She backed away. The young elf Celesten was obviously startled, though it was to be her first time meeting the mysterious man of her dreams, she had never imagined he would be this different. “Z-Zijil… Is that you?” She reverted to her native tongue of Darnassian out of instinct. But the troll was versed in many languages.

“Yes Celesten. We meet at last… I hope my true appearance isn’t too… unsettling.” Zijil bowed slowly, a pained look of concern up on his face, worried of her answer.

Celesten bit her finger tips and took a single step forward again, her lips slowly spreading into a smile, “No… no! I just never imagined you were a… troll. I thought human maybe…”

Dressed in his finest, most appealing and unthreatening clothes, Zijil gave a warm smile “I know the thought must be hard for you to reconcile.”

She shook her head slightly, smiling still as she watched intently the man who filled her head with comfort and fantasy for this past year, observing his brutish, yet comforting, troll form. “No, in fact… I think its better this way.”

Zijil tilted his head at the dainty looking elf “Oh? What do you mean?”

She blushed slightly and tugged at the folds of her black dress “I… Well, I had worried you’d be a human. Then I’d have to involve myself even more in this Alliance nonsense.” She grinned at him.

He laughed softly, slowly taking a few steps towards her, carefully judging her reaction before reaching out a hand. His large fingers lifted one of her delicate hands and he held it in his palm, smiling down at her tiny form between his two pointed tusks, speaking in his textbook common “I can not tell you how happy I am for this meeting Celesten… I had feared our meeting for so long, and yet anticipated it with every waking moment.”

Zijil’s rough hand on hers caused Celesten’s heart to ache. For over a year now they had communicated, and she had emptied all her emotions and concerns onto paper for him. Nobody knew her as well as he did, and the fact that he appeared a large, looming monster to her kind, did not deter the feelings she felt for him at that moment, “Zijil… You needn’t worry any longer.” She absent mindedly touched her fingers to her cheek, and trailed them down, toying with a blue braid as her eyes still eagerly observed him.

He squeezed her slender fingers in his palm lightly and bent forward, placing a quick kiss upon her cheek. In response her purple skin blushed deeper, and she almost stammered out “W-Would you like to take a seat?” Zijil nodded with a wide and happy smile, spread from cheek to cheek, “Would you lead the way?”

This house, of night elf design, was new to Zijil, but he had grown somewhat accustomed to it since arriving in Ashenvale and clearing it out the night before. Slowly he led Celesten up the stairs to a comfortable corner, lit by floating candles on a basin of water. He motioned for her to sit.

“Wow… You’ve really set up a lovely spot for us…” She eyed the intricate setup, not expecting something over the top. “I’m afraid I’m not quite… romantic. You’d think something would rub off on me after all those years amongst the other elves…” She spoke in a half kidding, half embarrassed tone. “I don’t know if I’ll be able to please as much as you deserve.” She said with a crooked frown.

Zijil reached out and placed his hand upon her knee as he sat across from her, “Ahh, but your letters have already proven how romantic you can be my delicate dove! We’ve had much romance already, and I promise tonight we shall both be pleased.” She placed her hand atop his, as his face inched forward, placing a passionate kiss upon her tiny lips, parting them with his tongue briefly, before retracting and looking into her eyes.

“I’m… not very experienced with such matters Zijil… “ He grinned and spoke, “don’t worry about such things Celesten,” and he pulled her to his chest, arm wrapped about her waist as he kissed her forehead. “Leave everything to me, if you trust me.” Before she could answer, his tongue slid along the length of her ear, until reaching the very tip, his fingers comfortingly stroking her stomach through the soft cloth of her black dress.

She tilted her head back and looked up at him, her eyes telling him she’d trust him with her life and more. “Just be careful with these” and she touched the pointed tip of his left tusk, an impish grin upon her face.

Zijil chuckled, “Don’t worry, I’ve had much experience being careful with them.”

Celesten teasingly raised an eyebrow, “Oh, seduced and made out with many elves have you?”

“No, though I hope to get much practice with one particular night elf…” he grinned and bent down, eyes closed as he began kissing her with no hesitation. His tongue delving deeply into her mouth as his fingers roamed up from her stomach, clasping over the soft flesh of her breast through the dress.

His deep kiss and touch accentuated the startling difference in size between the two lovers. His hand over her breast eclipsed its size, and though he squeezed it as gently as he felt he could, she squeaked in response. Feeling oafish and worried he released his hand and looked into her eyes to apologize, but quickly she pressed against him, pushing him down and leaning on his chest. Her right leg draped down over him as she kissed his face all over, her hand grasping a tusk.

Zijil was caught by surprise. The delicate looking elf had never seemed in appearance or by her letters to be so assertive, though quickly he reached his hands around her, cupping her firm ass and kissing her back hungrily. She sat atop his midsection and their close contact was boiling their blood.

They had shared so much for so long, and Celesten knew in her heart she wanted him long before their meeting. Her physical and emotional desires drove her tonight, and when she felt him stir beneath her, she was not surprised to feel his large, but purposely delicate hands reach up to undo her dress.

Their mouths reached out to continue kissing as Zijil quickly opened the front of her dress. He drew his lips away from hers to peer at the bare skin of her chest. Two perfectly round globes of elvish flesh deliciously stood out, as if reaching for Zijil’s face. The delicate purple skin of her breasts were topped off with tiny areola’s that almost seemed to make his mouth water, urging him to lean forward, to lick and devour them.

As she sat atop him, straddling his waist, Zijil pulled down the dress over her shoulders, exposing her entire upper body to him as his lips sucked and toyed with her chest. Celesten moaned from his wet mouth, gasping when his rough tongue would over eagerly indulge in her flesh. But her delicate body took both his tender and rough touches, adored his strong hands roaming across her back, hips and ass.

Zijil then removed his mouth from one of her erect nipples, his tongue trailing up her chest and neck, kissing her lips before he lifted her up in his arms, sliding the dress down from her waist, leaving her totally exposed in his grasp.

Laying her back upon the candle lit floor, his eyes roamed over her entire body. Starting at her tiny feet, he was amazed by her thin, only slightly muscled legs. Her unblemished, lightly purple hued thighs begged to be parted before he noticed the small bruise upon her breast. He had sucked too hard it seemed, “So sorry Celesten… I…” She batted his extended finger away from it and smiled, “It doesn’t hurt.”

Zijil nodded to her in affirmation, and undid his tie. Towering over her he slowly undressed from his formal clothing. He had tried to hide his muscular Troll physique from her for their first meeting, but looking down at her now he could tell he hadn’t needed to. Her excitement was obvious as he bared his chest. Though words and magic were his specialties, he did not neglect his physical form, and for this they were both thankful.

Bare-chested, he stood straight over her. Her eyes widened in astonishment at his full height and foreign musculature. Zijil was thin for a troll, but he still appeared thick and ridiculously strong to her. But her lips formed into the shape of an ‘o’, her hands instinctively balled beneath her chin as she watched Zijil remove his pants finally, unveiling his thick legs and partially erect member.

The whole thing would’ve been amazingly new to her had he been of her own kind. But the fact that her dear Zijil was a troll made it even stranger.

Both of them nude, Zijil knelt down before Celesten, placing his hand upon her kneecap. Celesten undoubtedly was older in years than Zijil, though young for her kind. But before him she was like a girl, eager and unsure. His hand pulled her knees apart, and he gazed down along her inner thighs to the wettened, untouched flesh there, causing him to emit a low ‘coo’ that sounded more like a growl. His shaft twitched up in response of its own accord.

Celesten’s look of astonishment finally faded into a grin, pleased that she wasn’t the only one satisfied with the others appearance.

Bending over her body, Zijil kissed her lips again and Celesten kissed back, stroking one of his tusks which she seemed drawn to. Holding himself up on one hand, his other trailed along her smooth thigh. She felt incredibly soft to his touch, and his hand was like sandpaper in contrast. But upon his index finger reaching out and delicately peeking between her tiny folds, he was taken aback all the more.

So small and soft, her slit made him feel ridiculously huge and clumsy. More than that however, it enticed him. Her moist little vagina, ever so slightly being penetrated by his thick finger, caused his manhood to swell and throb to full size, thoughts of how she would feel against it causing his blood to boil.

They kissed passionately now, dear little Celesten going wild with her greatest sexual excitement ever. “I love you”, she said amidst a moan to her hulking lover. With that, Zijil retracted the tip of his finger from her eager sex. Bringing it to his mouth, he sucked upon it in front of her, tasting her juices as the tip of his raging cock brushed against the fiery hot folds of her womanhood.

Celesten watched him taste her, biting her lower lip in excitement. She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him towards her by his ass.

Zijil was no longer surprised by her eagerness and the feel of her wetness as it pressed against the bulging head of his cock announced to him to take her.

Pressing into her, his shaft spread her open wide. She felt amazingly tight to him, and resisted his intrusion. Oh, how he loved that.

He grasped one of Celebin’s breasts again, this time his wettened finger flicked and rubbed one of her adorable little erect nipples. Beneath him Celesten writhed, moaned and groaned. Zijil was creating sensations in her that she had no way of containing or coping with, he was too much, and she loved it.

However, between her legs he pressed in. Finally his shaft began to pierce her forbidden depths, her juices coating him in her arousal. Coming to her barrier, he planned on being gentle and caring… Instead, he tore through. This nights arousal drove him on, and he dove in. She cried out, but he had reached her inner most depths, and immediately began thrusting in and out of her.

His eyes shut tight, Zijil grunted, grasping her hip with one hand, the other holding him up for support. She felt so tight around his aching cock he might’ve felt pained by it, but his pleasure overcame and drove him on, making him unaware of his surroundings beyond the inviting and pleasurable body he was atop of.

Though no new-comer to the sexual act, Zijil had gone long without. Part of his desire stemmed from that, as he pistoned into Celesten’s fragile body. As his own pleasure mounted, he suddenly snapped out of his lust induced trance and looked down at Celesten’s pained face, tears in her eyes. Too big for her delicate cunt, Zijil bottomed out and been pummeling her depths as well as spreading her open widely. He’d been far too rough with the poor girl on her first time.

Zijil ceased his thrusting into her, and kissed her face and neck repeatedly, apologetically. As he began to voice his regrets, Celesten limply raised her sore legs and gave him a gentle tug on his behind, pushing him ever so slightly inside of her. She was tougher than she looked, or perhaps it was her desire to please.

He bent his head down, slowly lapping at one of her tender breasts as he once again began to push in and pull out of her carnal embrace. He was far gentler this time however, and though the tingling and burning within his member caused him to ache for release he tenderly kissed and licked his pained lover, staring into her eyes, until the last moment when he built to a slow finish.

His spasming and throbbing inside her brought him his satisfaction, and filled her with his thick troll seed in long, powerful spurts. Breathing heavily, he nuzzled into her bosom. She had endured pain, but he tried not to blame himself for his failure to satisfy on her first time. No, she would be pleased soon he promised himself.


Zijil awoke early, far earlier than he should’ve with the nights activity, or so he felt. It was always his way to get an early start however, and so he reassured himself. Though, this morning was different.

The petite elf he held in his arms reminded him that he could not get back to business quite so soon. “Still so soft”, he said to himself internally as he rubbed his hand along her hip, noting she was noticeably sticky after the night’s physical exertions.

Opening his eyes Zijil scanned the room. Females hated it when you left them in the morning, and this female he had plans for. He spent more than a year reading every detail of her life and history, writing long responses, preparing her to be his tool. And he was certain now, that she would be. He wasn’t about to ruin that by running off early after intercourse.

She would be a spy in the Alliance, and as last night showed, a welcome relief of his physical needs. Oh, certainly, he spent much time afterwards making up her initial pain and his satisfaction. Her recovery was quick last night, and though still sore, was eager for more. That was all business for him.

But he was a male, and though he always strived to be serious, or perhaps because of it, he still needed an occasional female receptacle to free his mind to return to more productive things.

The work setting up that night had been extensive. A year spent preparing her, the entire day before clearing the house in Northern Ashenvale of its occupants. Sending in his blunter tool to slaughter and drag away their remains. Followed by a night of hacking and feeding them to the local wildlife, before cleaning up the house itself.

Zijil’s hand roamed from her hip along her flat stomach, his finger tips just barely brushing the bottom of her pert but curved breasts. Yes, this little elf had taken a lot of effort. But she’d be worth an army to his employer.

Suddenly he became aware that his fingers ministrations had awoke Celesten, and his face lost its expressionless state, turning into a happy smile. “Good morning, my love.” He spoke in a honeyed voice.

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