Gorth bathed in the river near Zul’Aman, scrubbing himself with soap he had bought earlier in the day as Sin’Thol stared up at the sky, leaning back on her hands. She was average height and size for an elf, with stained red lips and grey soot covering her eyelids. Her cheeks were often flushed pink, and her face was, for lack of a better word, soft. Her arms and body were well toned, her skin a rich peach.

There was little doubt that she could have an elven mate, if she desired. But instead, she watched from the corner of her eye as the brown-green orc washed himself in front of her, finding herself growing ever more excited at the sight of him. She certainly wasn’t pleased with this new found attraction to her beastly orc, and had been trying to combat the need to have him fill her, though only half heartedly. She hated the complexity of it all, and would much rather have fallen in love with an elf that doted on her as much as Gorth.

He finished bathing, his skin raw and scratched from where he rubbed too hard, and followed her to the tiny alcove that was to be known to them as theirs. Shifting uncomfortably, Sin griped about how complicated it was and how she wished things could be simple. But he was still aroused at the sight of her, and though she loathed admitting it, she was aroused at the sight of him. She was lonely. She knew this, and had for decades. She had tried so desperately to be proper and controlled and sociable that it became nothing more than a facade. She hardly knew herself at all, any more. It was a miserable life, to be pretending all of the time.

It was a rush to spit in the face of expectations, but at the same time she hated to do it. Her entire life revolved around meeting and exceeding the expectations she though others had placed for her. But here was a willing, devoted, and obviously interested orc who would allow her to use him and would never utter a word.

She rolled onto her stomach, staring up at him as he sat against the stone wall, watching her. “I wish I could meet an elf who doted on me as you do,” she murmured, a sly smile crossing her face, her eyes narrowed deviously. He cocked his head to the side, staring down at her curiously.

“Like… Gorth does?”

“Yes,” she snickered, “would not hurt for them to be as endowed as you as well.”

The beast’s face lit up, “Mistress… really?” he stammered, excitement obvious in his voice. She nodded, still grinning up at him. “I would not keep you around if you displeased me more than you pleased me.”

Gorth smiled from ear to ear, “Gorth was worried… he… was too much for Mistress.”

Sin’Thol hrmped, biting her lower lip, “yes, well, I suppose I am somewhat of an oddity when it comes to some things,” she said, nodding slightly. She stared up at him, her eyes trailing from his face to the leather harness she frequently had him wear and absentmindedly licked her lips.

“Gorth wishes… he could be elf for Mistress.”

She looked up at him, quickly snapping out of her fantasy and let out a loud laugh, “funny to think on! Would be strange to have an actual relationship with you!” she replied, still laughing.

Gorth frowned slightly for a brief moment, “Of course… Mistress. Gorth is lowly… orc, Mistress is magnificent elf.” Sin’Thol nodded, tilting her head to the side and grinning mischievously again. “You do have uses, though.”

“Gorth uses his… strength to help Mistress as… best… he… can.”

“Of course. I was not talking about that just then, though,” Sin’Thol smirked, staring at him. His confused look, and stammering of “Mistress?” let her know that he didn’t understand, causing her to giggle. She moved forward, stretching out on the cold stone, still on her stomach, her feet wagging in the air over her ass.

His eyes wandered over her body, “does Mistress refer… to… the inappropriate use he performs?” She nodded, a slight frown removing the sly smirk from her face as she was reminded of the inappropriateness of her actions.

“That is Gorth’s… purpose… to serve Mistress in any way he can be used.”

“Boys should be as obedient and eager to please as you.”

“Gorth only wishes… to… please Mistress. Think, that is a good philosophy.”

Sinthol nodded, rolling back on her back, shivering slightly. “I should bring a sheet next time we come out here.”

“Gorth only… has his metal armour. No good for staying… warm. Would… Mistress like Gorth to hold her… keep her from getting cold?”

Sinthol tilted her head back, looking at Gorth upside down, watching him as he looked down at her with a serious expression.

“I… That might be nice,” she smiled, trying to hide it from him. “Lie down next to me,” she commanded, curling herself into his arms as he did so. “Life is stupid sometimes,” she pouted, her arms pressed against his chest, her hands playing with his harness.

Gorth hugged her close to him, “It is… Mistress. Gorth knows that.”

“I need a real friend…”

“Should Gorth… not be by Mistress around people… so she… could meet new friends?”

“If they can not accept you as my pet, they would likely not accept me as a friend.”

“Mistress has Gorth, even… if… he is not real friend. He will be by her forever.”

She buried her face into his chest to hide the wide smile that was involuntarily crossing her face, nodding. She tried to fight her desires for the orc, even as she smiled and pressed herself to him, but she was a lonely elf who had a doting orc who thought the world of her pressing his body to hers, and right and wrong didn’t seem so clear.

Sin’Thol’s tiny hand moved from his harness, trailing down his abdomen, lightly rubbing over his member before resting on his inner thigh. She sat up, motioning him to do the same, before sitting in his lap, her chest pressed against his, arms thrown over his shoulders. “So wrong,” she muttered as she began wiggling in his lap, her forehead resting on his chest as his hands wandered over her body lightly, trembling.

“Gorth wants… to please… Mistress,” he growled, breathing heavily as his hands wandered over her outer thigh, slowly making their way closer and closer to her sex as she continued grinding into his lap. “Mistress feels… delightful,” he whispered, grinning happily, to which she nodded.

“Of course. But it is just so wrong for me to be doing this with you.” “Does Gorth feel wrong… beneath… her?” he asked as he licked his lips, his member still grinding against her clothed cunt.

“Yes…. Maybe that is why I want it.”

“Gorth wants Mistress,” he moaned, bringing his large fingers to her inner thigh, stroking her through the material.

“Will you… compliment me?” she whimpered, blushing furiously at her own words, exposing her weakness to the beast as he nodded.

“Mistress… is deserving of a constant… shower… of compliments. So… perfect. Mistress is… a light shining on Gorth. Last night… was… happiest moment in Gorth’s life,” he replied as he grinded up against her, holding her down onto him with his large hands, his fingers creeping up into her inner thighs. Sin’Thol bit her lip, parting her thighs for him allowing his thumb to rub over her mons lightly.

“Cannot be all wrong,” she moaned as he reached his hands up for the belt, visibly forcing himself to resist.

“Mistress… Gorth tries to be good for… you.”

Sin’Thol let out a tiny, embarrassed laugh, “I am not being a very good example. Go… go ahead.”

He reached up again, roughly undoing the belt and pulling it out, laying it aside with more care than he took it out, undoing her pants and viewing her nude skin as it was exposed, him throbbing beneath her.

“Gorth… never knew how to be so careful… before.”

“You will be… or this will not happen again…” she snarled softly, shivering and wrapping her legs around him. He nodded, “Gorth will not fail… Mistress,” as he easily lifted her up off his lap, removing her pants, leaving her only in her top and shoes.

She nodded, giggling softly, still swiveling into him “I do not think an elven body was made to fit atop an orcs…”

“But Mistress… feels perfect around Gorth. Took… more force to restrain… then Gorth knew he had,” he smiled as he reached his thumb back along her inner thigh, finally sliding it over her sex as gently as he could.

“Does… Mistress mean she’d think… it better if Gorth got… on top of her? Or… does Mistress… not trust Gorth… enough to risk it?”

“I… you may not be able to… restrain. You would not be able to… yet,” she moaned softly, grinding into his thumb as he slowly presses in to her.

“Should… Gorth do anything… particular… for Mistress tonight?”

She sighed, allowing her body to relax atop of him, breathing heavily, but comfortably. “You… you are doing fine… my Beast….”

Gorth smiled and pressed his thumb against her a little harder, rubbing up and down her tiny slit. “Should Gorth… not release as before?” he asked as his free hand roamed up, awkwardly unbuttoning the tiny buttons of her jacket and shirt.

“We… we will see,” she nodded as her hands roamed up her top, shooing his hand away and unbuttoning her shirts, letting them fall open, but leaving the sleeves still on. He gasped at the sight of her naked chest, “Wonderful. Gorth… has not seen… Mistress’… breasts like this,” he stammered as he reached up with both hands, rubbing and stroking her tiny breasts, his one thumb leaving a trail of her own wetness there.

He continued to stare at her, his hand dwarfing her chest, before bringing his wet thumb to his mouth, sucking her juices from it, his shaft pulsing rapidly beneath her. She groaned happily, pressing her chest into his hand and her ass into his cock, writhing back and forth, her eyes closed, quietly mumbling, “spectacular the things a beast knows to do by instinct…”

He again lifted her from his body, his eyes never leaving her chest, as he moved to unclasp his own pants, as she groaned and squirmed, before he sighed with relief and set her back down upon lap. She furiously rubbed herself against his bare cock, her hands grabbing for his and pulling them back to her flesh. The hand on her chest rubbed and pinched at her nipples as the hand on her ass began kneading her flesh. She groaned a few words in Thalassian, grabbing desperately at his inner thigh, her fingertips rubbing closer and closer to the base of his cock.

“My Beast… what a prize you can be…” she mumbled, rubbing her exposed cunt against the length of his shaft as he growled joyously. “All for glorious Mistress,” he murmured, leaning in to kiss her chest, his tongue playing with her exposed nipple. She arched her back, pressing herself into him before resting her head on his chest. She grabbed her hair band, tossing it aside, leaving her hair somewhat messy, as he lifted her by the ass, positioning his large, green member at her opening. “Give… Gorth permission to enter Mistress, and he will,” he growled, still lapping at her chest, carefully teasing her nipple with his sharp teeth. He lowered her slightly, the head of his penis brushing her wet sex.

A tiny growl of her own escaped her lips, her hands reaching to grab his shoulders, biting down on her lips and clenching her eyes shut before nodding slowly. He slowly released her, her own weight bringing her down on his cock, engulfing his swollen head. Carefully, he pressed her down onto him, his cock pulsing furiously as her tightness surrounds him. She growled again, her eyes still clenched before taking a deep breath and relaxing her body against his. Taking another breath, she looked at him, nodding, and resting her head to his chest.

His free hand trailed from her ass to her hair, cradling her softly against him as he panted and groaned, his other hand running up his cock to her lips, rubbing them softly. “Mistress… you feel… like heaven,” he whispered, his voice low and lusty. She nodded, her face warm, flushed, and slightly moist, her hands rubbing up and down his muscular arms. “It… feels wrong…” she panted, “in a very right way.”

Nearly too quickly, and too hard, he began fucking her, causing her to let out a tiny moan of surprise as she panted against his neck, her lips parted. She continued pressing her chest against his, letting out tiny whimpers of pleasure and pain, as his chest heaved against hers.

“Gorth is fortunate… to make love to… a goddess,” he snarled in her ears, bouncing the tiny elf atop his large cock, quicker and quicker as she let out a loud groan, and mumbled a quick incantation in Thalassian, casting a quick healing spell on herself, her head beginning to bob with the power of his thrusts. He shifts his body away from hers, returning his mouth to her breasts as her head is thrown back in pleasure, her hands roaming his chest. Bringing her head back, she stared at the top of his head as he continued lapping. Snarling, she whispered just loud enough so he could hear, “You want me to cum on you, my Beast?”

He growled, fucking her faster and harder, his own cock spasming and throbbing, his balls growing tight, calling out “please Mistress!”

She smiled a devious grin, allowing herself to be quickly bounced atop him, biting her lip with the painful strokes, before her entire body grew tense, her cunt spasming against his pulsing cock, tightly wrapping her arms around his back, letting out a long, lust filled moan in her ear, whispering various curses in Thalassian.

He let out a tiny howl of delight, fucking her harder knowing she’s satisfying herself upon him. His cock pummels her deeply and with more force, her body jerking atop him in her throws of ecstasy before he cried out in a sort of panic, “Gorth… Gorth can not hold any longer Mistress! Tell Gorth… Tell Gorth what now!”

She let out a tiny groan of disappointment before quickly removing herself from him with a wince, shaking her head “no.” “It will give you incentive to work harder if I promise you can… cum on me tomorrow, if you behave. Do you not think so, Beast?” she smiled, tenderly kissing at his neck, standing nude in front of him.

He panted and groaned hungrily, his shaft rigid and twitching, soaked by her juices, “Yes… yes Mistress. As you say,” he grumbled, reaching up around her neck, holding her to him softly, groaning again, wanting her so badly.

She smiled sympathetically, reaching between her own legs and rubbing herself for a few moments before feeding her fingers into Gorth’s mouth. “Is it a deal, then, Gorth?”

He nodded eagerly, sucking and licking her fingers, eying her nude form while giving a nod. She grinned devilishly, sitting back in his lap, his cock throbbing between their two stomachs, her hugging him to her, her head resting on his chest. “It cannot be all wrong…” she mumbled sleepily against him, his thick arms holding her to him tightly.

“No. Mistress… is right.” he groaned, happily, but lustfully, stroking his hand over her side, hip and thigh, his erection not ceasing to throb and pulse. “Gorth… will… serve Mistress as loyal… and well as ever tomorrow, and… better if he can.”

“Thank you, Beast…”

“For… what, Mistress?”

“I have not felt pleasure… sexual pleasure… in a long time… and never so… It was not what I had hoped it could be. You are suitable for many things,” she sighed happily as he kissed the top of her head.

“Mistress Sin… Gorth was honoured.”

“We best get back to town.”

“Yes Mistress. Shall Gorth… carry you this time?”

She nodded, giggling as she stood and rummaged for her clothing, pulling on her pants and blouse and pushing the panties and belt she neglected to put back on in her bag, nodding for Gorth to ready himself for town, while throwing her backpack over her shoulder. He stood, clasping his pants back together over his stiff member, reaching in under Sin’Thol and lifting her in his arms as though she were light as a feather.

“To the… city… Mistress.”

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