Zul’Aman was quiet and dark, a relaxing and eerily vacant area with Troll architecture. Sin’Thol had noted the place earlier in the day when they were training, and planned on bringing her pet Orc back there at dusk to punish him for the past errors he had committed.

They slowly trotted through the castle, neither of them talking much. Gorth’s armour clanked as he followed his Mistress, clad in her typical suit. They stopped in a small room and she turned to look at him, sizing him up. He was a large Orc, obviously powerful, even by Orcish standards. She admitted a certain pride in being able to control such a brute, smiling devilishly at him.

“Should Gorth… change from battle… armour?” he choked out, his voice deep, his words forced. Sin nodded, and his armour promptly clanked to the floor before he put on his leather set that she had carefully picked out. “Do you know why you are here?” she asked her voice soft and sweet, as well as much higher in pitch than his. “Gorth… thinks so,” he choked, “is Mistress… going to punish… Gorth?”

She grinned, nodding, “and why do you suppose you would be deserving of punishment?” He shrugged his heavy shoulders “Gorth… makes many… mistakes.” The elf dropped down to her knees, fumbling in her backpack as she spoke, “You are learning, but yes, you make mistakes that need to be rectified. You seem to be aware that orcs are not your people any more than they are mine, but you still hold on to some customs… language in particular, that I would like to rid you of if you are to continue serving me.” Looking from her bag, she saw him nod, and she returned to her bag, finally finding what she was looking for.

Lifting, with obvious effort, the heavy manacles from the bag, she placed them aside, followed by several chains. Opening a pocket on the front of the bag, she removed a few metal corkscrews topped with a large metal circle. Though it took great effort, she lifted the four heavy corkscrews in both of her hands, noting the obvious disinterest in her pet’s face. Holding the items out to him, she gave her instructions, “screw two in, about shoulder’s length apart, then go down…” eyeing him up and down, she nodded, “about seven feet, and screw the other two in.”

Gorth grunted as he set about his work as Sin’Thol stood, watching him. When he finished, she knelt at each one, screwing in the iron chains attached to the manacles. She bolted them in tightly with large screws. Nodding to him, she spoke softly, “lie down.”

There were many things that could be said about Gorth, but obedience was not one of his issues. He lay down in the middle of the screws, not wincing as she lifted his heavy arms into the heavy iron and secured him, his arms slightly raised over his head, his legs held slightly apart.

“Do you think you could remove yourselves from these bindings?” she inquired, before he grunted and strained his arm in an attempt to break them, “no, Mistress.”

“Are you uncomfortable?” Sin’Thol again questioned, her voice cold and less melodic than when she is in public. Grunting again, he answered, “Gorth… does not… care for comfort.”

Nodding, she returned her hands to her bag, taking out a small dagger, with a black glow to it and a simple silver handle, dangling it in front of Gorth’s face. “Do you know what this is?” she spoke, again questioning the bound Orc, who simply shook his head. “It is a blade, a dagger, that is enchanted with shadow magics, quite similar to the magics that keep your mind together. I want to show you that I can make you strong with my magic by holding your thoughts together, or I can make my magic pain you, should you continue to misbehave.” Gorth nodded, seemingly eying the blade, but trailing his vision along Sin’s fingers and hand. “Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.” She nodded, placing the blade on his chest. “I am going to change. I will keep the blade here so you can feel its power.”

Gorth nodded, his eyes following her as she left to change, as he lifted his head from the stone, never breaking his gaze as he stared intently as Sinthol bent over, took off her boots and placed them to the side before letting out a small “hmm”. Quickly unbuttoning her jacket and top, she carefully folded them, placing them to her side. Slipping a black robe over her head, she lifted the hem, unbuttoning and removing her pants, folding them in the same meticulous manner.

She smiled, brushing down her robe and returned to Gorth’s side, where he was breathing heavily and squirming against the cold stone. Scowling, Sin’Thol tilted her head to the side, looking into his eyes. “What’s wrong?” she paused, “Is it the power on your chest?” Daintily, and cautiously, she removed the blade before seeing him shake his head. “No Mistress,” he responded, his eyes dropping from her face to the neckline of her robe. Sin’Thol was nearly concerned until she realized where he was now focusing.

Lowering her voice, she let out a low mumble, “Animals…” her eyes trailing over his body. “I suppose it is only natural to reply with want when a lady changes in front of you, though I honestly did not figure… that interracial things were… known to your people let alone tolerated or…” sighing, she nodded, “I will be more careful in the future, then.” Her eyes continued to trail over his body, noticing the gentle throbbing through his leather pants.

“Mistress… Gorth…”

“Gorth what?” she replied angrily, putting more emphases than needed on the two words.

“Nothing… Mistress… Gorth… is sorry,” he growled out, still squirming uncomfortable in his restraints, his eyes still rolling over her as he licked at his fangs. Sin’Thol got more flustered the longer his eyes lingered, finally shouting, “Gorth, this is not an appropriate response!”

She sat herself down on his stomach, playing the blade on his chest. “I have to teach you that your ways are not acceptable in your new life with me. No more Zug Zugs or Lok’tars or… strained pants at the sight of my changing! I need you to be my dedicated warrior.” He squirmed under her, muttering words of apology. She nodded, moving her body further down his so that her ass was aligned with his hips. Picking up the blade, she gently ran it down his body, soft enough so that it wouldn’t puncture his skin. The fel magics slowly followed after the blade, gathering and swirling on the metal.

She opened her mouth to continue her speech when she felt his cock twitch against her ass. Letting out a tiny gasp, she turned her torso, steadying herself by placing her hand on his upper thigh. She quickly closed her eyes and blushed, her face turned from Gorth’s. He squirmed beneath her, easily lifting his midsection from the ground, lifting her with him. Sin’Thol gasped slightly, though not averting her gaze from his manhood. “You… it is not… It is still swollen, though I am clothed. Why have your not returned to… your flaccid state?” she stammered, turning to look at his face.

His own eyes were closed as he grunted and snarled out “Gorth… is trying… Mistress,” before he again throbbed against her back side. She turned her full body, folding her legs to the side as she stared at him. He mumbled about wanting to please her and making him suffer if he displeases her. Though by this point, her attention was completely taken with what was happening to him. She poked it softly with her index finger, “Curious… the males of my race… I suppose… it would be proportionate… but…”

Gorth’s body jumped, his limbs still tied to the ground. “Mistress!”

She turned, scowling back at him before returning her gaze to his crotch. “What is it now, Beast?”

“Nothing, Mistress,” he gulped, his breathing becoming deeper the harder he got.

“What did I tell you about that? You must tell me why you are referring to me!” she snarled, her finger slowly running up and down the length of his member.

Gulping, he growled lowly, “Mistress touched… Gorth.”

“Of course, you are mine to touch, are you not?”

Lifting his head from the stone, he nodded, “But no one… has ever touched… Gorth there… before.” Sin’Thol looked back at him with an astonished look on her face before once again returning her eyes to his covered cock. He continued throbbing at her touch, softly mumbling her full name before she unclasped the front part of his pants, his cock eagerly bulging from them. She “hrmed”, placing her index finger on his now exposed member as it gently throbbed. He mumbled some words behind her before he flexed his member, lifting her finger with it.

She turned to face him, studying his eyes. She could see his chest heaving, breathing in deep breaths. “Curious…” she whispered, turning her back on him and cupping the large, green head in her tiny hands. Noticing a small amount of liquid at the tip, she lightly thumbed it, rubbing the wetness over the rest of his head. As she heard him groan behind her, she continued whispering, “very curious indeed. You are very… fit. I cannot compare you to other orcs… obviously, but… it is fascinating, do you not think? That you would react in such a matter?”

“Gorth… can not… make it stop, Mistress. Gorth’s… kind are not orcs. Mistress is all… that matters now.”

She nodded, though she seemed oblivious to what he was saying as her thumb drew tiny circles on his cock with his precum. “Curious…” she repeated again as she lowered her face to him, sniffing at his member as it twitched towards her face. Quickly, she stuck out her tongue a little, dabbing it quickly to his tip before sitting up and swishing the taste around in her mouth.

“Most… curious… you are more… bitter than others I have tasted.”

“Gorth is sorry!” he growled, his breathing becoming heavier as time passes.

“It is nothing to be apologetic about,” she mumbled, her tongue still rolling about in her mouth. “Nothing at all. Does… Does this always happen then?” she asked, lowering her head, taking a longer, slower lick of the dark green head.

Groaning and squirming below her, he growled “Mistress! Gorth, it…” he paused, struggling for the words, “Mistress feels good! Does what always happen?”

“Do you become so hard whenever I change in front of you?”

He quickly nodded, throbbing at the thoughts racing through his head. She again let out a tiny “hmm” as she wiggled her ass back up his torso, laying down on top of him, staring at his cock. She mumbled some words incoherently as she rubbing the full length of his member, still staring at it curiously.

“Gorth… does not want to… displease Mistress.”

“I am not displeased. Merely curious.”

“Curious… about Gorth’s desire?”

“Well, yes, and what it could mean for us in the future. If you desire me, it may enhance your… protecting of me.”

“Gorth… only wants to protect Mistress… from… harm!” he spoke, as his manhood throbbed in her hand, “Desire for Mistress…” he trailed off.

“Continue,” she demanded in a small voice.

“Gorth… does not know. Gorth never… desired another… like… he desires… Mistress. Gorth wants to have Mistress.”

She nodded, calmly stating, “I am aware.” She again let out a tiny noise, her eyes trailing up and down his body, obviously deep in thought “Yes. Punishment can wait… I have much to think on… about your arousal for me… though…” she trailed off, obviously trying to plan her next words carefully and debating if they should be said at all.

“Gorth… will do as Mistress wishes.”

She nodded again, standing from his body and turning to face him. “Of course… but… I… there are things you can do for me… perhaps… that would require less from you then on the fields of battle… but may help me with a few issues of my own I have been having,” she nodded, stumbling over the words.

Gorth nodded sternly, “Gorth will… slaughter all in Mistress’… path.”

“Yes, well. That will not be necessary this evening.” She stepped her left foot over his stomach, sitting again, her back facing him, her hands nearly eagerly grasping his cock.

“Mistress?” Gorth growled in a low voice.

“I told you. There are things you can do for me that do not revolve around battle.” She lifted her hands to her lips, daintily spiting on them, quickly bringing them to his shaft. Rubbing him, the liquid quickly disappeared. “Damn!” she cursed before pulling out a tiny flask of liquid from her bag, rubbing it into her hands and onto his member. As Gorth moaned behind her, she quickly stood, lifting off her robe and removing her panties, leaving her bra on. She brought her hands between her thighs, her wet fingers stroking at her sex.

Gorth’s eyes quickly moved over her, staring at her display. “What… is Mistress… doing?”

“I am readying myself for you. It will make it easier if we are both wet.”

“Ready… for Gorth?” he gulped.

She gave a scowl down at Gorth, furiously rubbing at herself, smearing more liquid on the tips of her fingers and rubbing it over her lips. “Of course!”

“Will Gorth…stay chained?” he asked, licking his lips and fangs as he watched her. “Of course!” she sighed, disgruntled, “I am aware that even the magic I used on you is not yet as strong as I would like, and because of that, I may not be able to fully control you in times of… at times like this.”

“Gorth… is… ready… to serve.”

“You have been ready to serve me for quite some time, now,” she grinned, rubbing the remaining liquid from her fingers into her folds. Looking down at the ground, she frowned, reaching into her bag and pulling out some spare clothes, placing them carefully where her knees will rest. Lowering herself to him, straddling her thighs, she made sure he was still moist.

“What… Gorth do, Mistress?”

“Stay still and Anar’alah belore, if you raise your hips into me, it will end there!”

“Gorth will not,” he nodded, pressing his body into the cold stone. She nodded, lifting herself from his thighs, his large cock already touching the entrance of her cunt. Biting her lower lip, she attempted to press down, letting out a squeal of pain. Her eyes watered as she dug her nails into his hips. Huffing, unable to force him into her, she raised off of him a little. She took the vial and poured the rest of the liquid directly over him, leaving him dripping wet as she quickly lowers herself to him again. Gorth breathed heavily under her, his head lifted from the stone, his eyes never leaving her body.

Sin’Thol groaned, softly grinding her sex against his, further lubricating herself before pressing down on him again. She squeezed her eyes shut, letting out a loud yelp of pain, as his swollen head enters her, new tears streaming from her eyes every time his cock throbbed inside of her.

Gorth let out a sympathetic whine, “Mistress… okay?” he asked, his voice full of concern. She nodded, steadying herself by placing her hands on his stomach as she heaved out a “fine!.” She groaned loudly, tears falling from her cheeks as she wrapped a hand around his shaft, rubbing the dripping liquid closer to her cunt before drawing herself further down him. Opening her eyes she saw the pain and restraint in his own face, she watched his reaction before taking another painful inch within her, letting out a long, lusty moan that was equal part pain as it was pleasure.

Her face hardened with determination as she began fucking the upper portion of his cock, blood quickly rushing to her nethers, her face flushed hot, her arms somewhat steadying her quivering.

She moaned loudly, her face thrust to the sky, her vision blurred by the tears. Lowering her gaze to Gorth, she saw his wavering resolve, and his undeniable pulsing, begging for release. She shook her head no, before continuing her rhythmic fucking. Groaning and grunting atop her beast, she continued thrusting her cunt up and down his cock before letting out a solid scream of ecstasy, as her torso fell limp upon his, the top of his cock still throbbing inside of her as her body tingled with the aftershock of her orgasm.

Gasping for air, she smiled, enjoying the pulsating sensation in her cunt. As she slowly gained awareness of her surroundings a blush came over her body, quickly lifting herself from him before letting out another loud, pained cry, as the full extent of her pain became clear. Clutching herself, she sat, her back resting against Gorth’s side as she continues to moan in pain.

“Mistress… okay?” Gorth asked, his cock still throbbing on his stomach. She let out an anguished cry before curling up in a ball on his stomach, sobbing. “Did Mistress… get what… she… wanted?” he whimpered, struggling against the chains to comfort her. “I…” she paused, biting her lower lip to silence her sobs, before nodding. “Yes.”

“Gorth is… glad,” he smiled, nodding. “I… I am as well,” she agreed, mumbling some quiet incantations and casting a concentrated heal on herself, struggling to stand. She quickly tossed on her robe, leaving her panties where they lay. She tossed the rest of her belongings into the bag and struggled to unchain him. “I’ll need you to carry me back to town… Beast.”

“Yes Mistress. Gorth would be… honoured.”

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