Amarice walked along the bridge out of Stormwind, her head hung low. Her little reading turned out to have the opposite effect on her than what she hoped. She’d hoped it would clear her mind and heart, help get Marasy from her thoughts. Instead it made her chest swell with pain. Thinking about it more drove her to pick up her pace, walking away from the city faster.

As she neared the gates, she let the scrap of paper with her writing on it fall into the water under the bridge. She didn’t want to be reminded anymore today. Wearing her white dress she felt vulnerable and alone, she missed the comfort of her mail and suddenly wished she hadn’t rushed out of town so fast.

Usually she would be dressed in full armour, weapon at the ready, her delicate but pointed features contrasting sharply. She could never seem to keep her hair neat and pretty, but today she had done as good as she ever did. She brushed some hair behind her ear and thought of the days when Marasy would take care of such things for her, so daintily with such attention to detail. Amarice always felt beautiful and young afterwards. Not to say she didn’t appear so anyways. Amarice was no young flower, but she was as untouched as one. Her training and exercises kept her in excellent shape and a life of piety kept her away from anything harmful to her appearance or health. She was a well-endowed lady with a firm body and a scornful look on her face at most times.


Lector Velagund, the golden mercenary. A bearded man in his thirties, Lector had seen a lot of fighting. A military man at a young age, he quickly grew to resent taking commands and putting his life on the line for little money. However, the life of a mercenary proved to be little better financially. Sure, the payoffs could be big, but it was often infrequent and dangerous. But the independence was worth it to him.

That day Lector was there. He listened to her reading in the park from a distance. He was ever curious about the beautiful woman since he first met her in Red Ridge. His flirtatious ways were getting him nowhere however. Life as a mercenary was often lacking in female companionship, especially here in the heart of Alliance country where captives were few and far between. Amarice seemed completely uninterested in his compliments, suggestions and offers.

Today however, he felt lucky.

Lector knew about her plans to read her writing, so he was there, and it certainly wasn’t because he was a lover of poetry. She had taken off quickly though, and so he was forced to intercept her here, at the city gates. Adjusting his belt and scabbards, he turned to two of his mercenary squad and nodded, “I’ll meet up with you later.” They slinked off into the forest quietly.

Amarice didn’t notice Lector standing there as she reached the gates and walked by, but quickly he trotted up behind her “Amarice! Lovely reading you gave there.” Startled she spun around, looking up at him with dry, puffy eyes.

“L…Lector? What are you doing here?” she said confused, Lector always seemed to pop up out of nowhere. He grinned and bowed down to her, “I came to hear your reading, of course.” He held out his hand to take one of hers and kiss it, but she didn’t oblige. “Oh… Well… Thanks. But I’m not much in the mood for talking right now.” Amarice turned around and began walking into the surrounding forests of Elwynn, forgetting her recent train of thought about returning to get her armour and weapons.

Lector grimaced and followed behind her, not one to give up, especially after his recent commitment to turn around his fortune with the ladies. “Well we needn’t talk! Perhaps a nice stroll, the forests here are lovely, especially-” he was cut off.

“I’d really rather be alone, thank you Lector.” She said in an annoyed tone heading through the evening sun quicker, wandering off in some random direction. Lector followed silently, not giving up but trying to think of what to say next. He could hear them approaching water ahead and thought it’d be perfect. She’d want to stop there and that’d give him time to make a move.

Amarice looked at him from the corner of her eye following. She was annoyed, but too caught up in her own feelings to care much. Finally she reached a dead end, a lake and river blocked her way and she wanted to sit and relax. She folded her dress beneath her legs and leaned back against a rock on the water’s edge, staring off. Lector came up behind and plopped down on his behind beside her, his mail clanking against the ground. “I can understand why you must be upset… But perhaps talking about it will help. I’m always willing to listen to the troubles of a beautiful lady.” He grinned happily, thinking himself rather good at this. Amarice rolled her eyes and sighed, “No Lector, I’d really rather not talk about this. It’s personal… Could you just leave?”

Lector’s face turned sour, and he eyed the delightful frame of this woman hungrily, trying to think of a way to turn her spirits about. “Well… Talking doesn’t always help, true. But perhaps… Something more intimate.” He leaned towards her and tried to place a hand upon her knee.

Quickly Amarice knocked his hand away and glared, “Lector just go! I’m in no mood for your idiocy!” she shouted at him, her expression purely angry. Lector was insulted, and more than that he was refused despite his greatest hopes and best efforts. Trying to turn things around he went to lay his hand on her neck and pull her close for a kiss, Amarice resisted however and he was forced to use more strength. He practically yanked her towards him but before he could kiss her delicious looking lips, she shoved him away and slapped his face harshly. “Get away before I make you pay for that!”

His face burned red with anger. He threw himself on top of her, his full weight and that of his armours pushing her down into the grass and dirt. His hands tore at the shoulders of her dress, ripping one and pulling both down. Her cleavage showed and his lips kissed her bare chest. Using his knee, he tried to force her legs apart as his hands and arms wrestled with hers to keep her still. Quickly though, Amarice head butted his face, and though he dodged fast enough to avoid a broken nose, she hurt him enough to knock him back.

She sat up to try and fix her dress, clasping its fabric to her bosom when she heard heavy footsteps coming from behind her. Lector’s mercenary group had been close by. In fact, they had followed him along. Though he was their leader, they kept tabs on his movements. Lector thought they were concerned for his safety, but more so they were concerned for him hoarding profits to himself.

Two of Lector’s human compatriots rushed to his side. Helping him up and giving him a cloth to wipe the blood away from his face. Amarice glared at them, “You’ll all pay with righteous fire for this!”

Lector, clutching the cloth to his face, pointed and cursed beneath his breath as the other two stared at her angrily. Amarice backed away and as she turned to run she bumped into a steely mass blocking her path. Lector’s mercenary group hailed from Booty Bay and made no discrimination with race. Before her stood a giant green-skinned orc and his troll companion peering over his shoulder. Stumbling back she realized the group had surrounded her completely. They had wasted no time, and Lector stood angry, but confident “You’ll pay for this bitch!”

In no time, one of the human mercenaries had grabbed her by the shoulders, the other, pouncing down and pinning her legs in his arms. They dragged her back, flailing and screaming, to the embankment before the forest began, pinning her to the ground. As she struggled one of them pinned her ankles down and lifted her dress, exposing her milky white thighs. The other pushed down on her arms, keeping her pinned.

Lector nodded to the troll who pulled a dagger from his side and held it against Amarice’s neck. Suddenly feeling the cold metal touching her flesh, her eyes darted to him and she stopped all movement. Paralyzed by fear, she knew nothing good would come out of struggling. The gruff man at her feet cautiously released her ankles and let his leather covered hands roam up her soft legs. She jerked her legs up suddenly, about to resist, when she was quickly reminded of the steel against her throat and stopped.

Lector brushed the man away from her legs and stood before her, “Well, guess you’ll be giving me what I want in the end anyways, huh Amarice?” He grinned sinisterly down at her disheveled body, satisfied that he’d have his way finally.

Quickly the dejected man who had shortly before been enjoying Amarice’s skin spoke up “Hey! Don’t go thinking this is all about you captain.” He grinned and eyed Amarice, “She’ll do for us all.”

Lector’s eyes narrowed, but before he could speak up he noticed he was quite outnumbered and they were all looking rather eager. “Well… Just wait your turn.” Some sort of groaning and mumbling could be heard from the entire band, but Lector looked down at Amarice and undid his belt, tossing his scabbards and swords to the ground aside.

Amarice shook with fear, frightened for more than her life as she eyed the men. “You… You can’t do this… You’ll get caught!” To which she heard snickers and chuckles. Lector grinned and undid his metal pants, revealing his stiff cock. It was already perfectly rigid, as he had been aching for release for some time. Before he could prepare anymore the man pinning down Amarice’s arms shouted “Hurry it up! This isn’t a romantic date!” And Lector narrowed his eyes at him, kicking open Amarice’s legs and dropping to his knees.

“Hope your ready sweetie, the guys here aren’t much for foreplay.” Lector leered down at her, pulling her dress all the way up over her hips, grinning down at her white panties. Nestled beneath her plain undergarments lay the prize he was after, and he wasted no time yanking them off, tearing them and leaving a long red mark around Amarice’s waist. She winced from it, as Lector reached, out, his finger tips brushing against her delicate labia while his other hand still held his eager cock.

Voices around Lector were full of discontent and urgency, the two other humans were already stripping off their armour. The troll still held the knife to Amarice’s throat, otherwise unmoving, but the orc was laughing and beating his cock watching one pink skin begin to violate another.

Frowning to himself slightly, Lector took the hint and decided not to waste his moments alone with her. He leaned over her, staring down into her angry, frightened eyes as he rubbed the head of his cock against her womanhood. Amarice’s thighs were spread wide open by Lector’s hips, she could hardly be accused of being excited or wet but Lector tore away the dress from her breasts, sucking one of her pert nipples roughly as he plunged into her.

Her cunt resisted his intrusion, she was tight, far tighter than any adult woman he’d been with. Though he didn’t know it, she had never been penetrated before. Her life of piety, followed by her odd relationship with Marasy had never led her to anything sexual, though her barrier there had long been lost from her life of physical exertion. And so, as he violated her holy folds, she squealed loudly.

Lector was stunned at first. He tried to maintain himself. She surprised him with her tight vaginal embrace, and his eager cock had nearly lost itself in her immediately. This was something he hadn’t experienced since being a first timer himself. Moaning loudly, he pulled his cock from her and rammed it back in quickly. He pulled up under one of her thighs, lifting her leg up as he began to fuck her roughly, her bare breasts bouncing back and forth with each hammer of his cock.

The other men watched eagerly, they were impatient and the sight of Amarice’s almost entirely nude body only made it worse. The troll slowly removed the knife from her throat and cut away the dress that was now only covering her waist, so that she lay completely naked with her tattered clothes beneath her.

Amarice shut her eyes tight as she squealed and bucked. Lector’s fucking only grew in speed and intensity, and it was overwhelming to her. Very soon however, she felt something warm press against her lips. Opening her eyes she saw one of the human males pressing his dick to her mouth. She stared at its veined surface, somehow entranced by her first real look at a male sex organ. But immediately he jammed it back against her mouth and growled “You’ll suck it if you know what’s good for you bitch.” And very quickly she parted her lips, allowing him to push his throbbing cock in.

Upon opening his eyes in his ecstasy, Lector was disgruntled to find his bands impatience meant he was not going to be able to have her to himself even once. Amarice’s mouth was stuffed full of another man’s cock as she amateurly tried to suck it.

The rest of his men were naked and waiting as well, hard cocks at attention all around, but Lector knew that wouldn’t be his concern much longer. Each hard thrust into Amarice brought him extremely close to his own finale. It had been so long since he had a woman, and Amarice’s finely toned and tight body was proving too much for him. Amarice clamped her lips down around the man’s cock, licking the shaft, then feeling the contours of its swollen head. This was completely new to her, and though acting out of fear, she was no less curious. Lector’s armour chaffed her thighs terribly, and then, to his and her relief, he slammed his cock into her pussy one last time. Hot cum pumped into her, alarming her. He spasmed and jerked, his cock twitching and jetting every drop of cum his balls had to offer deep inside her.

Lector lay atop her motionless for a moment, breathing heavily and kissing her tender breasts. It wasn’t as long as he’d liked, but he was satisfied none the less. In no time though, a large orcish hand peeled him away from her, his dick sliding out of her involuntarily wet cunt, cum dribbling out along with it. Lector fell back against the ground, and moved away, not risking an argument with his large horny companion.

The orc picked up Amarice, causing the other man’s cock to slip from her mouth. Laying back, the giant position her over his extremely large and bulging shaft as if she were a rag doll. But without waiting he slammed her down, impaling her on himself. His wide cock spread her open wider than she ever imagined she could get. She screamed out and fell down against his chest, panting and groaning.

Lingering a moment, the orc lay there motionless, marveling at the feeling of filling this tiny pink skin. Immediately though, one of the men, still holding his cock in hand, moistened by Amarice’s mouth, position himself behind her. Though her cunt was stuffed with the giant green cock, he lined up his eager member with her tight little asshole. Amarice’s saliva helped him push through its resistance, and slowly he buried himself deep inside her tight bowels.

Amarice screamed and jerked, two cocks fighting for her tight holes, filling her almost unbearably. When finally the human had pushed his way to her deepest anal depths, he stopped. There was no breather for her. The orc slid himself from her tiny cunt, made all the tighter by her double penetration, and pushed back in. Together the two began to fuck her as a pair, pounding her two holes.

Her open mouth, spewing squeals and groans, was filled again. The troll stood naked before her, feeding her his own thick blue cock. Knowing her part in this, she licked and sucked it, though it was made all the more difficult by her being hammered from behind.

Groaning loudly, the human came inside her ass. Stepping aside he pulled his cock from her, cum running down and landing on the orcs shaft and balls as he continued to fuck into her pink cunt. Almost instantly the remaining mercenary stepped up and refilled the emptiness inside Amarice.

Three cocks pounded and pistoned in and out of her. Amarice’s cries were muffled by the thick troll shaft in her mouth, but her body pleased them all. As she rocked back and forth, her breasts dangled down over the mouth of the orc as he eagerly sucked, licked and bit the pink mounds.

Amarice convulsed, her body shook and trembled with force as the violations overcame her. Her pussy and ass contracted, tightening around the thick rods inside of her as she came to her first orgasm. She would’ve cried out, but couldn’t as thick troll semen sprayed the back of her throat, causing her to choke and cough, followed shortly after by the orcs unleashing of cum into her sore pussy.

Amarice was still momentarily. The only motion caused by the man fucking her ass, until the troll withdrew his cock from her mouth. She coughed and tried to swallow what she could, though some of his seed dribbled past her lips.

The orc beneath her lifted her up, her cunt suctioned onto his cock as he slid out until finally falling against his stomach with a slap. The man with the cock in her ass steadied her as the orc rolled out from beneath her, so much of his cum pouring from her puffy red folds onto the ground.

Amarice didn’t have the strength or willpower to keep herself up on her hands and knees, but the man continued pummeling her tight sphincter and holding her rear aloft, her face and breasts against the ground. Finally the man pulled out of her, and her expression softened as she lay panting, eyes closed on the ground. His cock in hand, the man stroked himself vigorously until he jetted his cum all over Amarice’s back and ass. Strings of his sticky seed landing across her backside like lashes from a whip.

She slumped down onto her side, weary and powerless. The men all dressed or took a seat breathing heavily themselves. Finally, Lector stepped back over to her. His armour was gone and he stared down at her, dirty and cum covered. “And I would’ve been so much nicer to you…” He frowned with mock disappointment.

Amarice opened her eyes and looked up at him through narrow slits. She was angry, but too exhausted and pained to show it.

Lector kicked her onto her back and her legs fell open, pussy on display as it puffed open and oozed the combined semen down her ass crack and into the dirt. Lector grasped his partially erect cock and stroked it, eying her. “We could’ve had so much fun, just you and me… Now look at you. Was it worth it?” He sniffed, his nose still in pain.

Amarice didn’t respond, or couldn’t. She just stared up, watching him and knowing what would come next.

He fell down to his knees, leaning over her battered body and positioning himself at her cunt. He pushed into her, burying himself in her now well lubricated depths and began to fuck her with slow, hard thrusts. Amarice didn’t respond, she just stared up at him as he had his way with her.

Lector grunted with displeasure, the orcs use of her cunt had loosened Amarice’s once deliciously tight slit. He pulled his shaft out of her and grabbed her hip, turning her into her stomach and pounded into her ass.

Grunting with pleasure Lector held her backend up and screwed her roughly. Amarice was too exhausted and in too much pain already to notice, but soon his rough penetration brought him close to climax.

Lector pulled out of her puckered asshole and stood up, yanking Amarice up onto her knees by her hair. Holding her like that he forced his throbbing member into her mouth, moving her head back and forth on him. “Ahhhh… Won’t be long now.” He arched his back and groaned in pleasure, a fire traveling to the tip of his cock, cum exploding out as it fell from her lips. Lector’s pulsing head threw streams of hot seed onto her face, across her eye and brow, down her chin, then lower across her neck and breasts.

Satisfied, Lector let her fall to the ground as she clung to consciousness. He geared up and spoke to his men in a loud voice, “Alright, let’s get out of here. Won’t be returning for a while, but that’s good business anyways.” He turned and winked to Amarice in his full suit of golden armour, “Though maybe we’ll stop by and pay you a visit then too, huh? Sound good?” He chuckled and the group of mercenaries plodded off through the trees as Amarice clutched herself for warmth in the cool night air.

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