J.E. & M. Keep write like no other. Whether it’s fantasy, scifi, noir and contemporary stories, they are all unique. They push boundaries, and don’t follow traditional formulas. They explore different kinks, fantasies, and taboos, and all stories are described in loving, tender detail – even when it’s brutal. Here are some of their reviews and feedback from readers:

Theodora’s Descent

I cannot describe what happens without giving away what must only be experienced. Think: ALICE IN WONDERLAND; Alfred Hitchcock style and you will understand and yes, there is a ‘happy ever after’ ending. – Mary on Amazon

“This story is like Alice in Wonderland on some serious drugs.” – Elaine Tyra on Goodreads

“Holy cow! What a wonderfully told edge of your the seat story. The story is extremely well written and the characters will make your skin itch and wonder what really goes bump in the night.”

“The story flowed wonderfully from one horrifying event to the next, with just enough hope mixed in to keep you reading as fast as you could.”

“One point that seemed jarring was the strange pseudo-romance angle. At first I was put off by this, but then I realized it was hitting me exactly as horror should. It instilled this unsettling feeling of unease. I don’t think this counts as a spoiler, but when not alone Thia’s only allies are creepy figures that are of dubious intent at best. It dispels the notion that being alone in the dark is the worst situation one could find yourself in. Hell is other people, even in the pits of the earth.” – Goodreads Review

The Vixen Torn

Darkly erotic, mysterious and very intriguing, you won’t want to put this one down. – Goodreads Reviewer

“From needing a drink to becoming a sex slave in basically 2 days is not something she wanted, but what she got. Someone is there to help her and she never knew it until after she thought it was too late. Then things got even better. What a hot story and wonderful read. Yes, she was basically a slut, but it how she survived. And good things come to those who wait, right?”

“…a fast-paced, steamy read. In essence, it’s a short dungeons and dragons style adventure with sex included. It was a fun read that many libraries will be unable to stock due to pressure from a vocal minority of library users. I look forward to additional items from these authors.”

In Her Dreams

“Well written, great tone….the sex was good and had some light BDSM – the ending still has me wondering, but in a good way.” – Nelly on Amazon

When Dreamers Wake

“What a hot erotic romance this book is! I went in not expecting much romance at all, or if some, then definitely not the hot erotic kind. But this book definitely doesn’t dissapoint. It offers well-rounded characters, a post-apocalyptic setting and a writing style that isn’t overly flowery but does get the point across.” – Cassidy Crimson

“This book wins on the entertainment factor.”

“This erotic tale is definitely male centric, told from the point of view of Leon. The language is clear and well-edited, the dialog natural and the action hot. The sex scenes are well-rounded with plenty of feeling and good description of thought and sensation far beyond the tab a into slot b. It makes for a pleasant reading experience.” – Beau Johnson

“I really enjoyed this book. The story is well developed and very steamy. It was refreshing to read an erotic novel written from a mans point of view. The story was interesting enough to keep me turning pages in fact I’d love to read a sequel. I’m trying to decide which of the authors books to read next. Well worth the .99.”

“This was exactly the novel that I wanted when I originally read the Keeps’ “Vile Wasteland”, and it lived up to every one of my expectations! The couple of science fiction erotica writers continue to get better with every released work, and I’ll continue reading every one of them.”

The Warlord’s Concubine

“The book was engaing and well written. The characters were clever and interesting as well as sexy. The story was descriptive and entertaining without being too brutal. It is action packed without being grisly.”

“I have to say, this book grabbed me from page one, and just kept on holding on.”

“I enjoyed the hell out of this book.”

“I totally recommend this to anyone that wants to read an erotica book with wonderful descriptions of the places and people and romance/sex in them.”

Vile Wasteland

“…quite simply transcends the usual erotica offering by an order of magnitude and blows the usual 30-pager bowl of tripe into the weeds.”

Bound as the World Burns

“You can read this one repeatedly and discover yet another really acute and sharply crafted turn of phrase or descriptive insight.”

“If a warped nascent romance is possible in an imploding world, Bound is a credible way of painting it. In short, there’s a real story with ballast here.”


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