Even amongst the beastial charr, his own kind, Ryzkar was a large figure. His large, clawed feet thumped loudly upon the soil as he stalked away from the main camp towards his destination. He’d just seen off the party of secretive Ash cronies he commanded in his warband, having impressed upon them the importance of getting the ‘traitor’ back to imprisonment in silence. With any luck, he hoped, the long circuitous route he made them take might also get them all killed, and eliminate any future problems that might arise as well.

That was all ancillary, however. Ryzkar’s broad, feline face was contorted in a fanged grin because of what the little betrayal would net him. Camped by the river, the other man’s companion should still be lingering; his for the taking on that dark and rain-threatened night.

Coming to the trees that separated them, he pulled back a branch and peered through to her little campsite which until so very recently, had been shared with her friend and companion. His own ovaline, slitted eyes were red in the dark of night as he sought her alien form out.

Where he was large, the human was slight, and she stood pacing against the outline of the fire, her face puffed up. It was a long way home, and without her friend to guide her, fear was creeping into the usually adventurous woman’s mind. She brushed away a stray tear and took in a deep breath.

Her long, blonde hair was tinted orange by the flames and it cast a halo around her nearly angelic face. She had a smooth, pale complexion and large, blue eyes that most other humans fell in love with.

She was left at a dead end, with nothing but the simple hiking outfit and a few supplies to tide her over. She shivered, even though the evening was warm, and her shoulders crumpled with another sob.

Ryzkar wore a thick leather trench coat, adorned with a ghoulish display of bones right up along to the high collar. Though bestial in appearance, the charr were ingenious inventors as a whole, more creative than they were savage, and so he wore a pistol upon his belted hips as he studied her.

His fur a dark grey that blended into a charcoal black, a sinisterly grinning face framed by two curved ram-like horns, he tread carefully. Towering above her height by an incredible margin, he somehow managed to mask his approach upon the soft earth long enough to enter into her radius.

With a pounce, thick arms shot out around her, and before she could cry out, a bristly palm was clamped over her mouth and pointed claw tips were pricking her smooth cheek. His words were a low, guttural growl that rumbled over her ear, “Your companion is gone. For good.” With a lick of his own wide maw, he added, “You’re all alone. Helpless.”

Her body instantly went rigid and she tried to scream though the noise muffled by his large paw. She could feel him all around her, encompassing her, and she kicked to the ground, leaning forward and trying to propel herself to escape.

She was so weak compared to him, however, and her struggles did so little against the solidly build charr. As she flailed to find freedom she realized there was so little a chance of escape.

With exceptional ease the hulking beast lifted her off the ground, pressing her in against his broad chest with his powerful grasp. His nose twitched as he tilted his head, inhaling her strange, human scent. His sense of smell was greater than a man’s, and he found her to be so… odd.

Her own people might think it pleasant, but to one of his kind, her pheromones, her pleasant aroma, held none of that familiar attraction. But for him, with his furred hand clutched at her mouth, it was never about familiar states of attraction.

Taking his time with his prize, he let his tongue push out of his mouth, the harsh, almost sand-paper tongue moving across her neck on up to her ear. Tasting her skin so, his voice rumbled forth again, “Screaming is pointless, human.” His words held amusement, “None here will come to your aid. And I,” he grinned, pressing her body against him harder, “I hold your friends life upon the hair’s-breadth of my words.”

The threat upon her dear friend’s life sent a cold chill down her spine. She wilted in his arms, suddenly submissive against him.

“I just wanted you to know that,” he murred in his husky, bestial speech, loosening his grip upon her mouth, letting his dangerously sharp claws slide down her smooth skin. “Before I let you get to screaming, I mean,” with those abrupt words he let her drop to the ground suddenly.

She easily crouched, her body flipped to face him, her balance maintained and poised as she stared up at her captor. She didn’t move a muscle; instead she just stared up at him. Panic was no longer lining her face, but there was a very obvious look of planning. Of anger and resentment and developing ideas as she slowly stood.

She barely rose above his ribcage, hunched as he was, and her pistols had been carelessly left within her bag. There was not to be any more hunting this evening, and the remains of a rabbit carcass on a spit attested to that. She was free on either side, but behind her was the campfire and ahead of her stood the massive charr.

The flames played tricks on his face and body, elongating his shadows and exaggerating some of his more terrifying aspects. Her body slowly relaxed as she appraised him, though to the skilled observer, her ruse was obvious, “Where is he?”

Looming over her he seemed ready to pounce, though the fanged-grin hinted that he was toying with her–and loving it. “Gone,” he mused huskily, “far from here already.” His eyes flashed open a little wider, showing those long, vertical slits of his irises, “Perhaps you could catch up to him in time and free him from his keepers!”

At those mocking words he laughed and then lunged for her.

She was about to follow through with his suggestion when he grabbed her slender biceps, her eyes going wide and angry, “I am a friend to your people,” she bluffed, her chest puffing out with false pride. “Some consider me an ambassador! If you let me leave this place I will tell no one of your outrageous behaviour.”

Her lack of struggle seemed to disappoint him, and he very rudely shoved her down to the ground, slamming her curvy body into the soil. With a loud snort and huff, he crouched down over her like the stalking felines so many humans loved to compare his kind with, “You think a threat will suffice to get you out of this?” He curled his snout in derision, “You disappoint me.”

“It was a warning!” she shouted, scrambling back a few notches until she felt the heat of the fire near her head. Her voice cracked, betraying her true fear of the brute, but she tried to remain in control, “We can both part ways here!”

With a loud snort of amusement he jammed his large fists down around her arms, digging his claws into her flesh, piercing her clothing.

She squeaked, finally giving him what he wanted – a struggle. She lifted herself up and brought her feet to his chest, trying to push him off of her.

With her arms still firmly in his hold, he kept her within his grasp even as her boots jammed into his chest. In a display of his brute strength over her, he didn’t shirk away from it, he pressed down against her in turn, his feline maw curved in the charr’s version of a smirk as he snuffed in her scent at her face again, “I can taste your fear human. It’s more delicious than you look.”

She made a sound of disgust, still putting all of her meager weight into pushing him away from her, bringing her left heel down against his rib as hard as she could. She was wearing solid, leather boots that went up to her mid-calf, but they offered little to her offensive maneuvers.

The kick of her booted foot might’ve been enough to cause real harm were his chest not padded with thick layers of leather and his own natural fur and muscle. Instead he looked annoyed and showed it by releasing one of her arms. The loss of a hold there and her pushing against him caused her to twist to one side, and he transplanted his hand then up to her neck, helping turn her away from him towards the soil beneath, “Why don’t you scream for me, human?” He coaxed in his dark husk of a voice, “Perhaps one of my kind will feel pity for you, and come running to your aid, hrrmmmh?” His voice was thick with mockery, but something more; hope. He wanted her to scream.

She grunted as her body was manipulated into new, painful positions, and she tried to kick him once more, even as she felt his mitt against her neck. She could sense his desire for her to scream and she resisted the urge, even as he implanted the seed of hope within her.

Releasing her other arm he kept her within reach merely by the strong grasp of her neck, using his newly freed hand to swat her kicking leg away. “C’mon,” he urged again, his breathing growing heavier as he clawed against her neck and leg, moving down to press atop her, “Don’t you know what’ll happen to your friend? What’ll happen to YOU human?!” He snarled menacingly as he pushed down atop her.

She struggled in a deep breath, knowing she will soon need it as she tried to escape his grasp, contorting herself in almost acrobatic manners. She was strong and lithe, though it did little to protect her from the hulking mass of the beast. A barely audible whimper was forced out and she shut her eyes in anger.

Never give them what they want. She had been cautioned on his kind once before, in preparation for her sojourn, and the words rang in her ears.

Ryzkar’s frustration with her lack of cooperation made him growl and grip her harder, choking off her air without even realizing it. His other hand clawed at her leggings, absolutely shredding them open, leaving streaks of crimson along her pale flesh underneath as he exposed her skin. But under his frustration, his anger, the heavy breathing betrayed something else. The beast pinned her beneath his impressive girth and he rumbled, “You’ll not deny me forever, human,” and with that, his claws found her ass, digging through her pants to get there.

She had willpower, and was not so easily subdued, even as the tears stung at her eyes and her flesh tore under his wicked talons. Her stomach roiled in fright and she gasped for breath. It had all happened so fast, less than a couple of minutes having passed, and her adrenaline pounded through her body. She started kicking in earnest, aiming for his stomach, his groin, his face, as her hands scratched for his eyes.

With her pinned to the ground upon her stomach, her attempts to strike at him were meek flailings at best compared to the brutish monster.

Before her air was choked off completely, he relinquished his hold on her neck. Not out of concern, but for better location. He took hold of her blond hair and yanked back her head as his elbow kept her stomach ground to the soil, her spine arched high. “I’ve never mated a human before,” he mused just out of reach of her hands, a wicked claw jabbing into the triangular tear on her leggings against the puffy pink sex beneath.

She wanted to shut him down, to give him a snarky remark, to find a way to get him to stop, but instead she did the one thing she knew she shouldn’t have.

She screamed.

It didn’t last long, but it was shrill and full of fright and anger as she was subdued beneath his larger, and far more dangerous, form.

At the sound of her shrill cry, his eyes widened, his mouth hung open, and beneath the material of his pants, his virility stirred. The desperate little sound of the tiny, alien being beneath him was like a sweet reward, and he jammed the hard, sharp claw through the resistant, dry folds of her sex roughly as he swelled to fullness. “More,” he crooned in his harsh voice, “more!”

She bit down on her lower lip so hard it drew a bright red line under her straight, white teeth. He tore at her insides, and the only reason she stopped squirming was that she somehow had the wherewithal to prevent further damage to her sex. Tears spilled from her clear, blue eyes, and the dark lashes were thickened with the salty water.

His bulk was massive. A large, muscled beast, he eclipsed her form entirely in the dark of night atop the grass. Pressing down upon her he licked his coarse tongue across her cheek, tasting her flesh and tears as he plucked his claw out of her, bringing it to his mouth. Licking a tiny bit of her blood from it, he inhaled her scent. The scent of another animal’s sex, so strange and bizarre, it made him curious rather than horny. No, it was her scream that accomplished the latter.

“You excite me, human,” he rumbled, lowering his hand down, undoing his own breaches until she could feel the heavy press of his inhumanly sized organ strike against her backside. It was hot, fleshy, veiny and throbbing. So alien, yet so familiar. So distinctly male and glistening at the tip despite his beastly visage.

She bit down on her sore bottom lip harder as her blurred eyes glanced around the camp. It was about fifteen feet to get to her pack, but she’d have to go around the fire. It would be about three large, bounding steps for her, and under two for him. She was faster, and she had that agility on her side, and as he gloated above her, she tried to push herself away and up, angling for her supplies.

Feeling her begin to struggle beneath him again his pleasure only rose, his cock throbbing, engorging more fully against her pale backside. “Good,” he cooed in his rough manner of speaking, keeping a tight hold on her long, blond hair. Her movement caused his shaft to slip down along the tears of her pants, down the cleft of her ass as it showed through the gaping hole. Nudging himself back at her the broad crown of his shaft jabbed between her cheeks to those abused labia, the oversized organ eager. “Don’t worry,” he murred, “we’ll make it fit.”

She jolted against the rough hold on her hair, and strands of golden, blonde locks ripped away. She couldn’t give up without a fight, and yet the man was so much stronger than her.

She was jolted by him pressing against her tender, pink sex. Only a light bit of hair separated him from her, the only bit of protection she had left, and one so easily ignored. Her palms dug into the ground as she tried to push herself away, fingers clawing into the dirt.

His hind talons dug into the grass and soil as he hefted himself atop her, pressing down as he let his tongue lick along his maw and fangs, as if able to taste his own excitement. He was jabbing at her now, as if mounting one of his own kind in the dirt, but she was so much smaller than a female of his people; so much softer. He had no idea if he could even cram his throbbing organ into that fleshy little crevice without destroying it utterly, but he would find out.

Grunting he jabbed again and again, her continued struggling exciting him all the more, unknowingly only making it worse on herself as he swelled, impeding his entry into her. Though none of that stopped the inexorable, for finally he grunted at the feel of his shaft forcing itself into her at last.

Her scream lasted longer this time. It was full of pain and anguish that she couldn’t hold back, and her body ached in protest of his assault. To say he was hurting her would be an understatement; he was splitting her in two, and her entire body seized up against him. There was nowhere for her to go, but she tried to crawl away from him, her head yanked back awkwardly and stretching her neck out, warbling her cry.

He’d never known exquisite pleasure like this before. The tight cling of her freshly violated quim. The shrill cry from her bird-like little throat. The strange, disgusting act of rutting some human bitch. It all mingled in his mind as he curved his arches and spine, pushing himself into her further and further, burying more of his inhuman mass into her cunt, painfully forcing it wide as he took her.

All the while he gripped her hair tightly, giving hoarse grunts of pleasure as he nearly crushed her beneath him.

Everything within her was tight. Her innards felt warped and knotted, her lungs felt small and insufficient to handle both her screaming and her sobbing breaths. Her stomach lurched with his every moment.

And her poor, battered sex. That tender and beautiful bit was now warped and red, deformed by his massive girth and defiled with blood and the slight amount of wetness her body was able to produce. The thick trunk-like stem of that beast’s shaft misshaped and distorted it beyond recognition, causing its folds to strain red.

It only got worse once he started his rutting, jabbing that fleshy weapon into her, violating her with budding speed. The more he ground his shaft inside, the more he forced its movement inside her tacky, resistant cunt, the easier it became to render her flesh upon his cock.

Her elbows were scuffed from the dirt, but it didn’t bother her. The pain lower in her form encompassed her wholly, and blurred everything else out. She didn’t notice the pain of her beautiful hair being yanked. She didn’t notice the agony of her flesh being torn open as she was ground into the rocks. She didn’t notice the heat of the flames so near to her head.

And after a while, the sting in the rest of her body dimmed as well, and her mind became strangely fuzzy, as though she had drank too much. She lingered there, just barely on the cusp of awareness, and stilled her struggles.

Ryzkar had revelled in her resistance, yet in her subdued quiet now, there was victory. And that was sweet too.

Bringing his muzzle down to her level again, he pressed it against the side of her tender neck. With a rough lick he gruffly mused into her tiny ear through heated, heavy breaths, “You’re mine now,” he grunted, bucking into her hard, jarring her cervix, splitting it open. “For as long as you survive.”

With that he sunk his claws into her ass and hips, then rutted more aggressively, feeling his release building inside him at last.

She didn’t debate with him; couldn’t. She was on the cusp of passing out and she could only long for it to be over. To get through this moment, and live to see the next, and then hope that she could continue on.

That hope, however, was wearing thin.

It was fortunate for him, for them both, that she didn’t pass out. He’d not have been pleased had she missed his finale. With loud, bellowing grunts and groans, he pumped himself into her devastated, sundered cunt. He throbbed and pulsed thickly as he built up, using her body to coax out the fiery source of his seed.

Letting out a howl of pleasure, he unleashed his load deep inside her. Thick white streams of his beastly cream flooding into her womb through her broken cervix, only to seek out purchase in that alien and incompatible resting place. His claws dug into her scalp and ass harder as he let loose his pleasure to the last, grinding her into the dirt to the very end.

She was defeated. There was no more of that inner fire; she was devoid of all things, including thought. Her body was savaged by a charr, and she was limp against his rutting form. The first sign of emotion within her was the bile rising in her throat before she turned her head, gagging dryly into the ground.

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