Possessed by the Vampire Book 2

Jaral sucking the blood from her throat gives her the rush of life she craves.

Anjasa believed that vampires were only fantasy, until she’s captured by one, and saved by another. The thrill of danger, the rush of arousal, entices her to stay by Jaral’s side.

But there’s other dangers that the long-lived beauty didn’t know about. Vampire hunters. People with unbelievable strength and agility, who only want one thing — Jaral’s death.

She’s torn between her budding feelings for for a vampire, and her old courtesan habits that are hard to break. She risks everything she has, everything she holds dear, for a night with a man who has two appendages, a promise she doesn’t know he won’t keep, and secrets darker than she could imagine.

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Chapter 1

Her body moved with fluid grace despite the long session, tan flesh holding a bright sheen from the vigorous exercise of the evening. Few women could’ve kept it up like she had, fewer still could have brought the uppity young lord to two such climactic peaks in one night. Yet she did it with gusto.

The slap of her flesh striking his, her heavy breasts smacking against her chest as she rode the young noble resounded through the little brothel room. It was only outdone by the moans and groans of Loren Faro beneath her, as he voiced his struggles to remain in her luscious body while she pounded his cock, milking it expertly.

“Dam-dammit!” he cursed, “C-cumming!” But she knew that already; she could feel it in the twitch of his shaft inside her. She’d felt it not long ago, after all. She’d taken him through one orgasm and wasn’t about to stop as she crested this next one.

“C’mon baby, give it to me,” she purred, letting her nails scrape along his chest, raising the other hand up to push back her hair and give him such a lascivious grin.

He was done for. His eyes rolled back and he arched his neck. He bucked wildly and his dick spouted off inside her with violent force. To think, he hadn’t even been in the mood for sex when he’d showed up to see her.

She’d taken that as a challenge.

Chapter 2

Dark as the night itself, the tall vampire Jaral made his way through the narrow alleyway. Not on the ground, but positioned two stories up. With unnatural coordination his arms and legs hoisted him up and held him suspended as he watched down below.

Town guards.

They were meeting with some of Zarach’s men – no, his men now – and by the looks of things, it was running according to plan. He’d managed to reign in many of Zarach’s flunkies in a short time, but one could never be sure if their loyalty was short-burning, he reminded himself.

From beneath his hood he watched, and listened as coin changed hand. Then the contraband.

Everything went according to plan in the dark recesses of the city. Just another discrete night time exchange.

Then the arrows fired. He heard them, whistling towards him, but it wasn’t the usual sound. Arrows? That was odd in the city. Why not crossbow bolts? His own curiosity drowned out his frustration at watching his own men fall dead, but… none of the guards. They were running. Had they taken off a moment too soon for coincidence?

He set aside his wondering. There was work to do.

The spry vampire moved nimbly, kicking from one wall to the next as he gained on the cloaked assailants. He’d make sure short work of them; it was hardly sport at all. Yet as he descended, one of them looked up.

His bow looked up as well

He had sensed Jaral’s approach… somehow. And aimed true. The tip pierced his torso. The first wound he’d suffered from a mortal in so very long.

It sent him crashing down into the alleyway in a spiraling mess.

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