Kali’s body surged with her new found hatred, rage, power. She fell to the grass, her ankles cuffed together, hands tearing at the light-weight, black robe that left little the imagination; cut off at the thighs and low in the chest, overwhelmed with the growing sensation of heat in her stomach. She stared up at the perpetrator, her childhood friend Grot, as he continued to chant in some unknown language. She thrust her hips in the air, growling, as she felt her blood boiling. She wasn’t sure what was happening, but it felt good and powerful and painful at the same time. She screamed in agony and ecstasy in the seconds before Grot lowered his hands and walked over to her.

She was panting hard, clawing at herself, and staring at Grot with all the furiousness a warrior could muster as she snapped the iron that held her ankles. And then she grabbed his neck and forced him to kiss her lips. She snarled when his body stiffened with surprise and dug her nails in deep, drawing blood. As his surprise wore off, he kissed her back, hard, before biting at her lips and her ears as her body still writhed from the jolt of dark power. Grabbing his shoulders and pushing him off of her to the grass on her left, she rolled to her knees next to him. She grabbed for her small dagger and brought it to his neck, pleased with the fear in his eyes. She smirked, showing off her fangs, before cutting the neck of his robe and sliding the blade down to his stomach, tossing it aside, and ripping the rest of his robe off.

Kali grinned with a menacing look in her eyes. “I don’t know what you did to me, but I have a feeling that it’s something that might be needing punishment.” She slipped on to Grot’s stomach, pinning his hands over his head, and she could see a myriad of emotions revealed in his eyes, though the most obvious indicator of what he was feeling was standing firm and leaning against her ass. His face was confused as he stuttered out “K-Kali?” Her grin widened as she moved down his stomach further, rage in her eyes, as she growled back to him “the new and improved.” His wrists twitched as she pushed down on them, bringing her face to his as she bit down on his lower lip. “Is this what you wanted?” Grot nodded slightly, licking the fresh blood from his lip and grinning. Kali slid down, further still, forcing her tiny robe to ride up towards her waist, until her cunt pressed against Grot’s hard shaft while she lowered her head to his neck and bit. Hard.

He growled under his breath, struggling slightly to free his hands and take the tease that sat atop of him. Kali’s head swung slowly from one side to another as she pressed his wrists harder into the ground. “This isn’t for you, this is your punishment, remember?” Another growl escaped Grot’s throat. “Remember when we were kids, Grot? Well, I’ve had a lot more training to become strong, you’re not getting out until I want you to.” Kali smirked before licking the blood from his neck, muttering into his ear “and I have no interest in making this easier for you.” She grabbed both of his wrists, one in each hand, and dragged them down to his side, squirming down further, over his cock, and past it, so she was now sitting on his thighs.

She sat atop Grot, wearing the skimpy ‘ceremonial’ robe he convinced her to wear to the meeting, and laid her body atop of his, still clasping his wrists with her hands. She grinned another grin up at him before licking his chest in long, slow laps. Nipping and biting all the while, she slowly rubbed her stomach up and down upon Grot, causing more anger and delight to spring to his eyes. Kali was being driven by instinct alone, as she had never learned to please another, but she could tell that she was bringing the orc below her to an acceptable boil with what she was doing. She lowered her lips to his left nipple and lapped at it with her somewhat rough tongue. All the while, Grot lay pinned to the ground with a low growl emitting from his throat every few seconds.

Raising her head slightly, she looked into Grot’s narrowed eyes “If I let your arms go for a second, will you promise to behave?” Grot frowned and nodded. Slowly, Kali lifted her hands from his wrists, sitting up straight on his thighs as his cock throbbed toward her stomach. She rose further above him, still on her knees, preparing to take off her robe, when Grot’s hands shot out and grabbed her hips, drew her above him and slammed her down in what seemed like one motion. Kali’s eyes grew wide as she let out an astonished scream before she glared down at Grot. “I told you, this isn’t for you!” She quickly grabbed for his wrists again, and lifted herself from his member, allowing her pussy to remain kissing his throbbing head. She pulled up further, walking on her knees up his body. Taking his wrists over his head again, she moved up, and up, towards his mouth. She hovered her body there, over him, as she listened to him pant. He reached his tongue for her, lightly running it up her slit, before she lifted herself up further. “What is it you want, Grot?” she asked, looking down her toned body to his now hungry face. A low moan left his lips, before he spoke. “I want you.” Kali threw her head back in laughter as she let herself drop to Grot’s mouth, his beard tickling the inside of her thighs.

And indeed he did. He licked at her cunt, sometimes slow, sometimes fast. He carefully bit at her most private of regions, before raising his head slightly to nestle his cheek to her mound and the soft hair above it. Releasing one of his wrists, she pushed his head back to the ground, holding him tightly in place with her thighs, as she ripped off what remained of the robe and brought her free hand down to meet his tongue at her flesh. She rubbed, lightly at first, as Grot licked at her, before pressing harder, rubbing faster. She ground into Grot’s face, absentmindedly removing her hand from his other wrist. And then he bit, hard enough to cause her to scream in delight, and not enough to puncture the skin. He took advantage of the pleasure searing through her body and flipped her to her back, pinning down her shoulders.

Kali cried out and grabbed at his muscled arm, digging her nails in, before he quickly grabbed them and pinned them at her side. Kali’s eyes flickered with teasing laughter as she let him hold her down. He smiled with approval down to her unblemished face as he moved up her body, repeating her own teasing moves. And she quickly began to lick and kiss and nibble and bite at his cock, being ever careful to be slightly less violent with his sac, as Grot sighed in delight. She was his now.

He removed his member from her hungry mouth. She licked her lips, staring up at him with hunger. He moved down her body, lying flat on top of her as he bit her neck. Hard. She cried in pain, struggling to free her hands from his grasp. Succeeding, she grabbed at his neck, pulling him to her as he licked at the fresh wound. She growled in pleasure, holding him to her. She snuck her hand between their bodies, grabbing his dick and rubbing it, hard, causing Grot to breathe heavily and lick at her neck at a steady pace. He moved his body lower, making Kali frown with displeasure as she lost grip of him. He lowered his head to her chest, grinning up at her with his eyes before biting the underside of her right breast. She gasped as his other hand was brought to her left breast and grabbing it, digging his fingers in, kneading it with his hand as his mouth engulfed her other firm mound of flesh.

Kali squirmed under him, thrusting her hips up in the hopes that he would take her up on the implied offer. He smiled at her, before saying the words. “What is it you want, Kali?” Her eyes gleamed up at him. “I want you.” Grot sat up straight on her thighs, looking down at her with mock curiosity in his eyes “Oh? Where?” When Kali opened her mouth to speak he shook his head. “No, show me.” She flushed with excitement as she lowered her hands over her chest, lingering only slightly before trailing down her stomach to her delicate mound. She smiled up at him, biting her lip. “Here,” she said with certainty. Grot grinned, moving to allow himself the ability to force her legs open. He moved his head down, slowly, nuzzling her, before straightening up and ramming his cock in her at full force. Kali’s eyes watered at the force, screaming in the new mixture of pleasure and pain. Grot held himself on his one arm, allowing the other to wander to her breasts again, grabbing at them violently, and grunting in pleasure all the while. He smiled, stopping for a moment to grab Kali’s ankles; cuffs still attached, and threw them over his shoulder before returning attention to her throbbing cunt. She screamed in delight as he delved deeper into her, moaning. He turned his head, biting her calf, once more drawing blood that he lapped at as she lowered her hands, playing with the shaft of his penis as he thrust it in and out from her.

He looked down at his little Kali, a wide grin on her face, licking her lips and staring at him with delight. He grabbed her thighs, digging his fingers in as he rammed, harder, into her. She cried out in pleasure as she felt him spasm, roughly. She shuddered, clutching him into her further, and lay back to the grass, satisfied.

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