Opening her mail, Lae found a letter for Jin’zal asking her to meet him in the Valley of Honor. She smiled as she pocketed the note and called on Nokta, her worg and trotted along, enjoying the hot sun on her back. She wore her usual attire of the tuxedo suit, tailored to fit her curves, and a brown hat that covered her eyes. Wrest teased that it also hid her fangs, though she snarled at him and he let the subject drop. Indeed, she was teased quite often by her clan, though she knew they were just being friendly. She felt apprehensive at first, often feeling dismayed with her weapon not on hand, but they did make her feel somewhat secure, as though she had found a family.

So she continued on her way, noticing the lovely spot that Jin’zal had pointed out to her months previous. It was a small, abandoned hut just near a little pool of water. It only had a table inside, but it was comfortable enough for a short meeting. Jin’zal stood inside, toying with his fingers before hearing her footsteps and looking to the door. “Lae! You’ve arrived!” He smiled happily, taking her hands in his. Lae looked into Jin’zal’s face, trying to figure out what was going on. Not finding an area, she plopped down on the floor. “No, please…stand. I have something I want to say.” Lae stood, looking up at her lover with confusion. “What is it? Spit it out.” Lae demanded, curious about what could possibly be so important that she needed to stand.

Jin’zal started stumbling out sentences, with many awkward ‘uhms’ and ‘erms’ and he spoke with a tinge of fear in his eyes, and nervousness wracked his body. “Well, Lae, uhm. You know I care for you a lot and I have been thinking about it often, and I was just, erm, thinking…” He trailed off as he knelt down before her, a quick sensation of pain causing him to cry out before smiling up at her. Lae smiled down, rolling back and forth on her feet, enjoying his flittering ways. “Well, I was, uhm, thinking that maybe we should be married?” He took a deep breath of relief as the question poured from him. Lae smiled, again enjoying his nervous energy, before crying out “yes!” and jumping into his arms. He fell back onto the hard floor, wincing in pain before embracing her back.

She sat back up, yanking his arm to help him from the ground, when she noticed a handful of quite smooshed flowers in his hand. She giggled “and I suppose those are mine?” She looked at him with teasing in her eyes as he blushed. “Uhm, yes. Yes they are!” She grinned again, jumping up and pulling him towards her before kissing. First softly, but quickly becoming hard and urgent. She kicked the table to the doorway, knowing it wouldn’t stop any passer-Byers from looking in, but not caring as he became rough with passion.

Jin’zal only ever allowed himself to be gruff in the heat of the moment, and generally puttered around, trying to keep his hands to himself and not hurt his delicate flower. But as soon as his blood was flowing in the opposite direction, he became wild, and he kept up with Lae quite nicely. She would often tease him, mercilessly, in public to try to get his blood boiling before bringing him somewhere slightly more private and ravaging him. At first, he was always tender, but once he realized that she enjoyed being bit and roughly had, he stopped being so tender.

Indeed, their friends were often telling them to get a room. But Lae couldn’t seem to get enough of her troll, and he certainly couldn’t get enough of her. Especially not at this moment, after he had just solidified their love with the words of marriage and the smooshed flowers. They spent all their time together, and though she couldn’t understand the marriage act very well, she knew it was important to couples who love one another and creates a solid and unbreakable bond.

So she pounced upon him, tearing at his robes as he grinned at her enthusiasm. He was quickly grabbing at the back of her head, forcing her into another hard kiss; one that ended in blood. Lae wasn’t sure if it was hers or his, though she didn’t much care for such trivialities. She licked the blood from her lower lip as she pulled from him, and removed the rest of his clothes.

Tossing them into the corner, Lae smiled, as apparently he had taken care not to wear a thing under his robes. Looking at her troll lover’s quite nude, and quite aroused body, her smile changed to a full on grin. He frowned back at her. “So many clothes, Lae!” he exclaimed in mock upset as he began grasping at the buttons on her tuxedo shirt. His large fingers fumbled slightly, before Lae threw his hands to the ground, ripping her tops off in one swish of her hand, throwing them atop of Jin’zal’s robes.

She sat, leaning back on her hands, knees separated; wearing her bra and pants as she watched Jin’zal’s eyes wander from curve to curve with relish. Lae adored the way her troll adored her form. She would never admit it to him, but she worked very hard to keep in shape for him; to keep him craving her with an animal passion; to keep him thinking of her at all times. He reached towards her, placing a heavy hand upon her knee, pulling her legs open wider as he continued to stare. Lae brought her hands down, caressing her stomach, before reaching for the button on the pants. Watching Jin’zal’s eyes, she very slowly undid her pants, removed her boots, lifted her ass from the ground and pulled the pants off, again tossing them into the corner.

She licked her lips, hot from the heated breathing in the stuffy room, despite her lack of coverings. He looked as though he were about to burst, watching her licking her lips and caressing her thighs. Smiling, she reached down, quickly removing the rest of her under garments until she remained as nude as he. And he pounced on her, as he knew she loved, softly snarling in her ear with lust.

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