The room was dark, lit only by a candle off in the corner, flickering dimly. Sin’Thol opened her eyes slowly, her head pounding with pressure, as she attempts to reach her hand to her temples. She groans softly, her hands unmoving from her sides. Slowly the world started coming back to her, though she still found herself unable to move, though she felt nothing binding her.

In fact, she felt nothing at all. Her clothes, weapons, nothing could be felt touching her. Her eyes widened in fright at the realization that she couldn’t even feel the floor beneath her. Her throat was closed, no sound able to escape, but her eyes, they kept moving.

She heard a small, girlish giggle from somewhere nearby, though it sounded so faint. Her heart pounded with the panic as she lay there, unable to move.

Slowly, the candle faded into darkness and Sin’Thol was left alone with her frantic, panicked thoughts.


Kaesa walked up beside the floating girl, leaning down and tenderly kissing her eyes, grinning down at her. Sin’Thol’s eyes opened quickly, rage burning within her as she desperately tried to yell out, succeeding only in making a small muscle above her lip twitch.

“Mornin’, sleepy head. Feels like ya’ve been gone on me ferever. I was afraid I maybe used too much, ya know. I had a recipe ta serve ‘one fully grown male troll,’ an’, well, ya ain’t male nor a troll, so I may have used too much,’ Kaesa smiled, her apology sounding nearly sympathetic, ‘now see, I needed you ta be all unmovin’ fer this li’l talk we’re goin’ to have, an’ I figured I’d try out this neat new trick.”

Kaesa walked around her nude body, floating several inches above the coffee table, trailing her finger over Sin’s paralyzed body lazily as she speaks, her voice sweet, though slightly raspy from lack of sleep.

“See, ya run this li’l organization, an’ you’ve been neglectin’ it real bad. Yer worse a mother ta them then mine was ta me, an’ ya know, that’s really sayin’ somethin’. But, see, there’s somethin’ ’bout them that you wouldn’t ever know. They’re powerful. Very powerful. Some more powerful than you, an’ the ones you serve? Yea, they’re more powerful still, an’ doubt they’d be impressed with such a negligent mommy dearest, hey.”

Smirking her typical smirk she paused, standing behind her looking down into Sin’s green eyes, the anger and fright evident, “so I’m takin’ over. An’ this li’l poison you got in those pretty li’l veins of yers? Well, I’m not sure what’ll happen with that. Usually, as I hear it, the folks die within an hour or two of bein’ injected, but not ’cause of the poison.”

Pausing once more, she lowers her voice, leaning in an whispering in Sin’Thol’s ear, “they die ’cause they’re eaten. By trolls. Big bad ones. But yer safe from trolls her,” she paused again, whispering even quieter, “I only keep one around for now. I’m sure he’ll be in ta talk with you soon.”

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