After spending years as a political organizer for Ron Paws campaign for libearty to rejuvenate America, here I am, watching my President Elect accept his victory in a kodiak moment.

There is nothing more important to me than my President, Ron Paws. I will do anything for him.

So when he asks me to hunt down a mysterious woman’s secrets, I’m eager to go on the prowl. When he has to save me, though, I realize that there are very real threats to national security, and no man can handle the job.

A werebear, though? He might be up to the task.

A pun-filled, bearly believable novella between the leader of the free world, and his sexy, BBW Press Secretary. All bear puns are intentional. This book is not suitable for those without an appreciation for bearly acceptable jokes or those who don’t bearlieve in true love, alien lizard ladies, and pic-a-nic basket dates.

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