Grot walked off from the party, Kali following by his side trying to keep steady. Together they headed off through the Barrens after a night of merriment. The drunken Kali could not keep her hands off him the entire way, but then, she had trouble resisting during the party as well.

The two walked along through the dark Barrens night, Kali giggling and strumming her fingers along Grot’s bare chest. Her black dress nearly perfectly camouflaged her, but he held her to him by her hip, making their way to an abandoned house.

Finally the place appeared before them, “We’re here” Grot croaked, and Kali grinned. Her hand slid down over his stomach and inside his brown pants. Kali’s fingers clasped Grot’s cock and caused him to groan.

The two squeezed through the doorway and Kali stumbled slightly, her drunken attention focused on the growing member in her hand. Grot grasped her shoulders and steadied her, grinning as he removed her hand from his pants and lit a couple candles nearby.

Kali pouted at him, slipping the shoulder straps of her dress down, her cleavage revealed and a nipple uncovered. Grot turned back around to the lovely sight and chuckled softly, undoing his belt. His fingers slipped inside his pocket and quickly pulled a tiny green vial out. Kali’s eyes widened immediately, knowing exactly what it was. Grot popped the top off and downed the contents, growing in size and towering over his orcish lover.

Kali stepped towards him and cuddled into his broad and muscular chest, her dress slipping down to her waist. Kali hummed happily as her hands danced across the even larger muscles and her erect nipples scraped across Grot’s stomach. Drunkenly she fumbled with his pants, unzipping them and delving inside to remove his massive cock.

His oversized hands roamed down Kali’s arms and to her hips, pulling down her dress until it slipped to her ankles and he lifted her up out of it. The bare Kali giggled at Grot’s handling of her, scraping her nails over his green chest.

Grot groaned and laid her down on the floor upon her back. Kali grinned up at him, still giggling uncontrollably and eying her lovers sexy body, thighs shut teasingly against him. He knelt down before her, a loud thud reverberating through the building. His hands pried open her legs by her knees and he licked his fangs at the sight of her moist slit.

Kali would’ve blushed up at him, but her eyes were fixated on her Grot’s deliciously massive member, throbbing and standing out over her. Grot’s eyes roamed over her body, and he cackled loudly noticing her trance like state over his cock. He batted away her hands as she reached for him, eliciting a groan of disappointment from his diminutive lover.

Smirking, Grot wrapped his hand about his thick shaft. Kali’s eyes widened as she watched her lover grip himself and beginning stroking his cock over her. Unconsciously her own hand moved down over her nude body, hovering over her own aroused sex as her breathing increased.

Grot beat his cock faster, moaning loudly. Kali’s pointed fingers went to herself, rubbing her demanding clit, completely taken with the sight of Grot’s masturbation. His other hand crept beneath and removed his heavy sac from his pants, gently rubbing them as his hand pounded his shaft harder.

Kali was driven wild watching, slipping two of her fingers inside her cunt she thrust into herself wildly as she watched. Her green fingers disappeared inside herself, to emerge covered in more of her slick juices, to be thrust back in again quickly. Grot groaned happily watching her please herself, and his cock twitched in his hand. He clasped his member tighter, the organ expanding with his increasing arousal.

Moaning loudly, his fingers massaged his green sac as it tightened. His hand stroked his shaft faster and faster as he arched his neck back. Finally, an eruption of thick white cum exploded from the tip, and trails of semen landed across Kali. She lay grinning, feeling the strands of cum land across her breasts, stomach and cunt.

Falling back onto his legs and panting, Grot eyed the delightful sight. His mighty warrior woman covered in his seed, and to top it off, Kali dipped her fingers in it. She toyed with his cum, rubbing her finger tips in it and then inserting them back inside her moistened slit.

Grot got back up onto his knees and lifted Kali, turning her over and placing her back onto the floor upon her hands and knees. Still holding his member he pressed its puffy head against her pussy, and then milked it against her, oozing out the last few drops of his semen against her lips.

The oversized orc proceeded to push himself against her, his engorged cock forcing its way inside her tight womanhood. Finally his rigid shaft bottomed out inside the squealing warrior, and he wasted no time in fucking her mercilessly.

Kali tried desperately to stay upon her hands and knees as he pummeled her, but in her pain and ecstasy she slumped forward. Grot lifted her up by her stomach, a hand on each side, and continued thrusting into her. She bobbed and jostled to and fro as her oversized lover fucked her, his seed still running down her body. In the act Kali came, and came again, her head swam with pleasure and she lost all perspective. Her fucking continued on until finally the panting Grot laid her down upon the floor, his cock sliding out of her with a slurp.

The two orcish lovers panted and groaned, too exhausted to do anything more than lay and hold each other, both covered in sweat and sex.

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