They lay nude beneath the blanket, spooning. Jin’zal’s tall, lanky form tightly pressed against Lae’s backside and arms wrapped around her stomach and chest. Her curvy form was so tiny in comparison to him, but she was strength and endurance compacted.

Laying there on the flooring beneath their soft blanket, Lae rubbed her shapely behind against Jin’zal’s member. A grin on her face that he couldn’t see, she was enjoying the tease. His response was as involuntary as it was immediate. Springing to life against her firm cheeks, his hands moved to cup and pinch her smooth breasts, and the delightful nipples atop them.

Lae sighed happily and continued rubbing herself back against him, his cock pressed between her cheeks as she gyrated. Jin’zal groaned in delight; his luscious little orc always drove him wild. With the way he never ceased to rise to the occasion, she made him feel years, even decades younger.

Her eyes closed, behind still rubbing, Lae spoke in a deep, throaty voice full of lust “Does my Jin want something?”

Careful of his tusks, he leaned his head against hers and whispered in her ear, “Yes my effervescent flower, I ache to penetrate your silken folds of femininity,” followed by a kiss to her neck.


“I want to fuck you,” and he bit her ear.

Lae grinned and lifted her leg, reaching a hand between her thighs and grasping Jin’zal’s swollen dick. Stroking it firmly in her hand, he groaned loudly. Guiding it to her moist slit, she rubbed him against her, shivering in her own delight as the bulging head moved all the way up to her sensitive clit, his hands hungrily grabbing her breasts harder than ever. “How bad?”

Jin’zal frowned; Lae was up to her tricks. With that he pinched her two nipples hard, causing her to moan aloud. “I need to fuck you so badly Lae. Slip between those smooth green thighs…” his member throbbed in her grasp as his own description of what he wanted peaked his lust further.

As he spoke, Lae rubbed his cock against her one last time before releasing and turning about to face him. Her beautiful facial features were alight with lust and happiness; she leaned down and kissed his chest repeatedly until landing on his nipple, causing him to gasp. She giggled and took his shoulder, pushing him down onto his back and straddling him.

“None for you tonight Jin!” She folded her arms over her chest and looked down at him defiantly, his stiff cock pressed against her cunt.

Jin’zal’s eyes widened and he sputtered “W-What?!” He grabbed for her shoulders, attempting to spin her onto her back, when she knocked his hands away and slammed him back down into the floor with an ‘Unfh’.

“No! Bad Jin!” She grinned in delight, rocking back and forth, causing her slit to slide up and down the length of his shaft. He responded with a loud groan of pleasure and frustration. She continued pressing on his shoulders, keeping him pinned and licked her lips, “Tomorrow… I want to see how pent-up my Jin can become!”

She began to rise up off him, her juices leaving his hard prick moist as it popped back up. Before she could get off him entirely, the tip of his member brushed against her own eager sex, and she closed her eyes and sighed. “Well… Just a taste for you tonight, but no cumming!” She glared for a moment to get her point across.

He grinned happily, his mind so lust filled any little bit of her sent his heart racing. Oh, and she wasted no time giving him that little bit. She quickly impaled herself on his solid cock, their bare organs sliding against each other as she rode him.

Knowing he had little time, Jin’zal reached up, his hand pinching and rubbing her perfectly round breasts, as his other went lower, rubbing and teasing her clit. She wanted to play it hard? He would make it hard on her to resist too.

Lae’s mouth fell open to a lusty moan; she licked her fangs and squeezed his throbbing cock inside her. She wanted to scrap her whole plan right then and there, and ride her precious Jin all night, pound him through the floor if necessary. She almost did, but she paused… She breathed in deep and flexing the muscles of her vaginal wall squeezed him tightly inside her before sliding off him.

His cock slid from her tight folds with a whimper of disappointment. “Nooo…” he murmured in protest, his hands grabbing her comparatively tiny hips and pushing her back down around his shaft.

Lae squealed, feeling the object of her desires penetrate her again fully. Finally she shook her head and regained her composure, “No! Tomorrow…” she leaned down, kissed him on the lips passionately before sliding off him and getting back on her side.

Jin’zal lay there stupefied, his aching prick twitching and unsatisfied, only more in need of release than before. Finally he turned on his side and lay against her again, his now wet and hard shaft pressed against her bottom. Lae sighed happily, “Tomorrow will be fun.”


Jin’zal awoke the next morning huddled up tightly against Lae for warmth. A cool wind was blowing in through the room’s window and chilling his back end. But his tiny orc lady was as toasty warm as ever, and so his entire body spiraled around and held her close.

As the contrast of the heat from Lae met his front side, and the cool wind his rear, he slowly awoke to consciousness. His eyes opened and he looked down at her preciously beautiful face as she slept away. As he smiled at her beautiful visage, his eyes wandered lower, down to her chest, breasts mashed tightly against him. It was then that he grew aware of his pre-conscious arousal.

Yes indeed, his member was standing firm and erect against his little Lae. Though the achingly hard shaft was not neglected; in her own sleep Lae had her legs intertwined with his, and remarkably, her hand wrapped around his organ.

The two frustrated and lustful lovers had slept fitfully. Groping at and holding each other all night, he awoke somewhat weary though completely unconcerned of it.

Her grasp on him was tight, and not unwelcome. He pulled away from her slightly and then moved back in, sighing aloud in pleasure. Briefly he fucked her fisted hand, her hold never loosening.

One of his hands slid down her side, over her curvatures. Passing over her hip, he came to cupping one of her ass cheeks, until his fingers probed down along the crevice and up in under her thigh. Still moving his hips slightly, enjoying the hold of her hand, his own fingers crept up and found her very wet slit.

Lae too had a night of fitful sleep, and her loins were raging with desire even through her slumber. Probing them with his fingers, Jin’zal slid them inside of her slowly, her closed mouth falling open and emitting a sigh.

This intrusion was more than enough to wake her, and her eyes darted open immediately, inspecting her tall troll lover. “Mmm… morning.” She leaned forward and kissed his neck, her hand beginning to stroke his member at a quickening pace.

Jin’zal let out a low growl of delight, his aching cock throbbing to her strokes as he much more roughly delved into her wet depths.

Quickly Lae let go of him and looked at his face with a serious expression; “Let’s do it!” but before she could spring atop him, as was her most favoured first morning act, Jin’zal pushed her down onto her back and spread her thighs apart with his knees.

She looked up in surprise at her meek lover, burning with lust over her as he quickly grabbed his own tool and positioned it at her opening. Lae scratched at his bare chest, leaving long red marks as he half-groaned, half-growled at her.

Slowly the troll pushed into her, her warm lips swallowing his penetrating cock whole. She moaned happily at the physical sensation she loved most. But before she could enjoy his filling of her inner most depths, he retracted himself from inside her and thrust back in.

Jin’zal wasted no time fulfilling the lust that was brought to boil the evening before, and left to simmer all night long. Thrusting into Lae he arched his neck back and grunted with each strike.

Lae writhed and moaned beneath him. Her hands scrambling across his entire body, from scratching his chest, to digging into his ass, to pulling on his hips to make him thrust into her harder.

The two lovers tore at and into each other madly, until finally their endless desires were fulfilled. One of Lae’s hands pulled Jin’zal into her harder by his hip, as her other clutched at and mauled her own breasts. She pressed her head back into her pillow, flapping her face from side to side as she spasmed and reached climax.

But as his little flower writhed beneath him, Jin’zal licked his lips watching. He held back his own finale as he drove into her with increasing fury. Tightening around him, she made it very hard for his delaying, but he never slowed nor relented.

Carrying on for some time, the panting and moaning Lae beneath him finally milked his cock of the creamy seed his lust so eagerly drove him to lose in her. Growling loudly, he hammered into her cunt a last few thrusts, as he jetted streams of his cum into her, until finally he fell onto her chest and panted for breath.

After some incalculable amount of time, he rolled over from her and onto his chest, eyes closed, exhausted from the final release. He turned wearily to Lae and smiled, but as he opened his eyes he viewed her impishly devious face.

Lae’s hand toyed with her wet slit, until she raised a single finger to her mouth, dripping of his white seed. “Mm, more!” She licked her claw seductively of his juices, closing her eyes and sighing happily.

Jin’zal stared in horror. “M-More? More?! Oh deary me… I need more time!” And with that he pulled a pillow over his head and tried to turn away, though the relentless Lae tugged at his side.

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