Zij sighed contentedly, sitting down on the ground, looking up at the young orcish girl that happily followed him into the tiny, hidden, hut. “Finally alone, my dear,” he smiled, beckoning her closer.

“Yes, it’s been a long day… I think Nazru has taken a liking to me…” she blushed, looking down at the ground. “Ya don’t like ‘im, my dear?” Zij smirked, eyeing her up and down. She was wearing a loose fitting, brown top that had opened wide enough to expose a tiny bit of the dark green of her areola, with matching pants that accentuated her curves.

“Never thought much on it. He’s nice to talk to… but… I don’t think I’m… trained enough to be someone’s mate…” she murmured softly, a permanent blush in her face.

“Ya quite a good girl. So ya t’ink ya need more trainin’ wit’ yer master do ya?”

“Uhm, yes… Sir thinks that you can’t train me completely because of the Chieftess and so you can’t spend all your time training me, but.. I’d like to… be the best that you can train me to be.”

“Dat’s what Hathgrimm t’inks is it? What do you t’ink?” he mused, smirking up at her.

“I wouldn’t turn down.. training… from you…”

“I t’ink I got much ta offer ya yet girl,” he smiled happily up at her, licking at his tusk hungrily, “Did’ja ‘ave a lil’ show planned for me?” Zij asked as he stretched his shoulders, exposing the bulge in his robe, “I been lookin’ forward ta it for so long.”

Renkka, blushing and smiling, she nodded, biting at her lower lip. “Oh… uhm.. not really planned… you just said to, uh, do what we do in private, so I didn’t uhm… plan… much… I hope that’s okay…” she trailed off, blushing even deeper, her eyes constantly avoiding Zij’s.

“Well, I also plan for ja ta dance for me. Remembah? I want ta see my lil’ Renkka do a slinky dance, strip ‘er clothes away… got me?” he smirked, winking up at her.

“Oh, of course, Master. I wouldn’t dream of forgetting that. Uhm… I’ve been looking forward to this… uh, as well. It’s… uhm… hard not to…. It’s hard to be around others… and you… and not… wish they’d disappear,” Renkka spoke softly, her hands toying with the bottom of her shirt, her eyes glancing quickly up at him before darting back to the ground.

Zij closed his eyes and sighed, “I know Renkka… dis day was tryin’. ‘avin’ ta keep my ‘ands off ya while ya were so enticin’…” Zij groaned, opening his eyes as his hand rubbed his shaft firmly over the robe. Renkka blushed softly again, “I… have to admit that I wanted to… look uhm… enticing for you,” she stammered, her eyes now glued on Zij’s hand as he began rubbing himself faster.

“Every time I look ovah an’ see you… dose curvy breasts… god Renkka. An’ den wit’ da bitch mutt… I got carried away wit’ myself. ‘ad ta taste ya,” he frowned, watching her as she started swaying softly, her hands running softly over her stomach as she watching him stroke himself. “I’m sure she won’t tell…. or if she will… no one would believe her… I think they all believe our relationship is… purely professional… I even lied to Sir… told him it wasn’t… sexual, when he became concerned over… interracial… relations.”

Zij smiled at Renkka, “Oh? ‘e asked dat?”

“He… implied it, when I told him you were my… Master,” she blushed, gulping slightly and feeling a warm sensation growing between her legs.

Zij chuckled softly, “’ow could a master not be sexual wit’chu Renkka? Tell me dat…” he moaned, as he wrapped his fingers around his cock, covered by his robe. “Slippin’ my cock inta you…” he groaned, shutting his eye, his hand stroking his cock still, a dab of wetness appearing through the robe at the tip.

“Were ja t’inkin’ o’ dis taday? While swimmin’, an’ chattin’ wit’ da Tribe?” Zij grinned, watching Renkka as she blushed, her eyes nearly torn from his stroking hand. “I’m always thinking of… you… and… what you do to me. Master… do you approve of my outfit? I… have others… with me. You… uh… wanted a show… and supplies… right?” she smiled, her hands still toying with the bottom of her top.

Zij released his shaft and stretched his shoulders again, “It’s a delightful outfit my dear… most pleasin’. But I saw it all day. Please me Renkka. Make me forget about all else outside o’ yer shapely body in front o’ me.”

Renkka nodded, dropping to her knees on the hard ground, rummaging through her bag, and offering a more than ample view of her chest. Zij licked his lips, eying the view hungrily, his cock twitching.

“I can wear what I wore last night, if you like… or… hmm… uhm… well how much would you like to see when I’m clothed, from one to ten, ten being fully clothed,” Renkka smiled, looking up at Zij.

“Well… surprise me my dear.”

“Alright. I suppose we’re past the stage for, uh… what was it Ezrah said… modesty?”

Zij grinned and nodded, “Dat’s right. Ya mine Renkka, an’ tanight I want’cha ta be my filt’y ‘ore. Got it?”

Renkka carefully pulled off her boots and gloves, placing them in her bags, nodding enthusiastically at Zij. “Mmm, I understand, Master. I think you’ll like the outfit, then…” she smiled, removing a few items from her bag and placing them on the ground. She smiled, slowly pulling her top up over her head, grinning happily as she sees him inhale, his eyes on her chest. Next came the belt, throwing it on top of her bag, followed quickly by the unbuttoning and removal of her pants. Blushing, but smiling happily, she stood nude in front of him for a few seconds before bending down and leisurely stepping into the tiny pants she had picked out. They were small, pure black, and covered only a tiny part of her upper thighs. It rode low on her stomach, her curvy bottom perfectly accentuated by it.

She smirked slightly, bending down again to grab the white shirt she had picked out. It was long sleeved, with a wide opening at the breasts, the bottom buttoning just below her bust. She smiled as she reluctantly tied the top of the shirt tight, pressing her breasts together.

Together, the set covered very little. Her cleavage, as well as her stomach and legs were all exposed. Though she still blushed, her self consciousness was quickly disappearing as she let her instincts take over. “Whorish enough, Master?” she purred softly.

Zij breathed heavily, his heart pounding, “Oh my Renkka… dat’s… ‘eavenly.” He smiled, slowly undoing his robe. “Renkka… what’d I do wit’out chu? Ya drivin’ me wild…”

Renkka smirked slyly at him, knowing he would just as easily be contented in his fiancée’s arms, “You’d manage, Master.”

“Turn around for me… show me ya be’ind,” Zij commanded, licking at his tusk, his hand still wandering about his cock.

Renkka nodded, slowly turning, glancing over her shoulder at her Master, tilting her weight onto one leg. Zij undid his pants, extracting his cock from them and pumped it up and down, “Oh Renkka, show me ya dance… entertain me like I know ya can.”

Renkka bit her lower lip, rubbing her hands along the sides of her hips, before turning back to face her Master. Renkka grinned wickedly as she continued to lightly trace her finger tips up and down her body, focusing on her stomach and thighs, as she sways her hips slightly from side to side, all the while humming a soft, slow, song.

Zij swallows, “I knew ja would make s promisin’ pupil since I first met’cha. An’ now… ya all mine. An’ I might nevah want ta let’cha go,” he sighed, as he stroked himself faster, eyes unblinkingly glued to the display. Renkka blushed happily from head to toe as she continued moving to the music of her own making, slowly bringing her fingertips closer and closer to her nearly exposed chest, and naked inner thighs. Renkka grinned, moving her body closer to the ground before wiggling her way back to a standing position, venturing for a lingering moment inside the top of her shirt, lightly touching the top of her left breast.

Zij rubbed a hand over his bare chest as he continued stroking himself, entranced by Renkka’s orcish beauty. “Someday, I’ll get’cha a ‘ole wardrobe o’ gorgeous an’ revealin’ t’ings ta put on an’ strip off for me Renkka.”

Renkka licked her lips, and her eyes lit up. Bringing her index finger to her mouth, she engulfed it, lubricating it with her saliva. Removing her finger from her mouth, she slowly snuck her finger inside her top, holding the fabric out with her other fingers while her wet one rubbed her nipple, the liquid quickly evaporating in the heat. Zij groaned loudly, “I dunno ‘ow much more I can take Renkka…” he shivered, his cock pulsing and growing in his tight grasp.

Renkka frowned in mock disappointment “Oh, but you wanted a show, didn’t you, Master?” she smiled, running her finger over the front of her “pants”, slowly petting herself, her hips still rhythmically moving from side to side. Her other hand moves up, cupping one of her full breasts, squeezing slightly, eliciting a soft moan, as well as a slight amount of pressure in the opposite hand.

Zij licked his lips, feeling dry in the mouth as he salivates over the young orc, “I want ta ravage ya so bad Renkka,” he grunted, speaking in a low, gruff voice, “start takin’ it off ya orcish slut.” Zij continued to jerk himself roughly as he grunted and groaned, gritting his teeth in pleasure and agony.

Renkka grins devilishly, taking both of her hands and placing them in the waistband of her pants, playfully pulling down one corner, and then the other, before lowering them and slowly kicking them off, landing in Zij’s lap. Without ceasing his self-pleasure, he lifted them to his nose, inhaling Renkka’s scent as he eyed her exposed cunt. Renkka smiled, running her hands over her now bare slit, before raising them up to under her top.

Venturing a few quick tweaks of each of her nipples, she slowly removed her top, making sure to push her breasts up as she lifted the shirt over her head. Zij wrapped the scant undergarment around his shaft, feeling the material that had just touched Renkka’s pussy against his cock, “Turn slowly. Let me get a view o’ ya from all sides,” he demanded.

Renkka continued to run her fingers slowly over her body, lifting and rubbing her breasts with her forearm and lightly teasing her clit with her pinkie finger, losing the rhythm of her dance over time. She swiveled her hips, turning slowly, cupping and uncupping her breasts. As her ass faces him, she ventures a hand, running over the small of her back before resting on the full of her ass.

Zij growled, “C’mere,” causing a huge smile to cross Renkka’s sweet face. She quickly ran over to her Master, sitting in front of him and rubbed her wet fingertip over his chest. He threw the cloth wrapped about his shaft to the ground and leans over Renkka, pushing her back against the rocky ground. With a scowl, he eyed her entire nude form from top to bottom, and then again, “Such a good girl. Ya mastah is most pleased, feel,” he nodded, taking Renkka’s hand, jerking it to his cock and wrapping it about him quickly.

Renkka let out a tiny sigh of delight, firmly grasping his cock, her other hand wrapped around to the low of his back, pulling him into her, grinding their bodies against her slowly-jerking hand. He let out a loud roar as he violently plunged into his little slut, her wet cunt enveloping him tightly. One of his hands clutched at a breast, digging into the soft and tender flesh. He groaned as he enjoyed the full depth of Renkka’s pussy, seeming to enjoy her tightness for an eternity, but quickly beginning to thrust in and out of her.

Renkka moaned happily, throwing her head to the side, her eyes closed tight, hips thrust, legs wrapped around his, pulling him into her deeper As he bit down on her neck, mumbling incoherent words of ecstasy as he continues to pummel Renkka, “Ya were made ta please a man Renkka… so… perfect,” he whispers into her ear before losing himself in his rough fucking.

Renkka let out a lusty groan as he bit into her, bringing a moist finger to her clit, pleasing herself as her Master continued to thrust, growling contentedly as her other hand strokes his hair. Zij pounded the delicate girl before him, his thick, throbbing cock being sucked in by her moist cunt, each vein on his shaft tightly enveloped and met by her wet folds as he groaned and snarled, a fiery bolt of pleasure passing through his cock.

He licked at the deep red bite marks on Renkka’s neck before quickly biting again and harder on her shoulder. Finally losing all control he slams into her tight cunt, his full cock convulsing in an explosive orgasm as his warm seed fills her deeply. Renkka groaned, pulling him into her deeper with the full force of both her hands, snarling in pleasure and gasping for breath. Zij panted heavily, his cock jerking and spasming out the last strings of semen as he curses, “Fuck Renkka… ya too good. Too… enticin’. I came inside ja,” as he kissed his way up her shoulder, neck and to her mouth.

Renkka panted happily, hungrily returning her Master’s kiss, licking quickly at his tongue as she placed her hand again on the back of his head, pulling his mouth closer to hers, her other hand slowly rubbing his moist back. He closed his eyes and kissed Renkka back passionately, toying with her tongue in return and grinding his body into hers as the unlikely pair made-out on the ground, his hand finally loosening its grip from her tender breast.

Renkka lets out a low growl from the back of her throat, lying her head back on the hard ground, looking up at Master. “Mmmm, I thought you wanted me to show you what Jhorora and I do together, Master. Though I can hardly complain,” she smirked, still softly kissing his chin.

Zij looked down on Renkka, still panting heavily, his sweaty chest heaving. “Dat’ll ‘ave ta wait for tamorrow Renkka…” he grinned, as he kissed her lips again deeply.

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