her throat, coming out as a partial growl. She continued to grip the back of his head, holding him to her tightly as she gyrated her hips back and forth, her other hand grabbing at her chest. She looked down her body at him, a wide, happy grin on her face. She licked her upper lip slowly, before rolling her head back onto the bed and shutting her eyes.

Shutting his eyes tightly he ground his nose into her curly hair, inhaling her strong scent like it was a drug, driving him to lap roughly at her clit more and more. Growling loudly he shifted, opening his thighs widely as his cock stiffly stands up. His face still in her cunt he prepared to move, gripping her two inner thighs ravenously.

Grinning up at him, urging him on with her eyes as she rubbed her hands along his hair and shoulders, her panting and groaning coming out in a constant stream of sound peppered with obscenities as she thrust her hips to his face, growling at him to hurry up. He snarled and stood, grabbing her hips roughly and throwing her over onto her stomach, “Get on jour fuckin’ knees” he barked out as he rubs the back of his hand over his mouth, wiping away the wetness and licking it off.

She whimpered loudly, struggling to regain her composure and catch her breath, as she shook her bottom at him invitingly, “”You’ve had your fun. I planned this, so now it’s my turn,” she grinned, swooning as she turns and sat up on her knees, leaning in and grabbing the back of his head, pressing his lips against hers roughly.

Shutting his eyes, he groaned as he returned her kisses rabidly, clawing his hands at the back of her bodice and down to her ass. Grunting he delved his tongue into her mouth, leaning in against her hard, and trying to push her back against the bed.

Draeka, however, was not weak, pushing him back with equal force, her hands and fingers clawing at him as well, enjoying their lustful struggle for power, panting loudly into his mouth. Her breath was sweet and hot, her tongue pressing roughly against his as she clawed his back before moving her hands to his, grabbing his wrists tightly.

Zij snarled loudly as he struggled his arms against her grasp slightly, pulling back from her lips slightly, his lip curled before lunging down and biting her neck hard, his teeth digging into his skin harshly before he moved down and bit at her breast, held firmly up by her corset.

Moaning loudly in pleasure, her grip faltered on his wrists slightly, her blood leaving her brain, her cheeks blushing hot, her forehead perspiring. She moaned again, gripping his wrists tighter as she thrust her chest up at him, gasping for breath.

Growling he continued to bite and lap at her firm, bulging breast. His cock throbbed, the tip shiny with his left over cum and her juices as he pushed in against her, his arms straining in their fight. She growled softly at his struggle, shaking her head, pulling him in closer to her. He climbed up with his knees on the edge of the bed and moved towards her. With one strong pull, she lay on her back, yanking him on top of her briefly before pushing to roll him beneath her. He growled angrily as he lay on his back, staring up at her, “I’m gonna fuck ju.”

She grinned down at him, a teasing sparkle in her eyes as she leans in, kissing him, pulling his wrists up above his head and clasping them there painfully tight, panting down as she looked at him, her stomach pressed to his chest. A deep growling in his throat, he looked up at her, eying her face as his cock jerked underneath her, heaving his chest in the struggle.

She remained still for a moment, enjoying his throbbing behind her, before switching around to grab both his hands in her one, reaching up below the pillow, clutching something surprisingly rough in comparison to the soft of the pillow and sheets.

He snarled and lunged up, unable to move much under the strength of her hands. He bucked his hips beneath her, causing her to bob up and down, his cock jabbing in between her ass cheeks, as she looked down at him, a wide, happy grin on her face, shaking her head, and pressing her weight on his wrists. She grabbed the rough rope in both her hands, pulling in under his wrists, as the rope pulls against the headboards, the knots all pre tied.

He jerked his head back and looked up at the rope, his eyes widening and his struggle growing, jerking wildly from side to side. She smiled sweetly down at him, kissing his lips tenderly, her rough grip on his wrists not faltering as she scanned his eyes with hers, tenderly, no note of ill intent on her face: only that of deep love and adoration.

He paused his struggling for a moment, staring back up at her, his chest heaving as he breathed heavily, kissing her back softly in consent before suddenly biting her lower lip, grinning at her. She smiled happily back at him, finishing tying his wrists. Leaning down to kiss him once more, she sat up on his chest, slowly rubbing her body to his before lowering one of her fingers to her slit, reaching in and bringing a digit coated in cum to her clit.

He groaned in anticipation, his eyes fixed on her sex, watching her rub it against his bare chest and then dive a finger in. Pulling against the rope he strained, watching her, “I wanna fuck ju!”

Grinning down at him, she nodded rolling her head back and moaning out the words, “An’ you will once I’m ready,” she smiled back down at him, licking her lips.

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