The succession crisis is over.

That was the large gray haired troll thought as he reached into an open side drawer of his large, brown-wooden desk. Jumwa pulled out a long black cigarette from the silver case there, holding it between his index and middle finger.

Dressed in his finest black, red and gold trimmed robe, he seemed almost regal at the forefront of the large office. Tall black and red banners on either side of him, held up on gold poles, and plush, gold and red couches and chairs all about gave the room the appearance of luxury, despite the obvious orcish architecture of the room it lay within.

Kaesa swiveled her firm elvish bottom, barely covered in a short dark skirt, atop his desk, her long legs crossed over one another dangling down over the edge until they reached her two black high heel shoes. Perched at the very edge of his hard wooden desk, she leaned back over it towards him, seemingly producing a lighter out of nowhere and igniting its flame. She wore a formal white top with frilly cuffs and collar; though it was buttoned so low it suited the skimpy skirt and gave him a good view of her ample chest as she lit his cigarette. He stared blatantly at the smooth pink cleavage while taking a long pull on his smoke, only tearing his gaze away after blowing out a thick puff to notice her sly smirk framed between her long black hair on him. One corner of his black tattooed lips reluctantly curved into a smirk back at her for just a moment.

Pausing, he tapped his cigarette over his ashtray, sending a sprinkle of gray and black down.

“De succession crisis is ovah.” He stated matter-of-factly, with no emphasis, looking at the small, assembled party in his office.

Kaesa swiveled back around, facing the assembled group of shadowed supporters, placing the lighter away and clapping her long fingers together in a tiny pitter-patter, “Let’s hear it for the Chieftain!”

From the group of mostly trolls and orcs there was a low rumble of grunts, a hoarse fit of coughing and from one soft, curvaceous orc woman, an excited cheer.

Chieftain Jumwa’jin smiled with self-satisfaction, inhaling the thick aroma of the smoke rising from between his fingers before an extremely deep, almost croaking, orcish voice cut in, “Then we can get on with”, his words were interrupted by a loud cracking sound coming from the orcs own jaw, “training and indoctrination finally.”

Jumwa nodded slowly in response, eying his cigarette and tapping more of the ash off its end before casting a look to the warlock. Large and bulky, he seemed like he was intended as a warrior, not some cloth-robed sorcerer, and the large scar across his monocled eye suggested he once was. “Jes.” Jumwa replied, “I see no reason to delay much longah, now.”

“Much longer, huh?” Chimed in another orc, this one without a doubt a warrior.

The Chieftain, his head tilted downwards, cast a look to him, delaying his response as he brought the cigarette back to the corner of his mouth, speaking out of the other, “Jes. I will start slowly. One step at a time. Revolutionary changes illicit… revolutionary responses.”

A wave of uncertain sounds drifted through the room, then an old trolls voice, hoarse from coughing, broke in, “We don’t have forevah. De insolence is suffocatin’.”

Leaning back on her two palms, her back arched thrusting her firm chest forward, Kaesa cut in ahead of the crowd, “The Chieftain has a plan. Hail to Jumwa’jin!”

Some hesitant ‘hails’ to varying degrees were issued in response and one over eager “Hail Jumwa’jin!”

The Chieftain looked down at his desk, the cigarette balanced up in the air at an angle as he took his time getting to what he had to say, “Our own Tribe greeting. A unique salute. And… a private guard, are my first measures. From dere…” he waved his three-fingered hand holding the cigarette over the gatherers, “We move quickly.” He puffed on the cigarette again, “Wit’ de seed planted, t’ings will progress rapidly unto our final ends.”

“Aftahall…” he smirked, “I was de one who brought her ilk into our fold and changed de minds of so many.” He gestured to his lovely elf ‘ornament’ on his desk, to which she smirked and threw back her head, giggling softly.

The crowd, mostly, reluctantly grunted and nodded approval as Jumwa caught Kaesa’s grin and in quick succession cast a look at his glass, then back to her. Immediately she slid from the corner of his desk, rubbing her hands along her thighs, straightening her skirt and sashayed her way to an armoire, atop which was perched some liquor bottles. Plucking the cork from one she pivoted and turned back towards the tall troll, leaning over his desk again. Closer this time, her neck was but a breath away from his face, and he resisted the urge to bite her pink flesh as she filled up his glass.

Pulling back to a stand up position, she paused and smiled at him, before returning the bottle to its place.

“Now den…” he exhaled a cloud of gray smoke and ground the butt of the cigarette into his ashtray, “If ju will excuse me, I have some business to attend to.” He laid his one hand over top of the other and cast a glance to the door, as if indicating towards it.

The mass of green visitors filed out of the room as Kaesa poured up another tall glass of liquor and corked the bottle, sashaying her hips back over to the door as the last female orc hesitantly delayed leaving. Kae smiled disingenuously at the girl and leans against the door frame, gesturing out it, “The Chieftain needs to offer up some private dictation now”, she stated, her lips hanging on the first syllable of ‘dictation’ in an obvious manner.

The orc named Renkka opened her mouth to speak, but before more than “I…” could be uttered, she felt Kaesa’s hand on her shoulder, guiding her out and shutting the door behind her.

Jumwa cast a slit-eyed, smug look to her as she turned back around towards him, her hands clasped behind her back. He twisted his glass around in a circle, staying silent for a moment until Kae broke it impatiently, striding over to the drink she poured, “About damn time”, she exclaimed and downed the drink in one smooth move. She turned back around to face him and leaned her two palms against the cabinet, lifting herself as she tilted a leg up and removed a heel, “was worried I’d ruin the finish on yer nice desk having to wait so long.” She smirked, removing the other heel and dropping them both to the floor, reaching up and trailing a finger down the centre of her chest, between her breasts in the low buttoned shirt.

Turning to the side in his chair, he lifts his drink and downs it swiftly as she did, his eye never leaving her as he turns his head to do so. Laying the glass aside he relaxed his tall, broad body in the chair, spreading his knees and elbows apart and undoing some of the buttons in the front of his robe. “Such an amazing actress. But so cruel to de poor girl.” He smirked, letting on that he enjoyed her treatment of Renkka.

Walking over to him slow and seductively, she dropped to her knees and started undoing his robe from the bottom, pulling apart the thick regal material and revealing, like her, his nude body beneath, without undergarments. His shaft was still moist and partially erect from their carnal tryst cut short by the meeting. Without delay, she gripped the shaft at the base and pointed it at herself, opening her mouth and diving down about it, her eyes never leaving the growing sex organ. Her warm, wet mouth encompassed it fully, as she swirled her tongue around the shaft and up inside the foreskin, pulling it back as she felt its contours, causing him to lean his head back and groan.

She mused to herself how his partially erect member, veined and smooth, felt as big and hard as the numerous other human and elf cocks she’d sucked and fucked at their greatest. Before long, the images of past intercourse were shoved aside as his girth became hard to encompass and she was reminded of why she loved sucking a trolls cock, and this one especially. She looked up at him then, but found him already gazing down at her, his shaft completely enveloped in her mouth and growing down to the back of her throat, as his grin let her know he was ready to resume where they left off now.

Kae fluttered her eyes and delayed. She stayed nearly motionless, but for her tongue rubbing against his member, as she enjoyed the feel of him stuffing her mouth to capacity, even blocking her breathing. But all good things have to end and she pulled back, air rushing back through her nose and down her throat, giving her a second pause as she puckered her lips as best she could with them filled, sucking and swirling her tongue about his thick, dark-bluish-purple mushroom tip. His cock smelled and tasted of their fucking, and she didn’t want to release it.

With a final degree of attention that caused the massive troll to buck in his seat, she uncoiled her tongue about him and pulled back, kissing its blossomed tip and rising up to her feet as she breathed heavily for air, turning away from him.

Kaesa reached for the edge of her skirt hastily, but she only found his hands, beating her to the punch. His coarse digits on her bare legs, they slid up her outer thighs, rolling the skirt up until it didn’t even cover half her ass, and unveiled her engorged, sopping wet lips between her parted legs. He tilted his head to the side, to get a better view of her beauteous cunt, before rising up onto his large, flat feet, towering over the petite elf.

She turned to his desk and lifted a knee up on top of it. His towering height put her at a disadvantage, and she rested the other beside it, so that she knelt atop his desk, brushing some of the items there off it and out of her way.

His cock stood out from his body, just beneath the last two buttons that barely held his robe together, from the bare opening at his chest and where Kae so eagerly unveiled his dick. He placed his two blue hands upon her ass cheeks, sliding up them to her hips, holding her in place as he guided the tip of his cock back to her eager cunt.

“Fuck me”, she muttered through clenched teeth, bracing herself already for the oncoming intrusion. “Fuck me.”

He pressed his cock up against her slit. The earlier rutting and Kaesa’s continuous arousal made his penetration easier than normal, and the bulging head popped inside her with a groan from deep within her throat, “Fuck me” she whined again, more desperate this time. He paused, lingering on the moment as he gripped her hip tighter, pulling her back onto his cock, causing her lips to slide down and devour his shaft another inch, then two, as he reached up and grabbed the edge of her formal blouse, yanking at it, causing a button to pop off as it revealed her hanging, round breasts to his rough grasp.

“F-…” before she could utter the full word he embedded his whole length up inside her warm, eager folds, grunting at their tight embrace. Jumwa wasted little time from there, resuming where they left off, fucking into the elf’s tight cunt with speed and roughness that looked from an outside perspective more like abuse on the tiny girl than sex. However Kaesa loved it. She moaned and shifted slightly, grasping onto the desk to keep her position under the trolls assault, their withheld desire stoked and renewed with the loud, wet sounds of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy, his hips ramming into her ass and his heavy sac slapping against her clitoris.

Kaesa was quick to climax in her heightened state, screaming and moaning atop the table loudly as if they had the whole world to themselves, “F-f-fu-uck me… Jummmwa!” she cried as pleasure ripped through her body, causing ripples of tingling to crest over her in its wake. Her tight lips gushed over his shaft and then some out, trailing down his balls, in a wave of warmth that Jumwa groaned in satisfaction at, causing him to redouble his efforts, slamming deep within her against her cervix in his own mad lust.

Her eyes bulged open. Her orgasm had receded, but his assault hadn’t ended. The pain of him hammering into her was delightful, and if she tried to take her mind off it she was only aware of his rough fingers painfully pinching her tender breast. Or the slap that suddenly landed upon her ass cheek with a loud clap leaving a red imprint of his hand in her flesh.

The snarling, grunting troll continued his careless mating with her, sending her jerking forward and back with each thrust and the next. His hand withdrew from her breast, and though in her battered position she didn’t know, his balls had begun to tighten up against him and a slow rising flame traveled along his girth up from them. Her malicious fucking grew in intensity as he finally reached his own bursting point, his eyes rolling back into his head as he grunted and swore in his native tongue, relieving himself of his seed deep within her narrow valley; jet after jet of his thick, virile fluid, until it ebbed and he slid out of her battered cunt.

As he breathed heavily, his chest heaving with each intake, he looked down on her quivering body. Her hand rubbed in circles about her clit as she rode out the end of another orgasm, his cum dripping out of her onto his desk. Jumwa smiled. She so rarely left him with anything near the normal feeling of annoyance he had towards his bitches when he was done with them. She was special.

Kaesa rolled to her side, her breathing ragged as she looked up at him through barely open eyes, smiling, “Ohhhh yes… worth the wait” she stated breathlessly, brushing some hair out of the way that was stuck to her face.

He grinned and admired her weary and battered body, running his hand over the red marks on her hips and ass, and down her smooth thighs. He murmured “I could hurt ju so badly… bring such beautiful pain to dis lovely body…” lovely body. She was the most beautiful elf he’d ever laid eyes on, and if he bothered to compare other races, her voluptuousness trumped all other competitors.

Kae watched him curiously, her weary mind taking a moment to register his words, “Ju already do, lovah”, she stated with a smirk.

He laughed in return, his eyes still on her thighs as he trailed his finger around them, “Pain. Control. Like ju haven’t had in many, many years…” He smirked and cast an eye up at her. She returned it with her own, and licked her puckered lips slowly, then nodding once.

“Tonight, in de basement. Clean up first.” He stated steadily, and began to rebutton his robe over his softening member, dripping a mixture of his cum and her fluids onto the floor between his legs.


The dark room was lit only by a few lamps and candles, illuminating the couple near the wall. Easily wrapping his left arm around Kaesa’s waist from behind, Jumwa grabbed a thick, leather strap from above, chained securely to the ceiling. “Hold out jour arm”, he commanded, tightly wrapping the strap around her wrist as she obliged, lifting her toned arm to the air. Wrapping his other arm around her waist, he reached for the other strap, smirking as Kaesa extended her arm without being asked. He quickly secured it, slowly letting her body drop towards the ground, eliciting a tiny groan as she got used to the old-familiar strain of being suspended by her two wrists. She wriggled her ass against his crotch, shutting her eyes and inhaling deeply, nervous, bracing herself for the evening.

She took a deep breath as she slowly relaxed her body, feeling her shoulders pop uncomfortably out of place, easing herself into the painful position. Wriggling her fingers slightly and feeling the nerves prickle, the leather digging roughly into the tender flesh of her wrists, she waited patiently. Jumwa remained behind her, running his hand up and down her leg, over the black stocking that covered it from the knee down, then trailing slowly up her back, tickling her spine with his large finger.

For a few moments he sat on his haunches, drinking her in, before moving back into action. Gripping roughly at the chain on the ground, he lifted the mail with a rustling clank, grabbing her ankle and secured it with the metal clasp, then the other, tightening the chain to his preferred tautness. Her body was spread in an ‘X’ shape, and from his kneeling position he looked up over her body, naked except for the tiny black panties and bra. The lacy black bra she wore cupped her lower breasts softly, stopping right beneath her nipples, the lace lovingly tickling them with her breath. They stood out, erect from the tension and cool air on them. The lace panties came up in a tight V across her, the curves of her round bottom accentuated with the delicate fabric. He stroked her calf for a while, admiring her backside before standing up and unbuttoning his vest.

Turning away from her for just a moment, he opened the grey, sleeveless vest and dropped it to the seat beside him, turning back to her as he removed the whip from his belt, drawing out the length slowly. He eyed her intently, his bare, muscular chest heaving a little more than normal as his excitement grew.

Facing sideways, he extended his thick, two-toed foot backwards, his heavy, mailed kilt spreading as he let the tail of the whip strike the ground, coiling it expertly across the stone floor. He spoke lowly, his voice deep and lusty, “I am going to enjoy dis.”

Kaesa shivered, her eyes shut as she tried to brace for the impending impacts, her body quivering and her arms quickly goose bumping. She spoke in a soft voice, “I’m rea–…”


Her words were interrupted with the loud crack of the whip striking her back. She bit down, only a gasp escaping as she did her best to hold back from crying out, piercing her bottom lip in shock as Jumwa moaned with satisfaction, eying the new red streak across her previously unmarred spine.

After a brief pause another crack struck at her back. Jumwa exhaled happily, then jumped back in with another.

Kae’s eyes burst open and she cried out in pain, tears streaming down from the corners over her cheeks, as the whipping continued.

Leaning forward, Jumwa breathed heavily, eying the series of red streaks on her back, some bleeding. He paused, admiring the bloody marks on her back and enjoying the sound of her shrill cries. “More beautiful den evah…” he said, lowly.

Kaesa rolled her eyes back up into her head, struggling with the pain as her lower lip quivered, “Jum… Jumwa…” she sputtered out.

He straightened himself up and tossed the whip back, before letting it fly again with another crack. Kaesa’s head flew back as she screamed out in agony for seconds on end. As he listened to her high pitched crying and screams, he let his whip hand drop, and undid his kilt, one button, then the next. It fell open, sliding around his body until it was only held up in front of him by his hand, before letting it fall to the stone floor, the metallic sound of clinking barely audible over Kaesa’s cries.

Jumwa stood naked, eying the shrieking Kae as his cock stood rigid and large out from his body. He gripped the shaft, stroking it slowly before releasing and whipping her once more. Her cries filled the room as he dropped the whip and walked over to her. Blood streaming down her back, through her black underwear and trickling over her ass cheeks. As he reached her, he plucked a knife from the table and stood behind her. Pausing, he listened to her cries and touched the knifes blade to her ass cheeks, sliding it up in under the black panties, slicing off one part of the waist band, then over to the other, so that they fell away down to the ground.

Pressing his chest and stomach up against her bleeding back, he could feel the heat of her wounds and the warm blood run onto him. He wrapped an arm around her, two of his fingers rubbing around her clit, finding it wet. His other hand brushed her hair away from her neck, her sobs still loud as he kissed it softly, whispering in a deep voice, “I have nevah been so hard as ju make me right now.”

Kaesa cried, sobbing, unable to respond as he impaled her on his cock, “Feel”, was all he said as he pushed inside her warm cunt. She sniffled, still sobbing through the words, “Won-… wonderful…”

Jumwa replied in a low whisper near her ear, “I love ju.”

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