“What about her?” the Troll asked his tiny, elven companion, who responded by quirking a brow and sticking out her tongue.

“Are you serious? Look at her! Hardly attractive at all,” she pouted, staring up at his outlined form.

The two stood, stealthed and hiding in the bushes off of the road in the Ghostlands. “Look, girl, yer new ta d’is. Sometimes ja can’t be so choosy.”

“Hey, kid, you and I?” she grinned, motioning back and forth with her hand, “we can be as choosy as we want, hey? There’s plenty of other things we can do tonight to satiate some needs. And I say, I’m not going near some ugly broad just because you’ve been a bit hard up for a while, ‘kay? Come on, we’ll wait a li’l longer. Sure there’s gotta be something tasty willing to wander into our lair,” she half whispered, half hissed at him, returning her eyes to the road.

He looked down at her, grinning. “Ja ain’t bad, girl.”

Most of the rogue game was waiting anyways, and Kaesa was used to it. She used to be a spy, real professional like, in the wars. Got fired after someone spied a little too hard on what she was up to, so she went free-lance. Him, on the other hand, she had no clue about. Said he had stories, though, and she needed something to fill some needs, so they kind of stuck around one another. For the past few days, they had nearly been inseparable, stalking folks and giggling about it in the shadows, sharing their stories. Wasn’t a bad life for two folks that hated one another.

Raej was a tall, well muscled, and somewhat talented rogue, and though Kaesa would rarely admit it, he was a good looking Troll who knew what to do and say to her. His dark blue hair was as messy as hers, his clothing as tattered and well worn, and they both stuck to the shadows. Yep, if she were a smidge more paranoid, she’d think she was being set up. Would hardly matter, anyways; she figured he’d get boring and she’d slice him up right nice. ‘course, he was thinking the same thing.

And so they sat in the shadows, lightly rubbing one another in the pure excitement of lying in wait, watching all the wrong girls walk by, Raej pointing out one or another. Kae was actually getting pretty insulted at his tastes. She didn’t want to be too picky, but she did have standards, and none who walked by met them. She was getting ready to just let him jump her instead when a diminutive elven girl walked by. Tiny, delicate, flat chested, and dressed as modestly as possible, she was what they were waiting for. The girl had pretty red hair tied back with a bow, a red hood and matching red dress, a sweet scent of flowers lingering after her.

Kaesa nodded, and Raej went out, stalking after the girl and Kaesa sat behind the bush, watching and licking her lips. “Da boy ain’t bad at all,” she mumbled to herself in her newly adopted Troll accent, rubbing her hands together as he clamped his arm around the girl, his hand over her mouth, an easily brought her back to the bushes. He lowered the girl to the ground easily and Kaesa grabbed the cloth gag, stuffing it into the girl’s mouth, her eyes wide with fear. Grabbing another cloth from her pocket, Kaesa wrapped it around her eyes, before lightly kissing her forehead, grinning up at Raej.

“Let’s go, Kid.”


They had scouted earlier that day for a suitable spot where they wouldn’t be discovered, settling on a run down building in the Ghostlands, boarding up the exit with some heavy pieces of wood, and sound proofing it as best they could. It was their long awaited date, after all, and they both wanted to have a bit of fun.

The girl was cowering in a corner while Kae and Raej set about making things more comfortable, often stopping to fiercely grab at one another, giving one another knowing smiles from across the rather large room, occasionally glancing back at their cute little captive. Her hands and legs were bound, her mouth and eyes both covered, but she was currently unharmed and still completely dressed. Kae and Raej knew how to play the waiting game, enjoy the anticipation until it became too much. And so they waited, busying themselves with cleaning and tidying, enjoying the tension, the raspy breath and desperate struggling of the girl, the primal heat that was building all around them.

It was going to be a good night. They could no longer take it. Grinning, Kaesa nodded at Raej and motioned towards the girl. He moved slowly and carefully, slinking through the darkness of the room, and stood behind the girl as Kaesa positioned herself in front.

“Hi, girly. Ju doin’ alright? All comfortable an’ all d’at?” Kaesa mumbled in the sweetest voice she could muster, the girl tensing at the feel of hot breath on her face, not moving. “Well, ja see,” Kaesa continued, the sly smile on her face never wavering, “my boy wanted ta take me on a li’l date, and ju got the pleasure of being our dessert. We goin’ ta treat ju reeeaal nice, promise, if ju be treatin’ us real good. Now, Imma take off this silly li’l gag of yers, an’ ju can tell me d’at ju undahstand, followed by yer name. Let’s be good friends, hey,” Kaesa smirked, raising her tiny fingers to the back of the girl’s head, untying the loose knot. The girl just whimpered slightly, biting her lower lip hard enough to draw blood.

“Name?” Kaesa repeated, struggling to keep her voice sweet, as Raej stared down on the two of them, slightly rubbing himself through his leather pants.

“Elynn,” the girl pouted, her voice soft and low, “let me go and I won’t tell! I just want to come home!” she cried, a little too loud for comfort, causing Kaesa to snarl slightly, slapping her face.

“Shut. The fuck. Up!” she growled, her eyes narrowing. “Ju think we jus’ randomly grab hot li’l things from the road to have them convince us with some simple words? Get ovah yerself, girly. Yer ‘ere ‘til we done wit’chu, then ju can go ‘ome an’ not tell,” Kaesa snarled, grabbing the girl’s cheeks. “Understand?” she smiled again, speaking in a sugared voice, making the girl nod with her hand. “Good.”

Kaesa smiled, standing and dusting herself off, coming up behind Raej, her hands wrapping around his body, rubbing his thighs roughly as she pressed herself into him. “All yers, kid,” she mumbled softly, her fingers moving to rub up and down the length of his cock. He growled, low in his chest, his massive hand on top of hers, pressing her tiny hand roughly to his aching hardness as he grinned down at Elynn, licking at his large tusks.

Raej slowly moved from Kaesa’s probing hands to the tiny feet of their captive, his wide grin never fading from her face as he unbuttoned his pants, opening them only enough that the blue of his skin contrasted beautifully against the black leather pants. Breaking his stare from Elynn’s face, he smiled at Kae.

“So how involved ju want ta be, girl?” he smirked, bending himself down and smoothing Elynn beneath him. He lifted her arms over her head, he whispered, “ju stay like d’is now, girl,” before he moved down to her feet, untying the knot binding her ankles. Kaesa watched, licking her lips, kneeling down and pulling a dagger from her boot. She smiled up at Raej as he did the same, and together they began slicing the girl’s dress up the middle, their blades slicing together near her lower belly, both trying to be careful of carving flesh, though the unhampered sobs made it near impossible.

Thin, red lines slowly revealed themselves on Elynn’s stomach as the remainder of the dress was cut away by the partners in crime, leaving her lacy underwear intact.

Kaesa looked up at Raej once they finished, as she carefully placed her blade next to the girl’s head. “Ju like them blind folded, or ya like seein’ the fear in their eyes as you pummel ‘em?” she grinned happily, lovingly rubbing her hand on Elynn’s forehead, flushed and moist. Raej shrugged slightly, his fingertips probing into his pants as his other hand roamed up Elynn’s now naked thigh.

“Depends on me mood, girly… tonight is special though. I t’ink we should see this pretty li’l t’ings eyes,” he grinned, roughly grabbing the smooth, peach skin, his thumb rubbing up and down the edge of her panties as she squirmed and sobbed at his forceful caresses. Kaesa grinned, slowly taking off the blindfold and the hood, running her hand through her hair, smoothing it from her wet forehead before kissing Elynn’s nose, never taking her eyes off of Raej’s exposed skin. But the girl behaved, her hands never moving from above her head, until the troll moved his large digit along her covered slit. She squealed, loudly, yanking her hands down to push him away, anger and fear flashing in her eyes.

Raej growled, looking up at Kaesa, opening his mouth to speak before she curled her tiny hand into a fist, boxing the girl upside the jaw. Grabbing her hands, she knelt on her wrists, pinning her to the ground while Elynn sobbed. “None of that, girly,” she snarled, leaning over to kiss her lips roughly, mashing them together as Raej stared, slightly confused.

“Why ju keep doin’ d’at? Kissin’ ‘er an’ all d’at?” he groaned, returning his brutal rubbing of Elynn’s cunt, shifting his eyes between his work and his woman, who in turn just shrugged, wiggling back and forth on Elynn’s wrists.

“Makes it more real fo’ me in some ways, ta taste it, their salty tears… feel their quiverin’ lips… know d’ey ‘atin’ it at the same time their body surrenders…” she grinned, licking Elynn’s cheek.

Elynn flinched away from Kaesa’s lick, causing her to growl and smack the girl, putting more pressure on the captive girl’s wrists. Kaesa simply nodded to Raej, a half-sneer, half-smirk on her face. Grinning, he removed his prying hand from Elynn’s cunt, rubbing what tiny moisture there was on to his lower stomach before quickly lowering his pants.

Kaesa moved forward, removing her weight from the girl’s wrists, instead pinning her by the shoulders as she positioned herself over Elynn’s face, never removing her eyes from Raej’s erect member.

“Ju do like yer work, don’tcha kid,” she smiled, her voice low and tinted with lust as he just stood over the two, smiling.

He moved forward slightly, walking over Elynn’s body, ignoring her as she struggled under Kaesa’s weight, her lower body kicking frantically.

“D’at I do, my girl. Though…” he smirked, lowering his hand to her moist cunt, “seems ju ain’t havin’ too bad of a time yerself. So how about we start things out real romantic like wit’ yer pretty lips around me, hey? I doubt this bitch’ll be wet enough for me, an’ as much as it can be fun, it’s a lot mo’ pleasant when they’ ain’t dry as fuck.”

Kae grinned, still hovering over Elynn, and still eyes glued to Raej’s cock, as she slowly licked her lips.

“D’at so, kid? Ju wantin’ us ta be fifty fifty on d’is night?” she winked, “Ju willin’ ta pay me back?” she snickered, lowering herself to Elynn’s face, rubbing herself lightly on the tip of her nose, one of her hands creeping towards her still covered crotch.

Raej nodded a little, half heartedly, “Sure, girly. Sure,” he groaned, moving himself closer to her lips. Kaesa laughed, uncharacteristically girly, quickly leaning forward and taking Raej’s member in her mouth as far as she could go. His head hit against her throat as she licked her tongue back and forth, flicking it over the underside of his shaft, her moans coming out in muffled gasps.

As her tongue licked at his cock, her hand worked furiously, rubbing at herself with a desperate frenzy, stilling pinning Elynn by the shoulders. As one of her hands rubbed up Raej’s legs, her fingertips reaching to his engorged sac, her other hand quickly unbuttoned her pants, stuffing her hand in, her middle finger rubbing roughly at her clit. Raej growled loudly, nearly ripping himself from Kae’s lips, a tiny trail of spit following from her lip to the tip of her cock.

She sucked on her lower lip, swallowing the tiny amount of spit and precum, nodding at him as he quickly grabbed at Elynn’s thighs, yanking them apart as wide as he could, violently penetrating her, causing her to let out a loud scream of pain. Kaesa lowered her clothed cunt to Elynn’s face, covering her mouth with her crotch, muffling the loud scream. Raej groaned loudly, his eyes rolled back in his head.

“Fucking shit, I think da bitch is a fuckin’ virgin,” he growled, his cock swallowed in Elynn’s cunt to the base. Elynn began sobbing huge, heaving sobs, her nude chest rising and falling in erratic breaths. Kaesa grinned happily, staring at the bare, nude chest, nodding. “Go to town d’en, kid. We claimed li’l girly here. Ain’t our fault she chose ta save herself fo’ some special someone,” she grinned, winking at Raej before returning her gaze to the tiny, panting chest, “I’m sure ju’ll make her howl fo’ hours, hey.”

Kaesa’s free hand reached down, roughly tweaking at one of Elynn’s nipples, pinching them roughly with her sharp nails, grinning at the sharp intake of breath. Nodding at Raej, who was still unmoving, enjoying the virginal embrace of Elynn, she spoke softly, “hold her down. I need ta get rid of d’ese clothes.”

Raej nodded, growling in displeasure, but easily pinning Elynn’s upper arms to the ground, his large hands easily wrapping around her tiny arms.

Kaesa squirmed, quickly ripping off her leather top, hardly taking her green eyes off of Raej as he lay atop Elynn, breathing deep and steadily as she kicked at his legs, desperately trying to break free. Raej was strong, lean, beautifully sculpted. He would have to be for Kaesa to be keeping him around, after all. Elynn’s dainty feet, and exhausted energies, would not be enough to even make him flinch.

In the days before she met Raej, she would sometimes treat herself to a young little wandering thing, but it was generally a lot tougher. They would have to be bound for the most part, though sometimes Kae would keep a special someone around for a few days if she liked them enough. She liked to think she had a way with words, since she spent most of her time talking her way out of tight spots. Sometimes she would even be able to convince her captive to please her for the duration of their… arrangement.

But being able to take them with brute strength, to hold them and not even flinch as they struggled against her, was something she had never known until this night. She sucked on her lower lip, her hand wandering into her pants as the other pushed them to the floor. She eased out of her shoes, flicking a finger tip into her slit, her eyes completely unmoving for Raej.

Raej, meanwhile, had gotten over the initial shock of Elynn’s tightness, and begun pumping into her, a low growl in his throat, his eyes wide and meeting Kaesa’s. Elynn screamed below him, her voice quickly growing hoarse, her eyes and cheeks wet with tears, frantic begging coming out in half words among the screams. Stop was apparently a favoured word. Luckily, stop seemed to be a favourite word of Kaesa’s and Raej’s as well, as they both groaned in synchronicity every time she got one out, causing Raej to pound into her harder.

The room was quickly growing heavy with warm, sticky, sex-scented air as Kaesa’s fingers flicked against herself, her eyes not leaving Raej’s body, tiny beads of sweat rolling down his firm arms. Groaning loudly, she walked over to the two, her breath growing more rapid as she could see the fear in Elynn’s eyes, and the pure lust in Raej’s. Kaesa fell to her knees, hard on the ground, lowering her face to Elynn’s. Staring into Raej’s eyes, she slowly began licking at Elynn’s cheek, flicking the tip of her tongue against the wet skin, her hand reached between her legs and rubbing roughly at her cunt. Moving her lips lower, she bit the girl’s quivering lower lip, her breath coming out in partial words.

“Ja know, girly girl… yer mumblin’ was real cute for a while, but I’m really thinkin’ ju need ta shut da fuck up,” Kaesa grinned, winking at Raej, “flip the bitch ovah.” Raej groaned, winking back at her, slowly removing himself from Elynn’s flushed lips. Lifting his arms, he easily picked Elynn up, flipping her onto her stomach, and dropping her down hard on the floor, causing her to cry out an “ooph,” fresh tears springing from her eyes.

Kaesa grinning happily, sitting inches from Elynn’s head, spreading her legs slightly. Grabbing a fistful Elynn’s beautiful, red hair, she aggressively pulled her wet face and quivering lips to her cunt, pressing herself into her face. Sighing slightly at the lack of initiative on the abused girl’s part, she nodded up to Raej, who quickly lifted her bottom up, positioning himself behind her.

“T’ink she’d be good fo’ a backdoor go,” he smirked, pressing the tip of his swollen head pressing against her tight entrance. Kaesa shrugged, still trying to incite some movement from the girl. He pressed in, meager moisture from Kae’s lips and Elynn’s wetness sufficing enough to allow him to take her to the hilt as she sobbed louder against Kaesa’s cunt. Growling, she smacked the back of her head roughly, grabbing her hair again.

“Ju bettah fuckin’ learn ta lick, girly. Ja ain’t no good ta me othahwise, an’ I’m sure ja don’t want me to dispose of ju,” Kaesa snarled, thrusting herself closer to Elynn’s face. She began sobbing again, giving tiny, shamed licks, crying out often in pain as Raej began fucking her ass in a rough, though steady, pace. He groaned and growled in delight as Kaesa got more and more infuriated with her own lack of pleasure. Smacking Elynn’s face away, her hand returned to her own body, as she slowly maneuvered herself under Elynn, the girl resting on top of her, chest against chest.

Kaesa’s other hand began slowly wandering over Elynn, touching at her sides and arms, as her sticky chest heaved against her. Raej’s pace grew, taking her faster, causing the girl’s bodies to rub together, lubricated by a thin film of sweat. As Kaesa heard the low growl in Raej’s throat begin, she lifted her arms, putting them on Elynn’s shoulder, pushing her into him further as she bit at her neck, licking and sucking roughly as she felt her boy cum in Elynn’s ass. He bucked, enjoying the sensitive aftermath of his orgasm, before sliding himself out, resting back on his haunches.

Elynn sobbed on top of Kaesa, while Kaesa gave a huge grin to Raej, “Whatcha t’ink? Do I know how ta pick’em?” she grinned, before pushing the girl to the ground, rolling her easily on her back.

“Ain’t bad, girl. Still ain’t no match fo’ what ju do willingly, but ain’t bad,” he chuckled, cum glistening on his cock, a happy grin on his face.

“Ju go get cleaned off. I’ll watch her. But I t’ink I be needin’ ju ta be finishin’ me right tonight. Girl might be nice an’ tight fo’ ju, but she can’t lick fo’ shit,” Kaesa grinned, “price of pickin’ a virgin.” Raej nodded, while Kaesa rolled over, staring at Elynn’s face, her hand once again wandering over her flesh, wandering restlessly over her chest, grabbing at her roughly, and mumbling softly, “ja know… I picked ju out special for us. Ja looked like ju could be so good, hey. But instead, ju can’t even be bothered ta lick me if it means sparin’ yer life. What kind of silly logic is d’at? Jus’ means we goin’ ta go rougher on ja girly,” she spoke calmly, her eyes running up and down Elynn’s body, her cunt burning with need.

But Kae didn’t mind being pent up. She loved the build up, the anticipation of a good, long, hard fuck. Smiling sadistically, she watched Elynn’s face, wet and puffy from tears, slowly registered the words, her lips moving as though to speak, though only a whisper escaped. Kaesa frowned, moving her ear close to Elynn’s lips. “Please,” she choked out, her voice hoarse and low, her lips wet with tears and Kaesa’s wetness. Kaesa grinned wider, standing and stepping a foot over Elynn’s chest, before sitting and straddling her, her bare, wet cunt pressed against her chest. Moving a hand to Elynn’s cheek, she rubbed it softly, lovingly, before snarling and smacking it hard.

“I t’ought I tol’ ju ‘bout d’at beggin’ stuff. Ain’t goin’ ta get ja anywhere,” Kaesa growled, quickly moving her face to her ear, biting and licking and nibbling roughly as her hands pinched at the girl’s nipples, roughly tweaking them, biting her neck in response to the tiny gasps of pain. “Girl, ja best learn ta behave. It’ll be so much nicah,” she smiled softly, pressing her body against Elynn’s, her lips next to her ear, biting it softly and watching Raej come down the ramp. Naked, and still partially erect, he walked slowly, watching the two girls.

He circled them, staring down at Kaesa’s nude body, her eyes never leaving his face as he groaned down at her, stiffening at the sight as she slowly wriggled on top of Elynn, grinning devilishly. He walked behind them, leaning down and grabbing the pairs of ankles in each his hands, easily parting their legs and exposing their pink slits. Growling hungrily, he quickly knelt himself between them. Roughly biting at Kaesa’s left ass cheek, she squealed in delight, wiggling further towards him, lifting herself off of Elynn’s lower body, pressing their chests together harder, as she pressed herself closer to Raej, whose large digit was already being pressed into her wetness.

Moaning in delight, she impaled herself the best she could on his finger, whimpering as her mouth enwrapping the tiny, pink areola that topped Elynn’s right breast. Elynn lay, nearly unresponsive, below her, slowly mouthing something that looked to be some form of prayer as Raej quickly pushed Kaesa’s wiggling ass down, pressing her mons roughly down on Elynn’s. Lining himself up swiftly, he moved quickly into Kaesa’s body, fucking her hard and fast, his hands on either side of her waist, holding her hard enough to bruise. Raej’s right hand forcefully slapped Kaesa’s ass, turning it a cherry red, causing Kae to bit roughly into Elynn’s breast, the girls both crying out in unison – one of pain, one of sublime pleasure.

Kaesa adored the sounds that Raej made as he was fucking; his low groans and growls, his unhappy snarls as he bit into her flesh, his grunts of orgasm, and the abusive language he tossed in between. But that was nothing in comparison to seeing him fuck the tiny elf that now shuddered quietly below her. Even Kae had the limits of how long she could stand to be teased. Biting Elynn’s tiny nipple, she raised her head long enough to snarl in her lust-filled voice, “Fuck me harder, you fucking animal!” Quickly moving her lips to Elynn’s other breast, she bit down hard as Raej’s hand found her ass again and again, each time harder than the last, “Don’tchu be talkin’ like d’at in front of our guest,” he moaned, “dirty fuckin’ elf, always wantin’ ta take yer punishment.”

Kaesa growled in delight, her entire body alight with sensation, her eyes rolled back in her head as she orgasmed, while Raej fucked her as deep as he could, mumbling degrading words to her. He roared loudly as he came, his fingers digging deep into Kaesa’s side as she slumped on top of Elynn, who continued to mouth words silently beneath her.

Moaning loudly, he pulled his wet cock from Kaesa, walking over in front of them, and winking to Kae. “Ju come clean me off this time. Both of ju,” he grinned, cupping any dripping cum in his hand as Kaesa eagerly got to her knees. Elynn started sobbing again, causing the two rogues to growl in unison.

“Up, or we gut chu, girly. Yer choice,” Kaesa smiled sweetly, moving her lips eagerly to Raej’s shaft, licking at him quickly, her finger’s roaming lightly over her swollen and sensitive clit. Elynn slowly tried to raise herself from the ground, finding herself unable to move. Sighing loudly, Kaesa frowned removed herself from her lover’s cock, moving Elynn into a sitting position. Sitting on the girls lap, her arm wrapped around her, Kaesa smiled eagerly to Raej, “goin’ ta ‘ave ta come over ‘ere, she ain’t goin’ no further,” she laughed loudly, “plus, her lap is so warm an’ invitin’.”

Rubbing herself slowly against Elynn’s body, Kaesa moaned quietly, Raej’s cum dripping from her lap onto Elynn’s thigh. Grabbing the girl’s limp arm, Kaesa dragged it to her slit, forcibly rubbing it up and down, and taking Raej’s shaft in her mouth as soon as she could. Frowning as Elynn refused to move, she motioned her head to Raej, “Girl, look. Jus’ kiss. Ju kiss ‘is cock, lick it. Kiss me ‘round ‘is cock, an’ lick me. D’at’s all ja gotta go. Jus’ kiss an’ lick,” she grinned, removing herself from Raej long enough to pull Elynn’s head to hers, mashing their lips together, Kae’s tongue probing into Elynn’s, as she grabbed hold of Raej’s cock, firmly rubbing it as she continued to kiss the unresponsive lips.

Growing in determination, Kae’s hand moved quicker up and down Raej’s shaft, her kisses turning rougher and more frantic, as she bit at Elynn’s lower lips, grinding back and forth in her lap. Raej groaned, watching the two, his own cum-covered hand covering Kae’s as he made her stroke him, his other hand in her hair, pushing her further into Elynn’s mouth. Kae’s free hand wandered from her cunt to her captive’s, roughly assaulting the girl’s clit, causing soft whimpers of unwanted pleasure, Kae’s cum-covered mouth delving deep inside hers.

Again, Raej growled with growing pleasure, his hand moving fast, Kaesa’s tiny hand grasping firmly at his warm and sticky member as she moaned in delight. He bucked with orgasm, letting out a partial howl of pain and pleasure, as he coated the two girl’s faces in long, white strands of cum. Kaesa giggled, closing her eyes tight and turning to lap and kiss at his head as the cum slowly dripped from her face onto her chest. She smiled, her eyes still closed, as she turned her head and lapped up the rest of the stickiness from Raej’s member and hand, before looking at Elynn.

She was again sobbing quietly, mumbling the same silent words over and over, a tiny hand reaching up to her face in disbelief. Kae laughed loudly, quickly pouncing on Elynn and sending her to the floor, Kae’s tongue lapping up the cum from her cheeks and lips, before standing on top of her, her own hands wandering up to her face and trailing some of the sticky seed down to her breasts, circling the areola’s with her fingertips, before trailing down her flat stomach to her clit, giving it a few more tiny, nearly painful, flicks.

Raej sat down, exhausted, watching her as she played with his cum for several more minutes, before she sighed contentedly and sat on Elynn’s stomach, who had passed out a few seconds before.

“Next time, we should get one who knows a t’ing or two, ja t’ink?” she smiled innocently up at Raej.

Raej grinned, shrugging slightly. “Maybe d’is bitch’ll know how ta please by the time we’re done wit’ ‘er,” he snickered, rising from his seat to grab the bounds and gag. “D’ough, ta be fair, ain’t often I can go three right aftah another. Sometimes I need a minute or two in between.”

Kaesa giggled happily, nodding. “Maybe… She is a cute little thing,” Kae smiled, slapping Elynn’s wet cheek, “I think I know ‘ow ta pick ‘em, Kid.”

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