Simply decorated, the room is large but pleasant, with cushions and soft sheets of various colours and varieties strewn about. Though what draws the eye is the majestically tall and broad blue-skinned Troll seated on the large cream coloured chair at the centre.

The Troll known as Zij sits quietly, lounging in the sea of soft cushions, utterly exposed and naked but not in the least bit uncomfortable. His body sprawls across the chair. Leaning into a corner, one thick, muscular arm curls over the back of the seat, the other laid upon the arm rest, casually draped at its edge.

Zij’s long shock of bright red hair reaches up and beyond, framed by two equally long and elegant ears, drawing attention to his extremely pointed and chiseled facial features. Clever eyes that belong to masterful man, red at their centre, they reach out from between his pointed and curved tusks as they aim for the heavens. He opens his mouth, his long, angular jaw extending down revealing rows of perfectly maintained teeth behind a grin.

Though relaxed in his current position, Zij’s shoulders are large and squared off. His veined and bulging muscles continue on down over his sculpted chest. He budges an arm and the slight movement seems to ripple through him, accentuating the rigid and steel-like nature of his well-earned physique.

His long, thick legs are rooted to the ground, feet spread across the soft covered floor. Broad stems, his legs bulge with athleticism leading up to his solid thighs, reaching to his engorged cock.

His legs spread wide and comfortably, his large balls lay between, resting atop the soft couch beneath his member, themselves seeming to lounge. Above them, his stiff organ stands high, pointing into the air above his stomach and neatly trimmed red pubic hair. Long and thick, it pulses occasionally, every vein rippling up through it, riding from the base to the dark, unsheathed head.

The mighty Troll groaned from deep within his throat; so many years since he had found pleasure with a woman, though it was by choice. Since his young sister became his responsibility he had lost interest in other girls and women, and so he sits, alone, his body desperate for the release he’d denied himself.

Licking his lips from one tusk to the other, every throb of his cock seemed to make his entire body ache. A pulse that started at the base of his shaft traveled up, his rod expanding, veins bulging until it hit the tip and seemed to return to torture his entire rippling body.

His need was dire. Though he was loath to take it into his own hands, he reached down. Thick, rough fingers creeping across his own thigh and with a gentleness that belies his nature he cups and massages his own heavy balls. Closing his eyes, he groaned as his head arched backwards; the feel of his own fingers caressing his smooth sac comforting while at the same time taunting.

In that position he sat for some time, his fingers rolling and massaging his testicles, enjoying their soft, smooth feel and the pleasure of contact for them made his shaft tingle and pulse faster than ever. It seemed with every beat of his heart now his swollen cock expanded further, desire driving it on. However, his fingers kept up their rolling and rubbing, diving between his two delicate orbs, feeling their shape in intricate detail.

Finally unable to take it any longer, Zij released himself, his large balls, so full as they were, came back in contact with the soft fabric of his chair. His hand moved upwards, his digits brushing against the solid shaft, rough palm and tips touching the soft blue skin of his cock before he wrapped a hand around it completely.

Gripping himself firmly, his hand pumped up the length of his shaft once, the edges of his fingers coming up around the ridge of his bulging, dark blue head. He sneered and groaned in dissatisfaction. The tightness around him felt wonderful, but it was hard and coarse, not the luscious sensation he had grown so accustomed to around his cock after many years with various women.

Opening his eyes he tilts his head to the left side, eying a bottle of nearly clear lotion. He grabs it, pulling the cork out immediately and dousing a large amount onto his palm. The thick liquid poured out in a large pool, some dripping over the sides of his hand onto his cock, a trickle running down over the veins and contours of the shaft, reaching down to his large sac.

He watches the lotion pour from his hand and down his shaft before closing his eyes and letting out a soft coo that sounds more like a growl, the warm feel of the thick liquid already letting his hard flesh forget the coarse touch of his own hand.

Mashing his palm against his length, he rubs the lotion up and down over himself, his palm and fingers gliding up and down his dick, coating the entire surface area and getting the warm silky lotion in and around his own velvety blue cock head; his thumb and forefinger snaking around it as he strokes himself up and down.

Zij moans happily, pressing his head and body back into his soft chair as his hand so satisfyingly pumped up and down his glistening shaft. The sensation was delightful and in his tight grasp his cock twitched and throbbed with pleasure, his low groans and moans growing faster as he spread his thighs further apart.

As his pleasure builds, Zij’s mind wanders to the focus of his affections; the one thing that could pull his thoughts from his own self. However, his pleasure was mounting too fast for his guilt to set in, the warm feel of the gooey lotion as it slowly spread out, covering his large balls as his hand continues beating away at his pulsing cock. His moans grew louder, more frequent. Part of his mind nagged at him to be quiet in case she heard, but his own satisfaction took precedent as his free hand moved to his chest.

Moaning louder, Zij’s free hand rubs the skin of his solid chest, his thumb rubbing around his dark areola, arousing his tiny nipple atop his muscled chest, hardening it to his touch as his cock throbs amidst the pounding.

Reaching downwards, his hand leaves his chest and hard nipple, sliding down his chiseled stomach and through the crop of short, bright red hair that adorned the area above his massive cock. His large fingers tangled through those short curly hairs before two of them reached out, dabbing themselves in some of the lotion pooled beneath his pistoning hand and cock. Wet from the warm liquid, he brought them back up to his chest, encircling and toying with his own hard little rocks that were nipples. The sensation added to his growing pleasure below was sending him over the edge.

Groaning loudly, his balls began to tighten. His delicate, but large sac, begins to pull up, tightening against his body as the orbs inside pulsed and squeezed his semen forth, beginning its journey up. Like a wildfire, it shot up through his long member, igniting it in overwhelming pleasure beneath his fast pumping hand.


Suddenly Zij awoke from his dream of the past, but the fiery sensation traveling up his cock was very real. Exploding forth he arched his back and moaned loudly, stream after stream of thick, hot cum jetting out. In his mad desire it took a moment to open his eyes and realize why. Still the occasional stream poured out of him as he looked down, his sister’s mouth wrapped tightly about the head of his cock, taking in every drop of his seed.

Sighing happily, he laid back and closed his eyes, rubbing his hand through Jez’s hair.

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