Jez and Zij decided to meet just outside of the Crossroads in the middle of the Barrens after a lonely several weeks without one another. The brand on her chest was still slightly inflamed and sore, but she continued on, despite the pain, with the excitement of seeing her Zij once more in her mind.

He had been outcast, sure, but that didn’t matter to the little troll girl who’s heart was swollen with love and desire. She barely had time to notice there was a world besides her and her lover. And for the eternity that they were separated, all of her training and work was devoted to him. Her every move, her every spell was cast in the desire of seeing him again.

Her mate, her best friend, her family, her world.

She spent the day she was to meet him primping, splurging on a new blue dress she hoped he would love, fixing her hair, and bathing in the chilly ocean water. The night before she could hardly sleep in the cramped inn in Razor Hill, where they didn’t even have a separate room for her to spend the night. She curled under the linen covers, her right hand cupping herself as she longed for the next day to come.


She arrived at the Crossroads promptly at eleven in the morning, forcing herself not to break into an eager run when she saw Zij’s red hair. Moving quicker than normal, however, she leapt to Zij’s arms as soon as she could, covering his face with her kisses. His arms wrapped her around her waist, holding her to him tightly as he received and returned her affections. He spun the girl around as though she were weightless before bringing her back to his chest.

“Jez!” he half-murmured, half shouted, as though he had forgotten how to properly speak upon seeing her. “Oh Jez”¦” Jez giggled, playfully pushing at this chest, while drawing him closer with her other hand. Allowing her fingers to trail on his chest distractedly, she mumbled something in troll about how he’s been. Zij grinned, watching her delicately touch his nearly healed scar. He assured her that he was fine before grabbing her hand in his and kissing her delicate fingers. He stopped at her middle finger. “You’re still wearing the ring?” Zij asked, studying her eyes. She blushed and took her hand from his, flinging her arms instead around his neck. “Hey, might be worth something some day, and if you’re planning on marrying me, we’re going to be needing some gold. Or, it might make a good ring for the ceremony. What do you think”

Zij laughed, and kissed Jez’s forehead. “Silly troll, we first have to make a name for ourselves here, make some friends. Plus, it costs a lot of gold to get married.” Jez frowned, reaching for the coin pocket on her waist. Rummaging through it, she counted the silver and copper pieces, her brow furrowed in concentration. “Well”¦ I have over a gold! Will that be enough” Again Zij laughed, holding her body close to him, with her hands and coin purse stuck between the two of them.

“Oh Jez, I’ve missed you so much. How have you been? How has your journey been” he looked on with concern, holding her at arms length. She waved her hand as she put the bag back on her belt. “That’s not important, I’m here now!” Zij nodded. “They didn’t”¦ did they treat you badly” Jez shrugged. “Nothing could be worse than being apart from you. I’m healing fast enough,” she responded, lightly rubbing the still inflamed brand she held on her chest. “Has it been hurting” he asked in the concerned witch doctor way of his. Giggling, Jez pushed his shoulder playfully. “I don’t care about that stuff when I’m with you!”

He grinned down at her, for he was very tall, and she was very short, and kissed the crown of her head. “Well then, we have a lot of making up to do then!” Jez flushed hot, nodding up at her troll lover. “And you know, my little Jez”¦ no one suspects a thing. We can be wed here, and it will be perfectly fine. I can have you as my wife,” he murmured as he pulled her closer to him “and my lover. And…”

Jez giggled, pressed her forefinger to his lips, which he promptly kissed. “You be quiet about that, or everyone will know before you can wed me, you silly troll! But we have lots to do before nightfall. We can’t afford much, but we can meet up at the Crossroads Inn for a little celebration of sorts,” Jez smirked up at him, practically purring those last words.

“Then that’s what we’ll do!” he exclaimed, bringing her in for one last, long kiss, before they parted ways until that evening.

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