Noble Trolls an’ Orcs o’ Orgrimmar! Do not despair! Ja city ‘as fallen far, but not all ‘ope is lost!

Thrall ‘as invited our enemies into our midst! Elves seek ta stab us in da backs, turn one against da ot’er! But dere is a way! Da Old Ways as always guide us down da path we all be intended ta go!

Do not trust dose dat would give in an’ work besides dose dat killed ja broddah’s an’ sistah’s, dat killed ja friends an’ comrades! Elves are da downfall o’ all civilization! An’ dey only live ta see us die!

I know ju all ‘ave seen it! Elves turnin’ once loyal an’ noble Orcs an’ Trolls against eachot’er! Makin’ race traitors out o’ da weak!

For t’ousands o’ years elves ‘ave persecuted da Trolls! Since da Orcs arrived dey ‘ave killed dem! Da very demonic Legion dat t’reatens us all was brought ‘ere by… ELVES!

D’ough Thrall ‘as sold us out, dere is a way for dose o’ us dat wish ta ‘old onto our dignity, our pride an’ our honour! Each day da Burnin’ Tusks are blazin’ a trail o’ glory, o’ independence! Free from da treacherous disease elves bring!

True freedom be ta live as Trolls an’ Orcs be intended! An’ dat is what da Burnin’ Tusk Tribe seeks! Togedder da loyal an’ true shall blaze our own path to da North! We shall be free o’ da elves, dere treachery, an’ Thralls betrayal!

Right ‘ere in dis very city, before me now! Stand disgustin’ elves, an’ da foolish Orcs an’ Trolls dey ‘ave deceived! Race traitors! Once our former brodders an’ sistah’s now loathsome traitors!

Elves ‘ave not da ability ta fight dere battles! Dey work t’rough deceit an’ treachery! Dey were dyin’ an’ near extinction, an’ now dey come ta infect us an’ bring us down from da inside! Be wary! Do not be fooled!

Be true to ja heritage! Do not betray da spirits o’ ja ancestors, ja friends, ja family!

An’ look out for jaself NOW! Elves seek ta bring about our downfall! Not but two mont’s ago dey were our enemies! Dey ‘ave no good intentions for us! Da only two races dat ‘ave true friendship, is da mighty Orcs an’ da noble Trolls!

See ‘ow far dis Horde ‘as fallen! See what da elves are doin’ ta us! We are expected ta treat elves as EQUALS! Dey should only belong on da end o’ our blades! Da only good elf be a DEAD ELF!!!

It wont be long before all da proud an’ noble Trolls an’ Orcs dat be left come ta dere senses, unite an’ KILL every last one o’ dese FILTHY ELVES! Join wit’ us! Join in spirit, join in act! But just join us in riddin’ da world o’ dese elves! Whatevah ja do, do not sit by an’ let dem be our downfall!

Even da pinkies were disgusted by dere evil an’ deceit! Elves slaughtered our people for t’ousands o’ years! Elves can not even be trusted ta stay loyal to dere own! Why would ja trust a elf ta sit in dis city alongside ja?!

Why would’ja betray ja ancestors, ja friends, ja FAMILY, ta get stabbed in da back by ja most sworn enemy?!

Do not listen to da lies o’ da elves! Dey are too weak to fight dere own battles! Dey rely on da cunning an’ strength o’ da Trolls an’ Orcs ta win dere battles! Just like dey relied on da pinkies an’ dwarves until dey grew sick o’ dere betrayal!

Before I leave my broddah’s an’ sistah’s, I ask ja dis: Take stock o’ ja true friends! Look about’cha dis day, see who is willin’ ta sell ja out for da love o’ some elf! Know ja friends, know ja enemies! Stay true! Stay honourable! Stay loyal!

Da Burnin’ Tusk Tribe blazes its trail ever onward! We preserve da Old Ways! We are honourable an’ loyal to da core! Never shall we stray! Togedder we shall stand defiant forevah! Farewell my brodders an’ sistahs!!!

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