The sounds of gunshots echoed through the dark stairway, the noise emanating from the darkness at the bottom. As Zij descended he could see the faint torch light from a room at the bottom, off to a corridor at the right. His arms easily reached across the width of the hall as his palms guided along the rocky surface, taking him down towards the source of the noise. Someone was up training, and he knew who.

Turning and heading down the corridor he peered around the corner, into the room. Though only lit by torchlight, it seemed to be so very bright after leaving the dark stairway, and the long slender shadow that stopped just in front of the doorway led his vision to the curvy figure of his Orcish lover. She was dressed in simply a white tank top and underwear that stopped too low, showing off some of the dark brownish-green skin of her ass cheeks. Holding her large gun up to her shoulder she fired again, this time the blast knocking her straw, circular target off its holder onto the floor.

Draeka walked over to the straw target, her gun tangling from one arm as she bent to lift it up. Before she could grasp it and return it to its place, however, Zij crept up behind her, his large Troll feet padding across the rocky surface silently as he slipped a long, muscular blue arm around her waist. Immediately she closed her eyes, smiling and sighing happily; without a moment of doubt she was sure only one man could be bold enough and she wasn’t wrong.

Zij’s bare muscular chest pressed against her back as she stood up, leaning back against him, his deep voice breaking the early morning silence, “Mornin’ lovah.” His lips pressed against the curve of her neck, as she bent it to him, his cool tusks pressing against her at each side of his mouth.

“Hope I didn’t wake you,” she responded in a breathy voice, a large rigid shaft pressed between her ass cheeks through the thin fabric of her underwear. A hand slid up her stomach beneath her top, its long, rough fingers grasping a firm, round breast as he spoke lowly against her flesh.

“No, was de lack o’ ju dat woke me from my slumbah. De bed was unfulfillin’ wit’out ju.” Draeka reached a hand back towards him, grasping his bare hip, then moving back and gripping an ass cheek; he came down for her completely nude and stood there, holding her stark naked in the torchlight, her hand clasping his firm cheek as the gun fell from her hand, clattering on the floor.

Zij’s thumb and forefinger gripped the tiny ring through her nipple, playfully twisting it as he ground against her, forcing her to press her free palm against the wall for support. Zij’s teeth bit her neck playfully as his hips gyrated, rubbing his long blue shaft against her backside, the bulging head touching the skin of her back.

She grinned to herself, gasping as he tweaked her nipple with the ring. “Sorry I wasn’t there to greet you all of a sudden.”

He licked up to her earlobe, murmuring as he bit it, “No mattah, we can ‘andle business ‘ere, aftahall.”

Draeka laughed softly, breaking away a bit, “just let me go grab the -” she was cut off as Zij yanked down her underwear to her mid-thighs and drew her back to him roughly.

“No. Forget it taday.” One hand still at her breast, the other guided his cock to her wet slit, pressing the tip into it immediately as she giggled then moaned.

“Z-Zij! Th-that’s not funny! You could knock m–” he cut her off again pressing into her, forcing her palm against the wall harder.

“I know,” he said deeply and calmly, part of his shaft already nestled inside her warm, wet folds as she was forced to bend forward. “Is it really wort’ it delayin’ our fuckin’ jus’ ta prevent a child?” He twisted the ring through her nipple delicately, then let it go, causing her to moan.

“Th-that’s silly!” She panted out.

He pushed into her a little more. At his massive height, his legs were bent to keep him at her level, but then he wrapped his arm back around her waist and lifted her up, her feet well off the ground as she supported herself against the wall. His deep voice in her ear again, “Tell me it’s not wort’ it. Come on, tell me an’ I’ll pull out.”

She gulped, moaning softly as his hand continued to tease her breast, lips parting to say the words but stifled by a groan as the cock pushed in, then suddenly pulled out of her a little, leaving her feeling empty and wanting.

He grinned and nipped her earlobe, “My seed will find its way deep inside ju! Jour belly an’ breasts will swell. All because jour desire wont let’chu refuse my cock inside ju.”

She moaned, her face showing a pleased though somewhat pained expression, “Zij, don’t!”

“Jes, lovah?” He pushed back inside her, his shaft thrusting deep into her very depths as his red hairs mash against her firm ass cheek.

“P-pull out at least,” she murmured.

He began to fuck her slowly, his cock sliding in and out of her cunt, causing him to groan happily into her ear, “I dunno if I’ll be able ta, feels so good, Drae!”

She gripped his ass cheek tighter, fingers digging into his blue flesh as he fucked into her with short, hard thrusts. “Pl-please Zij! Just pull out and cum on my ass.” She breathed in sharply as he roughly twisted her nipple ring, holding it like that for a moment as she tried to bat at it with her hand holding her up against the wall, causing her cheek to press against the stone wall.

He grunted as he continued thrusting into her from behind, “I can’t promise dat! Don’t ju want ta feel my cum inside ju d’ough, feel it,” he kissed her other cheek, murmuring, “I don’t want ta leave ja for even a second” with that he picked up his pace, his heavy balls slapping against her mound, adding to the sounds of the rough, short thrusting.

Draeka bounced and groaned with the actions, her breasts moving with each thrust, “Z-Zij!”

He rammed himself into her harshly then, “Jes! Ju wanna feel it, I know ju do, Drae.” He squeezed her breast and clutched her to him tighter, his heaving sweaty chest pressed to her back as the two bodies jerked together in pleasure.

“Zij,” she panted and bit her bottom lip, her cunt contracting and tightening around him as she approaches her own orgasm, “F-f-uuuuck Zij! P-pull… out!” As she spoke the words her hand gripped his ass even tighter, pulling him into her.

He cut off with a hard thrust, suddenly, without warning spurting his cum inside her, moaning with extreme delight, “Uhhhhhhn! T-take it all Drae…” His whole body spasmed and he thrust sharply and suddenly into her repeatedly, spurting more and more inside her. “Jesss…” His eyes shut tight, Zij grinned widely, breathing heavily.

Draeka hung her head down, panting, not saying a word. Zij’s cum hot inside her, some of it edging down around his cock, still buried inside her.

After a pause, she lifted her head and turned it to him, holding herself from the wall with her hand again as she smirked back at him, “Guess ya saw that I took taday’s dose, huh?”

Zij pulled his cock from her, his seed running out of her wet slit, slowly dribbling down to her smooth, brownish-green thigh. He grinned down at it, “What a beautiful sight…” then looked up at her, “O’ course, Drae,” he winked and spanked her ass cheek playfully laughing softly.

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