“Why’s it so bright?”

Her eyes were clenched tightly, so tight they hurt, trying to guard off the light. There were figures moving above her; she could see the shadows as they passed over her face. Why didn’t they respond?

“Someone turn off the light.”

They were talking, but it was muffled. Was it even Thalassian? She tried to open her eyes, but the light blinded her, eyes clenched shut once more, her teeth gritted together. She tried to lift an arm to hide her eyes, but it wouldn’t move. She tried to move the other arm. Nothing.

Panic set in, and with the panic came the realization of pain. True pain.

It was so familiar… so…

She let forth a silent scream before passing out.

– – – – –

His hand was conscious not to sweep over her bloated belly, resting on her thigh, curled into her tightly. It was mid day but she still hadn’t stirred from sleep, though she would thrash with an occasional twitch. She wept through her lidded eyes. His own lashes were thick with salted tears, though he wiped the tell tale sign from his face as her body rustled against his, her hand immediately finding the swell of her stomach and grimacing in pain.

Maglin’s hand found hers and rested atop it lightly, his voice husky with lack of sleep.

“Good morning, Anj.”

Her lower lip trembled, “Morning, Mags.”

“It’ll be okay. We still have each other.”

She nodded her head against the pillow, her hair matted around her face, stuck in a tangled mess under her puffy cheek. Her skin was sallow and pale with the loss of blood, her arms and legs limp. The bruise on her head and the gash across her back was protected with a healing salve, Jumwa and Idryl having tended to her in her time of need. There was someone else there too… Anjasa didn’t recognize her.

“I want to see her.”

Maglin shook his head. “Shh. Rest now.”

“I want to see Jade,” Anjasa’s voice trembled with the need, with the all encompassing anger and sorrow.

“She’s gone, Anj.”

His voice cracked. He held his breath.

Anjasa wept.

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