Draeka knelt in front of Zij, his cock throbbing, rising up as he sat back, nude and relaxed in his chair. She sighed, grinning up at him, “you owe me, now! No freebies yet!” she winked as he chuckled at her, nodding.

“Wouldn’t dream of taking advantage of yer actions, Drae,” he smiled, flexing his muscles briefly before relaxing again. She was nude before him, her body toned and scarred from battle, her black hair in two tiny pigtails. Her skin was darker in the dim light, the brown in her greenish-brown skin more apparent. Her eyes still held the reddish glow of her former mate, though it had dimmed.

She looked happy, her smile wide and genuine, the teasing grin reaching her eyes as she grabbed Zij’s knees in either hand. She moved her body towards him, the tips of her breasts rubbing slightly against the soft material of the chair, the nipples quickly growing erect as she pressed further in. Her grin widened as she leaned past his penis, her smiling cheek brushing the head as she kisses his stomach, following his line of bright, red hair down. Her kisses were tender and gentle, though her fangs brush his skin with a contrasting hardness.

He moaned, his eyes watching Draeka as her left hand crawled up his thigh, massaging him, her thumb reaching with a slow desperateness towards him, as though she wanted to, but wanted him to want it more.

He shivered as her hand reached past his manhood, reaching up and rubbing over his firm stomach and up to his muscular chest, her dark green flesh contrasting against the light blue of his. She kissed his inner thighs, her breathing hot with lust, her hand roughly rubbing over his skin. He groaned, his own desire quickly mounting, his member throbbing rapidly against his body.

With a mounting slowness, Draeka brought her hand down, trailing through his trimmed pubic hair, twisting some clumps between her fingertips. She allowed her finger tips to lightly touch his swollen shaft, doing little more than pulling back the foreskin, her lips dangerously close to his head, before her hot and wet mouth engulfed him.

She bobbed down the length of his cock a few times, coating it with her saliva before she brought her hand back, grasping his shaft firmly at the base, bringing her lips to press to the top of her hand around him, moving up and down with a synchronized rhythm of both hand and mouth. She licked at him slowly, at first, her tongue focusing on pleasing his head as her hand and mouth bobbed on him, her fingertips pleasuring the underside of his cock, ever mindful of her fangs.

Her grip tightened around him in response to his groans, his hand massaging the base of her neck, not daring to push her or alter her speed or pace in any way… just enjoying her teasing body. His affectionate refusal to push her only made her push herself harder, her grip tightening, her tongue moving faster, her mouth reaching deeper, his large cock reaching towards her throat. She held back a gag as his cock struck the back of her throat, once, twice, again. She pounded her head down on him, her own wetness trailing down the insides of her thighs.

The hand gripping his cock left him, immediately cupping his sac, rotating the tender orbs in her hand. Zij groaned loudly as she played with him, even though his large cock was unable to be completely taken into her mouth. His sac tightened in her hand and she responded by increasing her speed and force her licking and sucking, the tip of his cock pounding off the back of her throat.

She pulled away slightly as he came, her mouth wrapped around the upper portion of his cock, sucking every last drop into her mouth. She swallowed and looked up at him, his eyes closed in a pleasurable smile as the aftershocks of orgasm when through him, his body relaxed in the chair.

“I can’t swallow if ya go all the way down my throat,” she grinned, moving up to sit on the arm rest, leaning against him. He smiled up at her sleepily, nodding and then looking at her chest, taking a still erect nipple into his mouth and starting to suck, his tongue rough against her sensitive area.

The titaness of an orc woman nearly giggled with pleasure, running her hand through his hair, putting slight pressure on his head to encourage his licks. Zij pressed his tusks to her body, the hard bone pressing into either side of her right breast. Draeka sighed happily as she relaxed her body against him, licking at her lips and tusks, savouring the rich taste that still lingered.

They relaxed together, gently touching and licking one another’s flesh as Draeka slipped slowly from the arm rest into Zij’s lap. For a long time they sat this way, kissing and licking and nipping at one another’s chests, neck and face, Draeka’s wetness slowly spreading to Zij’s lap, the scent of her arousal strong in the air, causing Zij to harden again.

He brought one of his hands from her ankle, trailing up her calf and thigh, rubbing the side of her ass cheek before slowly dragging his digit over her thigh to her sex. Her hair was as black as the void, neatly trimmed, and Zij’s hand paused there, lovingly rubbing her mount as he playfully bit at her chest. His hand crept lower, rubbing his thick index finger along her slit, slowly poking in to her silky folds, her wetness coating him quickly.

She moaned in delight, rocking her hips against his hand, her throat exposed as she threw her head back in pleasure, her eyes closed. Zij’s lips parted from her breast for a moment, his eyes drinking in the sight of the orc that sat pleasuring herself on his hand. He smiled at her, cock throbbing against her ass as he gently coaxed her to turn facing him with his free hand. She rested her forehead on his chest as she lifted herself from his hand, her right arm thrown around his neck, her left reaching between her thighs to his thick member, pressing it to her entrance, though not yet allowing penetration.

She smiled, eyes remaining closed, as she enjoyed the sensation… the anticipation. He, too, shut his eyes, one hand on the small of her back as the other trailed her own juices up her stomach. Draeka shifted above him, her hand still holding him to her soaking wet cunt, slowly coating his head in juices as she lowered herself to him.

The movement was slow and fluid with only the slight resistance as she pressed him inside her, both of them emitting the same, quiet moan of pleasure. Though she had started slow, her nethers screamed with need and desire. Releasing his member as she lowered herself to his base, she tossed both arms around his neck, hugging him tightly, their bodies both glistening with a slight amount of perspiration at the effort of resistance.

She held onto him tightly as she began fucking him, their toned bodies rubbing against one another. He held her in his arms around the low of her back, kissing the top of her head with each downward bob. She moaned in both pleasure and frustration as she brought her right hand from his neck, down to her own body, running it down the centre of her chest, over the mound of hair and pressed her finger between her lips, touching softly to her clit.

Quickly, however, she pressed harder, another finger joining in the rubbing of Draeka’s sensitive self. Both fingers rubbed and teased herself as she pressed from Zij’s cock and back down on it. For a few moments he watched her play with herself, his large shaft filling her, before he brought his hand around and slapped hers away, resuming the aggressive affections she was paying herself. She moaned loudly, pressing herself to him harder, her arms flung back around his neck.

Her pleasure mounted quickly, so long had passed since she first dropped to her knees in front of Zij. Her bucking on him turned erratic as she came, fluid coating his cock and hand, dripping into his red public hair.

The spasms of his lover’s pleasure sent Zij over the top, a loud, animalistic growl escaping his throat as his own cum mixed with her juices.

She continued writing above him for several more seconds, her sensitive cunt still twitching from the pleasure.

Draeka let out a loud, happy sigh as she sat above him, her lips returning to his. Passionately they kissed, groping at each other, still hungry for one another’s flesh.

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