Jez had been well taught by Zij. He was a clever and knowledgeable Witch Doctor and had instilled in her many valuable lessons. Not the least of his lessons were what he enjoyed for her to do to him, and what he best enjoyed to do to her. It pleased her most to entertain him, though that is not to say he ignored her personal interests as well. Indeed, he was rather most kind to her, often playing up her own fantasies and desires. But she knew he was completely in control of this facet of their relationship.

Yet he lay under her, barely moving, his heavy arms lain on her back, while he murmured her name. She rested her head on his chest, kissing him softly as she processed her swirling emotions. He squeezed her tight to him, and shifted slightly. She gasped softly as she felt his cock begin to stir under her weight. Laughing, Jez playfully slapped his chest, which only made him hold her to him harder. She moaned despite herself, wriggling up his body to whisper in his ear.

“Are you sure you’re well enough”

Nothing but an indecipherable mumble escaped his throat, but his grip on her didn’t lessen, so she took that as a yes. She smiled, lowering her lips to his exposed throat, nibbling on it. Another small rumble in the back of his throat, though his eyes continued to stay shut. Jez wriggled a bit more, slowly loosening his grasp as she moved her body further and further down his torso until her head rest softly on his lower abdomen. She nuzzled into him, his shaft resting on the nape of her neck, periodically throbbing against her.

Jez raised her head slightly, looking up at Zij, and catching him with one peeking eye open. Laughing she playfully slapped his leg. “I saw that, Zij!” He shut his eyes, a little tighter than normal, and tried to pretend to be sleeping again. “You bad Troll!” Jez giggled, nuzzling her nose into his stomach. “You should have let me know you were awake,” she laughed softly, moving her head down to rest on his thigh, sticking out her tongue and lapping at his cock as it continued to throb. “Tease,” he murmured in a gruff voice. Jez feigned hurt, before she quickly moved to engulf his member completely, causing him to moan in pleasure with a satisfied grin.

“That’s my girl,” Zij said softly, as he lowered his hand to the back of her head, roughly playing with her hair. Jez curled her body up so that she was sitting on her knees, hunched over Zij, her hands rubbing alternatively his thighs and sac. She hurriedly bobbed up and down, taking quick breaks now and then to lick him everywhere her tongue could get to. Raising her head slightly, and eliciting a soft groan of displeasure from Zij, she turned her head to the side. She began to massage the length of his hardness with her lips, lubricating the base of his penis with urgency, before once again swallowing him whole. His hand grew heavier upon her head as he pressed himself further in.

She had actually gotten quite good at breathing like this, though he was very large, and her mouth very small. But years of practice had allowed her to enjoy and conquer every sexual desire Zij felt. Her hands wandered up his thighs to his abdomen while the strength on her head didn’t waver. Her tongue licked back and forth across the underside of his member, occasionally giving a quick nibble, only able to move up and down the slightest amount. But, oh, Zij did enjoy filling her to great capacities. She wasn’t able to move her tongue more than a few millimeters, her head could only bob a couple of centimeters, but her hands and fingers wandered over his body freely, rubbing at his firm thighs and abdomen and lightly tickling at his sac.

He loosened the grip in her hair, and she looked up at him curiously. “Hrm” Jez said, cocking her head to the side as she was so oft to do. “Up top,” Zij demanded, still groggy, his throat coarse and deep. She grinned wickedly up at him, quickly positioning her cunt over his cock and slamming herself down onto him. She had long ago gotten used to the slight pain of impaling herself upon him, and now, instead, looked forward to the twinge of hurt he caused her most sensitive regions.

Grinding down on him, taking him as deep as she could, she slowly rocked back and forth atop him, her nails making tiny red marks upon his skin. She was tighter than usual, having gone without Zij for the past few days, and she could tell that even in his half conscious state, Zij noticed. His eyes were clenched tight, his hips thrust slightly, and a large grin on his lips. He opened his eyes slowly, trailing them from hers down her body, pausing momentarily at the points he best enjoyed… her small chest and flat belly.

Roughly, as though he had grown desperate for release after drinking her in, he grabbed her tiny hips and lifted her up and then pushed her down on him. Jez giggled softly; he had missed her as she him and was not in the mood for her teasing ways. Soaking wet from both her own arousal and the saliva that lubricated Zij’s cock, she bounced freely above him, her hands steadying her on his chest as he lifted her up and slammed her down.

Huffing softly, Zij moved her down one last time as he came. She smiled happily, delighted at his reaction to her body, as she softly ground, once again, back and forth on his cock. He growled before tugging her torso on top of his, and hugging her tight. “I missed you, Zij,” she whispered in his ear, his cock still inside her. “Are you feeling better now” He partially grunted, partially laughed, “you’re the greatest cure a man could hope for.”

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