Trigger Warning

Kaesa, a.k.a. Sunia Frostwhisper, growled angrily, rubbing the developing bruise on the side of her head. She was naked, on a cold rock floor but for a centaur rug, a tiny mattress beside her, no blankets or pillows to be found. The tiny elf looked around for a source of warmth, and finding none, she moved to the bed, her legs firmly crossed, her arms covering her chest. Metal bars were thick across from her, behind them an empty, dry corridor, all rock. There was dampness in the air, and with no windows, she could only assume she was underground. She strained her ears, listening for sounds of life, only hearing her own breathing.

She waited, knowing she was in the right place.


A large, metallic clang woke her. Sitting up, startled, in the bed, she moved back against the wall, clenching her thighs shut, her arms firmly over her chest. She was greeted by two trolls, lean and muscular, wearing matching green outfits that fit too tightly, displaying their physique a little too well, with daggers strapped to their hips. Brown masks covered their mouths and hair, leaving only their matching blue eyes exposed, which were narrowed in an identical look of lust and anger.

Loud, clanking footsteps echoed outside her cell and a tall, broad human strolled up, casually inspecting her fearful pose. He grunted, and the troll on the left opened the gate. They both saluted the human, and marched off, a heavy door closing behind them. The human walked up to her, sitting on the opposite end of the mattress, leaving the gate open behind him. He shook his head as he smiled a disarmingly handsome smile at her, chuckling, his laugh low in his chest and eerily cold. “I would love to see you try, elf.”

He watched her every move, his green eyes complimented by short brown hair, a strong jaw line attacked to his body by a muscular neck, his body boxed and strong – that of one who works hard to be powerful. Her eyes nervously darted from his to the door and with a grunt she leapt from the bed, ducking around him only to be grabbed from behind, one of his massive hands grabbing her firm chest, the other gripping her roughly between her thighs.

She stopped dead in her tracks, unsure of what she should do, and before she could come up with an answer, he easily lifted her up from beneath, slamming her face first on to the mattress. She let out a loud cry of surprise, her voice feminine and soft. He leaned his body over hers, pressing his crotch into her ass and whispering in her ear. “Sunia Frostwhisper, you’ve been arrested and convicted of theft, and you’ve been sentenced to jail. How long you stay here is dependent on you and you alone, and how well you behave. You want out, don’t you?”

She nodded, clenching her eyes shut to try to prevent the tears from escaping, failing. He grabbed her short, black hair, lifting her head from the mattress to make her look in his cold, uncaring eyes, a sinister grin on his lips. Licking her cheek, he again spoke, “Do as I say, and we’ll see about getting you out of here in one piece…”

Pressing her head down into the mattress roughly, he heavily dragged his hand down her neck, stopping at her shoulder blades. Easily pinning her down with his hand, he leaned forward, his other hand unbuttoning his pants, freeing his massive organ. Moving his hand from his cock to her naked body, he lifted her ass into the air, propping her up with his hand. She yelped, opening her eyes in fear, and wiggling her ass, trying to free herself, her hands flailing at her side as she yelled out aloud “Stop!”

The jailer grinned down at her wiggling body as he plowed his cock roughly into her tight cunt, the head roughly hitting her inner most point. With one hand still pinning her shoulders down into the mattress, he brings his other hand into the air, cracking it to her ass with a powerful blow, the skin reddening instantly. She tried to cry out, her head still mashed into the mattress, sobbing heavily, moaning in pain. He cried in glee at the sight, slamming himself back into her harder, again bringing his hand down on her ass. Pistoning in and out of her, with every thrust fresh tears coming to her eyes, he brings his thumb to her delicate sphincter, lightly rubbing it long enough for her to yell out in protest, before thrusting his thumb in, pounding it in further with each of his powerful thrusts.

His fucking shook through her entire body, pounding her head and shoulders into the mattress further as she cried and sobbed, the jailor brutally ravaging her lower body. His grunts of pleasure mixed with her cries and screams of pain.

When she had taken this assignment, she had gotten in way over her head.


Sunia was a slim high elf, a magi by trade. As she aged, however, she became more interested in spying, particularly in infiltration of secret organizations. Though she was neither rich nor poor, she did have a penchant for slumming it and getting to know the underbelly of society.

With dark black hair, cropped short and constantly messy, large green eyes and naturally pink lips, she was pretty enough to fit in with normal society, but not gorgeous enough to seem out of place in dark corners. Her body is petite, and she only stands at 5’2”, though her breasts and backside were still shapely and firm. Her clothing typically hugged her curves, though didn’t reveal much flesh, preferring to leave others working for her affections.

After studying for a couple of years with the magi, she was told she was no longer welcome after her studies fell in quality, her mind distracted with darker thoughts. Seeking other means to display her talents, she looked into working with the police and guards. After a few trials she was denied with no reason given.

Drowning her thoughts in bottle after bottle of hard liquor, Sunia sat in a dark corner of a dark bar, oblivious to all else until a tall high elf approached her. She was clad completely in black, tight leather that did nothing to hide her curvaceous body, squeezing at her ample breasts and showing off the soft curves of her stomach and hips. Cut low in front and showing off her cleavage, it otherwise covered her completely, black gloves only showing her black painted finger tips.

In contrast to her attire, her skin was a soft pink, freckled on her cheeks. A button nose with wide eyes that were framed with blond bangs, the rest of her hair in twin pony tails at the side.

In a voice that suited her sweet face rather than her sexy body, she leaned over to Sunia and whispered between girlish giggles. “Sunia, love, I need you to find me. You know the inn. Room 406. When you can,” she giggled again, winking and running her hand down Sunia’s arm, she flicked her fingers, disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

Startled, Sunia looked around the club and when she failed to find the woman, she quickly took off towards the infamous inn.

Weaving her way through the lower forms of scum in Silvermoon, she finally reached The Copper Stop, named for the hotel having the lowest prices for both rooms and exotic women to fill them. She quickly made her way up the flight of steps, smoothing out the lines in her black robe, and running her hand through her hair, trying to straighten it. She knocked loudly on the door, looking cautiously through the corridor, when the door swung open, a male elf’s hand wrapping entirely around her tiny upper arm and yanking her into the room. He slammed the door behind her, causing her to yelp in surprise, glaring up at his face, which was scarred across the left cheek.

Pulling her eyes from him, she scanned the room, quickly spotting the buxom woman lounging on the couch, smoking an acrid smelling substance. Her hand rested on her stomach as she lazily turned to look at Sunia, nodding to the man to let go of her arm, which he obediently did.

Yanking her arm from him, Sunia stalked over to the woman, her hands on her hips. “What’s the meaning of this!” she shouted, her hard eyes boring into the woman.

“Chill, babe. Take a seat. I’m offering you a job. We’re the police no one knows ’bout. Do the dirty work that needs done. Killin’, stealin’, fightin’ the enemy by sleepin’ with it.” With her final words, she winked at the man who still stood obediently by the door, unmoving, his eyes glazed. “The magics of poisons”¦” the woman winked at Sunia, giggling again, “interested”


The jailor had left her, her cunt red with abuse, her body screaming in pain as she sobbed on the bed, in fetal position. She was left alone, still nude, her body wet with cum and sweat, her face stained with tears.

She stopped sobbing, crawling into the corner of the bed, trying to hide, as she heard the outer door creaking open again and two sets of footsteps echoing down the hall. The two trolls from earlier appeared around the corner, opening the gate as she quivered in fear, desperately trying to disappear.

Wordlessly, they walked into her cell, shutting the gate behind them. She cowered, not daring to move her eyes from them as they undressed. The troll to the left, Jinji, had a scar over his chest, from his clavicle to his right bicep, and another straight across his navel. The other troll, Renik, was unblemished, and identical to the other. She quivered as they coolly finished undressing, fully exposing their toned bodies and twin engorged members.

They carefully folded their clothing, placing them out of the way, both of them keeping blade in hand. She called out in fear, eyeing the knives, sputtering out begging words, pleading with them not to hurt her. The scarred one dashed as she cried out, jumping behind her on the bed, the mattress bouncing slightly as he did so, as he clamped his large, blue hand over her mouth, his blade expertly grazing her chin. His hard body pressed against hers as his manhood throbbed against her bottom. The other troll slowly walked to her, proudly displaying himself to her widened eyes. He smiled at her sadistically as he easily lifted her body, pulling her up onto his lap, sandwiching her between the two throbbing cocks.

She sobbed again, her lower lip quivering as she tried to beg with Renik for release, her eyes and cheeks wet with tears. He looked over her shoulder, grinning sadistically at his twin, licking his lips and tusks in anticipation. Reaching to her sides, Jinji lifted her up from under her arms as she squealed, wiggling fruitlessly in the air, her knees no longer touching the bed. Renik grabbed her legs, forcing them around his waist, smiling up at her.

“Ready for a real ride?” he grinned, speaking in fluid common, winking to his brother, who then slammed her body down on the eager blue cock. She screamed, shrill and long at the pain, her body falling against his chest, fresh tears in her eyes. She clutched her fingers to his side, sobbing against him as she sniffled, struggling her chest away from his to look up at him with wide eyes and wet lashes.

She trembled as he flexed his member inside her, which only caused his smile to grow wider.

“Please stop,” she cried, her eyes pleading with him. She gasped as she felt his brother’s hand on the middle of her back, his rough skin probing hers before he pushed her harder onto Renik, as he lay back, his hands grabbing at her thighs and hips. Sunia moved forward, pressing her head against his chest, whimpering and sobbing, desperate gasps of “stop” coming from her. He cooed at her, not in sympathy, but rather in pleasure of her pleading, wrapping his arms tight around her, moving his hands up to her shoulder and upper back, pulling her into his chest harder.

Jinji moved closer, his hands probing her back, moving a single finger to the cleft of her bottom, smacking his mouth in delight. She cried out again as she felt him place his member where his finger was, throbbing against her as he pressed against her puckered hole, savouring the moment as she wiggled, crying in pain. Sunia turned her head, looking over her shoulder, her cheeks red from the tears, her eyes puffy and sad, desperately shaking her head.

He smiled, nodding to her as he pressed in, the tip of his cock poking through. Closing his eyes and grunting in pleasure, he threw his head back, taking a deep breath before looking back into her eyes as he pressed in, a shrill yell emitting from her throat as her head went dizzy with pain. Renik grabbed her shoulders even harder, pressing her body to his, as they both thrust into her. The two large twin shafts were unlike those she had felt in the past, the size of them alone quaking her, the pain spreading from her lower body up through her torso, a sick feeling in her stomach. She tried to fight the illness, concentrating on it, as Jinji moved slowly in, inch after inch, every pulse of his heart making his cock throb, eliciting another whimper. He let out a large roar as he bottomed out in her, his heavy, swollen sac slapping against her as he began fucking her, the two trolls pistoning into her with a synchronized speed.

They grunted and groaned, their voices low and thick with lust, her own sobs drowned out by their pleasure. She squealed and howled, her voice going hoarse as she begged them to stop, but they were all but deaf to her cries.

Jinji growled, a sound that started deep in his chest as he slapped her ass, his large hand grabbing her soft flesh, before roughly rubbing his hands up to her hips, grabbing her and ramming her into him roughly, their previously similar speed growing irregular as he pounded into her, his sac growing heavier and tightening into him. With a powerful roar, he plowed into her, spending his seed deep with in her canals before pulling out, jetting over her ass and the low of her back, his hand stroking out every last drop.

He groaned in delight, falling back on his haunches, watching as Renik continued thrusting his hips up, the elf on top of him too tired to even sob any more. Jinji took in a deep breath, his eyes still glazed with pleasure, as he leaned forward and lifted Sunia from his brother’s cock, turning her to face him and slamming her back down on Renik’s shaft.

Sunia’s eyes opened in shock, though she barely uttered a sound, falling forward to Jinji’s chest, wrapping her arms around him as though he were a lover, her head swimming in a dizzy haze. He pushed her from him, his fingers holding her up at her clavicle, his other hand roughly wandering about her chest. Flicking one of her nipples he grinned as her body responded, the nub growing hard and round. He repeated it on the other side, before hungrily taking one into his mouth, sucking it hard, her blood rushing to his lips. She whimpered, slumping forward onto him.

With a sudden movement, Jinji lifted her off his brother’s cock, causing Sunia to let out a low sigh of relief in unison to Renik’s frustrated growl. Jinji looked over her shoulder as he easily turned her around to face Renik, speaking something in Troll before the two of them shifted on the bed to allow her to lay down on her stomach. She panted, sobbing into the mattress, trying to curl back into fetal position, her limbs pinned in place by the strong troll’s hands.

In one swift movement, Jinji reached in under her lower stomach, pulling her up, her exhausted legs limp. Holding her up with his forearm, he knocked her two legs into place. Resting her down on her knees with her arms pinned in Renik’s strong hands, her lower body being held up by Jinji’s arm as he moved his face forward, lowering his head, examining her swollen vulva.

Nudging the heated folds with his nose, he slowly took a long lap at her, his tongue large against her tiny body. Sunia grimaced at the sound of pleasure that emitted from her own throat as he licked, the feeling gentle and warm after the previous pain. Renik smiled, moving to kneel on her arms, keeping her pinned as he moved his hand underneath her to her chest, squeezing her nipples between his nails. With a quick movement, however, the pleasure was once more replaced with pain as Jinji’s thick, troll fingers dove into her cunt, stretching her once more as she wiggled uncomfortably, her sobs of pain mingling with the sounds of pleasure.

“Bitch likes it,” Jinji mumbled into her cunt, causing Renik to cackle louder, his hands poking and pinching and squeezing her flesh with more enthusiasm, her tears speckling his hands as she cried in heavy gulps, her chest heaving for breath. Her cheeks were stained with tears, her lower lip unable to stop quivering as her abused cunt wettened from the troll’s rough affections and probing tongue.

“Please… stop… go away,” she sniffed, feebly trying to move her arms from underneath the heavy troll. Jinji laughed, pulling his fingers from her folds, his lips and fingers glistening with wetness. Moving with grace and swiftness he grabbed her hips, pulling her arms from under Renik as they both moved to pull her upper body up, smiling sadistic smiles, as they continued to speak in Troll.

After a few moments of watching her struggle to get up on her limp limbs to crawl around, Renik moved his three fingered hand to rub the back of her head before grabbing a fistful of hair, yanking her head up to look at him while Jinji grabbed her lower stomach, holding her backside up in the air again as he rubbed his cock over her thighs, teasing himself on her cunt and ass, venturing a few thrusts against her cleft. Renik just watched her face, observing her reactions, before his grin grew wider, watching her tremble, struggling to move from the probing member.

He raised his hand, a strong blow striking against her cheek. She would have reeled from the blow were it not for them holding her firmly in place, and fresh tears sprang to her eyes. She opened them to look up at Renik pitifully, as he grabbed her cheeks, forcing her to pucker her lips.

“No teeth. Open up,”

Sunia’s eyes grew wide, shaking her head, the scent of his sex already strong in the air. She looked from his face to his glistening cock, precum forming at the tip, the veins bulging eagerly. He yanked her hair, punching her left arm hard, and sending it from under her. Her head landed on his thigh, his engorged cock inches from her face. She gasped, whimpering again as he raised her head, shaking her head a few times before trembling she parted her lips, curling them over her teeth and took a huge breath, bracing herself for what was to come.

Jinji and Renik winked at one another over her body, simultaneously pressing themselves into her, one brother crammed into her throat, the other nestled deep in her abused cunt, her body involuntarily succumbing to the feelings as she heaved with sobs of fear, choking and sputtering as the member filled her mouth, pressing painfully into her throat.

They spoke with one another in troll, both of them still within her, as she wriggled, trying to raise her head. Struggling for breath, she wiggled further onto Jinji, her sore lips pressed hard against his body, Renik’s cock still pressed hard against the back of her throat, his hand holding her head steady.

Quickly Jinji started fucking her with strong, long strokes, holding her hips still as she kicked her feet in protest, her hands on Renik’s thighs, trying to push herself up, her vision growing fuzzy. Jinji bucked into her twitching body, pushing her further and further onto Renik’s member, moaning in delight as she passed out, pinned in place by two massive blue cocks.


There was an acrid smell of smoke in the air when Sunia came to, her head swollen with a large bruise on the side, her cheek bones tender to the touch. Her pink lips were split up the center from the dehydration and constant abuse. She lay on the hard, stone floor, her nude body sprawled across it, taking in any amount of chill she could to escape from the heavy, hot air around her.

She wasn’t sure how long she had been kept in her cage this time, but she knew it was longer than usual. She had been awake for hours before the last beating, listening to the dripping of the water so close to her, yet so unattainable. Though it was black in the room where her cage was, she could tell that the water was dripping a long ways down. She rolled onto her back, shivering with slight delight at the cold on her skin.

The cage was constructed with heavy bars, and it took her four full strides to complete a circle around the area. Though the ceiling was high enough for her to stand to her full height, she could reach the bars if she jumped off the ground. There was a large door on one side of her cage where she was often visited. She could never tell who it was; the room was so dark with no light coming in, she soon became familiar with the common movements and guttural sounds emitted during the men’s unrestrained pleasure.

She rubbed her forehead, squirming awkwardly on the ground, desperate for release. She couldn’t remember the entire reason why she was put in the cage this time, though she remembered she had a human client the day before, though he seemed pleased. The jailer was a fickle man, however, and who knew his motives for his punishments. Sunia groaned and stood, moving towards the bars of the cage, shouting out in futility at the heavy, black air, “I didn’t do anythin’ wrong, let me out!” Sighing, she plopped back down, knowing it wouldn’t do any good.

She had a feeling that the jailer liked tormenting her best. In her few and far between conversations with the other prisoners, they had no inkling of what the cage was. Sunia darted up again as she heard a tiny click come from far away, causing an echo and with it a sudden, blinding light. She reeled back, shielding her eyes and turning around, crying out in pain for a moment before turning back cautiously, and looking towards the source. The sound of heavy, solid walking echoed around her, drowning out the sound of the infernal dripping. She reached her thin arms out through the gates, groping for a feel of her visitor.

Expertly, the man grabbed her arm, thrusting a cup into it and ceiling both of her hands around it. Without waiting for further instruction, Sunia quickly brought the cup through the bars and began drinking it, clumsily, some dripping down her chin onto her chest. The boots walked towards the source of the water and then the tormenting dripping was gone.

He walked back, and with the same meticulous slowness, he opened the door, stepping to be inside with her. In a swift and startlingly fluid and graceful movement, the man grabbed her wrist, causing the cup to clink to the floor in her shock. Leather cuffs soon enveloped her wrists, cutting into her pale flesh. She yelped and moved backwards towards the bars, stumbling to her bottom.

He yanked her up, hoisting her into the air as she kicked her feet, struggling to get loose. She heard a noise in the distance and turned towards it, shouting out loudly. The man ignored her cries as he laid her down on the cold floor, securing her leather bindings with a rope tied to the cage. He pressed down on her stomach and roughly yanked her legs apart, cuffing them with a metal cuff that bit at her ankle, causing her to squeal and squirm while he repeated the step to the other leg.

There were more footsteps moving towards her now, clicking on the floor with purpose, muttering in low voices. Suddenly, there was light all around, blinding and terrible, Sunia instinctively moved to cover her eyes as she shut them tight, screaming in pain. More hands on her body, prodding her, but she couldn’t open her eyes, the light was too bright. Her head was growing fuzzy and dark, as though there was something trying to get into her brain and she cried out again, meeker and more of a mewling than a cry.

The hands were all over her, she could feel them crawling up and down her body, groping and grabbing at her flesh, fighting one another like animals over the best scrap of meat. Her head buzzed with an unknown noise, calling her away from herself, coaxing her to leave the situation, abandon her body but she refused, forcing herself to remain still and tense, fighting the feeling of being drugged.

There was music in the background, drumming, singing… a woman’s voice singing. Sunia wasn’t sure where the sound was coming from, but suddenly there was warmth atop her, washing over her. Slowly she opened her eyes and the bleary vision of a man bucking atop her was the last thing she could recall before passing out.


Warmth. Sunia mumbled the word over and over, unable to toss and turn in her bindings. Flickers of conversation reached her ears, nothing she wanted to hear. The men were excited, then serious… anger… then nothing. When she finally came back to reality, it took her a moment to register the blinding pain that coursed through her body, coming from…

Sunia screamed as she cupped her hand over her genitals, the bindings having been removed, her hands instantly sticky and crimson with fresh blood. The pain. She screamed and cried, unable to stand, curling into fetal position, yelling loudly for help.


She sobbed in the Jailor’s lap as he soothed her, a man in white, his face hidden by a mask, working between her thighs. Sunia clutched at him like a child, whimpering and twitching, the pain almost blocking out his words, making her forget them almost as soon as he had said them, coming back to her later in a haze.

“Pregnant…” he paused, rubbing her forehead, “couldn’t let you…” there was another snippet of conversation she didn’t understand, “never happen again.”

And finally, “mine.”

He kissed her softly on her hair as she passed out.

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