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Pod-forgers is the official podcast of Pathforgers Publishing and Darknest owners, J.E. & M. Keep (aka Alexis Abbott, Candy Quinn).


(01:00) Contemporary Romance Author Alexis Abbott’s success with the books Sold to the Hitman & Saved by the Outlaw
(08:20) Newfoundland Library Closures & Book Tax and how Libraries have shaped us.
(30:39) Sex work advocacy, strippers, Love & Sex Show, and sexy shenanigans galore! Shouts out to Safe Harbour Outreach Program & J.M. Critch, another local romance author.
(38:35) Upcoming books, Pepper Winter’s blog post, and impostor syndrome.
(52:05) Darknest Fantasy website updates!


Pathforgers Publishing:
Sold to the Hitman:
Saved by the Outlaw:
Safe Harbour Outreach Program:
J.M. Critch:
Pepper Winter’s on How I Lost my Identity & Let Stress Almost Kill Me:
Her Descent:
Darknest Fantasy:

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