Zij is having a terrible week. The Tuskguards his fighting force wasn’t seeing the enthusiasm he had hoped for, and he has become disgruntled. Always the obedient and doting wife, Jez sought to change that.

A simple clay cup sat beside Zij, half full, the bottom filled with assorted herbs and flowers meant to relax and sooth. Jez sits sideways in front of Zij, nude, her powder blue skin is blemish free, and a few shades lighter than his. Her straight, dark blue hair is freshly washed, scented with mage royal, falling to the mid of her back and tied into several loose braids that are soft to the touch.

Her skin, as well, is lightly scented with oils, freshly scrubbed, her red eyes eager and open, carefully watching Zij’s face. Her cheeks are soft and rounded, with a soft jaw line giving an opal look to her face. With a slender and supple neck, she sits tall, proudly displaying the scar between her collar bones, a forever reminder of what the Zandalar thinks of their relationship.

Jez is a tiny girl, with a prideful air. Tiny, dark blue nipples adorn her small, soft breasts, which are still smaller than her own hand. A tiny bruise mars the smooth skin of her left breast, a reminder of the morning activities. A firm and tiny waist with only the slightest hint of hips, Jez is toned and fit, stronger than she looks, with a round, firm bottom… absolutely spankable. Her thighs are athletic and toned, her calves beautifully curved.

Up and down her body, she is a young and pampered troll, and it shows.

As Zij’s eyes grow heavy, his breathing regular, she begins to hum a soothing tune, her hands softly exploring her own body, creeping down to the smooth-shaved mons and her proudly displayed nethers. He smiles softly, watching her, his cock quickly growing firm as she teasing rubs at her exposed self, her eyes not leaving his body.

His cock begins to throb, reaching its massive whole, and her fingers leave herself, rubbing her way up his strong legs, caressing his inner thighs. Turning her body, sitting on her haunches, she faces him, her lips wet from her tongue as she eagerly eyes his cock, her cunt growing wetter as she hungrily gazes at him.

She lowers her head to his lap, inhaling deeply and savouring the scent of arousal that hangs heavily in the room, creating a rich musk surrounding them. She licks her lips again, before carefully lowering her mouth to his heavy sac, her hands grabbing at his thighs as she begins to lap at his swollen balls, coating the surface in her saliva. Hungrily, now, she moves with more desperation, licking from the back of his scrotum to the front, breathing heavily from her own arousal. Cautiously, she takes one of his sensitive orbs in her mouth, kissing it while her left hand rises, grasping firmly his engorged cock. Letting out a lusty moan, she lifts her lips to his shaft, frantically licking, lubricating his cock as well as her hand.

Satisfied, she returns her lips to his sac, her hand beginning to stroke his cock, the head a beautiful deep blue in contrast to the rest of his body, the veins of his shaft pulsing regularly as Zij begins to moan above her. He lowers his hand to her head, stroking at her hair, which is quickly becoming disheveled. Grasping him tightly, she pulls skin on his cock back towards the base, her mouth enveloping his head, licking and teasing it with her tongue before the hand on her head roughly presses her down, his cock quickly hitting her throat. Her lips, forced to the hilt, causes both of them to release a moan of pleasure. Jez’s eyes filled with water, her desire for his cock outweighing her need to breath as she frantically swirls her tongue around the underside of his member, her lips moist around his base as she begins to suck, her teeth lightly grazing his sensitive skin.

Zij releases her head for a moment and in the second her lips rises from his shaft for breath, his own rough hand replaces it as he begins to beat himself. Jez lets out a tiny moan of surprise and lust, having not seen him take a hand to himself since he taught her to. Groaning loudly and with a certain animalism, she returns her soft and well taken care of hands back to his sac, massaging him as he pumps himself.

His eyes firmly shut, she hears him mumble her name, and before she knows it, his hand is in her hair again, roughly guiding it back to his cock as he begins to roughly fuck her mouth. Breathing in desperate gasps of air that sound of lust, Jez swirls her tongue, caressing him lovingly as his hand presses her into him, her fingers lovingly stroking his inner thighs. He lets out a low growl, his eyes flittering open a little, shock registering on his handsome face as he sees his sister’s lips around his engorged cock. As his growl grows louder, Jez clamps her lips around his cock as he throbs with release, his cum hitting the back of her throat while his hand continues pushing her head down, moaning in delight.

With a final few thrusts into her wet mouth, Zij releases his hand on her head, relaxing it on the arm of the chair and smiles down at her as she licks his cock free of any cum. She smiles, licking her mouth and then wiping it free of spit with her fingers, shaking her head up at Zij.

“You know, Zij,” she grins, speaking in flawless Troll, “even when I try to sedate you and take advantage of you in a weakened state, you still have to be the one in control.” She giggles girlishly, massaging his thighs a few more time, smiling up at her brother.

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